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Chase sat, his back to the wall, watching Cameron and Foreman arguing about why their current patient could or couldn't have an autoimmune disease. House stood, leaning against his desk, also watching the two with a look of bored interest. Sometimes, it was just easier to wait until they'd argued each other to death than try to move them to their separate corners. Not that it did anyone any better for the mood of it. And it didn't help Chase's mood any that House was playing what that insipid little ball again.

He closed his eyes as he ran his hand through his hair, feeling like this would never end. He was tired of arguing. He wanted this case over with. When he opened his eyes only Cameron stood in the room with him, House and Foreman were no where to be seen. He glanced around and opened his mouth to ask where they had gone, but she held a finger to her lips. He didn't know why, but he complied and kept quiet. She walked towards him slowly, her movements drawn out purely for the show of it. Halfway to him, she shifted her lab coat off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. The sound of the fabric was loud in his ears in the now seemingly empty hospital. When she reached him, she dropped to her knees in front of him. She put her hands on his knees and slid them up to rest at mid thigh, and then used her grip to spread his legs wide enough she could kneel between them. The smile she gave him nearly caused his heart to stop.

"What…" He was barely able to get that one word out, but it seems like she knew what he was going to ask.

Her smile brightened a little. "Isn't this one of your biggest fantasies? Here. In the office?"

He stared at her for a moment, and he was sure his heart had stopped working for that time. "What if we get caught?" He breathed out to her.

A knock to the head made him jump, eyes wide as Cameron, Foreman, and House all watched him. It took him a minute to realize that the knock to the head was the ball that House had been playing with. He'd thrown it at him.

House gave an irritated look at Chase. "Well it's great that you can apparently sleep on the job, and have no risk-taking backbone in your body, we have a patient that needs fixing." He nodded at Cameron and Foreman. "Run the tests and tell me who was right."

Cameron and Foreman nodded and left the room. Chase jumped up to go with them and a cane across his chest stopped him. He looked up at House. "What?"

House gave him a look, "The next time you want to fall asleep when a girl's life is at stake? Don't." He made a motion to the door. "Now get going."

He gave a meek nod and headed out, not meeting Cameron or Foreman's eyes. They took the hint easily enough, and filled him in on what they were doing as they moved. He knew eventually each would corner him alone, but until that time, he could concentrate on the patient. And what he'd eventually tell each of them.