Prologue: Ballroom Adversity p1

"The experiences of human horrors are frequently accompanied by hope." -Johann Dietrich Warner


(Pre Cybertron)

The large ballroom was beautifully lit. The decorations littered the walls and the edges of the room were the walls meet the arches of the glass dome to the Iacon Ballroom. The decorations weren't over aggressive, the Autobot supreme commander made sure of that. As for the crowd, they couldn't have been more perfect, the soft chatter stayed at a soft spoken level. The guests were many without being too many; they enjoyed each other's conversation and company as the soft sound of a Cybertronian classic played in the background.

The glass dome seemed to glow. The beams that connected the impact resistant glass seemed to glow a blue hue. Beyond the borders of the glass the sky that held two of Cybertron's moons that always had kept vigil overhead seemed to glow just of this momentous occasion.

Peacekeepers, negotiators, unit commanders, not only Transformers from around Cybertron but also aliens that allied with the Autobot's. They were celebrating nearly five Earth years of peace. All through out the room Transformers and aliens were talking; everything was perfect.

Lining the east wall were seven chairs that looked almost like thrones. The middle chair was the largest of six others. Just above its back held a golden Autobot emblem proudly. Only two Transformers sat on the left. The one on the farthest left was a mostly hunter green, with tan trim; his red optics glowed while he looked over the ballroom.

A chair down from the green warrior sat a red, blue, and white roughly the same height. Instead of a left hand he had what looked like a wielder that could convert into a gun. Just like his company a seat down, he looked over the ballroom and its guests, his red visor glowed also just over his goldish colored faceplate. He was clearly a medic.

On the right of the largest chair sat the lone structure of a yellow and tan mech. Unlike his companies he appeared to be older than the two. The others occupants of the chairs were either not here yet or were out amongst the crowd enjoying themselves. Landmine, the yellow Autobot turned his attention toward an approaching figure coming from his left. It was a tall large red, blue, and silver Autobot wearing the traditional Autobot's cloak on his shoulders that was always worn on occasions like this.

Landmine smiled, he knew how much the newcomer hated to wear that cloak. He always complained that it got in the way, made him stand out even more, and made him feel as if he was intentionally making himself look superior to the others. He always said that every living Transformers were equal despite the rank but something's were required, traditionally.

The war vet looked toward the newcomers side, walking on his right side away from the view from the crowd almost protectively under the cape walked a small, slightly dark red, blue, and silver little bot that only came up to the capped Autobot's mid thigh. It ceased to amaze anyone of how much the sparkling looked like his secondary creator.

"I didn't know ya were goin' to bring him Prime." The said bot seemed to ignore the elder but he wasn't. A small smile had crossed his blue faceplate.

"My little bot got better faster than I thought he would, which I think Primus for, so I decided he could come along." Landmine let out a small chuckle as he watched Optimus Prime lift the miniature bot up into his caring arms. Turning around and seating in the middle chair the little sparkling let out a giggle as Prime picked him up and sat him on his fathers lap. Prime couldn't help but let out a laugh himself.

"So how is the little guy doing anyway?" asked Landmine

"Better that he was. Thank the Matrix."

The little bot started giggling as his secondary creator started to rub his small head with his larger black and blue hand. Suddenly Primes attention turned to someone approaching in front of them.

"Hey ya brought Art!" using the little bot's nickname

The Transformer was a hunter green flyer with a pair of large wings seating on his shoulders, a white facemask, and a red cheerfully glowing visor covering his optics.

"Uncle Jetfire!" cooed Art saying the said bot's name clear as a bell

Jetfire leaned forward and put his own hand on top of the small bot's head similar to Prime. Try as he might Jetfire couldn't hold back a laugh.

"Yeah it's me. I'm glad to see ya up and about my little mate" in his accented voice

Art, or Artemis as his real name, had been kept secret from society unlit recently. Art ever since creation had been a sickly little bot and fragile. He wasn't clumsy or accident-prone he was just too fragile and easily conducted viruses. This had made his father, Optimus Prime, very cautious with his son. The only two bot's he truly trusted with his only child was RedAlert and Jetfire. Both Jetfire and Optimus were long time friends and Jet's had been there since the beginning beside the Prime. Hint why Art had called him 'Uncle Jetfire'.

Prime was treasuring this moment. This had been the best Art had been in a while (health wise) and so full of energy just like a sparkling his age was suppose to be; he didn't want to let this moment go.

Prime watched Jetfire take his seat at his left side from the corner of his golden optics then turned his attention to his son who was looking out over the crowd awed at all he beings. His large two different colored optics taking in everything. His left was gold and the right was blue, which was just like his mothers.

For a while both Art and himself looked out over the crowd but both were looking for something entirely different. Art was looking out of curiosity; Prime was looking out for irregularities within the crowd that could threaten his son, himself, his men, or any innocent guests.

This came from years of fighting in a war.

After a few more moments two more Autobot's came forth. A light blue one with a yellow overhead visor, whose alt. was a slick sports car. He was young at that. The second bot, a slightly darker blue bot with two yellow circles over his dark visor that covered his optics.

That was Primes cue. Standing up he sat his son in his seat behind him and took a step forward not wanting to let his guard down to leave his son vulnerable even if he had the Autobot elite now on either side of himself and Art. It was an over protective father thing. A small Autobot came forward and offered the leader a wine shaped glass half way filled with brightly glowing yellow energon.

Activating a device somewhere in his throat he looked out over his guests "Transformers, and prestige guests" pausing to let the crowd to silence "I'd like to thank you and welcome you here for this momentous occasion celebrating nearly five vorns of peace here on Cybertron" raising his glass and his voice ever so slightly "To peace and many more years of it to come!" smiling he raised the glass to the domed ceiling in a toast.

"TO PEACE!" chorused the crowd

Putting the glass to his mouth he took a large gulp of the yellow energon. He then went back to his throne and to his waiting son who was seating on the edge of the large chair swinging his feet as they swing back and forth.

Looking up Art grinned showing his white dental plates. Prime let out a small laugh as he picked up his son.

"Demority?[1" as Prime and himself sat down


"I don't get it. What did ya mean, what ya just said?" Prime raised an optic ridge. He really hadn't thought that his son had really been listening but he was just been proven wrong.

"Art." Looking in to the sparklings duo optics "Cybertron hasn't always been as peaceful as it is now. We are celebrating five vorns of peace now."

Prime looked into his sparklings gold and baby blue optics. The gold resembling his own and the blue resembling his deceased mother. Art had absorbed everything that his father had said as he always did.

"Oh" he simply said not getting it and getting it at the same time.

Putting his hand on Art's head again "You'll understand someday" pulling his son close

A little while later as sometime had past before he looked back down as his son and noticed that he was looking up, up past the glass dome at the Cybertron sky with the utmost curiosity. Looking up himself he noticed that a few stars littered the dark sky. This was a very rare occasion indeed.

The Autobot's in the chairs that lined the east wall enjoyed each other's company. Hotshot, the light blue sports car had left for a while then returned. They talked about Artemis, their current lives and each other, they even argued now and again but it some how always ended in a laugh between them.

Prime who was currently talking to Jetfire and Landmine when he heard his son yawn abruptly and looked down. Art who hadn't noticed his fathers gaze but looked up after a second or two later feeling a pair of golden optics looking down on him, upside down.

"You alright Art?"

The little bot grinned innocently thinking that Prime looked funny upside down and nodded. Suddenly the large room echoed with a loud slam of doors. Prime shot his head up toward the sound of the slamming doors. Art let out a frightened gasp and jumped in his fathers lap. Adjacent to the throne the large ancient styled doors were wide open. The guards that were to the doors were struggling with a mid height Transformer his body black and green, his optics blazing red.

Prime grabbed Art and handed him to Jetfire for safe keeping "What is the meaning of this!?" boomed Prime getting everyone's attention.

The crowd had long since silenced at the fierce bellow of the Autobot supreme commander.

"I have a message for the supreme commander of the Autobot army!" yelled the intruder threw the struggling with the guards.

"Take him to the brig! I'll deal with him latter" sternly and with anger

Before the guards realized what happened one of their own found him self flying across the room and sliding to a stop by the door, a large dent in his abdomen.

"He said he's coming back!" the intruder spat "He knows your weakness and will displiot it! The war has only been stalled, it will began again!" Prime silently whispered a name he wished never to utter again to himself

The six other Autobot's were standing up in front of the chairs, their faces nothing but surprise, grimace, and anger. Prime, of all, was furious and embarrassed but he was trying his best to hold himself back. Jetfire kept Artemis safely behind him.

"Get him out of here, NOW!!" bellowed Optimus Prime to the now four guards.

With a large struggle the guards finally got the intruder out of the ballroom. Prime watched the double doors shoot behind them then turned toward Jetfire but not really toward him but his son. Jetfire side stepped out of the way quickly of the infuriated Prime and let him retrieve his son.

Prime and Jetfire looked down at the boy who was leaning on the back of the chair his legs up to his chest and his chin on his knees, looking down at his feet almost frightened like.

"Artemis come on," said Prime lifting up his son holding him tight but not to tight and they made their departure without a word more.


Demority: Cybertronian for father or daddy

Transformers and all related chars(s) belong to HasTak

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