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Chapter 8: The Journey Continues

"I see you have been successful in obtaining the Fire Stone," Imhotep said as Sphinx entered the Shrine, the ruby now shimmering from its new place in the sword's handle. "As good news as this is, we cannot afford to spend time celebrating just yet—I sense movement outside the Great Wall, in the land of Uruk. The next Stone, the sapphire, is rumored to be guarded somewhere in Abydos. Unfortunately, I don't have any more information to help you, although I would advise caution, Sphinx; this next guardian might not be as benevolent as Bennu was."

Sphinx nodded and approached the Portal God statue once again. He reached into his traveling bag and pulled out an amulet with the carving of ocean waves.

"Now that I have the Fire Stone, how do I use it?" the demigod asked.

"You should be able to channel its power by will," Imhotep replied as the Portal God began the transportation to Abydos. "As well as choosing the intensity and type of energy you wish it to emit."

Horus made his way along a red-carpeted hallway in the Castle of Uruk and approached the large stone door that was decorated with an engraving of a cobra. The door slid open and the falcon demigod stepped inside the main chamber, continuing forward past a long dining table and stopping in front of an enormous fireplace.

"I have come, Master," Horus bowed curtly to the other two in the room.

"What have you to report?" Set asked.

"Anubis has strengthened the Great Wall with ancient magic; the ray alone might not be enough to break through."

"What shall we do now, then?" Menes said.

"Gather up my army," Set answered. "Let us see just how impenetrable Anubis' defenses are…"

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