This is a "short short" I wrote for The Net while I was waiting for a "Poetic Cabaret"(basically a bunch of poets reading their poems) to start. In case you don't know what a short short is, it's basically a very short story, usually around 250 to 300 words. And so, here is my short short for The Net:


Jacob sat at the table, his head resting on his crossed arms, when Angela came in. She opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of water. She turned to face him, and blinked, adjusting her eyes back to the darkness, after the light of the fridge.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"I'm just so tired I can't even think."

Angela took a gulp of water.

"You should go to bed then. Why don't you?"

Jacob sighed, "I can't sleep."

She put her water down on the table and watched him, her hand never leaving the bottle.

"Why not?"

"I don't know. I just can't."

Leaving the water, Angela went to him. She put a hand on his shoulder, and walked around him, placing her other hand on his other shoulder. Slowly, she began to massage them, and then his back and neck. Jacob sighed, and relaxed under the touch of her hands.

"Does that feel better?"

"Yeah," he mumbled.

As she massaged his back and shoulders, she watched his eyes slowly, and finally, begin to close.

"Come on, time for bed." Jacob mumbled something she couldn't understand. "Come on Jacob," she coaxed. "You can't stay here. You'll get a bad crick in your neck."

In the stupor of sleep, he let her help him stand and walk back to his room. She took the water bottle with her and set it down on his night stand as she helped him into bed. Standing up to go back to her room, her arm stayed behind. He was still holding onto her hand in a tight grip.

"Jacob," she whispered to him. "Jacob, let go."

He was already sound asleep. She sighed heavily as she took a drink of water and climbed into bed beside him. Wearily, she wrapped her arms around him and closed her eyes. She was surprised at how comfortable she actually was like this, so close to him. She fell asleep almost instantly.