Author: (cracks knuckles) Okay, I'll take a whack at this type of writing

Setsuna: She has that crazy look in her eyes… the one that tells me that if this doesn't work she may blow up the computer

Author: Yes, well I've had too many mess up's in my life to be able to deal with another one. I've recently found about the thing called the Subreality café ( although I use the concept quite often in my fics. So I decided. Why not?

Setsuna: That's not a decision, that's a question.

Author: (eyebrow twitches) just shut up and enjoy the story… Oh i almost forgot. I DONT OWN THE CONCEPT OF SUBREALITY CAFE!! All i own is my characters. and even then i think they may own me. So yes, enjoy the show!

The fog was as thick as pea soup. As soon as the thought passed in her mind, the girl trekking through it smelt something that smelled suspiciously of pea soup. "Are we there yet?" she wined.

"Almost… just a few more steps…" Three girls stepped out of the pea soup fog and into the dim light of a street lamp. They looked at each other confusedly, as their journey was cut off a bit sudden.

The one who had first spoken wrapped a finger around a lock of long blue hair with silver streaks. Her electric blue eyes blinked in the light, as she dropped the suitcase she was carrying and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. She appeared to be around 6 ft. 3, but that could have been because of the blue platform sandals. Tight jeans covered her long legs. They were covered with writing done in different colours of ink. They went well (or maybe they clashed) with a green scoop neck t-shirt that was cut at the bottom to show off a flash of stomach. Over the shirt was a leather trench coat that looked a bit warn. She lit her cigarette and put it to her mouth, taking a drag. She looked expectantly to her companions "Well?" she demanded "Where to from here?"

A girl with dark blue hair took off the backpack that looked like it held everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink and began to go through it. "It's somewhere in here." she murmured, her blue eyes lowering to the contents of the overstuffed bag. For a moment in the light a slit of silver in her right eye flashed. She was also wearing jeans, though they were torn and patched to the max. Safety pins and words decorated them. Her shirt was a red t' with a sunburst on it. Scuffed Tennis shoes covered her feet. Silver jewelry flashed in the light as she dug through her pack, bringing out random things as she went.

"God Raye, why do you always have to bring so much crap?" said the shortest girl in the group. Her gray eyes showed annoyance. She had blue-silver hair that was cut choppy and short with bangs that slightly hung into her face. She was wearing tight jeans with holes at the knees. Her shoes were scuffed maroon van's. Her gray t-shirt had white words on it proclaiming "Tragedy is when I cut my finger, Comedy is when a man falls into an open manhole and dies" Her only accessories were a white cloth over her forehead and a black and white checkered belt.

The girl known as Raye looked up from her searching "Well, you never know what we will need." she said, bringing out a monopoly game then smiled triumphantly. "Here it is!" she pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and began ramming things back into her bag.

Both of her companions rolled their eyes. "However did we get such a strange sister?" the one in the trench coat asked.

Bunny raised an eloquent eyebrow "You're one to talk Setsuna. At least she didn't try and bring a bag just for booze."

Setsuna shrugged. "What can I say? We needed to stay hydrated."

Bunny snorted, her meaning obvious.

"Okay, well it looks like the Café should be…" Raye observed the map. "Right in front of us!" she said, smiling at her sisters.

They took an anime fall and looked at the building they were standing in front of. Right there, in neon letters were the words "Subreality Café"

They sweat dropped. Setsuna picked up her suitcase. "Well lets go in then!" she said, refusing to admit that she hadn't noticed the obvious building in the first place.

Raye beat her to the door, opening it and holding it for them smiling. Setsuna went in, smiling at her sister as she passed. Bunny walked after her and Raye closed the door behind them.

They stepped into a smoky bar. On the far wall was a long bar, every kind of alcoholic beverage imaginable behind it. Booths lined one wall as solitary tables and chairs in the middle of the room, a bit of floor cleared for the occasional dancer. Other seating included high swivel chairs at the bar. There was a jukebox in the corner that was currently playing a Pink song. The lighting was a soft blue-green, making the smoke look slightly like water. The smell of booze and food filled the air.

"Wait… I know this bar…" Bunny murmured.

"It's my bar!" Setsuna said, dropping her bag and biting her lip in a thoughtful manner.

"Which means-" Raye started.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE?" a voice screamed from across the room.

"Author-chan's here." Raye finished.

"Marieko?" Setsuna asked incredulously

"What the hell are you doing here?" demanded Bunny.

A short girl hopped off of a barstool and stomped in their direction. She had longish blonde hair with purple streaks that curled around her face, emerald green eyes glaring. She was extremely pale, standing out in contrast with her dark clothes. She had a fairy dress that started it's life out as a black extra large T. It now had an off the shoulder neck and straps tying it to her neck. Black boots covered her feet and red and black stockings climbed her legs. She had a few rings on her long fingers, and many dangling earrings from her ears, but besides that and a nose ring she was unadorned. "I'm taking a vacation from you people!" she said, crossing her arms and glaring "Which means you guys should go back to your fan fictions and leave me be!"

"We aren't going anywhere." Bunny said, mirroring her stance. Bunny looked pretty menacing, even though the girl in front of her was a few inches taller.

Raye, who didn't have to worry about the blonde girl being taller said "But you gave us vacation time. We heard about a place where fictives go when they're off duty. We thought it would be cool to come here. And since we're already here, we'd rather not go back."

"Yeah." Setsuna contributed "And you cant make us do anything. As only an author, we outnumber you." she said, smirking.

Marieko, remembering the stories she had heard of Writers getting thrown out on their asses when they pissed of the wrong people, sighed. "Fine. But I'm on vacation. No annoying me."

"We'll act just as well behaved as we always do." smiled Raye.

Marieko's eyes widened and she muttered "Goddess help us, but I need more booze." she crossed back to the bar and gulped down the rest of her drink, then motioned for the bartender to pour her another.

"Nice going Raye, I think Author-chan just lost 20 years of her life." Setsuna said smiling.

Raye pouted, looking innocent "What did I do?" then cracked a smile.

"If you two are quite finished, we've been walking all afternoon and I for one want to sit down." said Bunny tiredly.

"But of course!" Setsuna said smiling. "this vacation's gonna be fun!"