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Obsession of Sin

In a Roundabout Way

Kagome ambled sluggishly down the stairway, her shoes scuffing noisily across the wet cement. She folded her umbrella as she got to the bottom, shaking it twice and raking her fingers through rain dampened hair.

The subway was crowded, as it always was on Friday evenings. A man with an armload of bags walked brusquely by, shoving her shoulder in the process. He did not pause to apologize, nor did she really care.

The stink of alcohol and urine was nearly palpable in the tunnels, clinging to the many homeless people that took up shelter there from the storm. A dirty man asked her for some change, and she shook her head in the negative. It wasn't that she was stingy, it was just that she had just spent her last bit of cash on a coffee… which had lasted three minutes before someone had bumped into her arm and caused her to drop it.

The bum glared at her nonetheless, cussing under his breath as he moved on to the person behind her.

She stood motionlessly near the tracks, waiting for the next train in silence. Work had been a chore, as it always was, what with a monster bitch of a supervisor and a perverted coworker to share a cubicle with…

She was sincerely thinking of quitting. Perhaps she would take a photography class, or study up on being a historian.

She grinned, thinking to herself that she could probably write the greatest text on feudal Japan there ever was. Of course no one would believe her. They would all call her loony and introduce her to a straight jacket.

Yet thoughts of leaving her wretched job did nothing to lighten her dour mood. This was the six month anniversary of the day when the jewel had sent her home, shutting her out of the past forever… and taking her away from the only man she would ever love.

She had been such a wreck.

Her brother had found her the next morning, having heard her sobbing as he headed off for school. She was hysterical, yammering nonsense about conspiracies and Fate being out to get her and whatnot. Her little overnight stay in the well had left her bedridden for a week, sick with a terrible chill.

The instant she had been allowed out of the house she had gone straight to the well house, trying in vain to reopen he rift. The first attempt had not worked, of course, and it was not until much later that she quit. Several concussions, a back injury, two broken fingers and a sprained ankle later… it had finally sunk in that the well would never again serve as a portal to the past.

Her leg brace had only just come off, in fact, and she was still a bit awkward on her feet.

The five o'clock train thundered through the tunnel, its light penetrating the inky blackness and signaling its arrival. The metal monstrosity screeched to a stop in front of her, and she, along with countless others, piled onto it.

It was cramped, and she had not been quick enough to find seating. So she stood, umbrella in hand, shoved between a very rotund woman in a violet blazer and a tall, lanky man who smelt as though he hadn't showered in ages.

Her other hand was secured tightly around the bar that ran the length of the ceiling, though her fingers were numb. Everything was numb. Kagome had not felt anything for the past half-year.

Her life, her friends; all of them were gone. To experience the thrill of adventure and discover the meaning of true friendship and then be torn away from it was horrid. What was worse was leaving such a wonderful existence and come back to this. To this tedious life where there was not a single, decent person to be found. Where greed and corruption were the fuel of the nation, and there was no such thing as good, old fashioned hard work.

In Feudal Japan, the people had been honest and hard working, and friends were as tightly knit as blood family. To have a friend that would gladly leap in front of a death dealing blow for you… and then lose them and have to settle for fickle, selfish, gossip girls who would ditch you in the blink of an eye… it was hell.

This life, it felt so fake and boring to her… and to not have a single person who shared her knowledge of what life used to be… that was hard too. She was alone, in more ways than one now, with the weight of the world on her narrow shoulders and years worth of painful memories filling her head.

Of course she was happy for all of them… they were free… they had each other. It was simply that she had no one.

The train came to a stop, and she listened momentarily as the conductor made his announcements. Not her stop, one more to go.

A bunch of people ambled out, and new ones replaced them. And again, she found herself standing.

With this new group came a few rowdy teenagers, who shouted and threw things and roughhoused in their corner. It might have been annoying, had she been paying attention.

Someone rubbed up against her from behind, a bit too close for comfort. She frowned, stepping forward a bit. The body mimicked her, but this time a set of hands wrapped around her waist and a husky voice whispered in her ear, "Hello, love."

She snapped to life, furious beyond belief. Adrenaline shot through her as she pulled free of the stranger's embrace, wheeled around and slapped him as hard as she could. "Pervert!"

All noise in the train came to a pause, and every set of eyes turned to them.

The man in question stood perfectly still, a single, black brow lifted in surprise. The corner of his mouth quirked.

She froze, her thoughts jerking to a halt as she stared up into the face of her assailant. Despite the black hair and the hazel eyes… she knew him in an instant. Shuddering, she sucked in a single breath and launched herself into his arms.

He smiled, caressing her back gently as if they were the only two there.

She had so many things to say, but only one of them managed to slip from her muddled mind down to her mouth. "It's you."

"Yes," he whispered back, tilting her chin up so that he could kiss her lightly on the nose.

"How did you… I mean… whe-"

He stopped her yammering with a grin and a finger to the lips, assuring her, "I will explain once we arrive at a more appropriate location."

She brushed his hand away, nodding and pressing herself into his strong arms… arms? She would have to ask him about that later as well. It didn't really matter, though. He could have stolen it from a corpse and it wouldn't have bothered her in the least. All that she cared about was that he was here, now, with her…

The pair lounged quietly together, gazing out over the vast, immaculate garden that made up Sesshomaru's back yard. The taiyoukai had insisted on them going to his abode, though she wasn't sure why it mattered.

His house was incredible, nestled at the top of a hill on a well kept, upper-class bay. He had quite a large chunk of land, and she found out upon mentioning that that he owned quite an impressive piece of forestry just outside the city.

She had been somewhat surprised when they had first walked up the drive. His house had not been as large as she had expected it to be. Well, by all rights it was rather big, but she had expected a palace fit for a king.

He had explained to her that the size of his dwellings had never truly been that important to him, and that the only reason his estate in the past had been so grand was to house the many servants that lived there with him.

Also, he was no longer a Lord, in the people's eyes. He was Sesshomaru Mikoto, famed architect and collector of priceless relics. He was well known for his modern twist on traditional Japanese style and for his generous contributions to museums world wide.

But what the manor had lacked in size it made up for in other ways. It was beautifully built, one of his designs, of course. The priceless art pieces and artifacts that decorated the already stunning interior of his house were eye popping, and she had taken quite a long while simply looking at the amazing collection he had built up over the centuries.

Her favorite part was the garden. Neatly manicured and perfectly placed, everything was indescribably beautiful. Though the lawn at the front of his house was relatively bare, with a trimmed bush here and there, the back was breathtaking. Flora of all kinds flooded the space with splendidly complimenting colors, clusters of violet and white and blue and yellow speckled every corner of the yard. There was even a quaint little bridge and a koi pond.

Kagome shifted her weight, her backside growing slightly numb from having sat on the ornate, metal bench for so long.

Sesshomaru noticed her discomfort, suggesting, "Shall we go inside?"

"Sure, my bum can't take much more of this."

He led her into the house through the back, seating her in the living area while ambling off to make some tea.

Kagome spread herself out over the lavish sofa, her feet raised up onto one arm while her neck rested against the other. Draping her arm across her eyes, she sighed loudly, still not quite believing that all of this was real. After all this time, after all of the worrying… he was alive, and he was with her again.

Then, a though came to her, one that made her a trifle miffed. If Sesshomaru was alive and aware that she was here… why had he waited six months before going to her? She had suffered all that time, and for what?!

"Are you well?"

His tone was smooth, but his eyes reflected his concern. He stood next to the couch, teapot in hand, and cocked his head lightly, awaiting her response.

Kagome leapt to her feet, jabbing him in the chest and shouting, "How could you?!"

Sesshomaru furrowed his brows, setting the tea down and taking the trembling miko's hand in his. "What are you speaking of?" he inquired softly.

Kagome snatched her hand back, folding her arms as she explained, "I've been here for months thinking that I would never see you again! I've been totally miserable! Why didn't you come sooner?!"

Sesshomaru smiled, taking a seat on the sofa and pulling the angry miko down next to him. Though she was cross, she did not resist when he pulled her against his side, wrapping her in his embrace. "Forgive me, love. I would have come sooner, had I known. You see, I was not certain when, exactly, you had first gone into the well. I knew that I could not appear in your life until the well was permanently sealed. I would not risk you seeing me, which could have ended up changing the course of events that led to our being together."

"That much I understand," Kagome cut in, "but why did you wait so long after the well had sealed? I mean, it's been six months!"

Sesshomaru ran his fingers through her hair, clarifying, "Had I known that I would have. I researched you very closely; found out when you were born and where you went to school. The times that I visited your home I never saw you, and assumed that you had yet to return. Your scent was there, but I had merely thought that it was due to the fact that it was your place of residence. It was not until a few days ago that I first saw you, purely by coincidence, as you walked past my company."

Kagome blushed. She hadn't thought of that. For the first month after her return she had practically locked herself in her room, coming out only to eat, use the bathroom, and attempt to open the gateway to the past. Afterward she had injured herself and her mother had not let her leave the house in fear that she might try jumping into the well again. She had good reason, too, because that is exactly what Kagome had done, over and over again whenever she was allowed out of the house. It was the final spraining of her ankle that had put a stop to her attempts.

And just a short while ago she had left her mother's house in favor of an apartment. Being so near the well only presented temptation and brought back old, painful memories.

How was he to have known she was back if she was never at the shrine?

She snuggled closer to him, muttering into his shirt, "Sorry, I guess I jumped to conclusions. It's just been so hard for me, thinking that I would never get to see you again."

"There, there, love, I'm here now, and I'll never leave you again," Sesshomaru assured her, caressing her cheek with his knuckles.

Kagome sobered up almost instantly, chirping, "I have so many questions to ask you! I don't even know where to begin!"

"Well, why don't we just take this one question at a time," Sesshomaru suggested coolly, leaning back in the sofa to await her inquires.

"Okay, firstly, how did you get your arm back?"

He lifted a brow. "It has been five-hundred years since we've last seen each other, my miko. It grew back after the first two centuries."

"Ah. Alright then, what's with the hair and the eyes? And where are your markings?"

Sesshomaru had actually forgotten that he had yet to change back, and did so immediately after her mention of the fact. He closed his eyes and let the concealing spell he wore fade, his features reverting back to those in which she was familiar with.

"This is merely a guise used for safety precautions. Being a wealthy man draws enough attention, my unusual hair and eye color would only increase media interest. The last thing I want is prying eyes."

Kagome understood that easily enough. Sesshomaru was inhumanly gorgeous to begin with, but to walk around with demon markings and hair that was lighter than moonbeams would surely make a few people suspicious.

She noticed then that she could sense him again, and assumed that part of his disguise had been made to conceal his aura. That would explain why she had not sensed him on the train. Which brought her to her next question.

"Are there other demons in this time… with the same sort of masks?"

Sesshomaru inclined his head in the affirmative. "Yes. Though our population has dwindled greatly, there are still demons in existence. We are few and far between, but we are here none the less."

"That makes sense. I always wondered if it was possible for youkai to hide their identities from humans." She nodded a little, wondering to herself over the notion. She stored those thoughts away for later.

The next question she had for him was one that had bothered her for some time now, and at one point it had driven her a bit loopy. Now she would finally get her answers, though it was somewhat hard to ask. "What… did Inuyasha wish for?"

Sesshomaru couldn't help but grin, thinking back to the boy's selfless decision. It had indeed resulted in a happy ending for many of them, and to this day he was grateful to the brat.

Over the years he had even grown to like the boy, but only in small doses, and when he was in the right mood. Though he was a bit of an idiot, he had many respectable qualities that Sesshomaru had come to realize and appreciate as time passed.

Their friendship had not been an instantaneous thing. It had taken many, many decades before Sesshomaru had even considered the boy worth speaking to, never mind thinking of him as a companion. But in the end, he found he could not help but feel a hint of admiration for the pup. He was determined, like their father, and had never been blinded by the stupid, unreasonably prejudice against humans. His heart was good, despite the things he had been put through as a child.

And now, Sesshomaru was not ashamed to say that they were kin, and that his blood was Inuyasha's as well.

"Inuyasha, in the end, found the perfect wish. One that was neither selfish nor foolish. It was actually rather ingenious of him."

"So, what was it? You're killing me here!" Kagome pressed, anxious to know what had been decided on.

"He wished that I would find happiness."


Kagome was dumbstruck. It was indeed the perfect wish. Inuyasha had never liked Sesshomaru in the least, and for him to use the jewel to see to an enemy's contentment… it was completely and utterly noble of him.

Tears welled in her eyes. Her happiness, this wonderful life that had been granted to her with Sesshomaru's return, it was all because of Inuyasha. She rubbed her eyes with the back of a hand, shaking her head in disbelief.

"I can't believe he would do that. I mean…wow."

"That was my thought on the matter when he first made the wish."

"Why? I mean… I'm sure there was something else he could have thought up that was just as pure. So why did he make a wish for you?" the miko wondered aloud, longing to have been there to better assess the situation.

"Inuyasha saw that I was in great pain upon your leaving. He told me that he was familiar with that sort of emotional agony, and that he never wanted anyone, no matter who that someone was, to have to go through what he endured."

Kagome couldn't hold back the tears anymore. He really was a hero, gallant and pure no matter how hard he tried to cover the fact up.

"Aside from that," Sesshomaru continued, "I believe he knew that my happiness revolved around having you in my life. We all discovered that wishing you back simply was not an option, since you were not meant for that time… so instead, he made the wish knowing that I would find you in the future. So you see, in a roundabout way, though his wish was for me, he really wanted to give you your happy ending."

Kagome sniffled, sobbing, "Inuyasha told me once that he would never be able to repay me for everything I'd done for him. He was wrong… this blows everything else right out of the water. Damn it… I only wish I could have seen him one last time, to thank him."

The once taiyoukai smirked, whispering in her ear, "You can thank him when we meet him for lunch tomorrow."

The words sunk in slowly, and she took a moment to process their meaning. Her head felt heavy and light at the same time, weighed down by the implications and the thoughts of what this meant yet lightened by the giddy anticipation. "He's alive?!"

The silver-haired man grinned at her joyous, bewildered expression. "Yes. He's rather stubborn. He swore that he would stay alive so that he had the chance to see you again. At first I didn't think it possible, since he is only a hanyou. Then again, he does have the Inu no Taisho's blood running through his veins… and we are known for our endurance."

Kagome couldn't contain her joy. She screamed, rather loudly, and leapt off the couch; blushing and muttering apologies when Sesshomaru covered his ears. Once she was certain he was alright, she gushed, "Oh, this is incredible! Did anyone else survive?!"

"The wolf prince, Kouga, and his mate are still alive, though I do not see them often. The kit you traveled with, Shippou, is also alive. He will be at the luncheon tomorrow as well."

"My baby?! Oh, little Shippou! Who else will be there?" she was practically bursting at the seams with overwhelming elation, bouncing around like a kid in a toy store.

"The boy's mate; Inuyasha's as well."

"Inuyasha took a mate?"

She had to sit down. The young woman fanned herself a little as she flopped onto the cushy sofa next to Sesshomaru, feeling like she would faint. Her hanyou had done it… he'd found a way to love.

"Oh, this is the happiest day of my life!"

Sesshomaru's expression turned wicked, and he leaned across the couch to hover over her. "Indeed," he purred while stroking her arm, "and it's only going to get better."

The blue-eyed miko blinked, her heart thundering in her chest as she noted the lusty look he was bestowing upon her. She had not felt so wanted in a long time, and it made butterflies race through her stomach.

"You have no idea how hard it has been for me, miko," the inu drawled; his large, claw tipped hands lifting to cup her face. "To have you once, and then be forced to wait five-hundred years until I could have you again… it was sheer torture."

His tongue traced a lazy line up her jaw, his fangs pinching the shell of her ear. He bit back a moan as she shuddered beneath him, his fingers itching to feel her bare flesh. They skimmed down her neck and over her shoulders, down to the bottom of her shirt. There they stopped, and began backtracking, his hands slinking under the fabric of her top.

Kagome hissed as his hot fingers made contact with her cool skin, paving scorching trails of desire up her stomach and over her ribs, pausing only when they found purchase on her breasts.

"Ah, Sessho-mmmm…"

"You have no idea how hard it was for me to keep my hands to myself on that train. I wanted nothing more than to tear your clothing off and have you, then and there, in front of all of those people. I have not had another woman since I took you, and the wait has taken a great toll on me. My control is slipping…"

'Yes,' she thought to herself, too consumed with passion to form the words with her mouth. 'Take me, please. It's been too long…' She planned on taking advantage of every spare moment she had with him. After all, she only had so many years before…

Her eyes snapped open. She only had so many years before… 'Before I shrivel into an old woman and he no longer wants me.' She fought the tears that threatened to spill at the thought. Fate really could be cruel. She was only mortal, and the time she had left with him didn't seem like enough. She had finally been given her happily ever after… only to have it snatched away by the withering hands of time.

Something was wrong. "What is it," Sesshomaru asked, pausing his administrations to gauge her emotions.

She shook her head, nibbling her lip a little before voicing her thoughts. "It's just that… I only wish I had more time with you. I mean look at you, you're incredible. In thirty years or so I'll be all gross and you won't want me anymore."

Sesshomaru blinked once, and then began laughing.

"Hey, this isn't funny! You might not have to worry about aging but I do!" the miko snapped, slapping him on the chest and feeling very put out.

"Forgive me, love. I did not mean for you to be hurt by my actions. However, your fears are pointless. You worry over growing old and dieing, yet it will never happen."


The amber-eyed man shifted, pulling his woman into his lap as he elucidated, "Inuyasha wished for my happiness, Kagome. Do you think I would be happy without you?"

She thought about it, supposing he was right. So then, what exactly did that mean? Would he wither and die too? "So, what does your happiness entail?"

"I plan on living for a very long time, pet, and you are going to be by my side every step of the way."

"But how?" she demanded, "I'm not a demon… am I? I don't feel any different."

The Lord put a finger to her lips. "I fell in love with a mortal woman. Why would I change you into something you're not? No… you are not a demon, nor are you any other mystical creature. You are simply the miko, Kagome."

She wasn't following him. "So, how does this work, then? If I'm not a demon, how can I possibly live as long as you?"

"Every being's life is represented by a number, Kagome. When we are born that number slowly begins to decrease… like a timer. Each individual is given a specific time to live, depending on what they are. Humans have much smaller numbers… and once the number reaches zero… you die. What I have done, is simply paused your timer."

"So… you have frozen me in the body of a young woman for the rest of my life?"

Upon his nod, she sighed, "I was right; this day just keeps getting better."

She heard him chuckle, but her thoughts were elsewhere. To live forever and stay young… was that not every woman's dream? To go through life always looking as though you're twenty?

She was brought back to reality with a start when strong lips pressed fervently over her own, warm hands sliding back under her shirt.

"But that's enough about that for right now. I need to feel you again… the memory of your heat is beginning to fade."

Her breath was stolen as he pulled her shirt over her head and tossed to the floor, followed quickly by her pants and socks. His nimble hands flitted precisely over her body, applying pressure in her more sensitive spots. His claws pricked the skin just below her naval, and she convulsed in pleasure. "Oh… s-so good."

He smirked. "Only one of your many hot spots, miko. During our last coupling I did not have much time to discover them all, but I promise you that by the morning I will know your body better than you do." His mouth was hot against her chest, nibbling the edge of her bra and his fingers traced the lacy confinement.

"For example… I know that when I trace your clavicle… you shake like a leaf." His actions mimicked his words, and she did indeed shiver.

The miko bit her lip hard as Sesshomaru's hands wandered from one spot to another, triggering pleasurable responses from her slight, curvaceous frame. It was almost too much to bear. How had he managed to discover so much about her during the single time they had been together? How had he discovered the extremely receptive flesh along the inside of her left elbow, or the spot just at the base of her skull?

"My favorite spot so far… is this little piece of flesh along the inside of your right thigh. Once I've gotten you excited enough, touching this one spot would probably be enough to send you over the edge." He emphasized his point by tracing his claws over the pale skin, and her body jerked up in response.

The beautiful, delicate arc of her spine was incredibly alluring, thrusting her breasts out toward him and making her head loll back as a moan of sheer bliss escaped her lips.

"Do that again," she pleaded softly, spreading her legs to allow him better access.

"Oh, I will do that and more to you, little one. However, first I believe we should move our session to a more comfortable location."

Before she even had a chance to protest they were in his room, and she was sprawled in the middle of his enormous bed. Lavish pillows surrounded her petite form, the cool silk feeling absolutely stunning against her now overheated flesh.

Sesshomaru was standing at the foot, slowly peeling his clothing off. Kagome swallowed hard as she watched each article fall away, leaving behind nothing but his perfection.

She stole a quick look at his regenerated arm, glad that he had it back. Sesshomaru had absolutely blown her mind the first time they had been intimate… now that he had both hands, she was dieing to know what he was capable of.

He crawled over her, kissing her passionately as he slowly undid her bra. The cool air that hit her breasts made her gasp in delight, the chilled caress tugging at her skin and raising gooseflesh across her body.

The quick intake of air was followed by a breathy moan as his scorching flesh pressing desperately against hers, as though he were trying to mash them together into a single being.

One strong arm wound around her petite waist and lifted her torso from the mattress, bringing her even closer so that he could plunder her lips more vigorously.

The kiss broke apart so that Sesshomaru could meander down her body, his tongue sliding over the softly muscled abdomen. His breath wafted across her stomach like a cloud of steam, hot and wonderful to the touch. The young priestess shuddered as her demon lover used his claws to tickle the flesh behind her knee, his mouth still flitting deftly across her torso.

Suddenly his head shot up to her chest, his teeth latching hungrily onto her right nipple. She cried out in euphoric bliss, twisting her hands in his hair as he sucked vigorously on the small, rosy peak.

Kagome squirmed aimlessly, trying to lift her hips to press herself against him. She was aching for him to touch her elsewhere, and slowly a warm, wet heat pooled between her legs.

"Please, touch me," she begged him, hoping he would not tease her much longer.

Needing to feel her almost as badly as she needed to be fulfilled, Sesshomaru complied, one hand dipping past her naval to strip her of her panties and slide through the slick folds of her womanhood. Her musical scream was intensely gratifying, he decided as he pressed down on the small bundle of nerves just above her entrance.

She was so wet, so ready to accept him into her warm, pliant body. But that would have to wait… he was not done toying with her yet.

He retracted his claws and slid a single finger in, testing her. She was indeed tight, and it made his cock throb painfully. It had been so long since he'd enjoyed her, and apparently she'd been a good girl during his absence.

Once he had stretched her minutely he added a second finger, the long digit pushing upward inside the tight ring of muscles to press against her sweet spot. She bucked again, his name a whispered sigh on her lips. His thumb worked her clit carefully, making sure not to apply too much pressure. He wanted to string her along for as much time he could, so that her climax would be all the more powerful in the end.

Kagome was awash with pleasure. It had been far too long since she'd felt his delicious caress, and the things he did to her now made her feel as though she would go mad with passion.

She was slick with readiness, and Sesshomaru groaned as the palpable scent of her arousal filled his head with its hypnotic, heady aroma. The hand that was not busy stroking her wetness busied itself with her hair, long fingers pulling through the fine, raven strands as his mouth plundered hers in a feverish kiss.

Her nails raked across his back, scoring flesh and leaving long, thin gashes. She had not intended to be so rough, but when he growled in obvious pleasure she found herself repeating the action.

His deep, guttural sounds were thrilling, and Kagome decided that she very much enjoyed seeing this side of him. This raw, wild side that was driven purely by instinct and emotion, it was incredible. To witness him stripped of his stoicism and cool demeanor and see the animal behind the man… it made her hot.

His lips trailed along her collarbone, and her body trembled in response. Slowly, diligently, he crept down her shivering frame, his fingers tracing every crevice and dip on her slender, curving form. His claws found the sensitive bit of flesh on her thigh, and drew lazy patterns over it.

She screamed. He could feel her convulsing around his fingers, her legs trembling as he continued to tease that one, receptive area. His eyes moved from her elated, tightly drawn features to the soft curve of her breasts, skimming over her stomach to land on the small, well kept thatch of black down just above her womanhood.

Swallowing the thick lump that had built in his throat, Sesshomaru lowered his head to the apex of her legs, his hot breath fanning against her damp flesh. Amber eyes followed the motions of his hand, half lidded as they watched long, pale fingers slide rhythmically in and out of his beloved's hot sheath. He almost came undone at the sight.

Kagome, noticing where her lover's eyes were trained, gave a shy squeak, stammering, "Wh-what are you doing?!"

Sesshomaru did not take his eyes from the delicious sight of his miko's wet core, murmuring hotly, "Watching."

She blushed profusely, barking, "Well don't! It's embarrassing!"

The silver-haired demon quirked a brow at that, pausing his ministrations. "Oh? I don't think so… you're just being childish."

He removed his fingers from her, smirking when she whined in protest. Crawling carefully over her, he brought a hand to the back of her head, lifting her face to his as he whispered against her lips, "If you don't give these things a chance… you'll never know what you most enjoy. It is important to experiment, Kagome, lest you miss out on what could be some of your greatest pleasures."

The fingers he had used to toy with her were still wet, coated in a thin film of her arousal. He brought them to his lips, his tongue snaking out to lick a single digit clean. The blush was back, and the coy, flustered manner that she was gawking at him was highly endearing.

The other finger he extended to her. "Taste," he commanded.

She was a bit reluctant, but the look in Sesshomaru's eyes told her that it was not something he would debate. Tentatively she stuck out her tongue, drawing it slowly across the pad.


She huffed, opening her mouth and drawing the slender digit into it. Her lips closed, her tongue laving the entire length of his finger before releasing it. The taste was odd, though not as unpleasant as she had expected it to be.

She didn't really have time to ponder it before his tongue forced its way into her mouth, his hands clasping her face as he kissed her senseless. When they parted Sesshomaru rested his forehead against hers, breathing heavily as he rasped, "The flavor of you… on your own lips… is to die for, miko."

She didn't have a chance to reply as he slunk back down her form and settled himself between her thighs once again. "Now," he instructed as one arm stretched up so that his hand could pull her up onto her elbows, "stay there. I want you to watch, to see just how exhilarating it is."

She trembled, but stayed put all the same. Her eyes followed his mouth as it lowered to her entrance, his teeth scraping the flesh just above her opening. Slowly he latched onto her clit, his eyes locked on her to make certain she was doing as she was told. He was pleased to find that he gaze did not stray once, even as she clenched her teeth in pleasure and squirmed beneath him.

The gentle pressure he was applying increased, his tongue flicking the tiny nub many times before he sucked it vigorously.

Kagome yelled loudly, fighting the urge to shut her eyes and let her head loll back. Watching him was embarrassing, but at the same time the pleasure it brought her was so great that it over road any form of doubt or awkwardness.

His deep, golden eyes stared up at her from between her legs, black slits narrowing as a low growl tore from his throat. The intense look on his face made her feel both nervous and sexy. His pointed fangs and pale, masculine lips looked so enticing, especially when they were parted like that, so that his tongue could bring her pleasure.

His eyes were swimming pools of molten amber pierced by thin pupils, and she watched, fixated, as they slowly bled. Small rivulets leached in from every angle, consuming the calm, tawny hue with vibrant red.

His mouth detached from her bundle of nerves, venturing lower so that his tongue could trace her slit. Kagome watched him prod at her opening for a moment, teasing it before pushing the wet muscle deeper.

Her arms were shaking, and as much as she wanted to do as Sesshomaru had told her, she wasn't certain how much longer she could hold herself up.

The inu youkai grinned in satisfaction, his fingers teasing her clit as his mouth continued its steady ministrations on her hot core.

She bucked under him, all the while straining to keep her eyes open and on him. She was biting her lip rather harshly, from what he could tell, her blunt human teeth tearing the soft flesh and drawing minimal amounts of blood. He removed his tongue from her sex, his fingers replacing it as he smirked up at the quaking miko. "Do you have any idea how hard it makes me… to know that you are watching me pleasure you?"

His low, erotic tenor sent jolts of ecstasy racing over her skin, making her spine arch and her head snap backward.

His fingers fisted into her hair, pulling her face forward again as he whispered, "Don't look away…" She obliged slowly, her movements strained and shaky. He grinned at her, watching as a bead of sweat made its way from her neck down to the valley of her breasts.

He could sense her growing nearer to her peak. "Can you feel it?" he asked silkily, rubbing the spot inside of her that made her jerk in response. "Can you feel it building with every stroke of my fingers? Do not fight me, Kagome. Give yourself over to the pleasure."

She hadn't a chance to begin with, but his sensual words drew her to her pinnacle even more quickly than she had anticipated. She came hard, clenching down on the long, slender digits that curled within her. The low, throaty moan that bubbled through her lips came unbidden, and had she not been so completely engrossed in the sensation of her orgasm, she would have probably been embarrassed.

Her lover's eyes strayed from her own, wandering back down her body to stare intently at her womanhood. Her thighs were shaking, her hips thrusting in time with the sharp, sporadic bursts of pleasure that he drew out with well timed strokes of his fingers.

Finally, when she could give no more, she collapsed backward, her hands trembling as they reached down to cup Sesshomaru's face. She guided him back up her body, her lips seeking his in a slow, lethargic kiss.

She had not quite recovered from her climax when she felt a soft nudging against her inner thigh. Her passion glazed orbs roamed downward, falling on the head of Sesshomaru's erection as it pressed into her skin. He grasped it firmly, sliding it through her slick folds several times before finally surging forward and penetrating her.

The young miko grasped her lover's shoulders tightly, hissing through her teeth at the flare of pain that spiked through her as Sesshomaru seated himself fully within her. It had been some time, and her partner was anything but average. The ache receded, leaving a full, stretched feeling in its wake.

Sesshomaru gave her a moment to adjust, watching the mixed emotions that swam in her eyes. Pain, satisfaction, desire… To simply be here, stretched over her submissive form, and to watch her beautiful face flit from one carnal emotion to the next… it was intensely gratifying. He had never been so fulfilled in all of his long life.

Here, in this time where demons were mere myth to the majority of the human populace, he did not have to worry about the reaction of his councilmen or the other Lords. Here he was free to love his human miko without fearing for her safety. Despite the decline of youkai numbers, he could not think of a happier time in his life than this.

Kagome trembled in his arms, her chest heaving as a rosy blush spread over her features. Her hands trembled profusely as she traced his lips, thinking to herself about the lethal fangs that were hidden just below her fingertips. All of him, elegant, ethereal beauty, and beneath that, power that was unimaginable to most.

Thoughts of his strength made her shudder in anticipation. The notion that his hands, his large, deadly hands that could crush bone, held her so tenderly… it made her appreciate him all the more.

"I feel sort of guilty," she admitted in between gasps.

He gave her an odd look, and she giggled. "What I mean is that I feel bad for you having to walk on eggshells around me all the time. Like I'm some kind of fine china."

Sesshomaru smiled in understanding. "Dismiss the notion," he told her gently as he pulled his fingers through her hair. "This is the only way I wish to handle you. To be tender to you, to love you softly so that I might fully appreciate everything about your miraculous human body. This Sesshomaru would never be rough with you, Kagome."

He nibbled her ear, shifting slightly to press his pelvis firmly against hers. She gasped loudly, and he chuckled, adding as an afterthought, "That is, unless you want me to be rough with you."

She moaned, his hot breath fanning against her neck and sending fissions of delight racing through her veins. "Oh, Sesshomaru," she purred, tilting her hips back to slide along his length, only to push back swiftly.

The youkai grunted, shivering at the feeling of her tight muscles sucking at his cock. Her heat was indescribably pleasurable, wet and constricting as she slunk back and forth over his erection.

"Be mine," he whispered into her throat, scraping his fangs along the junction of her neck and shoulder. "Give yourself to me for eternity, Kagome."

"Yes," she hissed in response, her fingers winding around his biceps as she tilted her head back. She felt him apply slight pressure, his tongue dancing across her flesh before a short lance of pain shot across her neck.

He stilled, wanting to make the marking as painless as possible. Through the small wound, he injected a small amount of his reiki into her bloodstream and pulled back. The silver-haired male watched with satisfaction as the laceration healed almost instantly, content that she had obviously accepted his essence.

He felt wonderful knowing that, even if he could not be around her at all times, his demonic aura would always be with her as a form of protection. This gift between life partners would heal almost any wound, and disperse all forms of infection. As a poison wielder, he was especially efficient when it came to recovering, and now that his aura had become a part of her, she would inherit the same power to a degree. Coupled with her miko ability, he doubted he would ever have to worry about losing her to some kind of accident.

And now that that aspect of their coupling was out of the way, he could move on to the more… pleasurable parts of the ritual.

His hips gave a sudden but gentle thrust, one that made her cry out in elation and surprise. Kagome was not an expert at this, by any means… but she was certain that Sesshomaru would make it rather easy for her. It was like a form of dancing… so long as one had a good partner, learning would be easy. She would just let him lead for now.

He set a steady, slow pace, one that she easily picked up on. Despite her clumsiness, Kagome had always been good at picking up a beat, and had no trouble matching his rhythm.

She clutched desperately to him, wanting to feel as much of him inside and against her as she could. The delicious friction at her center made her blood thrum hard through her body, her lungs constricting as she cried out to him.

True to his word, he loved her gently, his mouth worshipping her lips and neck and breasts. His hands stroked her sides and her hips, claws pricking her skin lightly as he dragged them over her stomach.

Her legs lifted around his hips, her feet pressing into the back of his thighs for momentum. Kagome arched her back, her breasts mashing against his marble chest as a low groan escaped her lips. Her lover had her writhing beneath him as his dexterous mouth nibbled her shoulder, one of his hands sliding down her taut stomach to tease her nub.

Sesshomaru's tempo increased slowly, until Kagome felt as though she could no longer match pace. His hips met hers with a sort of frantic urgency, and she deduced that he was not far from his own release by the strained look on his face.

She too was reaching pinnacle, the consuming burn in her belly spreading and growing until it was maddening, and she thrashed her head as it built. His strong, deep penetrations kept rubbing that wonderful little spot inside of her that was begging for attention, pushing her further and further into oblivion.

One of his hands found the small of her back, lifting her from the bed minutely to change the angle of his thrusts. The tightening coil inside of her snapped, and Kagome screamed loudly in completion. "Oh, yes! Sesshomaru!!"

He could feel her trembling, smell the heightened aroma of her sex as she fell over the edge into euphoria. Her tight, milking walls clamped viciously around his length, drawing him in and clenching vigorously like a silk vice. The added sensation accompanied by her passionate moaning sent him into his own orgasm, and he jerked artlessly several times as his seed emptied into her womb.

"Kagome…" he hissed deeply as he shook in her arms, his body thrumming with immense pleasure. Her insistent wiggling drew out his bliss for what seemed to be ages, the force behind it wrenching a growl from his chest. He collapsed over her small for in a shivering heap, his breathing labored as he tried to regain his senses.

Apparently, five hundred years of no sex resulted in one incredibly gratifying orgasm. He would never, ever wait that long again. In fact, now that he had the woman of his dreams safe in his arms, he doubted that even a single day would go by where he would not know her touch. She was simply far too tempting.

She sighed loudly, her hands rubbing lightly across his back as she mumbled, "It's been too long."

Her lover lifted himself onto his elbows, raising a dubious brow at her.

Kagome laughed. She knew he would never actually say the words, but his expression clearly read, 'You have got to be kidding me.'

Sesshomaru growled playfully at his new mate, nipping the tip of her nose as his hand squeezed her breast.

She batted his hand away, muttering, "Hold on one second, there, bucko! I've got to go-"

"You are going nowhere, my miko," Sesshomaru interrupted, crushing her against his chest as though he meant to restrain her.

Kagome grunted, wiggling fruitlessly in her demon lover's grasp. Giving up with a sigh, she explained, "I've got to pee!"

He huffed in exasperation, rolling his eyes as he lifted his arm to allow her freedom. He watched as she crawled off the bed and scurried into his bathroom, winking at him as she shut the door.

He flopped onto his back, arms folding beneath his head as he contemplated the future. He was certain his mate would want a wedding of sorts, since it was a rather common human custom. Afterward he would look into getting her a new job. Obviously the one she had now was unacceptable, since she was forced to take the subway as a mode of transportation. A good job would provide her with enough money to buy a car, and would make her happy. When he had found her, she practically reeked of depression.

He pondered to himself what her interests might be, or if she had plans to explore a different field of work. He supposed he would ask her… in the morning.

The bathroom door swung open, and Kagome stepped back into the room while air drying her hands. "You need to put a hand towel in there," she muttered quietly, smiling in Sesshomaru's direction.

The silver-haired inu youkai nodded. He had never needed a towel to dry himself with; it was one of the perks of having an immensely powerful aura. Reiki emitted heat, and it had always been his method of drying off after showering or even washing his hands. He supposed there were several things he would have to change to accommodate to her human needs.

Kagome began making her way back to the bed, pausing when she spied her lover's clothing piled on the floor. His black, leather belt snagged her attention, and she blushed a little before tearing her eyes away and continuing onto the bed.

Sesshomaru was curious. "Something the matter, love?"

Kagome bit her lip, somewhat embarrassed to say what was on her mind.

The inu smiled softly, sliding toward her and looping an arm under hers to pull her nearer. "You know you can tell me anything…"

She nodded, stammering, "Yeah… um… y-you know how you were saying it's good to experiment, and whatnot… well… I was wondering if… if…"

Sesshomaru's grin broadened, and he murmured huskily into her ear, "No need to be shy, love. There is little that I would not do to you."

The young miko nodded, finishing, "Would you… tie me up?"

When he didn't say anything immediately she grew rather nervous, and quickly began yammering, "I mean we don't have to, or anything, I was just thinking that maybe you might enjoy-"

His lips silenced her, and she was swept away by the raw hunger behind Sesshomaru's kiss. Her fingers gripped both his neck and the bed sheet, and when he finally pulled back she was flushed to the roots of her hair. "I'll take that as a 'yes'?"

"Oh, my delicious little priestess, I would gladly tie you down and have my way with you. Though I have to ask… why? You never struck me as the type to enjoy bondage."

The miko bit her lip. "The idea of you dominating me gets me pretty excited. I've always had kind of a thing for domineering men."

He hummed in delight, purring, "Well, I'm certainly good at that."

She lifted a raven brow, nodding her head in affirmation.

"You and I are going to have an in depth discussion about your fantasies, little miko," he told her firmly, while weighing one of her breasts in his right palm.

"Sure, sure," she promised, leaning into his touch, "later."

Sesshomaru kissed her quickly, sliding to the edge of the bed and reaching down to snatch something off of the floor. "Yes," he crooned, his tone heavy with desire, "much later."

When he returned to her, Kagome gave an anxious wiggle as she caught sight of the belt in his hand. The immense lust she felt for her demon lover was indescribable, the wicked thoughts that ran through her mind making her shudder in anticipation.

As a miko, she was certain she was breaking some kind of basic ground rules here… what with the code of purity and all. It was probably some kind of transgression in priestess society… but she really didn't give a rat's ass. She was sick of being a saint.

Sesshomaru snagged both of her wrists and pinned her down, and at that moment she couldn't help but think, 'If this is considered debauchery, I think I could get used to living in sin.'

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