Author's note: There is a trailer for this story up on Youtube. The trailer was made when I only had a vague idea about the story, so I may well make another now that I know more about where the plot's going. The video is called Trailer: The Forgotten Power.


Kim hurt. She wasn't sure she wanted to open her eyes with the way every part of her body was somewhere between aching and agony. Her head felt foggy and she couldn't remember getting hurt. At least she was lying somewhere vaguely comfortable, which suggested she wasn't in a cage in Rita and Zedd's palace.

She came to the conclusion that answers were worth the risk of what she might see.

She was in a hospital room.

"Kim?" A familiar voice. She turned her head slightly and saw Jason sitting beside the bed. Her brain was working well enough to tell her that shouldn't be happening.

"What are you doing here?" she asked. Her throat was really dry and the words came out as a croak. Jason poured her a glass of water from a jug by the bedside.

"Worrying about you," Jason answered, "The rest of the gang have been in and out. You've had us pretty scared."

"What happened?" Kim looked down at herself. The hospital gown didn't do much to hide her bruised and cut skin. There was a cast on her left arm, already covered in ink where her friends had written on it.

"You don't remember?" He handed her the cup, which she took in a right hand that hardly had the strength to hold it.

Kim shook her head as she gulped down the water.

"I think I'd better go get the doctor." Jason stood and headed out the door. Kim looked round. There were flowers on the bedside and a collection of get well cards. She wondered how long she'd been here. Long enough for Jason to fly back from Switzerland. Kim wished she did remember what had happened, because clearly it must have been serious. Her throbbing head and the pain through the rest of her body was telling her it had been bad.

A minute or so later a pleasant-looking doctor entered the room. He had greying hair and a reassuring smile.

"Hello, Kimberly," he said, "I'm Doctor Jacobs. How are you feeling?"

"Sore," she answered, "and confused."

"You really have no memory of what happened?" She shook her head.

"Well, you were found in the park unconscious and having suffered severe trauma, including a fracture on your arm. You were covered in blood, only some of which was your own. I suspect the police will want to talk to you when you're feeling strong enough to try and find out who did this to you."

Kim nodded.

"Will I be OK?" she asked after a brief hesitation.

"You should be fine," Dr Jacobs told her, "but you should take it easy for a while. You were unconscious for nearly two days, though we couldn't find any sign of head trauma. I want to keep you in for observation for a few at least a couple of days." She nodded again. Anything else seemed like too much effort.

"Now, we've got a few questions. Just to check everything's working alright in your head." He grinned, letting her know he was joking. He went through simple questions like her name, the president, her date of birth and things like that. Apparently he was happy with the answers, because he left and went about his duties elsewhere in the hospital.

Jason came back and told her he'd called the gang to let them know she was back in the land of the living. They were on their way to see her.

"Apparently my head still works," Kim said.

"I'm glad to hear it." Jason took her uninjured hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "No doubt you'll be back to your gymnastics in no time."

"I'm not sure I'll be doing any handstands for a while." She glanced at her arm.

"It'll be better before you know it." Kim returned the smile, even though she felt a long way from better.

"So, has anything earth-shattering happened while I've been here?" Kim asked.

"Not really."

"Well, what have you and guys been doing?"

"Aside from sitting here waiting for you to wake up? Billy got 100 in the last science test."

"That's definitely not earth-shattering."

"Trini's spent most of her time in here with you."

"Trini's in Angel Grove?" Kim asked. She felt extremely flattered and somewhat guilty that she was the reason two of her friends had flown back from Europe.

"Where else would I be?" Trini asked, walking in the room just in time to hear the question. She was followed by Billy and Zack.

"Switzerland," Kim answered, looking puzzled at the group who had assembled by her bedside. Her head was clearly not functioning properly because this made no sense.

"Why would I be in Switzerland?" Trini asked. Kim felt too muddled to try and sort out what was meant to be happening.

"Never mind," she said.

"It's really good to see you with your eyes open," Trini said, leaning over the bed to give Kim a hug. Kim hugged back with her good arm.

"It's just good to see you guys," Kim replied. She grinned at Zack as well.

"Jason says you have no recollection of the events which transpired leading do your current situation." Kim managed a smile at Billy's babble.

"No, I don't remember," she said. "The last thing I remember was walking home from the youth centre."

"There was half a photo in your pocket when they found you," Jason said, "The police took it and ran some tests, but they brought it back." He stood and went to a cupboard, Kim saw some of her clothes inside, but Jason took out a little piece of paper and handed it over.

Kim knew it. It was a picture of her and Tommy, one of her favourite photos of them. She had a habit of carrying it around in her bag. It had been torn down the middle, leaving her holding just the half with Tommy on, his hand reaching over the edge of the picture. There was a reddish brown mark in the corner as though someone had held it in a dirty hand. She turned it over.


Amid the stains and smudges, that one word was written in the same brown something.

"It's blood," Jason said, "the police said the type didn't match yours. They did some DNA tests on it and there was a load of the same person's blood all over you when you were found."

"Who's blood?" Kim almost didn't dare ask.

"They don't know. It's A+."

Tommy was A+. There'd been a blood drive a couple of months ago and they'd both gone. The question that had been lurking in the back of her mind since she woke up now found its way to the front of her thoughts.

"Where's Tommy?" she asked.


Kim wasn't in the mood for any jokes. She'd been unconscious for two days and covered in blood that might or might not be her boyfriends. She needed answers. "Tommy," she said, "The guy in the photograph. Tommy Oliver."

"I'm sorry, Kim," Jason said, "I don't know him." The others shook heads and shrugged to indicate their own lack of recognition.

Things were just getting more confusing.

"I think I need to talk to Zordon about this," she said.


She stared at the four friends waiting by her bedside. "You don't know who Zordon is?" They shook their heads. "What about the Power Rangers?"

"What are you talking about, Kim?" Trini asked.

Kim was waiting for one of them to laugh and announce it was all a really bad joke, but none of them seemed about to. How could they not know about the Rangers? Or Tommy? She almost wished she could just collapse unconscious again and hope that the next time she woke up the world would make more sense.

A possible solution came to her thoughts as she remembered a time she'd been surrounded by people she thought she recognised who had no idea who she was.

"What year is it?" she asked.