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Chapter 46: Perona Surrenders

Luffy told Brook the story, about how they met Laboon. He did leave out a few things, namely the fight. He as smart enough to leave that out.

"That's what happened?" asked Brook.

"Yeah." Said Luffy giving the biggest smile he could.

Brook began to break down crying, he couldn't help it…

This was one of the best day of his… uh… second life…

Back with… the other group… they were continuing the follow the Hollow Hollow Ghost.

"I was wondering something." Said Nami.

"What?" asked Rangiku.

"How does someone who eats a death devil fruit learn about the Soul Society?" asked Nami.

"Those kind of Devil Fruits are monitored by research and development. When someone eats one they sound out the best suited Soul Reaper to explain nit them." Explained Toshiro.

"Oh, okay…" said Nami.

That was when the Hollow Hollow Fruit ghost pointed to it's mistress who was waving a white flag, this made everyone sweat drop.

"What are you doing?" asked Rangiku.

"I don't want a fight!" cried Perona.

"Seriously?" asked Nami.

"Of course seriously? You think I'm an idiot!" yelled Perona, "I know some of you are Soul Reapers!"

This some how made them sweat drop even more.

"There's no way I'm going to fight you!" said Perona.

"So what are you going to do then?" asked Yoruichi.

"What do you mean?" asked Perona.

"She means do you plan to join us or just give up?" asked Toshiro.

Perona began to sweat, she didn't think that far ahead beyond, surrender.

"We could always take her hostage…" said Toshiro.

Perona began to comically cry, "Please don't…"

"Or we can fake a hostage situation." Said Yoruichi.

"What?" asked Perona.

"It's all up to you." Said Yoruichi.

And so they decided to fake a hostage situation by tying her up and leading her around.


"Oh I have been captured woe is me." Said Perona in the convincing way possible.

"You're a terrible actor." Said Usopp.

"Shut up." Muttered Perona, "Besides your lucky I'm surrendering! Because I can defeat you easily!"

"Yeah you probably would…" mumbled Usopp.

Perona sweat dropped.

"What?" she said.

"Let's just go…" muttered Toshiro.

As they went on their way, Perona had to ask a question.

"Why are you even here?" asked Perona, "You're not here on the Soul Society's orders, are you?

"You really want to know?" asked Yoruichi.

"What you hear you might not like." Said Belle Mere.

"No… no…" said Perona, "Never mind, I don't want to know why you're working for them."

"Now all we have to do is find Doctor Hogback!" muttered Chopper.

"That's such a cute voice." Said Perona.

Chopper got a shiver when she said that.

"I wonder what would happen if you would his shadow and put into a cute zombie…" said Perona.

Needless to say Chopper froze when she said that.

"Hey…" said Belle Mere, "Stop being creepy."

"If you continue you have to be our real hostage." Said Yoruichi.

"I'll be good." Mumbled Perona.

What they didn't know was that a small zombie saw them, (but didn't really hear them) and saw that Perona was being held hostage.

And decided to tell Doctor Hogback about it.

Meanwhile the doctor, his assistant was talking with a man… that for some reason had the face of a lion.

"What do you mean we have pirates attacking the island? I didn't even hear about that…" said the lion faced man.

That was when the zombie that saw Perona being held hostage showed up.

"I have bad news!" said the zombie, "Perona was being held hostage."

"What!" yelled both the lion faced man and Doctor Hogback.

"I don't know what happened but they have her tied up." said the zombie.

"I'll go rescue her…" muttered the lion faced man.

The lion faced man suddenly disappeared into thin air.

"You don't think she gave up do you?" asked Cindry.

"Why would she do that?" asked Doctor Hogback.

Doctor Hogback suddenly remembered what she said, about the Soul Reapers.

"She can't be telling the truth… could she…" thought Doctor Hogback.

Back with Luffy's group, Brook managed to make a decision.

"I will join your crew after all!" he said.

"What?" yelled Sanji.

"Oh come on are you really surprised by this choice?" asked Rukia.

"Besides he's already spiritually Aware so we don't have to worry about him finding out." Muttered Renji.

"All right!" cheered Luffy, "We have another crew mate!"

"We have to get my showdown back first." Pointed out first.

"I know! And it will be easy!" cheered Luffy.

Back with the other group, Perona had decided to get some answers.

"So you're not working for the Soul Society right now?" asked Perona.

"No… this is separate." Said Toshiro.

"How separate?" asked Perona.

"That's none of your business." Said Toshiro.

"You don't want to get involved with this." Said Yoruichi.

"How bad is it?" asked Perona.

"You don't want to know." Said Usopp.

That was when Yoruichi stopped.

"What is it?" asked Nami.

"There's something out there." Said Yoruichi.

That was when something invisible tackled Rangiku or at least tried, her instincts kicked in and punched the invisible thing.

"That was weird." Said Rangiku staring at her fist, "What did I just punch."

Perona's eyes twitched, had her arms not been tied up (for show) she would have face palmed.

"Absalom! Now not the time for finding a wife…" she muttered.

That was when they heard laughing.

"Let me guess she was sleeping when you took her." Said Absalom.

"I don't want to talk about…" sighed Perona, "And I forbid everyone to talk about it!"

This just made everyone but Yoruichi sweat drop.

"You ate the Clear Clear Fruit, didn't' you?" asked Yoruichi.

"That I did." Said the mystery invisible thing, who was the lion faced man named Absalom.

"The Clear Clear Fruit?" asked Nami.

"It allows someone to become invisible." Said Yoruichi, "If memory servers it along with the Door Door Fruit was conceived to peep on women…"

"What?" yelled Nami.

"The door door fruit being used to peep on women?" asked Usopp then he realized and began to laugh a little.

"So who wants to fight him…" said Yoruichi.

"I take the red head." Said Absalom.

Nami's eye twitched.

"You don't mean fighting do you…" muttered Nami.

She was so tempted to being out Rainbow…

But it just wasn't right, esspeiclly since he was still alive.

"You know what…" said Rangiku, "I'll be the one to fight him…"

"You sure?" asked Yoruichi.

"I'm sure…" said Rangiku.

And so a rather strange fight would begin…

Pirates Guide to Soul Reapers

Luffy came to a realization

"We didn't do this last episode!" yelled Luffy.

"What are you talking about?" asked Sanji.

"We didn't do the Omake!" said Luffy.

They all stared at him with sweat drops.

"What is he talking about?" asked Brook.

"Just ignore him." Muttered Zoro.

End of Guide.

Next Time: Rangiku faces of against the invisible Absalom... however she decides to do it while in spirit form... poor Absalom... what will happen? Find out next time!