Okay, you have no idea how much work went into this fic. It basically follows the Heroes journey through Season One doing what I think they may have been up to in the episodes they weren't in and their point of view in the ones they were in. A massive thanks needs to go out to Sakuras Anime and Florapower who has actually posted all the episodes of seasons one and two on the net and even a few of season 3 which is fantastic since I don't know when they're going to air them down here in Australia. The site address is http://sakurasanime. if you wonna go check it out. All the episodes are the 4Kids version, but there's a link to a site that has the RAI episodes if you wonna check them out. They don't have all the episodes there, but it's pretty interesting. I had only seen the 4Kids version so it was kinda trippy to listen to the voices in the RAI version, especially Tecna. Another thanks needs to go out to my boss for not being sharp enough to catch onto the fact that I was often wasting hours on end listening the episodes and typing out the script instead of working and getting paid a massive rate all the while I was doing it. Gotta love causal rates.

Like I said, this fic is based off the 4Kids version of Winx Club Season One, and as a result of that one of the big issues is that Musa is a Princess who's father had his royalty disowned. Another thing about this fic is that it doesn't answer the burning questions of where do the boys keep the weapons when their uniforms clearly don't have any room for pockets, how they can walk away from massive falls and hits that any mere morals would come out of with shattered bones, how can they be wearing one pair of clothes one second, and then be changed into a completely different outfit the next or why at the end of Magical Reality Check Stella has four arms (look closely at her when Bloom gets thrown up into air by her classmates. She so does). We'll just leave all that down to the wonders of magic.

As a heads up which you probably already now, at the start of the fic blonde Sky is called Brandon and visa versa. They swap over later. Also, I am forced to use some of the lamest dialogue in the world but I didn't write it. Honestly, do 4Kids really believe teenagers talk like that? My absolute favourite of the worst has to be in the final episode when Sky (blonde one) is congratulating Bloom for kicking Icy's butt and he says, "You've got to give me five". This is his freaking crush he's talking to and he says that! My god.

Finally, I'm an Australian with a US spell check and there's bound to be a few mistakes, but enough about that. Here's chapter one. P.S. I own nothing.

Chapter One – It Feels Like Magic

The fortress of Red Fountain stood tall and mighty as Brandon made his way through the great, crimson gates. The academy was just as majestic as it had been the same time last year when Brandon had first laid his blue eye upon her. Her cream walls gleamed in the morning sunlight as the schools banner fluttered in the wind above the crimson tiles of the roof. The fortress had stood for over three hundred years, and was a monument to the honor and bravery which was taught within those walls.

With a toss of his head, Brandon flicked his blonde hair out of his eyes and crossed the front courtyard of the school. A bus had arrived from Magix not long ago, and several students still lingered with their luggage as they chatted with friends they hadn't seen all summer. Lessons didn't start for a few more days, but since most students had to travel across the universe, the school always opened their gates early to allow students some time to settle in without the hassle of homework. Brandon had arrived the day before with his best friend Prince Sky, and was now waiting on his two other roommates to show up. One of them was due to be on this bus.

Brandon couldn't see his friend in the lingering students, so that must mean the he had already taken his bags to their room. Jogging up the steps, Brandon entered the halls of Red Fountain and made his way to his dorm. The student quarters were located towards the back of the school, which made it difficult at the start and the end of summer with all the boys' luggage, and the four guys playing hallway lacrosse didn't make it any easier.

"Watch it guys," Brandon said without anger as one of the lacrosse players nearly body slammed him into the wall. Forget battles, just surviving the students alone needed a certain level of bravery.

"Whatever squire," one of the boys sneered at the blonde. "I don't have to listen to the likes of you."

"Oh, hi Justin, it's so great to see you," Sky smiled mockingly. Justin's father was a duke and as the only male heir, Justin liked to remind everyone of his title. Especially those he out ranked.

Justin pulled a sarcastic grin. "I'm sure it is. Tell me, are you still following that loser prince of yours around like some kind mangy dog, Brandon?"

"Yeah. We're friends. You know what they are, don't you Justin? They're the people that hang around you because they like you, not because you bribe them by paying for everything with daddy's money."

"You'd better watch your mouth, squire, or I'll – "

"Hey Brandon!" a voice called down the hallway. Brandon looked up to see his best friend jogging down the hallway towards them, his face half covered by his long brown fringe. "The Doc's got this new nurse/receptionist, and she is hot! Seriously man, you gotta come check her out. I've got half a mind to get myself half killed so she can take care of me. I wouldn't mind getting a sponge bath her, if you get my drift. Oh, hi Justin! I see daddy managed to buy you back into Red Fountain. You know, before last year I didn't think it was possible for anyone to misplace a dragon, but by gods, you sure showed us, didn't you now?"

"Hello Sky," Justin hissed. Normally a person with the level of pompousness as Justin had would show a great level of respect and flattery towards someone with a high title, but he just couldn't do it with this prince. It was like Sky had never been trained on how a prince should act. "It's nice to know you're still as cheery as last year. Now, if you don't mind, could you and your servant move along, please? We're playing a game here."

"Yeah, come on Brandon. We don't want to hang around here. I'm sure we could find a skunk with better social skills then Justin. Bye Justin! I hope I face you soon in combat class!" Sky called cheerily as he and Brandon continued their way to their dorm. Once they were out of ear shot, Sky dropped the cheery act that annoyed Justin so much. "That's guys such an ass."

"Tell me about it," Brandon agreed. "At least he's polite to you."

"You call that polite?"

"You should hear what he says to me. Sometimes he gets be so mad I just wonna . . ."

"Wonna what? Tell him the truth?" Sky asked.

"Yeah," Brandon shrugged. He knew he shouldn't let Justin get to him like that. He was above the petty name calling games Justin like to play, he knew it. But whenever Justin would start degrading him because of his rank, it made Brandon want to just come out and rub the truth in his stupid face.

"Hey man, like I said before we started freshmen year, I'll do whatever you want."

"Thanks Sky," Brandon grinned, clasping a friendly hand on the brunettes shoulder. It was always comforting the way his best friend would support him no matter what. With a content little smile, Brandon opened the door to their dorm and the pair entered the room. Their dorm for this year was fairly large and made up to cater for four people. Their rooms weren't quite as spacious as the ones at Alfea, but it wasn't like they were living in a shoe box. Sky and Brandon had already unpacked most of their things the night before, so when they noticed the bags lying in the center of the room they knew that one of their roommates had arrived. And just by seeing the number of bags, they knew who it was.

"Hey Timmy!" Sky called out. "Where are you man?"

"I'm here," a voice answered, and a second later a teenaged boy with glasses and orangey-blonde hair crawled out from under one of the desks. Climbing to his feet, the boy adjusted his glassed and postponed unpacking for a second to greet his friend. "I was just setting up my computer. How were your summers?"

"Great," Brandon grinned, pulling Timmy into a brotherly bear hug. "Sky and I got to have a few lessons with the Swords Master of Eraklyon. He never would train us before since we were 'novices', but after our first year here he decided to check out our skills."

"Wow, he must have taught you a few tricks, huh?"

"You bet, bro," Sky beamed, also hugging Timmy. "I can't wait till combat class. I've gonna give Codatorta the shock of his life. He's not going to even see it coming. What about you? How was your summer? Hang on, let me guess; you created a new computer program?"

"Yeah," Timmy laughed somewhat bashfully before returning to his unpacked belongings. "Two actually."

Sky laughed and collapsed onto his bed. "We gotta get you a girl, Timster."

"I thought you were focusing on getting yourself a certain Princess of Solaria," Brandon teased his friend seeing as Timmy was a little to embarrassed for words. The boys had gotten to know Princess Stella of Solaria during their freshmen year, and Brandon knew Sky had developed a crush on her almost immediately. Sky had planned to ask her to prom last year, but then Stella blew up Alfea's potion lab and was banned from the party. It had taken a lot of pleading and a bit of bribery from her parents to get the school to agree to let her come back and it was on the condition that she repeats her freshmen year.

"Hey, Stella's got it bad for me," Sky gloated.


"I'm serious. She told me that she'd call me when school starts and we'd set a time to hang out."

"She asked you on a date?" Timmy asked, pausing slightly from putting his clothes away.

"Well . . ." Brandon trailed off. "Not exactly. She just said we'd hang out."

"Sounds a bit like a date to me," Brandon grinned.

"It's not. She dropped the whole 'we'll hang out as friends' thing on me."

"Harsh. But she was totally flirting with you last year when we ran into her at Magix," Brandon reminded his friend. "I reckon once she hangs out with you a bit more she'll totally fall for you."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Sky grinned, his eyes becoming distant as he thought of the Princess of the Sun and the Moon. "I mean, when I look this good, how could she refuse?"

"Her hearing could work?" Brandon shrugged, and Timmy chuckled softly. Sky did not look too impressed.

The boys continued to hang out in the dorm chatting and getting settled in for the next few hours. It was starting to get late in the afternoon when the door slammed open and their fourth roommate entered, and with one glance all the boys knew the new arrival was in an irritated mood. The boy forcefully threw the single bag that held all his belongings onto his bed, before digging into his pockets, pulling out his wallet and removing a ten dollar note.

"There. You win," the boy growled with blazing eyes, tossing the crumpled note in Sky's direction before joining his bag on his bed.

"You got put on detention already?" Sky exclaimed, recalling the bet he and his roommate had made at the end of freshmen year. "But the school year hasn't even started! The bet was meant to be for you to try and last a week and you couldn't last a day? When did you arrive?"

"Bout an hour and a half ago, but I spent the last hour in Codatorta's office getting yelled at."

"Half an hour? You got put on detention after half an hour? Riven!"

"It was worth it," Riven told his friends. "He had it comin'."

"Who did?" Brandon questioned, beginning to suspect why Riven was already on detention despite the fact that the school year hadn't officially started yet. Only someone with as bad an attitude as Riven could manage a feat like that.

"Status Crow," Riven answered, and there was no need for him to go into any more detail.

"Carr carr! Carr carr!" Sky imitated a crow call with a smirk on his face. "That's gotta be a record; smashing Justin's slimy face in within half an hour of you stepping onto school grounds."

Status Crow was one of those nick names that no one can quite remember exactly who originally came up with, but it had stuck none the less. It came from the term status quo and related to Justin's unchanging obsessed with rank, and also because Justin had black hair and a long, pointed nose that tended to look like a beak. Basically, all the boys did with it was let out crow calls whenever Justin was around to act as a warning for others as well as a tormenting device.

"I didn't even smash his face in and I still get put on detention," Riven complained, making no effort towards unpacking. "All I did was push him into the wall a little bit. Mind you, he was carrying on like I had pushed him through the wall but all I did really was tap him. Pathetic."

"Yeah, I wish my daddy would pay to fight all my wars for me," Brandon muttered somewhat glumly. This year was shaping up to be exactly like freshmen year.

Brandon wasn't a wuss, but he didn't have the thick skin to go though all the social dramas, peer pressure, mind games and bullying all students were put though at Red Fountain. It was a good school, no doubt, but you can't get a bunch of male adolescents in one building, teach them how to fight while putting them in head to head competition with one another and not expect ramifications. Sky and Riven could handle it fine with there unwavering ego, but Brandon was more uncertain of himself, like any person his age usually are. And although Brandon wanted to graduate from the leading school for heroics and bravery and do his family proud, he wasn't sure if he could be able to stand the social side of it all.

"Whatever. I say we head over to the training arena and get some sword practice before dinner," Riven suggested, opening his bag and ferreting around for his saber.

"You've only just arrived," Timmy pointed out.


"Don't you need to unpack?"

"No. I'm pissed off about getting detention and I figure the best way to counter that is to try and cut one of your darling throats."

"Oh that's charming," Sky commented sarcastically. "Seriously, we need to get you into anger management or therapy or something. It's a bit unnerving hearing you talk like that when I have to sleep in the same room as you."

"I'm sure you'll live," Riven told him in an uninterested tone.

"I'm not."

"Well, I think we should do it," Brandon agreed with Riven, and all his friends stared at him as if he told them he was going to transfer to Alfea. "Why are you all looking at me like that?"

"Are you feeling alright?" Timmy asked, putting his hand to Brandon's forehead as if checking for a temperature.

"Yeah? Why?"

"Because you never agree with what Riven says," Sky reminded his friend.

"I do sometimes. It's you that automatically disagrees with Riven for arguments sake."

"Yeah, he's got a point there," Timmy pointed out, and the other two knew he was right. There was no real malice between Riven and Sky but the prince had a frightening ability to understand Riven's mind, and that tended to put both on edge.

"Finally, blondie's gettin' some blood lust," Riven smirked, springing to his feet with his eyes flashing in malicious delight. "Let's go already."

"We may as well," Brandon told the other two, also getting to his feet and retrieving his sword. "We got time to kill and we don't want to be out of practice for our first combat class, now do we?"

"I didn't see it that way," Sky grinned, grabbing his broadsword and following his friends out of the dorm towards the training arena. "Nice to see you're taking an interest in our academic studies, Riv."

Riven flinched away from the hand Sky had placed on his shoulder. "Don't touch me."

"Ah, it's always a pleasure with you, Riven."

The four boys weren't the only students to think of filling in time by getting some practice in before the lessons started. The training arena was fairly crowded, but they managed to find a spare plateau. Riven's summer at swashbuckler camp had taught the already reckless youth some pretty underhanded and cut throat moves that were most certainly weren't going to be within the school curriculum, but the moves Sky and Brandon had been taught by Swords Master of Eraklyon managed to deflect most of Riven's attacks. Timmy, as always, was rather hesitant to spar with swords, but Brandon managed to talk him into a bout.

"I'd like to purpose a toast!" Sky announced when they were taking a short break from their training.

"To what?" Brandon asked eagerly, while Timmy and Riven seemed more hesitant. Sky's plans sometimes turned out to be a bit half baked and had landed the boys in a few rather embarrassing situations in the past.

"To the new year!" Sky beamed, holding his broadsword aloft. "May this year be filled with adventure, danger, beautiful women and friendship!"

"Oh gods," Riven groaned, disgusted by Sky's flamboyant display.

"You guys gotta cross swords with me!" Sky ordered the others.

"Do we have too?" Timmy asked, feeling self-conscious with all of the other people that were in the training arena with them.

"Oh please," Sky pouted, lowering his sword and putting on the best puppy dog eyes he could muster. He put as much innocence into his brown eyes as possible to try and force his friends to cave and do what he wanted.

Riven, however, was immune to puppy dog eyes. "You're pathetic."

"Oh, come on Riven. We did what you wanted to do," Brandon reminded his friend while crossing his blade with the lowered broadsword in Sky's hand. His prince's eyes shone with a childlike delight. Riven rolled his violet eyes, before crossing his magenta phantom blade across the other two and then turned his attention to Timmy.

"If I have to do this, you do too," he informed his friend. With a slight sigh, Timmy crossed the golden blade he had been using to fence Brandon with across the other three. In unison, the four raised their blades above their heads.

"To the new year!" Sky cried, and no sooner had they lowered their blades then his mobile phone went off. One glance at the caller ID was enough to send Sky's delight into ecstasy. "See, the toast is working already! The beautiful women!"

"Who is it?" Brandon asked, though he was pretty sure he already knew the answer judging from the way Sky was acting.

"Princess Stella!" Sky beamed, before dropping into his 'cool as a cucumber' mood and pressing the answer button on his cell phone. "Hello."

Brandon couldn't help but smile at his friends act. It was either that or roll his eyes like Riven. And although Brandon was glad that his friend had found someone that affected him so much, Brandon couldn't help but feel a little envious. It must be nice to have someone that you like simply for being them, or to know someone that sent your knees weak just by looking at you the way Stella did to Sky. Brandon felt somewhat robbed of such a feeling, but he knew you couldn't just force yourself to feel that way about a person. That kind of attraction happened naturally. It couldn't be planned or arranged.

Brandon was so caught up in his thoughts that he only just managed to catch the end of Sky's conversation with Stella, but what he did hear managed to drag him out of his thoughts pretty quickly.

"Yeah, sure. That's fine. We'll be there soon. Okay? See you then," Sky grinned as he hung up his phone. Brandon really hated it whenever Sky would volunteer them for something without even discussing it with them before hand. "Pack up guys! We're going to Earth."

"Where?" was Riven's first response.

"Earth," Sky repeated. "It's a non magical planet. Explains why we haven't learnt about it in social studies yet."

"What have you gotten us into this time?" Brandon demanded.

Shy shrugged slightly. "It's really nothing. Stella was passing through Earth on her way to Alfea – "

"That's a pretty round about rout," Timmy commented.

" – and she was attacked by this horrible ogre. What was an ogre was doing on a non magical planet? I have no idea. Probably stalking Stella since she said he was after her Scepter of Solaria – "

"Yeah, that might be a clue," Riven muttered.

" – and would you guys stop interrupting me?" Sky asked before continuing. "Anyway, she was like found by this Earth girl who managed to drive the ogre and his ghouls off with some serious magic, according to Stella."

"How can someone from a non magical planet have magic let alone serious magic?" Brandon questioned.

"Beats me. But Stella says this girl's got serious potential and totally sweet, so she wants us to go to Earth and use our manly charm to persuade her to come with Stella to Alfea this year."

"Well that leaves you out then," Riven noted seriously, earning a death glare off Sky.

"So are we going?" Sky asked his friends.

"No," Riven instantly replied. "Why do we have to travel half way across the universe to chat up some backwater Earth girl Stella's taken a shine too?"

"Because I said you had to!"

"Sorry, but you already used you 'Do What I Say' token on that stupid toast."

"But I haven't," Brandon pointed out. "And I say we go met Stella's new friend."

"Yes!" Sky beamed, while Riven looked a bit sour, but that was nothing new.

"Yeah, I'm in," Timmy agreed. "It'll be interesting to go to a non magical planet. I bet their technology is years behind ours. But how are we going to get there? I mean, we can't exactly land a ship outside her house. Something tells me space ships aren't that common on Earth."

"We'll take the transport pad," Brandon answered. "That should get us there and back before dinner even starts."

"I still don't see why we have to go," Riven grumbled, but he followed after he friends regardless of how he felt about the whole idea. Why is it that some guys will drop everything for a skirt? Don't they have anything better to do?

"Oh lighten up Riven," Brandon said. "We're going to met some girls and then come home. I mean, we're going to a non magical planet. What could possibly happen?"

They arrived on Earth in little time thanks to the transport pad, but when they managed to find the address Stella had given them, the sound of fighting lead them to the backyard. Princess Stella was there in full winx form, her outfit glittering only slightly more than the shards of glass that surrounded her after she was sent through the window. A big blue hunter troll was also there, hovering over someone that the boys couldn't quite see, but they all assumed it was the Earth girl that had somehow come to possess magic.

Riven took one look at the situation, and then purposely looked over at Brandon. "You were saying?" he asked. Then, without taking his eyes off Brandon, he pulled out his morning star (1), and with a cool flick of his wrist, released it in the direction of the troll. Riven was freakishly good with that particular weapon, and even without looking he managed to wrap the chain around the monsters neck, leashing the troll to a halt.

The troll reeled backwards, and finally Brandon was able to see the girl that was being blocked from his view. The first thing Brandon noticed was the luscious, ruby locks that seemed to blaze through the darkness, and that she was clad all in a pale blue colour. And even at one glance, Brandon could tell that she was rather cute.

"Hey, Princess Stella! I hope your friend is the pretty one in the blue pants!" Brandon called, and was fully intent on following up with another charming yet daring line, but he found that words failed him as the red head's soft blue eyes locked onto his own. She was gorgeous! Her deep, red hair framed her flawless face, and although her skin was pale her rose coloured cheeks blended perfectly with her silky hair. Her frame was slight and delicate looking as most fairies were, but if she even possessed half the power Stella seemed to think she had, Brandon knew that this was a girl would could handle herself in any situation once she mastered her magic.

But it was her eyes that grabbed Brandon's attention most. They were the most intriguing shade of blue Brandon had ever seen; not the cold, ice blue he had seen on some girls, or even a deep, velvet navy colour. Instead, they appeared to be a shade in between both. They were pale, though not chilling like ice blue eyes, and they were soft and deep, though without darkness. But above all, they seemed to burn with a fire that Brandon had never seem anyone else possess, and for some reason that made it difficult for Brandon to even breath as he held that beautiful gaze.

The pair only fixed their eyes on each other for a second before the girl shifted her uncertain eyes towards the troll that was now being restrained, but in that second Brandon felt as though his entire world had been stripped away from him, and he didn't care in the slightest.

"Yeah, and not the ugly guy at the end of the leash here," Riven continued off Brandon's comment.

"Ditto that!" Timmy added, and Sky chuckled slightly at the joke as he leant on his broad sword in what looked like an uninterested pose. But on the contrary, he was very engrossed with what was before him, but it had nothing to do with the troll.

Princess Stella was even more breath taking than he remembered. When he had first met her the year before, he had felt so over whelmed by her beauty and his strong attraction to her, and as a result he had made a complete fool out of himself whenever he tried to speak to her. But that wasn't going to happen this time. It was a new year, and Sky was going to start with a clean slate. All he had to do was keep it cool, and he'd be fine. Thus, the indifferent pose.

Brandon managed to clear his mind and focused of the situation at hand. Not only would he be doing his duty as a heroic student, but it might give him a chance to impress this unknown red head. "All right, I suggest a three pharge rescue op." (2)

"Forget that. I got this puppy wrapped up all by myself," Riven smirked, even though he could feel his wrist starting to ache under the force of the straining troll.

"Dude, one summer at a swashbuckler camp doesn't mean you can go solo on a troll," Sky pointed out casually. Riven probably would had made some snide comment if he hadn't dropped his concentration for that one second to allow the troll the opportunity to yank him off his feet via the chain the pair were both attached to. Riven flew though the air and came to what looked like a rather painful crash on the unyielding stones in between the two girls. "I rest my case."

After discarding of Riven, the hunter troll turned and heaved its way over to the three other boys. The usual acidic stench that always seemed to surround troll filled their nostrils, making them want to be physically ill. But there wasn't even time to gag as the troll lifted one of its huge fists, ready to smash it down onto the sophomores.

"Stay behind me," Brandon ordered his friends, moving out to meet the troll seeing as he was the only one with a shield. But then he regretted his noble move slightly as the troll began to beat down on his phantom shield. His arm was going to be sore in the morning."Hey guys! What we learn about battling trolls?"

Sky stopped slouching and stood up to full height. "Well, you smash them I think," he said, taking the hilt of his broadsword in both hands and slamming the blade to the ground. The stones splintered, and then a massive crevasse opened up.

"No Sky you take out their feet," Timmy corrected, taking aim and shooting at the troll with his gun. The three energy blasts connected with the trolls ankles, making him loose his balance and topple into the crevasse created by Sky. "All right!"

"Good one Timmy. Way da go!" Sky cheered.

"It's a good thing you aced how to battle forest creatures Timmy," Brandon grinned at his friend. Slowly, he flexed his shield arm to make sure everything was alright. Nothing felt broken, but it was probably going to bruise. And this wasn't over yet.

"Ghoul alert!" Sky announced.

Riven groaned slightly as he dragged himself to his feet. The school year hadn't even started and he was already getting himself hurt. But if the Doc's new nurse was as hot as Sky told him she was, Riven figured it might not be as bad this year.

"Stay here," he told the two girls. "This won't take long."

Riven's ego inflated as he systematically cut down the ghouls, but that confidence was shattered as one of Knut's huge, yellow fists connected with the right side of his face. Riven was once again sent hurling into the stone ground.

"He always gets hurt," Brandon sighed with a regretful shake of his head as Stella and the Earth girl blasted some magic at Knut's unprotected back. So she really did have magic after all.

"When we get home we should really consider making him some amour out of bubble wrap," Sky suggested calmly.

"Yeah, that'll go down well," Timmy said moving in to surround Knut. Riven had gotten to his feet, and was glaring at the troll as he wiped his cheek where he had been hit.

"Back off, shortie," Knut growled at the burgundy specialist, but with the help of the fairies the teenagers had managed to surround the ogre, making and escape virtually impossible.

"You're the one who's going to back off ogre or I'm going to put my sinkus removus spell on you and you're going to end up smelling like you just took a bath," Stella threatened. A look of pure panic crossed Knut's face, and when he realized he couldn't break out of the circle that surrounded him, the ogre clapped his hands and fled through the transport portal he had somehow managed to open.

Sky's brown eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at the place where the ogre used to be. Knut had to be working with someone who possessed magic. And whoever they were they were after Stella's scepter which put Sky on edge. He had a massive crush on her, and he had a need to protect her and not just because it was part of his duty. He needed to know she was safe for his own pace of mind. Stella clearly didn't see the gravity in this situation. In fact, she seemed to find it humorous for some reason.

"I knew that would scare him," Stella laughed, heading towards the guys. But then she turned to address the red head. "Bloom, these are the Red Fountain guys I was telling you about."

"Hello," Timmy waved.

"How's it going?" Brandon asked, eager to get acquainted with the strange girl. He wanted to know so much about her already. How did she come to be able to possess magic? What was it like growing up on a place like Earth? Did she have a boyfriend?

"Hey," Sky nodded. Riven said nothing.

"Meet Riven," Stella introduced, and still Riven made no effort to associate with the Earth girl. He was too busy making sure he hadn't shattered his fingers after bending them backwards in that last fall. Stella continued past him, "Prince Sky."

"Hey," Sky greeted, trying to keep his coolest and yet still come across as being friendly. Stella had taken a liking to this Bloom, and it was always a great help if a guy and his crushes friends on his side since it would be them she would go too for advice.

"Timmy," Stella gestured to the young genius, who smiled and laughed somewhat nervously. "And Brandon."

Brandon breathed deep. This was it. His only chance to make a first impression with Bloom. It had started off pretty well with that whole saving her life thing, but it was very important he got this next bit right. Even the very best of rescues can become tainted if you mess up your people skills. Exhibit A; Riven.

As causally as possible, Brandon retracted his sword and shield, and gave her a small salute with one of his most stunning smiles. "How're you doing?"

Very smooth, if Brandon could say so himself. It was confident, but not cocky, and friendly without seeming too eager. Brandon had a suspicion that that had to be the best first impression in the history of the universe. Brandon would have loved to continue with his history making introduction to Bloom, but then his damn sense of duty forced him to stop as the blue hunter troll crawled out of the crevasse it had fallen into.

"Not so fast tough guy," Brandon told the troll, putting an addle collar around its neck. The troll instantly dropped into a lethargic state of mind. "You'd better come with us."

"Yeah, you've done enough damage for one day pal," Sky added. Two adults he figured to be Blooms parents had joined and both of them seemed a little shell shocked. Poor little non magical beings, they're just not used to having their home trashed by a troll. It was probably best if they got the troll out of there as fast as possible and avoid the neighbors seeing anything.

Luckily Timmy was on the case. He quickly fitted the dazed troll with a transportable bondage cage that levitated the troll into the air. The four boys might be fit, but there was no way they'd be able to move a full grown hunter troll on their own. As an added luxury, Timmy connected his digital homing beacon with Red Fountain's transport pad, which meant they could teleport from Bloom's backyard right into the school grounds.

"Where are you guys taking him?" Bloom asked, and Brandon choked on his own tongue trying to be the first to answer. That small delay allowed Riven the time to answer, and for a second Brandon wanted to send Riven hurling to the stone ground for a third time even though it was impossible for Riven to have done anything intentionally

"We'll bring him back to Red Fountain. They'll probably send him to a creature preserve," Riven told Bloom, but all the while he was wondering what was wrong with Brandon. The guy looked like he just had a bug go up is nose.

"So long!" Sky called as Timmy connected to the transport pad. He and Princess Stella managed to lock eyes, and she gave him a smile that made his legs go weak. Sky suddenly couldn't wait for the Aflea-Red Fountain annual start of year mixer.

Brandon struggled with his dilemma of how he should farewell Bloom. He really wanted to see her again, with or without a troll, he really didn't care. But he couldn't come on too strong, that would just freak her out. But then again he didn't want to come off too casual or she might over look him. She was the type of girl that would definitely grab boys at Red Fountain's attention, so if he didn't act now she might meet someone else. He was still contemplating his options when he noticed that the transport pad had been activated, giving him seconds to come to a conclusion. He had to take a stab at it.

"Bloom! I sure hope I see you at Alfea!"

In the last second before the transport pad teleported them back to Red Fountain, Brandon saw Bloom with him a shy little smile, and his hope soared. That had to be an 'I hope I see you too' smile. It had to be. Before Brandon knew it, he was standing on the transport pad at Red Fountain wearing a rather foolish grin. This year was looking better already.

"Why have you got that stupid look on your face?" Riven's harsh words brought Brandon sharply back to reality. Riven wore an un-amused look as he failed to decipher what was going on inside Brandon's head to result in the ridiculous smile.

"Er . . . No reason," Brandon side stepped bashfully. He didn't think the guys, least of all Riven, would understand how suddenly and completely he had become enthralled with that Earth girl. He hadn't even had a chance to talk with her properly and he was acting like some poor love struck fool.

'No, it's not like that' Brandon thought to himself. He wasn't love struck, that was impossible. It just wasn't him. He was just curious about her. That's all. Curious about her unexpected power. Curious about they way she must live. Curious wither her hair was a soft as it looked.

"Well, I think that all went pretty smoothly," Sky said smugly. "Did you see the grateful look Stella gave me? Yup, I scored some major brownie points today."

"It really wasn't that smooth," Timmy corrected, glancing up at the troll they had imprisoned. "I mean, Brandon nearly got pummeled, you created a massive hole in Bloom's backyard and Riven got free flying lessons."

"I was fine," Riven instantly objected.

"Dude, I told you that you couldn't go solo on a troll," Sky reminded his friend.

"I said I was fine."

"Really? Why do you keep twiddling you're fingers?"

"Oh shut up."

"I'm still waiting for an answer," Sky grinned.

"I wouldn't mind getting a few answers myself," a voice told them from the shadows beyond the transport pad. All boys jumped as Professor Saladin, Headmaster of Red Fountain stepped into the light. Although he looked fragile, the boys knew he was not to be crossed. "Well?"

"Well sir, see . . . " Brandon trailed off.

"We found him on Earth," Sky blurted out. Riven rolled his eyes. These guys really needed to learn how to lie, or at least how to spin a story so it puts you in a good light.

"Earth?" Saladin repeated. "You found a troll on a non magical planet?"

"Um, yeah," Timmy stuttered. "You see . . . um . . . "

"An ogre followed Princess Stella there earlier today and attacked her on her way to Alfea. Stella managed to fend the ogre off but pretty much exhausted herself. An earth girl found her and took her home, and when Stella woke up, she called us and asked if we could check the surrounding area until she felt that she had revived her power. So we were there when the ogre returned with this hunter troll which we managed to contain. Unfortunately, the ogre got away," Riven answered firmly. There was no need to mention Bloom seeing as the part about them finding a girl that possessed magic on a planet that was supposed to be non magical might make his story sound unbelievable, regardless if it was the truth or not.

Saladin's eyes narrowed slightly as he studied Riven's face, trying to find some hint that would let him know if his student was lying to him. Saladin had had a few run ins with Riven in the past, and not once did he get feeling that Riven was telling him everything. That didn't mean Riven usually lied out right to him, but he did withhold certain truths.

"Earth's not exactly the most direct rout from Solaria to Alfea," Saladin pointed out.

"Well we're not trying to suggest that Stella possesses a high level of intelligence, now are we sir?"

"Riven!" Sky gasped.

"Well we're not," Riven shot back.

"You still can't say it."

"Okay, first of all; she's not here. I can say whatever I want even though I would still say it if she was here. Second; I'm not one of her subjects or crushing her like you are so again I don't give a damn what I say about her. And third; you've got to admit the girl isn't the sharpest tool in the shed."

"She's very smart."

"She blew up a lab," Riven pointed out calmly. "And she's also got a thing for you so that has to mean she's missing something upstairs."

"She's got a thing for me? How do you know?"

"Um guy?" Brandon tried to interrupt when he noticed Saladin was losing patience with the conversation, but the two boys ignored him.

"I dunno," Riven shrugged. "I just figured by the way she was staring at you back on Earth."

"She was staring at me?"

"Gentlemen, if you're done gossiping, I think I'd better take that troll off your hands and let you boys go to dinner," Saladin suggested to the boys. Sky and Riven seemed a little embarrassed to be referred to as gossiping, but they agreed along with the other boys. "And may I say that I'm rather impressed that you four managed to take down a troll on your own. I'm looking forward to seeing your work throughout the year, and I think you've redeemed yourself Riven. I'll let you off detention this once."

"Thank you sir," Riven said with a slight incline of his head.

"Now go to dinner. I'm sure you've worked up an appetite," Saladin dismissed them. "Leave the troll with me."

"Yes sir," the boys answered, coming to attention for a second before heading off to do as they had been instructed without any hesitation. They were all famished after an evening of troll wrangling.

"I'm off detention. Does that mean I get my ten dollars back?" Riven asked Sky as they headed towards the mess hall.

"No. You still got put on detention before the week was out. You still lose."

"But I got a second chance."

"Doesn't count."

"Timmy, what do you think?"

"Leave me out of it," Timmy told his friends, but Brandon could only just hear him. The blonde's mind was off thinking of that girl they had saved. He had only seen her for a moment really, but he still couldn't stop replaying every word, every look, over and over again in his mind. He couldn't believe how infatuated with this girl he had become in just a few minutes, but he couldn't help it.

It was like . . . magic.

(1) - I'm pretty sure that Riven's ball and chain thing is called a morning star, and if it isn't . . . tough.

(2) - I'm not sure who you spell that word 'pharge' so that it now.

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