"Love is like war, it's easy to begin, hard to end." -Proverb


(Cybertron, the Sky Dome)

Even though Cybertron was war ravaged it was still a beautiful if not amazing planet to look over. Nothing but silvery gray metal for miles to no end and the amazing structures of buildings just added to the view. The only thing that tainted the scene was the black and red space above, were the black hole was expanding.

To several Autobot's it was a scene like no other and the sky wouldn't effect that. It was their place of origin, were their ancestors from so long ago had come from. Override and Snarl, were the main two. Even though their human companions hadn't come from Cybertron it still left them in awe at the site. And to the 'Bots who hadn't been back home for some long it was one of the greatest sites to see.

The room they were in allowed a large view almost three-hundred-sixty degree view of the landscape to the planets edge. Even so some weren't in the highest of moods being Blair and Rachel. They hadn't so much of heard a peep out of RedAlert not even Optimus Prime and they were desperately wanting to know how Artemis was doing. Last they heard he had suffered a serious, human equivalent to a concussion. Alone with a nearly detached right arm, and not mentioning a blow to his head which wasn't as bad as first thought, but still. The spike had just missed a vital line that ran threw his arm. It was all they learned.

They couldn't; wouldn't think of what could have happened.

That had been two days ago.

The Sky Dome observation deck had long since fallen quiet so they could enjoy the scene and few moments of peace. The sound of a door opening from behind them caught their attention. Blair who had been seating on Scattershot's shoulder and Rachel on the other standing, turned around.

Instantly their faces lit up. Their they stood with Art in the middle a smug grin on his tired looking faceplate.

"Artemis!" the two young women chorused

Scattershot, not having to be told, knelt down to let the two women jump off, quit literally. Art knelled down just as they came to a stop at his feet. They were just happy to have Art back. Not able to use his right arm, he took hold of the two around their backs with his left in a gentle hug as best he could manage, the two pressed them selves against his glass chest.

"Blair, Rachel, please forgive me." He began with soft words after a few moments. "I was an idiot and was thinking like one. I'm so sorry." He then looked up to meet the gazes of the other Autobot's "I really am sorry."

Hotshot came forward and put a hand on the white mechs good shoulder, as he held on to the two girls in his left arm. Hotshot smiled audio to audio as he looked down at him, "Don't worry about it. It's all in the past now."

"Were just glad to have you back," finished Landmine beside Hotshot

Artemis looked back at the two a look on his face between confusion, sadness, and happiness. Lowering his head and turning his optics off for a moment to let it all sink in. The others gave him a minute to regain his poseur. Raising his head again he came back with a giant grin on his face.

"Thank you."

The End(?) . . .



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