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From the window of her room on the south wall, Princess Zelda Nohansen, the only living child of King Daphnes, watched the advancing procession with a grim look in her sky-blue eyes. The silken blonde hair that outlined the pale marble of her fair, almond shaped, face gently quivered as the late afternoon breeze blew into the open window from the plains to the south of the city carrying the scent of pines and wild mint. As she watched, the breeze caught Mandrag Ganondorf's crimson cape and it blew up, catching the light of the setting sun along its gilded hem.

She couldn't shake the feeling that she had seen this man before, although none of the Mandrag had ever ventured into Castletown since long before the war, and that had been when she was a very small child. Now she was a woman, in the prime of youth, the last comfort to her father who had aged beyond his years since the disappearance of her mother and young brother during the evacuation when she was little more than a toddler.

It was a dark night when Mandrag Ganon's forces laid siege to Castletown. She remembered little, only the fires, and screams, and her nursemaid, and bodyguard, Impa holding her close as the stole through alleyways to flee into the plains to the east of the city. Her mother had run beside them, clutching her infant son tightly wrapped in a dark blanket as they crept along, being sure to stay far from the flames and clashing swords. The memories were foggy, distant, almost as though they were only a dream. But one thing remained clear, the moment she last saw her mother and brother. They were riding a pair of horses that were stabled near the south gate, but riding towards what Zelda did not know. All she saw was the darkness; all she heard were the screams from the besieged city. Suddenly Impa jerked hard on the reigns and the white horse veered off to the left and the girl gasped aloud.

She did not know it then, but that veer had saved her life. A Gerudo arrow from a silent figure that had been following them had just barely missed the horse's left haunch. Had Impa not swerved they would have been crippled and, quite probably, killed. But the reroute had carried them too far out of the way. Neither Impa nor Zelda could say what happened to the queen and young prince. But they had not been seen in over eighteen years. Perhaps Zelda had been too young then to miss them now, but she was always disturbed by the way she could just accept her mother and brother's disappearance without a second thought.

But now was not the time for such ideas. The column of Gerudo that made their way up the center road of the city disturbed her. She could not tell exactly why, but she mistrusted Ganondorf with her very soul. All was assuredly not right.

As if we needed Zelda to tell us that the Big G was up to no good. Ah well, I suppose some things are just too predictable.