Ryan Atwood awoke to the sound of his alarm buzzing, signaling that it was six am. He began his day as he normally would any other day for the past four years. He went through this same thought every morning since she left. The she being Marissa Cooper. The woman that he loved more than anything in the world and he thought she felt the same way he did.

But his thoughts changed their second year at Berkley. Seth, Summer, Marissa and himself all ended up going to Berkley together. Each having their own excuse, but since the car accident the night of their high school graduation from Harbor, things changed. Each of them had their reasons for the change. Seth said it was because they couldn't go a day without seeing each other. But everyone knew that the real reason was because after the accident, the four of them had gotten scared that they would lose each other.

During the time Marissa was in a coma, Ryan only left her side when she had tests done or to eat and shower. When it came time to rest, he slept in the couch that Summer's father, Neil, had put in the room on the request of Summer, Julie wouldn't leave either. Once Marissa awoke from her coma, she saw Ryan walk into the room with coffee and started crying. From then on, they had stayed together. At college they stayed nights at each other's dorm or the occasional night at Seth and Summer's apartment.

But things changed on January 29th of their sophmore year. Ryan had arrived to pick up Marissa so they could go to Seth and Summer's for a movie night. But when he knocked, he got no answer. He opened the door and called out to her. Inside, he found her bed stripped of its sheets and her desk cleared. All except for a piece of paper that said " I love you, but I had to leave. Love always, Marissa ". The following months, Ryan shrunk back into himself. He would barely speak to Seth or Summer who were, worried about their best friend slash brother. Summer had planned on getting Ryan to go with her and Seth somewhere for spring break a few months after Marissa left, but her refused and just stayed in his dorm room.

During the rest of college, he had a date with a girl Seth and Summer tried to set him up with, hoping to get him completely over Marissa. But none of the dates worked. After graduating college with Seth and Summer, the trio returned to Newport, ready to begin their adult lives. During Ryan's first week at The Newport Group, a job that Kirsten and as shocking as it may seem Caleb held for him, saying they needed to get the good new architects before they were picked up by they're rivals. Ryan had gotten saddening news, Theresa's mother, Ava, called and said that she was at the Chino police station and he needed to come down. When he got there, he was told that Eddie had beaten Theresa to death and took off, leaving their daughter without her mother and a father on the run for taking her mother away.

For safety reasons, Ryan got Ava and Lesile, Eddie and Theresa's daughter, a small house in Newport. He tried to find Eddie but even with the offered help of his family, he couldn't find him. His father, Sandy, had asked him what he would do when he found him. Because if he did what he was thinking Ryan would do, he would end up in jail. After thinking about it, Ryan ended up quiting The Newport Group and joined the police force, a revealation that shocked everyone except Summer, who said he was always meant to help people.

Seth soon stopped his ambitions of starting his own comic book and video game company and became a cop along with Ryan, saying that for all the years that Ryan watched his back, it was time for him to step up and watch Ryan's. After they completed training, thanks to Caleb and their father's influence, they quickly became detectives, which is where they are today.

Ryan sighed as he walked down stairs dressed in shorts, a black t-shirt and his tennis shoes, he walked out the patio door and followed the small path that lead from the back yard of his mansion to the beach. After graduating college, Sandy, Kirsten, Neil and Caleb had bought two houses, once for Seth and Summer, while the other was for Ryan.

Ryan began his morning jog from his house down the beach for a mile and a half, then back the same way. When he got home, he took a shower and got dressed in his usual work clothes and since he was a detective, it consisted of jeans and a wife beater. Grabbing a dark blue button up shirt his badge, wallet, cell phone and keys. He put his wallet in the back pocket of his jeans, keys and cell phone in on of his jeans front pockets and his badge in his other jeans pocket.

He walked down stairs, almost tripping on a toy that Rachel or Adam, Seth and Summer's three year old daughter and one year old son, left out when Seth and Summer came over for dinner the night before, into the home office he used to work on a case that he had to bring home with him. He opened the door on the bookshelf and took out his over the shoulder holster for his gun and put it on. Then he took out a small case on one of the higher shelves and set it on the desk, before opening a drawer on the desk and took out a key and used it to open the case. Once the case was open, he put the key back in the drawer, then turned back to the opened case and took out his gun, a nine millimeter, made sure it was loaded and put it in the holster. He took out the extra ammo clips and put them in the correct spots on the other side of the holster, then putting his button up shirt on over his holster and left it unbuttoned.

Ryan walked out of the house and got into his range rover and drove off to pick up Seth. Arriving at the house, he took his gun out and put it in the glove box, like he always did, before getting out of the car and walked to the door and knocked. After waiting for a second, the door was opened by Rachel.

" Uncy Wyan ! " Rachel exclaimed as she jumped into his arms.

" Hey munchkin. " Ryan said with a smile.

" Rachel, how many time do we have to tell you, wait until an adult is with you before you open the door ! " Seth stated as he walked over to Ryan, who was holding Rachel as he shut the door.

" Otay ! " Rachel said with a hint of frustration.

" You ready to go ? " Ryan asked Seth.

" Just give me a few minutes, we just got done with breakfast. " Seth responded.

" Ok, I will be in the kitchen saying hi to Adam and Summer. " Ryan said as Seth walked up stairs.

" Ryan, we told you before, don't bother knocking, your family. Just come on in. " Summer said as Ryan walked into the kitchen with Rachel.

" One, how did you know it was me and two, I don't want to walk in on something like I did before. " Ryan said.

Summer's face went crimson before she answered " I knew it was you because you are the only visitor we get this early and mainly because I am a mother and I sense these kinds of things. "

Ryan laughed at sat Rachel down and watched her run off before walking over to the cupboard and got a mug and procceded to get coffee.

" Where's Adam ? " Ryan asked.

" Still acting like a mini version of his father in college. When he finished eating breakfast, I put him back to bed, since he already fell asleep. " Summer said with a laugh.

" Do I hear someone talking about me ? " Seth asked as he walked into the kitchen wearing jeans, his holster on his hip, a black shirt that said " Its impossible not to love me ! " and a thin jacket.

Summer and Ryan laughed before Summer said " Your not wearing that shirt. "

" But its true ! " Seth answered back.

" It may be true, but that doesn't mean you can wear it. " Summer said.

" Fine, but I am keeping the jacket. " Seth said and turned to walk out of the room.

Ten minutes later, Seth and Ryan had left the house and began their drive to the precient. Once they arrived at the precient, they walked inside and upstairs to their desks and began their day. A few hours after they got there, the captin of their precient walked to their desks, which only a few feet apart.

" Atwood, Cohen, a few minutes ago, we got a call about a man trying to physically drag a woman and young child into a car, but he was stopped by someone. But he got in his car and drove off. Its all yours, its at Beach avenue and Park. " The captin said.

" Eye eye el capitan. " Seth said jokingly as he stood up but stopped laughing when he saw the look on his captin's face.

Ryan simply shook his head and grabbed one of the portable radios they had to carry to call for back up if needed.

This is what his life had become. Surrounded by loving family and a job he liked.