Low-Wage Worth

This is something I've been willing to try, and I hope you like it.

This is also yaoi, of the SasuNaruSai kind.

Disclaimer: Not mine, sorry.

Nerve One – The Annoying

Naruto hated many things.

He hated his parents for dying early and leaving him.

He hated his brother, Kyuubi, for being a complete asshole.

He hated his school for consisting of nothing but self-centered bastards.

But most of all, he hated his job.

Naruto worked at the incredibly popular fast-food restaurant called "Konoha-Fried Chicken", also known as "KFC". And the name itself attracted the most annoying costumers. Naruto knew, because he was facing one right now.

"So, is there anything that isn't chicken?" The teenager asked, tapping his finger to his chin to some unheard beat. Naruto nodded his blond head and point at the menu board.

"The sides aren't." He said. The teenager frowned before the single most annoying smirk Naruto had ever lived to see placed itself upon the teenager's lips.

"But are there any meats that aren't chicken?" He asked again. Naruto felt his eyebrow twitch.

"No, but may we suggest McSand's? They have a large selection of other meats." Naruto attempted to persuade, not really caring about what his best friend Gaara would do when facing this annoying bastard.

"Oh, but McSand's is across the street…" The teenager whined. Naruto clenched his teeth and gripped the counter.

"Okay, but across the street isn't that far, is it? We specialize in chicken, I'm sorry." He said. The teenager smirked and leaned onto the counter.

"If you were really sorry, you'd get me another type of meat…" He purred. Naruto slammed his fist on the white counter and grabbed the collar of the teenager.

"If I was really sorry, I'd stick some other meat right up your ass!" Naruto screeched, and then realized how that came out, as did the entire restaurant. The teenager looked taken aback before grinning in joy.

"I have been waiting for someone to say that for a while now!" He exclaimed. Naruto jumped back and reached under the counter to get an apron. Slamming it onto his shoulders, Naruto stalked to the kitchens.

"Get someone else to cashier, I'm outta here!!" Naruto growled. The teenager sighed and looked uninterestedly at his nails and ran his other hand through his medium-length black hair.

"I bet you don't even have enough meat to stick up my ass!" He yelled back. A thundering sound was heard as Naruto stormed back up to the annoying customer.

"Was that a penis joke?!" He asked tightly. The teenager cocked an eyebrow at him and Naruto gripped his hair in frustration. The teenager smirked and leaned closer to the angry blond.

"Look, I'll leave if you can get me a pencil and a sheet of paper. Fair?" He offered. Naruto found the chance to be too good to be true, so he searched the area for a pen and paper. Finding them, he thrust them out at the smug teen. Taking the pen and paper, he scribbled quickly on them and gave it back to Naruto.

"See you tomorrow!" He said as he walked out, laughing. Naruto looked horrified as he read the paper.

Hey, not having a penis shouldn't be that embarrassing, but I'm willing to teach you on how to use that nub of yours!



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