Author's Beginning Note Thingy: If anybody's ever read the manga series Demon Diary, then they are probably familiar with the short story at the end called 'The Crystal Heart'. Yeah, this is a blatant ripoff. But stick around and see what happens, I'm trying new pairings here. Let's just hope this fic will be short (I'm aiming at three chapters) because I have two other longer ones to get back to.

And damn me for STILL focusing all my fics around Vincent. I'll get different inspiration someday.

Oh, lastly... forgive the probably-really-bad Italian grammer in the title... it's song lyrics, so I don't know if its correct the way it is or not. Probably not, because I had to improvise a little.


Vincent lay a hand on his chest, over his heart. Something throbbed down there, and it wasn't that quickly beating organ. Throbbed through his entire body, left a captured growling in a throat that he didn't own, and an urgent scratching at the walls of a trapped mind.

He hated what he was about to do... absolutely despised this necessity which had overtaken him, but he couldn't deny it. Chaos must be kept in, at any costs... even this terrible one.

The placid, pacifying effect that Lucrecia had on him was wearing off... her spirit was growing weary, and it deserved to rest. So he let it go. Let her evanesce away, but from then on he knew, he knew he was living on borrowed time...

Love had quelled the power of the beast within him, but now she had no more love to give. So the energy of the protomateria was fading, and Chaos was growing restless. He hovered on the border of sleep and wakefulness, growled and tossed and turned. Soon he would want to be set free.

Only now did he see how his original solution could not be permanent, to cling to a dying love. No, already dead. The source, the power would have to be constant to have any hope of keeping the demon in check. But Vincent couldn't rely on that either... what if, even providing that he did find a stronger energy, it too faded away? No, love was too dangerous now... he could not risk hurting another as he had hurt her, drawing on their very essence for the preservation of his soul.

Vincent hung his head, poised at the wall outside Edge city. How much he wanted, though, for that mutual feeling again. How long he'd searched for it, longed for it, and come out empty handed again and again. Maybe he just wasn't capable of giving love... which was why he'd needed to borrow it, borrow Lucrecia's. And now he needed another's.

Seduction. That wouldn't be hard to do. Rigorous Turk-training had made him a master at body-language, empathy, acting... all the tools he needed for this sinful task. With a little spare gil and a sweet smile (if he could manage one), any unsuspecting city girl would be wrapped around his fingers to fulfill the purpose he'd sought her out for.

Awful, he knew. Disgusting that he'd been reduced to this almost parasitic existence. He apologized to Lucrecia constantly for his coming infidelity, for this mockery of love that he was about to take part in. And with a heavy mind, and a hanging head, he put his poisoned heart in his hand and offered it for the taking by anyone a fool enough to come too close.


Author's Ending Note Thingy: Confused yet? I'm trying to make this clear, but it's a weird concept I've come up with, and I'm not sure how to get it across. Questions in review-form are welcomed!