Okay, I so don't get the continuity for this bit of the season. From 'Magical Reality Check' to 'Miss Magix', the Alfea girls are meant to be doing their mid term exams before they go on spring break in 'Meant to Be'. But then they have another test in this episode. What the hell? You would think that they would have finished everything before they went on spring break, now wouldn't you?

Chapter Fourteen – Witch Trap

Spring break was over and everyone was excited to be sitting on the downhill side of the school year and Brandon was waiting in a diner in Magix to celebrate the best way he could think possible; a date with Bloom. It wasn't a proper date like Brandon always imagined with flowers and candy, but least it was better than 'a walk'. It was sitting down, just the two of them, having ice cream.

However, one look at Bloom's face when she arrived told Brandon that the fairy was not as thrilled to be back at school during their final semester as he was. She had hardly said a word to him while they waited for their order and even when it arrived she didn't seem too hungry.

Finally, curiosity got the better of him and he had to ask, "What's wrong, Bloom?"

"We had a start of semester test today and I messed up," she said in a disappointed tone of voice.

"You wonna talk about it?" Brandon asked delicately as she moodily pushed her ice cream in front of her with her with her spoon. Bloom didn't respond. "It can't be that bad."

"Can't be that bad?" Bloom repeated, looking up at him for the first time since the waitress had brought their ice creams to them. "I almost had it but then I blew it. I got hit by the damn obstacles and I was literally just inches away. It so wasn't fair."

"Just calm down," Brandon suggested, a little taken back with her morbid outburst. "What happened?"

"My winx failed me."

Now Brandon didn't know that much about how winx and magic worked, but it didn't think it went quiet like that. "What?"

"I was that close but I couldn't summon my power," Bloom told him glumly, making Brandon's heart break to see her so down.

"Hey, don't get so bummed out about it. It's okay. It's just a test."

"I know. It's just my powers are so frustrating."

"But Bloom, you're power's awesome. Come on," Brandon reminded her. With the type of magic he had seen her throw around back when they were having the showdown in down town Magix that Wednesday afternoon, he couldn't understand how she couldn't just fly through those tests and he didn't mean just literally.

"Thing is I can't control it. Sometimes it's like I can't connect to it at all," Bloom confessed, her mood and her eyes still down.

"Maybe it's just cause its new?"

Bloom hmmed but didn't looked convinced. Instead, Brandon could almost see that she had come up with some plan to help get rid of her doubts. "I was thinking. If I could figure out where my power came from then I may be able to finally understand how it works."

Brandon could see the logic in her thinking, and he was pretty sure she had already figured out a place to start. "Good point. Ah, hey, you know I could help you look."

"But the only place I know where to look is at Cloud Tower but that's way too dangerous."

"What's at Cloud Tower?"

"Oh right, you don't know. See, when we snuck into the Trix's dorm to get back the Ring of Solaria they stole off Stella, we went into the book chamber and there lying out in the open was a book on me," Bloom explained.

"A book on you?" Brandon repeated. Okay, why would a school have an entire book dedicated to a fairy from another school? That was just a bit creepy.

"Yeah, they must have one for every fairy at Alfea."


"They're witches, Brandon, just you're imagination."

"I guess you got a point," Brandon nodded. "And you think this book holds the answers?"

"I don't know. Maybe? I don't understand any of this. But we can't go to Cloud Tower so we may as well drop this and talk about something else. Kay?"

"Yeah sure," Brandon smiled, but he knew Blooms mind remained fixed of the enigma that was her powers, and Brandon knew there was only one way to solve it; go to Cloud Tower.

"You want to do what?" Timmy exclaimed, his eyes wide behind his glasses.

"I want to sneak into Cloud Tower with Bloom so we can try and find the book they have on her in their book chamber," Brandon repeated calmly, putting down the map of Cloud Tower he was looking over. "You can help me get in, right?"

"I dunno Brandon," Timmy confessed, looking at the maps in front of him. "The witches don't exactly make their school very visitor friendly, if you get my drift."

"Come on, Timmy. The girls managed to do it when they went and got Stella's ring back with no real problem."

"Brandon, the girls nearly got barbequed in there, not to mention the witches let loose a Minotaur in their school in retaliation," Sky pointed out from his place lounging on his bed. "You've already managed to convince Codatorta to let you keep Lady, but I don't think you'll have much luck in getting him to agree to letting you keep a Minotaur or whatever beastie they unleash upon you."

"I've got to try," Brandon said stubbornly from the floor where he and Timmy were sitting with the maps. "I mean, we're heroes and heroes are supposed to be able to storm castles."

"Cloud Tower surrounded by a magical electric fence, Brandon," Timmy told the blonde, highlighting the fact that no matter how good a hero is, there is only so much he can do against magic.

Brandon sighed. "Okay, is there anyway to get through it?"

Timmy pointed at map. "I think I could map out a path so you could get in."

"Awesome!" Brandon exclaimed. Trust good old Timmy to come through with a plan. "So I can go in tonight, right?"

"You might not want to go tonight. It's a full moon," Sky told him, getting up from his bed. He wasn't too keen on the idea of his best friend and his girlfriend's best friend storming the witch's castle alone, but he knew Brandon was going to go through with it anyway. "Witches are particularly strong during a full moon. Their powers can some times double in strength."

Brandon got to his feet and moved over to put a reassuring hand on the prince's shoulder. "I know, but Bloom was seriously upset today. She needs this."

Reluctantly, Sky agreed, though deep down he knew he was toast is anything happened to the blonde. But, ah, the things you do for your lovesick friends. "Alright, just be extra careful. It's risky."

"Hey, how fast exactly can your levi bike go?" Timmy asked Brandon.

"It's got turbo boosters on it, so virtually as fast as I can handle. Why?"

"Because the magical electric fence acts as a force field much like the one surrounding this whole realm to keep non magical beings out though not as strong. You could use your bike you ride across it, picking up the momentum which would normally throw you off until you find the point of vulnerability," Timmy explained.

"Which is?" Brandon asked, grasping the idea slightly.

"The fulcrum of the force field which should be right below the place that has the highest voltage," Timmy said. "If you have enough speed and forward momentum you should be able to break through. But if you stop moving you could either get throw off or your engine could go dead in mid air."

"Keep moving. Got it," Brandon nodded.

"But what are you going to do once you get inside?" Sky questioned, not willing to let them walk into a situation with some half baked idea. "You can't just wonder around in there till you find what you're looking for. It's too dangerous, and I'm not just talking about the Trix and Miss Griffin. There are other witches there too you know, and their all armed to the teeth in dark magic. Who knows what they'll do if they stumble across you two."

"Leave that to me," Timmy assured, moving over to his work desk and removing a small little gadget the other guys had seen him working on for the last few months. "I just finished it a few days ago so I haven't given it a proper test run, but I'm certain it works."

"What is it?" Sky asked as Timmy handed his invention to Brandon.

"I call it a witch tracker," Timmy said somewhat proudly. "After all the times the Trix have snuck up on us this year, I figured it would be best to have a little bit of a warning. It's a bit like the monitors we have on the ship, only in just detects dark magic and those carrying. Any witch or anything they conjure will show up if they're within a hundred yards. Pretty cool huh?"

"Pretty cool? It's a stroke of brilliance!" Brandon grinned.

"I can upload a map into it if you want, but I may no be very reliable. The halls of Cloud Tower tend to move around a bit, and it would be able to show you any secret passageways."

"That's a shame. Knowing a few hidden pathways wouldn't go astray," Sky noted.

"You could always ask Riven if you really wanted to," Timmy suggested lightly, unaware that Riven had already reported their plans to the Trix and was heading to their dorm at that very moment at Darcy's calling. "He's bound to know a couple of back passageways."

"No," Brandon answered firmly. "The witches can't know that we're coming. Knowing them they'll probably sabotage it."

"It was just a suggestion," Timmy stated, and decided to wait a bit longer before trying to patch things up between his friends. Brandon and Sky might be fine with just ignoring Riven, but Timmy couldn't do that so easily. He had grown up with two older sisters that had already graduated, so he had always view his friends as the bothers he had always wanted growing up when his sisters tried to dress him in girls clothes. (1) He couldn't just turn his back on Riven just because they didn't agree with the way he was acting recently.

And Timmy had concluded that there was nothing worse than just standing by and watching a friend you care about slowly destroy them selves. (2) Riven was drinking and smoking heavily, Timmy knew that, but he also knew there was probably a lot that more that Riven got up to the he wasn't aware of. He was out virtually every night till some ungodly hour, and the lack of sleep was starting to show in his face. And on top of all that, Timmy had noticed the Riven wasn't eating or skipping meals all together, something his body couldn't afford to do after all the malnutrition he went through as a child.

Riven was just a few steps away from a physical breakdown, and there was nothing Timmy could do. Timmy didn't even think Riven or Brandon or Sky even cared, and that made it all the more difficult on the boy genius.

Why couldn't thing just go back to the way they were?

Brandon crept quietly into the grounds of Alfea, driving his bike slowly to avoid making too much noise. He knew the teachers here tried to discourage their students sneaking off with boys after lights out, but Brandon knew he had to do this. Which is why he didn't hesitate reaching over and tapping on the glass doors of the balcony to Blooms room. She must have been awake, because a second later she made her way outside cautiously.

"Er, hello?"

Brandon quietly levitated his bike higher so she could see him properly at her calling and he could help but break out into a huge grin. She looked adorable in her pajamas. "Hey I hope you didn't have any big plans for tonight."

"Oh, I dunno. Would you say that counting sheep's a big plan?" she teased, giving him a small wave. She didn't seem to upset about his late night visit and Brandon stored that bit of information away for another time. But right now, they had a castle that needed storming.

"Are you kidding? Hop on," he told her, gesturing to the back of his bike. "Let's go"


"Cloud Tower," Brandon answered, and her saw her eyes widen in the full moonlight. "You wanted to get into the book chamber so I figured out a way to sneak inside. While the witches sleep we can get a look at your book."

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Anything to make you happy," Brandon told her honestly, and he was rewarded with one of her shinning smiles.

"Thanks Brandon. I guess I really owe you. Just hang on a sec. I'll just get dressed. I won't be long!"

True to her word, a few minutes later both Bloom and Brandon where on their way to Cloud Tower. Not wasting any time, Brandon took the fast possible rout he knew which involved them going over Lake Crysalous and through the enchanted forest towards the dark tower. As Brandon raced through the undergrowth he caught a glance of a levi bike parked next to an old tree out of the corner of his eyes.

'I bet that's Riven,' Brandon though to himself as he shot by it. 'There must be a portal there or something. Well, if Timmy's plan doesn't work, we can go check it out. At least Riven will be of use for once.'

Breaking out of his thoughts, Brandon focused on the castle looming before him as he entered the school grounds. He could feel the magical electric fence pulling slightly against him as he moved closer to the tower, and his engines power dropped a fraction as the dark magic infected them.

"It's right up ahead Bloom, hold on," Brandon ordered, pushing his bike as hard as he could. The shield pull was much stronger now, and Brandon used that the move high in the sky about the school. But he was so focused on looking for the correct place to try and penetrate the shield that he forgot about Timmy's warning not to stop. "We have to find the point of vulnerability; the fulcrum of the force field. It's the only way to get through it. Now it should be right below the place that has the highest voltage."

Both Brandon and Bloom removed their helmets to get a better look as they hovered far about the ground. It was then, just as the lightning crackled around them, did Brandon realize his mistake.

'Oh no!'

"Ah!" Bloom screamed as the bike was struck by the dark lightning that was emanating for Cloud Tower. "Watch out!"

Frantically, Brandon grabbed hold of the bike and managed to steady it, but Bloom still clung to him tightly. Unfortunately, both had dropped their helmets, but at least they weren't falling with them.

"Whoa. That was close," Brandon gasped, his hands trembling slightly as he watched his helmet hurl towards the ground.

"If it's a fulcrum maybe it's in the centre and low down," Bloom suggested.

"Alright. Low and centre here we go. Hold tight!" he told her as he let the bike drop down. He could feel the shield resistance to him, but they had picked up enough speed in the decent that they managed to break through. With a certain level or relief, Brandon landed heavily on one of the ramps leading into Cloud Tower.

"It's working!" Bloom exclaimed with undisguised relief and she loosened her arms a bit from around Brandon's waist so he was able to breathe again. No sooner had she relaxed her hold then Cloud Tower let out one final attack, draining Brandon's bike's power causing him to loose control.

"Ah! I'm losing power!" Brandon cried, desperately trying to swerve his bike, but he wasn't able to stop them as the bike drove off ramp to crash down on a ramp below them, sending both of them flying. Brandon landed painfully on his back, knocking the wind out of him. Bloom landed on her stomach near the edge of them ramp. As Brandon got to his feet, he saw her look over the edge before freaking out and jumping back a bit.

"Whoa!" she gasped.

"Bloom!" Brandon said, instantly rushing to her side. "Are you okay?"

Frighten and shaken, Bloom couldn't respond properly. "Huh?"

Seeing she wasn't hurt, just a little freak, Brandon let out a sigh of relief. That could have ended badly. "We made it."

"Ah yeah," Bloom agreed in a trembling voice. "Good job there. Nice moves."

"Come on, let's do this," Brandon told her, offering her his hand. Still shaking, Bloom accepted his help, and the pair cautiously headed into the dark and uninviting Cloud Tower.

"Aren't you going to stay the night?"

Riven ignored the question Darcy had put to him until he had finish pulling up his pants. "Not tonight. I need sleep."

"You can get it here," Darcy told him from her place lounging on her bed. She was dressed only in her black lace underwear, a lit cigarette in her hand. He golden eyes followed Riven like a hawk as he got changed and it was making Riven feel uncomfortable.

"You know that's not true."

"All the more reason to stay," she purred, stubbing out her cigarette in the ash tray by her bed. They were alone in her dorm and she was feeling very affectionate. Moving across her bed, she positioned herself behind where Riven sat as he pulled his shoes on and wrapped her arms around his still bare chest. With a moan she kissed the back of his neck, occasionally nipping him with her teeth playfully.

But Riven wasn't in the mood.

"Would you not?" he snarled, shaking her off him. He turned to glare at her, ignoring the pout she gave him for pushing her off. "What's with you recently?"

"I just want to play, puppy dog," she told him in a childlike voice.

"Well I don't."

"You didn't seem to mind a few minutes ago."

Riven let out a frustrated sigh. "I just can't deal with this right now."

"Oh, what's wrong with my little puppy dog," Darcy teased with a patronizing little pout that made Riven's blood boil. She had been doing that to him a lot recently. It seemed every time they saw each other they'd find something to argue about up until the stage where it was almost a daily soap opera for the witches at Cloud Tower to see the two lovers rip into each other. They'd argue over fickle things they didn't even care about and call each other things you should never refer to your partner as, but every fight would end up the same way; in bed.

Riven wasn't happy with Darcy, he knew that, but he couldn't just walk away from her. It was only while they were fight or when they were making up afterwards did he feel any kind or emotion and he was willing to go through everything for the chance to feel real. Deep down he knew he hated everything about Darcy, but he was still connected to her. He didn't think she'd let him leave even if he tried.

"Forget it," Riven hissed, getting up and snatching his shirt off the ground.

"Oh Riven," Darcy sighed, climbing off her bed to chase after him. "What's wrong?"

"You're such a bitch."

"Did you have me confused with someone else?" Darcy laughed callously, but she stopped when she saw that her lover wasn't amused by her jokes. "Well what do you expect me to be? Like the rest of those tricks your friends date?" There was a slight pause as Riven refused to answer, but Darcy slowly reached the answer on her own. "Oh my darkness, you do want me to be like them, don't you?"

"I don't need this," Riven spat, pulling his shirt on and grabbing the keys to his bike. He didn't want her to be more like his ex friends girlfriends; he just didn't want her to be her. He knew who he really wanted even without Dominique's crystal pointing it out to him. And unfortunately he had blown that in order to be with Darcy who he could not longer stand to be around. He'd see her to feed his desires, but that was as far as it went. Darcy, however, as of recently seemed to have other ideas.

"Riven wait," she begged, wrapping her arms around him from behind, stopping him from heading into the portal that would take him to the edge of the school grounds where he had parked his bike. Almost tenderly, she kissed his back. "My dear puppy dog, did I not promise you everything you ever wanted? The fame? The recognition? Anything you desire? Don't you remember?"

"Yeah," Riven sighed, turning to face her. Darcy instantly buried her way into his arms and looked up at him impishly, making Riven's lips form a ghost of a smile. She did know how to be cute and appealing when she wanted to be. Riven wrapped his arms around her slim frame and stared down at her.

"And I plan to keep that promise," she told him sweetly, and Riven thought he felt the air shift in the way it always did when someone was getting ready to use magic. "So, if you want me to be more like the Jinx Club, fine. The only question is; which one?"

Riven's eyes widened as the Darcy in his arms shimmered slightly, and the next thing he knew, he was staring into the honey gold eyes of Stella. The Princess of Solaria looked up at him with a hungry look that Darcy directed at him so often and dressed in nothing but Darcy's underwear. Confused and somewhat repulsed – It was Stella! Stella! – Riven released her from his hold and took a step backwards until he felt his back hit the wall.

"Whoa . . . What . . ?" Riven stammered, his eyes wide. 'Stella', let out a wicked laugh and flicked her long, golden hair over her shoulder.

"I told you I would give you anything you want," Darcy told him in her normal voice, though she didn't change her appearance back. But when she spoke next, her voice was identical to that of the Princess of the Sun and the Moon. "And you wanted me to be more like those losers; valla! I'm pretty good aren't I?"

"That's twisted," Riven told her and Darcy morphed the illusion to looked like Flora.

"Well, then you're just a naught boy, now aren't you," Darcy asked in Flora's body and voice, but the words and tone wouldn't have been further than from the flower fairy.

"Darcy!" Riven snapped, as the illusion shifted again. "This is sick!"

"Stop being such a wet blanket," 'Tecna' ordered him before shifting into 'Bloom'. The red head closed the distance between the two, pressing her half naked body up against his. "What do you want?"

"I want you to stop this."

"What do you really want?" Darcy asked, shifting into the final member of the Winx Club and the member Riven had been dreading. His heart pounded in his chest as 'Musa' looked up at him with those deep navy eyes and he found him self wishing with all he being that this was true, that Musa really was embracing him with her slender arms, and not some sick mind game of Darcy. "Wonna have some fun?"

Riven's will crumbled in the face of temptation and he let Darcy kiss him roughly. He knew it wasn't real, that Darcy wasn't really the fairy he wanted, but he couldn't seem to stop the attraction what overwhelmed him. His right hand traced the outline of her body while his left hand explored her dark hair, giving him a thrill he had never experienced with Darcy before.

Darcy continued to kiss him passionately, but pulled him towards her bed and he came without a fight. She dragged him down on top of her, moving her hands towards his pants line as he continued to explore her flesh with his mouth. He had never experience a high quite like this one, and it was making him lightheaded as he started to ravish her. He just wanted her so bad it almost hurt.

"Careful, you'll make a girl jealous," Darcy told him in her normal voice, bringing him back to his senses. This wasn't real. This was sick. Reeling in self disgust, Riven broke the kiss with Darcy and climbed off her with the same speed he would have used if he had found himself in bed with a certain princess of Solaria.

"This isn't right."

"Oh Riven," Darcy pouted in Musa's voice, biting down on one of her fingers. "Stay and play."

"You're sick," Riven told her, so disgusted that he headed for the door instead of to the portal that would take him directly to his bike. He just needed to get out of that room and away from her and tricks. He got out without much of a fight, but he didn't miss the final words Darcy shouted at him as he left.

"I'm not the one who got turned on by an illusion!"


Riven stood on the other side of the door, trembling in horror at what he had just done. That whole situation was twisted beyond belief. He didn't know exactly where, but it definitely fell under the perverted category. He was so messed up.

"What is wrong with me?" Riven said softly to himself in a shaking voice.

Wrapping his arms around himself, Riven headed off in the direction of the entrance to the school after quickly checking with Dominique's crystal. At least the walk would give him some time to think. He wasn't aware that at that very second, somewhere in the castle, Bloom and Brandon were looking for the book chamber.

He had just turned down a new corridor when the buzzing that had been ringing in his ear suddenly blared at full force, and this time he was able to make out all the words.

"When the screams of a thousand years are finally heard and the terror of the night erases day. When the moons up above are consumed by shadow then the flames down below will cause doom to rain and the creatures of the night will rise once again."

"What?" Riven said aloud as the voice started to whisper again, wrapping over itself so that merged and over lapped. Riven looked around him, trying to find the source of the sound since he refused to accept that his was just hearing voices in his head. "Is anyone there?"

"When the screams of a thousand years are finally heard and the terror of the night erases day. When the moons up above are consumed by shadow then the flames down below will cause doom to rain and the creatures of the night will rise once again."


"When the screams of a thousand years are finally heard and the terror of the night erases day. When the moons up above are consumed by shadow then the flames down below will cause doom to rain and the creatures of the night will rise once again."

"Just stop it!" Riven shouted, loosing all patience with his mystery voice, but it just kept going, repeating the same thing over and over again.

"Do you always talk to yourself?" a voice asked him, shuttering Riven's focus on the on the whispered and in doing so, shuttering them in mid sentence.

"Huh?" Riven asked, looking about him. The voices had stopped and standing in front of him was Dominique, once again dressed in pajamas and her tiny little shorts. "Don't you sleep?

"What were you talking too?" she asked, ignoring his question, her sea grey eyes shifting from his face to the empty corridor. Riven swallowed hard in embarrassment.


Dominique's eyes narrow slightly. "Weirdo."

And in a flash she was gone. Shaking his head, Riven continued on his way. He needed to get out of this tower and away from these damn witches. But the sad thing was he knew that the next time Darcy called him or he felt a bit toey, he'd be back without hesitation.

Brandon had a vague idea of where they were going, but he couldn't be certain. All the corridors looked them same and he had a feeling that the walls were moving around him making it impossible for him to remember which way they had come.

"What happens if we run into someone?" Bloom asked, trailing after him. She had recovered from her scare on the edge of Cloud Tower, but she was still on unfamiliar grounds.

"Don't worry about it," Brandon assured her, digging through his pocket and pulling out the device Timmy had given him. Activating it, Brandon saw that there were no witches in the area.

"What is that?"

"Timmy's newest invention. It's a witch tracker. It maps the movement of any witch within a hundred yards," Brandon explained, studying the tracker. "Everyone's sleeping. As long as we're quiet we should be fine."

There was a slight pause as Timmy's invention picked up a witch in the area, but it was gone so fast that Brandon simply dismissed it as a glitch. But other than that, they managed to find the book chamber with no dramas.

"This is it, the book chamber," Bloom said, wasting no time to push open the huge wooden door that stood between them and the book they sought. Cautiously, the pair made their way into the chamber. "When we were here, my book was out like it was waiting for me."

They didn't have to search very long before Brandon came across a book that was glowing slightly through the dark and written all across its pages was Blooms name.

"Hey, looks like it still is," Brandon told her, flipping through the pages, and he was amazed at the size of the book. He heard Bloom joining him from behind. "You're only a freshman and look how big your book is. You must have a seriously awesome life story."

"I guess," Bloom shrugged, reaching out to touch the book. "I wish the only copy didn't have to be a Cloud Tower."

"Try asking it something," Brandon suggested. Bloom looked at him for a second as if looking for reassurance, and then turned to face the book in front of her.

"Where do my powers come from?"

Both Brandon and Bloom gasped as the book suddenly lit up, blinding Brandon with a painful white light. For a few seconds, he watched Bloom stare into the light, as if listening to something he couldn't hear. And after a moment, she turned at stared at Brandon, her eyes wide and frightened.

"Oh no."

Brandon instantly moved closer to her, trying to offer her some comfort. Whatever that book had told her, it clearly wasn't good. "What's the matter? What did it tell you?"

"I … I …" Bloom stuttered, her eyes filling with tears. As they overflowed, she turned away, as if ashamed for him to see her face. "I don't think you want to hear it. It's too horrible."

Brandon reached out and put his hand on hers. If she needed him, he was going to be there for her. "Whatever it is, you can tell me."

"Okay," Bloom nodded. "According to this book, I'm not really a fairy – I'm a witch!"

Brandon's mind when numb at her words, and he unconsciously took his hand way from hers. A witch? That wasn't possible. It just wasn't possible. She could be a witch. Everything about her was about as far from being dark as you could possibly imagine. She can't be a witch. His parents would never let him be with a witch, regardless of how much he liked her.

"A witch? No way, it can't be!" Brandon gasped, his mind reeling. He couldn't stop himself from stepping away from her. It just couldn't be. "That's impossible."

"I know. I'm confused. What does this mean?" Bloom asked, but Brandon was too caught up in his own thoughts to answer. He knew his parents wouldn't be thrilled when he told them he was having feeling for someone besides his betrothed, and they would never let him be with a witch. Brandon knew they were going to insist he not see her just because her powers were dark. That didn't make her evil, but Brandon knew he could never convince his parents that. Knowing he could never stand up to his father, Brandon dropped his head and sighed, an action that Bloom mistakenly interpreted as rejection. "Brandon? Listen, if my powers are evil, I won't use them anymore."

Still lost in his dark thoughts about the position he was in, Brandon watched her turn her back on him. Confused, Brandon made a move to comfort her, but Bloom stopped him.

"Just go, okay. I need to be alone," Bloom told him, her voice deeply hurt. But when he refused to leave, that hurt was added by a fraction of anger. "Please. I need to think about this."

"But . . ."

"Just go."

"Come on Bloom," Brandon tried to reason with her. "I mean, how will you get home?"

"I'll walk."

"You can't walk all the way home alone."

"I'll be fine."


"Just go! I need to be alone!" Bloom ordered, her voice cold and upset. But then she dropped her head and burst into fresh tears. "Please Brandon. Just leave me alone."

Brandon was hesitant to leave her like this when she was so emotionally distraught, but her tone left him no room to argue. Reluctantly, Brandon turned and left the book chamber. Behind him, he could hear Bloom crying.

(1) I know a guy who had that done to him by his sisters. The thought still makes me smile

(2) So true, I know this from experience

I always thought it was weird that Sky left her like that. He's meant to be a hero and look after people, isn't he? And it was his idea to break into Cloud Tower in the first place. He should have stuck with her, especially on unfriendly territory. Bloody males.