Hello everyone! Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is one of the best games I've played and since I noticed there aren't many stories up for it yet, I decided to write my own. Here it is.

Note: Of course, since this story begins during the last boss battle in the game there are some spoilers as to what happens before it. You don't need to know what happens farther in the game to read this, but at least knowing about the Crowns will help.

Ch. 1: The Final Confrontation

The final battle… The Prophecy of Ra moments away from being fulfilled…

Sphinx charged forward with the Blade of Osiris drawn and, quickly leaping into the air, he swung the sword as hard as he could. With a loud clang, it bounced back off the monster's hard, protective scales, the force knocking Sphinx backwards. Before he had a chance to react, the creature snatched him up in a giant claw.

Sphinx struggled against the crushing grip of Set's true form in vain; he managed to free his arms and the sword materialized with a shower of white sparkles in his right hand. Holding it with both hands, he thrust it straight into the side of his enemy's claw. With a hiss, Set released him and dived back into the pool of bubbling lava in the center of the arena. Sphinx landed catlike on all fours as the platform began to tremble.

He looked up to see huge, fiery balls of lava hurling toward him. He quickly evaded the first few with a roll to the left and then brought out the Shield of Osiris to block the last. Set resurfaced and slammed a scaled fist onto a section of the platform furthest away from Sphinx. With an earsplitting crack, a large chunk of the stone broke and tumbled into Set's other hand; he threw it at the young demigod, who narrowly managed to flip over it before it crashed into the wall behind him, the debris falling into the ring of lava on the outer side of the main platform.

Sphinx landed back on the ground only to discover that he could not move; a strange purple mist was locking his feet in place. He was forced to stand there and helplessly watch as a gigantic, swirling sphere powered up in Set's open claw. With a triumphant roar, he fired it as Sphinx desperately struggled to move; it was no use—escape was impossible.

As the deadly magical orb drew closer, a noise that sounded like rushing wind filled his ears. It hit its target, as Sphinx was knocked unconscious into the lava in the outer ring.

Imhotep appeared with a sudden flash of orange light. "Sphinx!" He peered over the edge and into the lava below.

"You're too late!" Set said as Imhotep turned to face him. "I have proven the Prophecy wrong after all these years of waiting." He transformed back into his normal form and hovered above the platform. "How convenient for me… I was going to wait until the ray became powerful enough, but since you have come all the way here…" Set began to form a crackling ball of electricity in his palm. "Look upon your death!"

At that exact moment, the main door was flung open with a bang and Menes burst into the room accompanied by Horus. "Master, Horus has managed to bring us the Sacred Crowns!" Menes announced excitedly. Being a falcon demigod, Horus easily leapt over the vast ring of lava separating the door from the main platform. He ignored Imhotep and approached Set, while Menes summoned a hidden bridge in the lava in order to cross over. Horus held out his hands and all four of the Crowns appeared in the air in front of him.

"I have retrieved them all, just as you wished Master," Horus bowed respectfully.

"You have certainly been an invaluable ally to us, Horus; you shall receive a great reward for your services," Set replied.

"Do you realize the extent of what you have just done?" Imhotep asked his once loyal apprentice. "You have just sealed the fate of many lands and people! I sincerely regret ever having trusted you."

I'll update soon since this is kind of a cliffhanger. Don't worry though, it can't be a story without Sphinx! Read and review please so I can know what you think. Thanks!