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Chapter 45: Dr. Hogback

Brook sighed… he was lonely, but there was one thing he had to do.

"There's a reason why I can't join." Said Brook.

"What do you mean?" asked Luffy.

"You see…" sighed Brook.

He really didn't how to put it.

"There's something I have to do." Said Brook.

He began to tell Luffy his story…

Meanwhile with the other group…

"So what are we going to do next?" asked Chopper.

"We should find out who's behind it." Said Toshiro.

"That sounds like a plan." Said Yoruichi.

"Wait isn't Gecko Moria behind it?" asked Chopper.

"But he can't be the one building the actual zombies." Pointed out Yoruichi.

"He probably doesn't even know how to build lone." Said Toshiro, "For this he would probably need some kind of doctor."

"That does make sense" said Chopper.

"We find the doctor and we can shut it down." Said Belle Mere.

"Wait how do we know Luffy's group isn't doing that?" asked Rangiku.

"Because it's Luffy." Said Nami, Usopp and Chopper with sweat drops.

"Oh yeah…" said Rangiku.

"We should go into the mansion." Said Toshiro.

"What? Why?" asked Usopp.

"Because that's where the lab is." Said Yoruichi.

"But what if there are ghosts in there." Said Usopp.

Everyone stared at him.

"You're a Quincy." Said Toshiro, "You shouldn't be a afraid of ghosts…"

"Well…" said Usopp with a sweat drop, "Zombies?"

Nami whacked him in the head.

"Let's just go…" muttered Nami.

"Fine with that." Said Rangiku.

"I guess so." Said Chopper.

And so they headed to the mansion.

After a while they got there.

"That was an anti climatic trip." Said Belle Mere.

The ghosts were watching them however…

Well once again they were freaking out.

This wasn't good… they were near…

It managed to calm down somewhat. And decided to inform it's mistress.

She went down to the lab, figuring Doctor Hogback would be able to handle it.

"Excuse me." Said Perona.

"What do you want?" asked Doctor Hogback, he looked at Perona then realized something was wrong, "What's wrong with you."

"You wouldn't believe if I told you." Said Perona.

"Try me…" said Doctor Hogback.

"Ever since I ate my devil fruit, I've been in contact with the after life." Said Perona, "There are agents called Soul Reapers and several of them are here to cause trouble."

Doctor Hogback stared at her, "Have you been sleeping well?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Perona.

"This does sound unbelievable…" said Doctor Hogback.

"Well they are coming here, they're in bodies called Gigai so you're able to see them." Said Perona.

"I'll go send a zombie to see if they're coming…" said Doctor Hogback.

"Wait… they've been killing the zombies! They know how to do it." Said Perona.

"I see." Said Doctor Hogback, "Perhaps I should introduce should they enter the mansion."

Doctor Hogback left with his assistant Victoria Cindry, leaving Perona scared.

"Maybe I should raise the white flag when they see me." She sighed.

Upstairs the group arrived.

"Is anyone here!" called out Chopper.

"Don't do that!" yelled Usopp.

Usopp was hit in the head by Nami.

"Why did you do that?" asked Usopp.

"Because you knew about ghosts before me and Chopper." Muttered Nami.

Everything was deathly silent that was when they heard footsteps.

"Who there?" asked Toshiro.

"So we do have some guests." Said voice, Doctor Hogback and Cindry walked into the light, "I'm sorry, those zombies must have startled you."

"Who are you?" asked Yoruichi.

"Why my name is Doctor hogback." Said Doctor Hogback.

Chopper's eyes widened.

"You're doctor Hogback?" asked Chopper.

"So you've heard of me." Said Doctor Hogback.

"I have." said Chopper, "You disappeared years ago… I can't believe you're alive!"

"Who is he?" asked Rangiku.

"He's a very famous doctor." Said Chopper who began to practically fan boy over Doctor Hogback, everyone sweat dropped as he listed off what was so great about him.

"I see you're a fan." Laughed Doctor Hogback.

"But he disappeared over 10 years ago." Said Chopper.

"Don't worry about that." Said Doctor Hogback, "Would you like to come to dinner."

"No." said Yoruichi.

"Why?" asked Chopper.

"It's obvious." Sighed Nami.

"He's a doctor working here." Said Toshiro.

"He's the one who's creating the zombies." Said Belle Mere.

"So you already figured it out." Sighed Doctor Hogback, "That's a shame."

"What?" asked Chopper, "Why?"

"I have my own reasons." Said Doctor Hogback.

That was when a ton of zombies showed up.

The doctor laughed and laughed, however he saw as the group beat the zombies very easily. He couldn't help but to gape.

"They're very strong." Said Cindry.

"I can see that." Said Doctor Hogback.

"You created these?" asked Chopper, "Why?"

"I already told you I have my own reasons." Said Doctor Hogback.

Chopper began to shake as he shifted to his heavy point.

"HOW DARE YOU!" yelled Chopper.

Doctor Hogback sighed, "Oh well, you already seem to know everything…"

Doctor Hogback escaped with Cindry, as more Zombies arrived.

After they defeated the zombies Chopper shook.

"Is he your hero?" asked Toshiro.

"He is." Said Chopper, "And next time."

Chopper punched the ground.

That was when they saw the ghost of the Hollow Hollow fruit, pointing somewhere.

"I think they're trying to get us to follow them." Said Usopp who began to shake.

"It's probably some kind of trap." Said Toshiro.

"I say let's go." said Yoruichi.

"If it's a trap why should we!" yelled Nami.

The Hollow Hollow Fruit is one that knows about Soul Reapers, the eater probably already figured it out." Said Yoruichi, "But doesn't know about our power levels."

"Oh…" said Nami.

And so they began to follow the ghost.

Back with Luffy's team.

"See that why I can't join the crew." Said Brook.

Luffy looked at Zoro and Sanji.

"That's not a reason for you to not join." Said Luffy.

"What? I just told you when I get my shows back I have to find my way back to Laboon." Said Brook.

"You're not the only one who promised Laboon that." Said Luffy.

"What?" asked Brook.

Luffy smiled, he had his own story he had to tell… one that would get Brook to join after all.

Next Time: Perona realizes that there is now way she can stand up to the Straw Hats, so what does she do? Give up. What will happen? Find out next time!