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Chasing Cars

Chapter: 2




"Haruhi-sama, you have fifteen minutes." Said a maid from outside her door.

"Hai." Answered Haruhi. She turned back to the mirror in front of her and pulled up her long hair, pinning it back with the butterfly clip laid out for her. After setting the clip into her brown locks she removed her hands away from her head by dropping them back to her side heavily. Haruhi stood staring blankly at her reflection in the mirror. Taking in the changes that had occurred physically after these 7 years.

She had grown a lot taller since she was 13 though still only stood a meager five-foot five, or so. Haruhi was still as lanky and skinny as she was when she was with her family, even though her food's quality and amount had greatly increased. The overly frilly purple dress picked out by Mrs. Suoh accented Haruhi's skinny appendages making them look sickly and her head extremely small while her eyes seemed to take up 50 percent of her face.

Haruhi guessed that her big eyes would have been an attractive feature for her if she just didn't look so tired and cold. But the fact of the matter was that she was tired, and it was hard to find things interesting anymore.

It had been almost seven years since she was taken to the Suoh mansion.

Almost seven years since the day her father died.

Almost seven years since Haruhi last saw Hikaru-niisan and Mori-san.

Almost seven years of dreams and nightmares of her family, living in the rundown apartment complex started.

And today Haruhi was turning 20.

Haruhi hadn't disillusioned herself by thinking that the Suoh family had really accepted her as a part of the family. Though the planned party with 300 people invited would dissuade the most practical of people in believing their sincerity towards her; Haruhi knew that it was all meant for purely political formalities. It was obvious with Mrs. Suoh's choice of close to nondescript clothing for her.

A simple knock on her door drove her out of her analysis. Though before she could actually answer the door swung open dramatically to reveal a tall, blonde haired young man.

"Tamaki-san…" Haruhi trailed off.

"Darling, are you ready to come down to the party." He asked huskily as he leaned against the doorframe.

"Hai." Haruhi answered blankly walking over to the taller man. She was so composed that it was surprising to see her falter when Tamaki offered his arm out to her. Haruhi paused, looking at the extended appendage for a minute before linking her arm with his and followed him down the hall to the grand staircase.

The maids directed them to set up at the top of the stairs for the introduction. Haruhi took in a deep breath, and closed her eyes gathering herself as the lights in the main entryway shut off. After a spotlight trained in on the two, Haruhi opened her eyes to the blinding light and never ending darkness beyond it.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce our special guests of the hour, Fujioka-san and Suoh-sama." An announcer introduced the couple.

Haruhi plastered a smile on her face.

It was what they all expected her to do. Smile.

"Lets give them a warm congratulations on their engagement…" the announcer continued.

Haruhi almost fell backwards with the force of that announcement had on her.

'What?' Haruhi let her smile falter.

She felt Tamaki take a step forward and hesitate when he realized that she was not following him.

'It's a joke…It's my birthday they just wanted to make a joke.'

Gathering up her skirt in one hand she followed Tamaki down the stairs.

'Hikaru, it's a joke right? Like you would always do when you said we were going to get married…'

They were halfway down the stairs. The announcer had just ended and the applause of the audience was drowning her thoughts out of her head.

'Mori-san, where are you…'

They had reached the bottom, and slowly the lights turned back to their original merry light. The crowd began to hum with gossip about the new couple as the crowd began to stir to classical music that came up from the orchestra pit.

Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Yuzuru Suoh and his wife making their way over to them. Tamaki realizing that his parents were coming over, placed a hand over her's that was linked on his elbow. He then gently led her in the direction of the older couple.

"Tamaki, Haruhi congratulations…" started Mrs. Suoh

"What did it mean?" cut in Haruhi suddenly. Her eyes were hard and trained on the couple in front of her. "I don't remember agreeing to get married."

"Dear-" started Mrs. Suoh only to be cut off by her husband.

"I know you didn't, but your loving father sighed a contract with me ten years ago. It was such a romantic event. Just like a drama, two men signing an agreement with good intentions for their lovely children so they can spend the rest of their old life together." He finished his speech by whipping out the signed contract, seemingly out of no where with a dramatic flourish.

Not to be put down by his father's dramatic speech Tamaki knelt down on one knee in front of the short woman and professed his vow to take care of her no matter what, and to love her and protect and love their children after they were married.

Though Tamaki's words were very beautiful and were fit for a Korean drama Haruhi didn't comprehend any of it. She had took the contract from Yuzuru Suoh and began reading over it's contents. Then checking the signature to make sure it was in fact her father who signed it. Recognizing the definitive loop of the F she numbly handed back the contract as the older couple brushed past her to talk to some guest from the government's administration.

Tamaki seemed to notice that Haruhi was in a daze because he gently led her over to one of the plush high back chairs lining the side of the walls. Still dazed she sat down heavily not caring about proper manners. She needed to think.

"Do you need anything?" asked Tamaki sitting down next to her. Haruhi just shook her head, and continued to stare out into space.

'I am engaged…' thought Haruhi.

'Well that much is obvious!' argued her mind.

'But technically since I didn't agree with it I can break it.'

'But your father agreed and the Suoh family planned it. And if the Suoh family wants something they will get it. They don't just do things like this for fun…'

'I am going to get married to someone I don't love.'

'Well, yes but you could do a lot worse.'

'Worse? This was as bad as it could get!'

'No it's not. You know that. There are men who are poor, abusive and ugly.'

'Yes, that's right…Tamaki is definitely not poor. And he is not abusive. He is always a gentleman and if he was going to have an affair he would keep in private.'

'And he is definitely not ugly…' That thought struck Haruhi out of her inner conversation. She looked quickly over at Tamaki as if he had some how heard her thoughts. He hadn't. Tamaki was still looking out at the crowd of guests milling and dancing about.

It was true that Tamaki was good looking. His blonde hair falling into his indigo eyes, Tamaki's lean form sitting perfectly straight. There was not a piece of clothing or wrinkle on him that made him look in anyway unattractive.

Tamaki was a natural model.

But would it really make the marriage any better?

"Haru-chan!" This finally took her of her thoughts, as a dirty blonde mop of hair lunged at her.


"Haru-chan…" whined Honey. "Why didn't you tell me you were going to get married? Ne?"

Haruhi was at a lost. How was she supposed to say that she didn't even know of the engagement. 'Not that I'm going to go through with it.' She told herself firmly. But if she told him that she just didn't bother to tell him she would feel guilty because he was her first friend since moving in with the Suoh's. Deciding the lesser of the two evils she forced a smile on her face and apologized to the small man for not telling him earlier.

"Tamaki." Called a voice.

Everyone turned to look at the new arrival. Haruhi wasn't surprised that she didn't recognize the voice. She wasn't well acquainted with most of Tamaki's friends.

'Now would be a good time to meet them.' Haruhi took a deep breath and turned and then gasped when there walking toward them was…


It was he; he had the same shockingly orange hair, piercing yellow eyes, and roguish smile.

'He finally came.'

Haruhi took a stumbling step forward.

"Hikaru!" she almost yelled. Haruhi took a firm step forward and shifted her body weight to lunge forward into his arms. Then she realized, it was not Hikaru.

It looked like Hikaru, but the basketball player slump of his shoulders was not there. They were too squared and attentive. Also he wasn't placing most of his weight on his left leg, like Hikaru did because of an injury of his right knee that he got when he was five. Haruhi remembered that Hikaru had to walk around for months in a caste to get it healed, though it caused him to have a permanent limp. But the most striking thing that set apart Hikaru from this look alike was the confused expression on his face after she yelled out Hikaru's name.

Hikaru would not have forgotten her, like she hasn't forgotten him.

However her realization came to late. Her weight was too far forward and she started to fall forward. She lifted her arms up to help dampen her fall only to feel a warm hard something catch her. Confused and shocked she didn't move back instead she collapsed against the warm thing. Which she soon assumed was a person. Who ever it was that she fell against had partially wraps his or hers arms around her. The whole situation was quiet odd and Haruhi had no idea what to make of it.

Suddenly the person holding her started to chuckle, and deep tremors from the person's chest ran up her arms and into her own warming her insides with the vibrations.

"What an amusing fiancée you have here Tamaki." Said the person.

Haruhi honestly didn't want to move, she didn't want to face the world anymore. And her actions were more than embarrassing. But that comment was too far it insulted her.

She pulled back ready to lash out at the no-name person but the feel of Tamaki's arm snake around her waist, and other his hand come up to the back of her head pulling her toward his tall frame froze all her thoughts and words.

"Kyoya-kun…" trailed off Honey.

"Kyoya, be nice. You are speaking to a lady." Reprimanded Tamaki.

Kyoya just glanced at the still frame of the girl next to Tamaki. The man brushed back his black hair from his eyes, and readjusted his glasses.

"I don't think she really minded." The dark haired man stated, only to be received with a confused looks from both blondes.


The Hikaru look alike first reached the small group when Haruhi started crying, so he had heard Kyoya's comments and understood the meaning behind what he said. And with the woman's sudden calmness after Tamaki embraced her, he would have to agree with Kyoya's assessment that the woman just wanted attention.

Unsure about the girl and her motives to why she was engaged to Tamaki. He didn't give it much thought when two maids came up and escorted the young woman upstairs. He was absorbed with why the engagement was taking palace. He had not heard from Tamaki of a girl that was more than a fling with him, and this was a marriage so it was most likely political. However Haruhi, if that was her name, had no ties to anyone important that he knew of.

Also he had been called many things in his lifetime but Hikaru was a new one. The whole situation didn't seem to make sense and in the pit of his stomach he realized that this wouldn't end well for anyone involved.

"Kaoru!" called Honey drawing him back to the present.

The rest of the group were turning to disperse onto the dance floor in search for a pretty daughter of a business owner who were gathered at this event.

The orange haired young man smiled, "Hai, coming."





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