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Two years later, after our favorite couple had gotten together, the streets of Konoha were deserted. There were no children playing in the streets, no shops were open, and there were no ninjas training at their designated areas. It was as if the village was a ghost town, if it wasn't for the huge ceremony taking place at the Hokage tower. The surrounding area was jam pact full of excited and anxious villagers waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Sasuke, who's appearance would've been the same if it were for his rounded belly, was standing guard outside of the Hokage's quarters listening to the many loud bangs and yelps within the room. He rolled his eyes as he heard an especially loud round of curses being directed to the other occupant of the room. Having enough he lifted his foot and brought it down hard against the door. "If you don't hurry it up you're going to be late to your own coronation, dobe." Sasuke growled. Damned medicated hormones.

"Shut up, teme! Just because your pregnant doesn't mean you have to go all...all...womany on me!" Naruto pointed a finger at the closed door before turning back to the task at hand.

The Uchiha chuckled and rested a hand on his rounded stomach. About a year after they had gotten together Naruto had taken him out to dinner one day to a very expensive and very prestigious restaurant just outside of the village. His lover, after paying for dinner and dessert, had gotten down on one knee and proposed to the unsuspecting prodigy. Well...he did suspect a proposal, just not so soon.

So, after their one week honeymoon (which was all the time Tsunade allowed them to take) Sasuke found out that somehow, because of the "present" Kyuubi left for Naruto, he was pregnant.

Because of Sasuke's male body it had taken some time to adjust. Over the course of six months his body had developed a womb for the unborn child so he could actually carry said child. Now, at being six months pregnant, he was very moody and irritable. But, he couldn't say he didn't like it. Every time he thought about himself carrying on his family legacy, and the fact that he was carrying Naruto's baby son or daughter, he giggled. That's right people, I said giggled.

Sasuke was brought out of his thoughts when the door behind him began to open. He immediately, thought carefully, stood upright to see his lover.

Naruto was beaming with happiness as he stepped out of the room and into his husband's arms. He smiled and stepped back to spin in a circle in his new Hokage robes. He stopped and waited for Sasuke's remark, "You look fine dobe now come on and get outside so we can get this done and over with."

Naruto pouted but followed his beloved to the double doors with Shizune in tow. "Naruto-sama, be sure as to address Tsunade-sama and the elders accordingly. It would do you some good to do this as formally as possible. The village is in your favor but the council is still-"

"Old, crusty, and senile. Shizune, if Tsunade was worried about anything she would've warned me ahead of time. Though, that is if she wasn't drunk off her ass, then she'd forget to tell me something. Actually, she's been forgetting a lot of crap lately so I'll just try my best and hope she doesn't kick the crap out of me later." Naruto laughed at Shizune's horrified expression. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before taking Sasuke's hand and giving it a squeeze.

A thunderous roar of cheering and applauding people met their ears as Naruto, being led by his husband, walked over to Tsunade who was wearing her traditional Godaime robes. She smiled encouragingly to him and beckoned him forward to the table set up near the railing. Giving Naruto's hand a squeeze, Sasuke smiled and released his lover's hand and gave him a slight push forward. Naruto swallowed hard and walked as confidently over to Tsunade as he could. When he stopped before her and the crowd she asked, "Ready gaki?" Naruto smiled. "As ready as I'll ever be baa-chan." Tsunade grumbled but slowly took her Hokage hat off, silencing the crowd.

"Today," her voice became a loud boom over the adjoined crowd, "we are gathered to witness a joyous and wonderful occasion. To coronate our new Hokage!" The crowd burst into applause. Out of the corner of his eye Naruto saw the Sand Village's Kazekage, Gaara, smiling at him with his brother and sister on either side. He flickered a smile to them and returned his attention to Tsunade. "He has shown great determination and heart in the tasks I have given him over the past two years. Not only did he succeed in becoming a great ninja he saved countless lives in the proccess. Not only does he show great skill and potential, he shows some things much greater than that of ninjutsu, he shows love towards family and friends." Naruto turned to gaze at his husband with a smile. Sasuke, due to the hormone medication given to him by Tsunade, began crying at the start of the ceremony. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't cover it up. "However, not only does he show love and care toward people he does know, he shows it to those he does not know. His love for this village is what makes him strive for excellence and he shows care for other villages as well, something many of us have overlooked these past few years. It is with much honor, and a little sadness, to introduce to you your Rokudaime. Uzumaki Naruto!"

Naruto found himself crying silently as Tsunade placed the hat on his head. He quickly wiped his eyes and smiled over his village. Hmm, my village. I like the sound of that. He turned behind him and beckoned his husband to him. Holding his hand out for Sasuke to take, he turned back to the village and began waving and blowing kisses. A hand gently placed itself in his and squeezed slightly in silent encouragement. Naruto turned to see a smiling Sasuke at his side. "Blowing kisses is for drama queens, Naruto-sama." Sasuke smirked suddenly.

"Yeah, but it's fun. You should try it." The blonde grinned.

"No thanks, my kisses are for my husband."

"Is Sasuke jealous that he has to share my attention with everyone else?"

"Tch, I don't think so."

Naruto quirked an eyebrow.

"...all right, fine, yes, I'm jealous..."



"Awe, it's okay Sasuke, when we get home you'll have all of my attention."

"Hmm, I like it when you try to be naughty in public."

"Is it working?"

"A little."

"Oh, by the way, you know how you've wanted to me to show everyone that you're mine in public even though we have wedding bands because people just don't know when to leave you alone?"

"Hn, yeah?"

"Get ready because now that I'm Hokage, anything I say and do, goes." With that said, Naruto pulled Sasuke, gently, to him in a warm embrace and then proceeded to kiss him senseless. A hush came over the crowd and all became silent again, until Kiba started cat-calling. Then everyone else joined in and started cheering again. Let's just say the Sasuke Fanclub became the NaruSasu/SasuNaru Fanclub and awaited for the next opportunity to take many naughty photos.

When the couple pulled away Sasuke began tugging Naruto inside, with said blonde protesting along the way. "Sasuke! What are you doing?!"

"Taking you inside to your new office."

"What?! B-but, Sasuke, I don't wanna start working yet. I don't have to do my duties until tomorrow morning!"

"Which is why we have to break in your office by tonight." Sasuke smirked.

"But Sasuke, you're six months pregnant!"

Sasuke stopped to glare at him. "You calling me fat?"

Naruto began to sweat. "Nononono! What I meant was I didn't want to hurt the baby!"

The black-haired ninja eyed him before smirking again. "Good, cause I'm not fat, I'm pregnant."

Naruto smiled softly. "That you are, my love. Now, what were you saying about breaking in the new office?"

"Oh, I thought we'd start with the desk, then the desk chair, then we can do it at the window for all to see, then the floor, oh and-"

"Let's just start with the desk and then we'll wing it from there. The planning only makes it difficult to concentrate on screwing you senseless. I work better at the spur of the moment."

"Too true. I love you Naruto."

Naruto smiled, stopped, and pulled hi husband into his arms once again to give him a long, love-filled kiss. "I love you too, now lead the way my gorgeous Uchiha. Oh, and when we're done here we need to start thinking of names."

"Fine with me. Now, let's go and hurry it up. I'm not getting any less pregnant you know."

With that, Naruto picked up his husband and carried him to his office where they had many rounds of hot mano-y-mano sex in the new office.

The End

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