Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. I do own Bob and Joe, though.

This story is kinda weird. And very random. And weird.

One day, Sasuke shrunk to be about two and a half inches tall. In that form, he is known as a Chibi Idiot. A boy named Bob found him and put him in his pocket. Bob was searching for the train station that he had passed just moments ago when he bumped into a boy named Joe.

Bob's Pocket (Sasuke): Hi! I'm Sasuke!

Joe: Umm, what was that?

Bob: Uh…that was me! I'm…uh…Sasuke!

Bob's Pocket (Sasuke): No! I'm Sasuke!

Joe: Yea, I know you're Sasuke.

Bob: I know I am.

Joe: …

Bob's Pocket (Sasuke): This idiot isn't Sasuke, I am!

Joe: Did your pocket just talk?

Bob: No! Of course not!

Bob: Slaps pocket, squishing all contents (Sasuke) that's inside.

Joe: Did you just slap your pocket?

Bob: No I didn't. But my pocket knows if it says anything stupid, I'll squish it!

Joe: …Okaaaay… That's weird.

Joe's Pocket (Gaara): I'm Gaara.

Bob: Eww! You are?!

Joe: Um…yea.

Bob: So where's the big fat gourd?

Joe: Uh…I lost it.

Bob: How could you lose something that ugly? You should be able to find it in a


Joe's Pocket (Gaara): I'm Gaara.

Bob: Umm, I know that.

Joe: Yea, I know.

Joe's Pocket (Gaara): I'm Gaara.

Joe: Slaps pocket.

Bob: Did you just slap your pocket?

Joe: No.

Bob: What's that lumpy thing in there?

Joe: What lumpy thing?

Joe: Puts hand in pocket.

Joe: Takes out Gaara's gourd.

Joe: Damn! The gourd!

Joe: Throws the gourd behind him.

I don't know how, but somehow, the gourd flies around the world, then comes up behind Bob, flies in his pocket, and knocks Sasuke unconscious.

Bob's Pocket (Sasuke): Yeooooowwwwch!

Joe: Eww, what was that?

Bob: Um…my pocket?

Bob and Joe: Stands there for a while, finally realizing and understanding obvious things.


(Chibi Idiot refers to the little two and a half inch Sasuke and Gaara.)

Bob: Yea, mine's Sasuke. And I'm really Bob.

Joe: I know. Mine's Gaara, and I'm really Joe.

Bob: Eww! Your name is Joe?

Joe: "Eww"? Why'd you say that?

Bob: 'Cause your name's ugly!

Joe: What?! Well…your name's fat!

Bob: How can my name be fat?!

Joe's Pocket (Gaara): Of course you're fat. Everyone's fat. Except me, of course.

Bob: Glares at Joe's pocket.

Bob: Okay, I feel stupid glaring at a pocket. Take Gaara out.

Joe: No. This way you'll look and feel stupid at the same time.

Bob: Damn you John. At least I'm not ugly.

Joe: First of all, I'm Joe, and you're right. You're not just ugly, you're fat too!

Joe's Pocket (Gaara): I totally agree with you, Joe, but you're also fat.

Bob and Joe: Glares at Joe's pocket.

Bob and Joe: Slaps Joe's pocket, squishing Gaara.

Bob: Slaps his own pocket and squishes Sasuke for no good reason.


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