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Obsession of Sin

Virtually Errant

How had this happened?

Out of all the men in the world… why did it have to be him? She would have been more willing to accept a woman than the beast that now held her attention.

In her first years of traveling with the brazen hanyou, she had been convinced that she was desperately in love with him. In her innocent eyes, he had been daring, heroic, and roguishly attractive. What naïve little girl wouldn't be smitten?

It was true he treated her like she was no more than the lint between his clawed, demon toes, but in her youthful stupidity she decided to cast that issue aside. She was after all, in 'love' with him, and no one was perfect, right? His rudeness could be attributed to his years of isolation… right?

She had christened that period in her life the 'Bad Boy Obsessing Phase', or 'BBOP' for short.

As time passed, however, she slowly sprouted from her immature roots and blossomed into the next stage of her life. At the age of nineteen, Kagome's preferences had changes immensely. No longer was Inuyasha the center of her world. The mere thought alone made her shake her head.

As she grew into maturity her taste in men took a gigantic turn. Inuyasha was selfish and unable to commit or make his own decisions. That was the first point against him in her book.

Secondly, there was the fact that he smelled unpleasant. That one really baffled her. She had always been a freak when it came to personal hygiene, and how she had stomached riding on his back all those years stumped her. One more point.

Third was the fact that his manners were nonexistent. He was constantly burping and slobbering all over him self during meals, and that was extremely unattractive. While she knew manners weren't all that important in this time, Sango and Miroku managed well enough... so why couldn't he? That one counted for two in her book.

Lastly, there was the fact that he was still far too immature for her liking. The score ended up at five points against him, which was two points over her limit.

She wanted an intelligent man, one who knew how to be civil. Her dream man was sexy, confident, and debonair… Inuyasha didn't possess even one of those traits.

That was where the trouble began. As they continued traveling, one being in particular began to fall into that category a little more every time they met. Each encounter brought her to the frightening realization that this creature possessed all of the qualities her dream man did.

The smooth tenor of his voice made her shiver, and not in fear, though it very well should have been, for her newest interest was lethal. With looks that resembled yet surpassed Inuyasha's, this new center of her attention was what any straight woman would call a 'heartthrob'.

At first, it had been a small, nagging string of curiosity… but after delving into the subject more thoroughly, she found herself becoming obsessed.

Virgin she may have been, but that didn't stop her from thinking about him intimately when she had a moment to herself. She would often fantasize about strong, clawed hands cupping her breasts and squeezing her backside. About long, silver wisps of hair pooling around her as he laid her out on the grass, blocking out the rest of the world and trapping her within a curtain of frost colored satin. The silken texture of his tongue as it slid along every crease and crevice her feminine curves had to offer.

It was safe to say that she was clearly in too deep.

She had tried to squash any form of feeling she might have had for him, but it was no use. Her curious, determined nature pushed her onward, deeper into the pool of desire she was currently wading in.

A part of her wondered if perhaps he might ever desire her as well… though there was great doubt seeded along with that thought. He was not what one would call the friendliest of beings, and seemed to have a problem with humans. This, of course, left her in a quandary. She knew that he would never return her feelings, and yet here she was, fawning over him like a love-sick pup. This was by far worse than her crush on Inuyasha, because this time… it was practically a sin.

And now here she was, standing yards away from the focus of her intrigue with her bowstring pulled taut, the arrow that rested against it aimed directly at his left breast. He merely stared at her, with eyes so frigid that she literally shivered.

She hadn't a snowball's chance in Hell to hit him… and he knew that. Perhaps that was why he simply turned his back on her and walked soundlessly into the dense foliage, silver mane swaying fluidly behind him.

For a moment she contemplated firing her arrow, just to wipe all smug thoughts from his mind and make it clear that she meant business. He was a prime example of the type of man one should not get involved with… but that never seemed to stop her.

No… it never stopped the naughty thoughts that invaded her mind during the day… or the heated dreams that plagued her at night. Hell, it didn't stop her from watching his broad back as he left her standing there, imagining the noises he might make should she rake her nails across the pale, muscled plane.

She was trapped within the mystery of her newest obsession: Sesshomaru.

"Where the hell have you been?"

Grumbling at the harsh, accusing tone, Kagome narrowed her eyes, remaining silent as she ambled back into camp, bow hanging from near limp fingers. 'Not the warm welcome I had hoped for,' she mused bitterly, tossing her bow down next to her sleeping roll and plopping to the ground beside the fire.

Sango and Miroku cast her brief but friendly glances, knowing that she was not in a talking mood. Shippou curled up next to her, hoping to offer some quiet comfort to the obviously distraught miko.

Inuyasha, however, was not so thoughtful or observant, as he stomped up to her and growled, "I asked you a question, wench!"

Glaring through thick, sooty lashes, Kagome grit her teeth and bit out, "I was taking a bath… I told you earlier."

Snorting, the he scoffed, "It never takes you that long to bathe. What kept you?"

Considering the fact that all members of their odd little band were completely exhausted, and knowing that Inuyasha would want them to pursue his brother, Kagome decided it was best to keep her meeting with Sesshomaru to herself. Nostrils flaring as she inhaled, the young priestess replied in a serious tone, "Sometimes, Inuyasha, people like to do this little thing called relaxing. It isn't like we have to go anywhere; we're camping here for the night. So what's the big deal?"

Glowering, the hanyou barked, "The longer you stay away from camp the more likely you are to be attacked!"

Lifting a cynical brow, Kagome crooned, "Don't tell me you're starting to care, Inuyasha?"

Cheeks reddening, he swiftly crossed his arms over his chest and turned his back on her. "Feh," he mumbled, "yeah right. I just don't want you losing anymore shards."

Knowing that arguing with him would be fruitless, Kagome just shook her head and sighed, "Yeah, I thought as much."

'Sitting' him had crossed her mind, but over the years she had decided that such a course of action was only needed when the situation got drastic. In her blossoming maturity, she had learned to tolerate his rude behavior, and found that if she simply swallowed her pride and let the subject alone, things went by much more smoothly.

And so she continued to stroke the downy fur of Shippou's tail, humming to herself and mulling over her latest encounter with the stoic taiyoukai.

She certainly had a knack when it came to falling for assholes. Her first real crush had seen her as nothing more than a shadow. And now… well… she was rather certain that if Sesshomaru ever found out about her little secret that he would end her life in an instant.

Sighing, she gave Shippou one final pet before lifting him from her lap so that she might begin making supper. Gathering her cooking supplies, she poured the contents of her canteen into a pot and placed it on the cooking rack over the fire.

Tonight's cuisine consisted of ramen and ramen… Kagome decided that she needed to expand their food rations to a wider variety. Honestly, handy and quick as they were, she was getting rather sick of instant noodles.

Inuyasha, on the other hand, was practically salivating as he eyed the packages. Kagome shook her head. That boy could live off ramen; there was no doubt about it.

Hazy blue orbs landed on the bubbling water, lips parting as an almost inaudible yawn passed them. She was worn out from traveling all day; her body depleted of energy. She hoped more than anything that her sleep would be undisturbed. Yet Lady Fate seemed to be rather fickle, and she guessed that her dreams would yet again be plagued with silver haired gods, leading to her waking in the middle of the night in a sticky, sweaty mess.

"Kagome, the pot is boiling over!"

Inuyasha's rough tenor shattered her brooding thoughts, and she groaned. When she focused in on the pot yet again, she found that it was indeed bubbling over.

Stuffing her hand in the tacky, zebra striped oven mitt she had packed away in her bag, she removed the object from its place over the fire, fanning it a little before opening the packages of noodles she had by her side. Adding the stringy pasta, she sighed and leaned back on her palms.

"What's gotten into you?" the hanyou barked, eyeing her suspiciously.

Humming in confusion, the little miko replied in a tired tone, "Nothing… just thinking, is all."

Snorting, the dog-eared boy stuffed his hands in the billowed sleeves of his haori, turning his head to the side so that he could glance up at the sky. "Yeah, well just make sure you don't ruin the food."

When a hard object made contact with his head, he turned sharply to Kagome, who was fiddling with a pebble and sticking her tongue out at him. "Wench," he grumbled sourly before looking up at the stars once again.

Chuckling in a quiet, lethargic way, Kagome began to prod the mass of noodles floating in the pot, pulling them apart with a fork. Satisfied with the amount of liquid they had absorbed, she drained the surfeit water and added the flavoring, portioning out equal amounts in several, small bowls.

Distributing them, she picked up her own dish and began to sip noiselessly. Inuyasha, of course, inhaled his. Shaking her head at his deplorable manners, Kagome closed her eyes and went back to mulling over her poor choice in men.

Fawning over a demon - Sesshomaru, more to the point - was bad for one's health, and the idea of being skewered on finely pointed, razor-edged claws just didn't appeal to her.

'Do I have a death wish?' she pondered, rolling the thought around in her head for a moment before another replaced it.

'Am I insane?' It was at that moment that she decided to crack an eye open and found the most disturbing thing staring back at her. Wide, googly eyes gazed unblinking, the red tongue that lolled from its precisely sewn, cotton mouth seeming to mock her. In all honestly, the zebra mitt she had brought along looked about as demented as a hyena youkai on angel dust… which brought her back to her original question. Was she insane? Apparently the zebra mitt thought so, as it continued to silently tease her with its goofy expression. Yes… definitely insane. She had heard about love making people do crazy things… but to sign one's own warrant for death… that was a bit much.

Then again who said anything about love? She certainly didn't love Sesshomaru… she was merely enticed by his good looks and cool demeanor. Once again she had fallen for a man with no chance of having her feelings reciprocated.

Ah well, she supposed there were always other suitable bachelors still out there. As the saying went, there were 'plenty of fish in the sea'.

'Hrmph,' she groused silently, 'that may be so… but why is it that I always seem to catch jerk fish?'

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