-1Concern. That was all Addison felt when she saw Meredith colorless and lifeless. Pushing people aside, Addison went to Meredith's side "We need to raise her body temperature up" She called. She leaned down to Meredith's ear and whispered "No, you cannot do this Meredith. You cannot leave Derek alone. He loves you and he needs you with him. I will not let him lose you. Meredith I will not let Derek lose another woman that he loves. He loved me and I betrayed him by sleeping with Mark. So don't give up." Addison was stunned to realize that tears pricked her green eyes.

"We have a heartbeat" Bailey announced. Addison looked up in surprise" What?" she demanded.

"I don't know what you said to her Addison, but we got her back" The Chief announced quietly. In that moment Addison forgave. She forgave Meredith for sleeping with Derek at Prom. She forgave Derek for sleeping with Meredith before she came to Seattle and at Prom. Most importantly, she forgave herself for sleeping with Mark and contributing to the end of their marriage. Addison took a deep breath and vowed to be the one to officially relinquish her claim to Derek by telling him in person that his Meredith was alive.