Setsuna looked confused "But…"

The Mother smiled "All will come to you in time, but just now… Let us begin the ceremony!"

Setsuna's would be rescuers were running down the stairs

Two Mary Sues grabbed Setsuna by the arms and began leading her to the Mother. Setsuna began to struggle "No! Wait!"

Marieko stumbled on the stairs and Raye steadied her

"Hurry!" Bunny hollered

"You try running down these stairs in stilettos!"

Setsuna was forced to kneel in front of the Mother. "As we are all of one body and one mind let us welcome another story into ours" She intoned. She cut her palm and a thin stream of blood began to run.

They finally reached the end of the stairway. Bunny tried to open the door "It's stuck!"

A Mary Sue grabbed Setsuna's hand and with a long blade broke her skin. Her hand was raised to meet the Mother's.

"Out of the way!" yelled Marieko. She ran at the door and gave it a kick.

Splintering wood was heard as the girls broke into the chamber. "STOP EVERYTHING!" Yelled Marieko.

Setsuna pulled her hand out of the grasp of the Mary Sue "AUTHOR-CHAN!" she yelled.

"You bet your sweet fictional ass."

Everyone stared in silence.

"Yeah… that was a little creepy... forget I just said that."

"Welcome Author and fictives. Please come forward." A path was cleared in the sea of Mary Sues.

Marieko gasped when she saw the Mother. "Oh shitake mushrooms. Fuck me. I mean don't!" she yelled when people began to inch towards her. "Um… you're um… me?" she said to the Mother.

The Mother giggled "Not quite. I am the you, you created once. The very epitome of Mary Suedome."

"So how'd you get to be Queen or whatever?"

"Well it is your story."

Marieko smiled sheepishly "oh yeah…"

A figure from the crowd gasped "It's Mary Sue!" she pointed at the figure that had helped the girls get into the building.

"Traitor" hissed a few.

Lieutenant Mary Sue stepped into the light, "Oh shut up! Don't act all high and mighty. You are all just two bit characters used to make pimply overweight nerds feel better!"

"Um… I resent that a little bit…" Marieko said, wincing.

"Sorry Author-chan. It just gets me so steamed. I mean the Authors didn't mean to create these monsters. They were made with the best intentions. It's just… Characters are so difficult to create realistically. It's so easy to create people who help the storyline along and get all the right answers."

"Cough. Harry Potter. Cough." Choked Marieko.

"It takes actual talent to create real people who make mistakes and who ARE the story line. Characters you can't just pull out of the air. The kind you really have to get to know. It's the character's responsibility to become that, to inspire the Writers and show them the story. Writers are merely a conduit that we must speak through."

A sniffing brought everyone's attention back to the Mother "That was beautiful." She said, tears decorating her eyes like diamonds. "From now on we shall not search for converts, but rather house and teach those who must learn to be three dimensional. The Curse will be lifted."

"But how?" asked a random Marty Stu.

"By my conversion. Author-chan… will you do the honours?" she lifted her hand out to Marieko.

"Sure." Marieko took her hand and light unfurled them.

As it dimmed they could make out two figures. One was Marieko who had regained her former form. The other had long, light brown hair, was five foot two and weighed approximately 150 pounds. She had hazel eyes hidden behind glasses.

Setsuna stood up "I can't believe I had to be rescued. What the fuck Author-chan? What of all that shit about women shouldn't have to be rescued? Huh? What happened to that?"

"Well excuse me for coming up with an innovative idea!"

Raye and Bunny exchanged glances "why did we want everything to be back to normal?"

"Well see if I ever give you guys vacation time again!"

"Well I don't want a vacation if I'm going to be spending it like this! Look at my hair! It will take days to straighten it!"

"When did you become emo?"

"I'm not emo I just like perfectly styled hair!"

Raye sighed. "You grab Sets, I'll grab Author-chan."

"I have a better idea." Said Mary Sue.

She pointed what appeared to be a screwdriver at the yelling fictive and Writer. A beam of light shot out and they both collapsed in a dead sleep.

"Isn't that-" started Dia, pointing at the screwdriver.

"It's best you don't ask." Said Mary Sue.

Bunny and Raye picked up Setsuna and Marieko-chan. "We will be on our way now. Hopefully Author-sama will get some inspiration after she wakes up and we'll get to do something more exciting and less delirious." Raye said. "Not that I have anything against Delirium."

"I'll transport you out. Thank you all for your help. Oh and Mary Sue, you're welcome to stay if you like."

"Sure why not."

Bluish light left the Hellsings blinking and when they woke up they were back home. But that, my readers is another story.

Author: Yeah, forgive me for everything. Like the fact i havent written in forever, and i chose to update this one... and it's not my best work. and there are wholes...

Bunny: Like what the hell is with the screwdriver?

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