Authors note: I had the idea for this fic, I have no idea if it will work or not. So any feedback will be appreciated.

This will be the characters from Harry Potter set in the world of Anne McCaffreys Dragons of Pern Series. In keeping with that authors request to fanfic writers I will not be including any of her characters or places.

There is precedent for the important female dragon riders to keep their full names, which will make for easier reading for HP fans. Other HP names I may change to make more Pernese, so keep an eye out for familiar people in new guises. For those who don't know Pern I'm putting a guide to dragon colours and any info you will need to know here. Pern fans look away now…

This story will be femmeslash and a MM/HG pairing, will have MM/AD at the start.

Any questions just let me know.

Summary: Girl impresses bronze. This is the story of how it will change Pern forever and of the love between two incredible women. Harry Potter Cross-over.

The highest ranking dragons (and the largest) are the female Gold queens – in each weyr there is a senior queen, the rider of her is the weyrwoman. Golds cannot breathe fire.

Bronze Dragons are the next largest and tend to be commanders, the one that mates with the senior queen when she rises to mate becomes the Weyrleader who is in overall charge of the weyr. As Bronzes are male they are ridden by men.

Brown dragons are the next ones down, they tend to be good as second-in-commands. A few enterprising ones may make it to the rank of Wingleader. Occasionally a Brown will mate with a lesser queen. Again Browns are male and ridden by men.

Blues are far smaller than their bigger brothers but are invaluable due to their agility, they have greater stamina than the smaller greens. Again they are ridden by men.

Greens are the smallest dragons and the only other females. They are infertile but still rise to mate, albeit more often than the Golds. Usually they mate with Blues and Browns, although many Bronzes will mate with them. Green riders have a reputation for being more promiscuous than other riders. They can be ridden by men or women, although the males do have a tendency to be homosexual.

A mating flight is when a female dragon 'bloods' her kill and flies daring a male dragon to catch her. As the dragons are mentally linked to their riders, their sexual urges are mirrored by their riders and the riders have sex. It also tends to affect others in the locality.

They weyr is an extinct volcano crater, honeycombed with caves suitable for dragons and their riders to live in. A hold is the habitation of normal people, they are natural caves usually close to farm land, they tithe a percentage of their labors to the weyr who cannot grow their own food. Man lives in caves due to the recurring menace of thread, thread is a life-form that falls from the skies in fifty year cycles (pass), every two hundred years, the gap between passes is called the interval. Thread consumes animal and plant life in seconds and has to be killed in mid air. The dragons (excepting queens) chew firestone which enables them to breathe fire and kill the thread. They fly in wings each wing is commanded by a Wingleader and a Wingsecond, there are several wings to a flight, a flight is usually commanded by the Weyrleader. The queens had their own wing that flies below the other dragons looking for the thread that has been missed, they use flamethrowers.

When dragons hatch they pick their rider, which is a process called impression they are then forever linked telepathically, if the rider dies the dragon will also die, if the dragon dies the rider will usually commit suicide. A this time male riders will usually get the honorific dragon rider name, which is a condensed form of their own, e.g. David to D'vid or Michael to M'hal. Young dragons are called Weyrlings and are instructed by the Weyrlingmaster. Dragons have the ability to teleport to locations that the rider knows via a cold, black place that they call between. Dragons can travel between places but lesser known they can travel through time. They also have a telepathic connection to their rider, some riders can hear all dragons but it is rude to speak to anothers dragon.

Hopefully that's the basics, enjoy reading this.