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The next morning, everything was back to normal. Dark's injuries had healed enough for him to apparently return to Daisuke's mind; which is exactly why Daisuke woke up panting and filled with desire. Daisuke awoke to the sound of Dark whispering very sexual things to him—apparently these things had been influencing his dreams, because they were immensely sexual as well.

Daisuke scolded Dark automatically, yet, somewhere in the reaches of his mind, Daisuke also found it pleasant. In a strange sort of way.

But, really, that's what Daisuke was. Strange. He'd been referring to everyone around him as strange for a while, but it never occurred to him that perhaps he was also slightly weird. Daisuke figured that it was the people in his life that made him odd and awkward, like his mother and Risa, yet even if they weren't in his life Daisuke would be abnormal. This train of thought lead Daisuke to believe that perhaps it was his experiences that'd made him strange—something that had been proven time over to be the truth. Stealing paintings, changing back and forth from himself to Dark, and, not to mention, the deceptions that he was forced to endure in his own home were all on the forefront of Daisuke's mind. Something about these things though, didn't seem right; they weren't exactly what had changed him to be the person he'd grown into.

Next Daisuke considered that it was the man he loved and adored. Sure, Dark got him in loads of trouble all the time, with everyone around him, Dark made him stutter nervously and make excuses for ridiculous things, and not to mention Dark managed to woo Daisuke. That, in itself, was a pretty odd feat. To put all the blame on Dark made Daisuke's conscience unwell, thus Daisuke continued to contemplate this issue.

After a few moments, Daisuke realized that there was no one thing that had made him the way he was; it could only be an accumulation of all the reasons and more Daisuke had come up with. He smiled contentedly.


The red head jolted out of bed, completely forgetting that it was morning and time for school. He noticed a slight... problem with his lower half. The tent in his pyjama pants was fairly distracting. Daisuke gulped before doing something he was pretty sure he'd never do. Daisuke walked over to the mirror and gazed at Dark.

"Help me?" he asked, shyly, gesturing a minuscule amount to his pants.

Dark's face lit up like a child on Christmas. "You bet, Dai-chan!" he exclaimed. Daisuke put a hand up to the glass on the mirror, signalling to Dark that he wanted to come inside. Dark's palm touched Daisuke's and magnetically Daisuke fell through the permeable surface, as he'd done previously. As soon as Daisuke was inside, he found he'd tumbled directly onto Dark's lap. He made no effort to move.

Dark moaned as he felt Daisuke press up against him. Daisuke's torso was between Dark's legs, his erection pressing directly on Dark's crotch. The violet haired male began to grind his hips upward, thrusting slightly. Daisuke gaped at this contact, contentedly. He added a pressure of his own to this mix and soon they were lying on the ground just rubbing their bodies together, because it felt so good.

Dark pulled Daisuke into a zealous kiss, completely skipping tentativeness. They groped, pulled hair, grasped arms, and pulled off clothes in a rush. Nothing was better than the contact between them. Being naked around one another was not a foreign thing and this fact became incredibly clear, for both were undressed before seconds thoughts could even be had.

"Dark..." Daisuke breathed.

"Mm... yeah?" Dark placed butterfly kisses all over Daisuke's neck and shoulders; tenderness leaking into each one of his movements. Dark tried his hardest not to frighten Daisuke away, because, as it seemed, they were finally going to do this.

"I-I..." Daisuke couldn't get an entire sentence out, as Dark's fingers had trailed down his stomach and were coming up on his hip bones. Dark's digits continued downward, grasping at the hard flesh which was making Daisuke moan in the most delicious way.

"Dark!" Daisuke cried when he felt Dark's hand lightly clutch his member. Daisuke thrust desperately into Dark's hand, trying for more contact.

Dark captured Daisuke's mouth in a sloppy kiss. Tongues were everywhere, struggling to keep an air of civility to such an animalistic act—failing jovially. Dark's hand curled around Daisuke's erection and began to pump. Daisuke let out a cry of pleasure, whimpering in need immediately afterwards. Daisuke's short fingernails scratched at Dark's back, pulling him down for another kiss.

Drawing away from the kiss a moment later, Dark travelled down Daisuke's body until his mouth met with pert nipples. Still pumping, Dark nibbled on the pink nubs. Daisuke writhed in pleasure, yelling things like "oh god..." and "yes!"

The only thing that Dark had wanted to do was to give Daisuke all the pleasure he could. He wanted Daisuke to know everything he'd said was true, and he wanted Daisuke to feel his love physically.

"D-Dark! I-I think I'm gonna..." Dark ceased his motions. He pulled back from the entanglement they'd been in. Daisuke whimpered at the lack of contact. "What a-are you... doing?"

"Making this last as long as possible." Dark's voice was surprisingly clear. Husky, but clearly said. Daisuke gave him a pleading look.

"Puh-please... finish me off," he begged, pulling at Dark's hands. "W-we can... have sex, r-right after. Just please!" Daisuke was pressing himself to Dark in desperation. A smirk crossed the phantom thief's face as he knew that there was no possible way he could resist the look Daisuke was giving him. His hands returned to Daisuke's member, which was leaking with pre-come. Dark massaged the flesh there softly, until Daisuke came, shouting Dark's name on the top of his lungs.

The red head sat panting for a moment, before coherent thought returned to him. "Holy fuck, Daisuke," Dark began, "that was so hot." Dark couldn't conceal his blaring erection at this point; Daisuke stared at it blatantly.

"...Need me to help you now?" There was a coy look on Daisuke's face. Dark's jaw dropped.

"Hell yeah!"


School was an excruciatingly long ordeal—especially since Daisuke was exhausted from his activities that morning. Soon after Dark was finished off, Daisuke's mother came banging on the door, demanding that Daisuke stop being late for school. The red haired male promised Dark they could continue their activities later, assuring him that they would. Dark just beamed.

Lunchtime came around, and Daisuke was cornered by Satoshi, Takeshi, Risa, and Riku. They all wanted to speak with him privately. He smiled at them and swore to them that he would converse with them on a later date. Takeshi let it roll off his shoulders, smiling at his best friend, while the other three looked a little more insulted. Daisuke promptly ignored them and fell asleep on his desk.

By the end of the school day, things between Riku, Risa, and Daisuke seemed to have resolved themselves, despite Daisuke not speaking to either of them. Daisuke was curious about the apparent solution that he was not included in, but chose not to press his luck.

Satoshi caught Daisuke while the red head was walking home.

"Niwa-kun," Satoshi said, coming up behind Daisuke, just as Daisuke passed through the school gates.

"Ah!" Daisuke shouted, jumping away. He put a hand over his fluttering heart and smiled at his friend weakly. "A-Ah, Hiwatari-kun, don't... surprise me like that."

There was no apology; Daisuke knew one would not come. He began walking once more—Satoshi followed, matching Daisuke's pace.

Daisuke and Satoshi strode beside each other in a peaceful silence, Daisuke not once feeling the sting of an awkward silence. It was only when Daisuke's home came into view did Satoshi begin a conversation.

"Niwa-kun, I apologize for what I did the other day. Kissing you was wrong."

Daisuke mouth opened in astonishment, just staring blatantly at Satoshi. Daisuke stopped walking and stared blankly at Satoshi. A moment passed between the two, until Daisuke finally replied. "T-Thank you, Hiwatari-kun. I really appreciate you saying that."

Satoshi let out a small affirmative noise from his throat, looking away. "What I felt for you was not the truth of my feelings. I don't want you like that." There was a break in his speech. "We should be friends."

Daisuke's eyes shone in amazement. "O-Of course! That would be great," he responded, grinning widely.

Satoshi returned with a small smile. "I'm going home now," he stated, as emotionlessly as usual.

Daisuke nodded, placing a hand on the taller boy's shoulder, still smiling. "I'll see you tomorrow, Sa-Satoshi-kun."

Although his recent declaration should have prevented him from blushing, it didn't. Satoshi's face was faintly pink as he briskly walked the other direction, Daisuke staring after him. Daisuke carried a shadow of the smile the rest of the way back to his home.


"Dai-chan, Dark, dinner!" Towa called up the stairs.


Thundering footsteps were heard as the two raced each other down the stairs—laughter and teasing the entire way. Daisuke and Dark sat at the dinner table, seemingly unable to sit still, or to keep the grins off their faces. They were acting like children—jovial and buoyant.

Emiko peered at them from the doorway before entering the room herself. She seated herself across from the two males. The rest of the household filed in, the meal commencing.

"Thanks for the food," a chorus of voices rang.

Light, cheerful conversation filled the room accented by the sounds of knives and forks clattering and scraping plates. Daisuke and Dark were smiling the entire meal—Daisuke answering every prying question Emiko asked, while Dark chatted with Kosuke. It really was the perfect evening.

That is, until Towa asked one simple question. "Daisuke, do you love Dark?"

Daisuke choked on the food in his mouth, coughing automatically. Dark slapped him on the back in the least helpful way. "W-Why would... y-you ask me that now?" Daisuke asked, after clearing his throat out. Daisuke's face was slowly gaining pink color.

Towa shrugged. "I don't know. Seemed like a good idea."

Daisuke swallowed uncomfortably. "W-Well, I-I... um... I-I..." Daisuke's voice trailed off uneasily. He glanced at Dark to see that the phantom thief was staring directly at him. The unimpressed look prompted Daisuke to look away. He perused the faces in the room, noticing that everyone was looking back at him, intently. Daisuke smiled feebly.

"W-Well... This really isn't... how I wanted to say it, but yes, I love Dark."

Dark's face lit up brilliantly, grasping Daisuke's hand underneath the table. Daisuke was smiling as widely as Dark, finally feeling relief and satisfaction of declaring his affections. Towa beamed, not knowing what she accomplished, but knowing it was something big.


"I don't have much time left outside today, Dai-chan," Dark told Daisuke, breaking the stillness and comfort they'd been basking in—both lying on Daisuke's bed, their hands intertwined.

Daisuke's brow crinkled slightly as he glanced at Dark. "Aww, really?"


Another quiet filled the room. Daisuke's hand tightened around Dark's.

"Dark, I love you."

Dark laughed. "Dai-chan, you've been saying that almost non-stop for the past hour, I understand," Dark's voice was amused, yet his eyes were soft.

Daisuke blushed, but smiled. "I know... I just really want you to know that I do, especially after I made you wait so long for anything!" Daisuke exclaimed, snuggling towards Dark. The expression on Daisuke's face was mirrored by Dark as he pulled Daisuke on top of him.

Soft kisses were placed it Daisuke's hair, as Dark inhaled Daisuke's scent. "I love you too, Daisuke," Dark mumbled into the crown of Daisuke's head.

A mere moment of serenity passed before Dark untangled himself and stood, signifying it was time for him to go. Daisuke watched Dark, wishing the older male did not have to leave.

"I'll miss you."

Dark rolled his eyes. "I'll miss you too," he replied, obligatorily. Dark honestly didn't see what the big deal was. It was not as if they were truly ever apart, there was always a bond connecting them together—forever.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning Dark." Daisuke watched as Dark began to fade from the natural world.

The thief smirked. "Marvelous. Perhaps there could be a repeat of this morning?"

Daisuke blushed a deep red, although he did not protest. In fact, he couldn't wait until the next morning, for his life to begin with Dark, properly.

"See you."

And Dark was gone.

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