My eighth fanfic!! I hope you like it!

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Flonne was awake while the others were asleep in the night. She stared at the full moon above her. She lay there, thinking and unable to sleep. She softly sighed. Her thoughts trailed to the first time she met Laharl and the events that happened later on. The one that kept coming back was when Laharl helped her.
She watched in despair and worry as the pendant that the Seraph gave her went down, closer to the magma. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a red cloth wrapped around it, making it look like a hand, and lifted it up and to its owner. She watched in confusion as the cloth dropped the pendant and into Laharl's hand. It burned a white fire and he flinched. Flonne looked to the ground, breathing harder. She looked up and saw Laharl standing in front of her, his hand burning.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it?" he asked.

"Laharl-san?" she questioned.

"Hurry up and take it! Damn thing's hotter than hell!" he exclaimed.

"Uh, right!" she squeaked and held her hand out. Laharl dropped the pendant in her hand and his stopped burning. She felt a wave of relaxation as she held the pendant closer to her chest.

She sighed, unaware that a pair of glowing red, demonic eyes were watching her. 'That almost seemed so long ago…' she thought.

"What are you sighing about?" She jumped up at the deep voice and looked toward where it came from only to see Laharl watching her, propping his head on his hand.

"L-Laharl-san! Y-You were awake all along?!" she whispered.

"Pretty much…I heard you sigh the first time" he answered. Flonne lightly blushed.

"What were you thinking about?"

Flonne looked down, her blush as red as Laharl's eyes. She looked at him.

"Do you have the moment to come with me?"

Laharl hnned.

Flonne took Laharl to an isolated area. Everything seemed to sparkle by the moonlight, especially the river. Flonne was amazed while Laharl was looking bored.

"So? What did you want to tell me?" he yawned as he sat near the river. Flonne followed in pursuit, slightly blushing.


"A-Ano…Remember when I said that I would give you something nice in return if you helped me look for my pendant?" Flonne asked. Laharl looked at her.

"And?" Flonne looked down and then scooted closer to Laharl, which made him blush.

"W-What the hell are you doing?!" Flonne looked at him, a blush on her cheeks. Her deep blue eyes seemed to glow when the moonlight hit it. She got closer to him, making Laharl blush even more.

"T-The thing is…that wasn't what I wanted to give you…T-This…is my repayment…" she softly said and held Laharl's cheeks. She closed her eyes and gently pulled him closer, her soft lips touching the other. Laharl's eyes widened and his cheeks reddened. The kiss was soft and gentle. Laharl closed his eyes and pulled Flonne closer to his body, deepening the kiss. His tongue slipped in, exploring every inch of Flonne's mouth. She softly moaned. He finally broke and looked into Flonne's dark, ocean eyes. She blushed.

"This is your repayment?" he asked. Flonne nodded.

"Tch. That was still lame…" he said. Flonne laid her head on his bare chest, one of her hands resting on his chest as well.

"If you really wanted to repay me…" Flonne looked up. Laharl smirked and licked his lips. He pulled Flonne into another deep kiss.