Nowhere Warm

A/N: Alternate ending to 3.17 (Some Kind of Miracle) because as an Addisex shipper, I'm very upset with it as it is…

Addison stood, solid as stone, watching Derek and Meredith. Meredith had just woken up, and Derek had gone to her side. They talked quietly, hands intertwining, and every once in a while Derek took his free hand and wiped her hair back from her eyes and kissed her forehead gently.

"He never felt that way about me," Addison told the silence that surrounded her. "He never loved me like that." A single tear dripped down her face, and she wiped it furiously, refusing to break down in front of her ex-husband and his ex-mistress. She turned away from them and walked down the silent hallway, her heels clacking loudly with each hurried step.

Addison closed the door to the closet behind her and sank down against the wall, letting the tears drip down her face. Soon she broke into full blown sobs that racked her body.

"Addison?" Alex's voice asked as he shut the door.

Addison's head shot up and she stared at Alex in horror. She attempted to wipe her tears away but only succeeded in wiping mascara all over her sleeve. He sat down next to her and wiped her tears with his thumb, managing not to smear any more mascara onto her pale face.

"He never loved me like that," Addison whispered. "He never loved me that much."

Alex didn't need an explanation. He stared at the floor for a moment, then looked into her eyes, which were full of sorrow. He put his arms around her and rubbed circles on her back with his palm. Her tears soon stopped, but she didn't pull away from his embrace.

"Thanks," she muttered quietly.

Not knowing quite what to say, he just nodded.

After some time, Addison let go of Alex and sat back. "So you'd notice if I was gone?"

Alex smiled and nodded. "I'd notice."


A/N: I really like this. I shall believe this happened instead. Yes, I know I need to update Grace and The Show, but I don't have those written yet… avoids tomatoes