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"I can't believe Mamo-baka and Minako would do this to me. How could they?" Usagi asked Ami.
"Oh, I'm so sorry Usagi. I really don't know. Maybe you should strip them of their power? I don't know what to tell you." Ami replied.
"But how? Ami-chan? Can you come over and we can think of something?" Usagi asked.
"Sure. But can Quatre and a friend come they knew. His friend thinks it is dishonorable for 'onnas' to fight in skirts and that 'onnas are weak." Ami said with a laugh.
"That's what Mamo-baka and Minako thought. Okay Ami-chan they can come. I am going to call the others here throught the communicater. Bye Ames." Usagi said then hung up.
~ ~ ~ ~ Ami's house ~ ~ ~ ~
"Quatre I'm really sorry about this. But Usa is going through a hard time." Ami said with a sigh.
"It's okay." Quatre said with a small smile. (Not Quatre like.)
"Quatre can you promise me something." Ami said with a very serious expression.
"What is it?" Quatre asked concerned.
"That what happened to Usa-chan won't happen to us." Ami said.
"Onna you know Quatre woul-" Wufei started but was interruppted bye Ami.
"I want Quatre to promise so stay out of it WUFEI!" Ami yelled at Wufei. (*gasp*)
"Ami-chan you know I wouldn't do that to you. I love you." Quatre said then pulled her to him for a hug.
"Oh Quatre I love you too." Ami said. Then Quatre brought his lips down to hers and they kissed.
"What about that Usagi? That weak onna?" Wufei said.
"Oh my heavens that's right. Let's go." Ami said then herded Wufei and Quatre out her house door.
~ ~ ~ ~ Usagi's house 5 minutes later ~ ~ ~ ~
*knock knock*
"Come in. I'm upstairs!" Usagi shouted. When the visiters shall we say heard her they came in. After Mamoru and Minako walked in about a second later Ami, Quatre, Wufei, Heero, Trowa, Duo, Lita, Hotaru, Michiru, Haruka, and Rei walked in. When the door closed Usagi walked down the stairs.
"Okay now that you are all here," Usagi stared. "Since you all know what Mamo-baka and Minako did if you agree with it then step beside them if you do not move out the way." After she said that Haruka glared at Rei, Mamoru, and Minako. "Since Rei seems to agree I have no choice but to do what I am about to do. First Minako, Rei, Ami-chan, and Mako-chan step forward and transform." The other stared at Usagi like she was crazy but watched. "Ginzouishu (I can't spell it.) come forth. Powers of Mars go to your new owner." Sailor Mars glowed red then Jupiter glowed and her 'glow' was green with hints of red then Sailor Mars was back to Rei. "Powers of Venus go to your new owner." Sailor Venus glowed orange then Ami glowed blue with hints of orange after that where venus was now was Minako.
"What the hell?!?!" Mamoru, Rei, and Minako shouted. The others just smirked.
"Usako I'm sorry." Mamoru said. Usagi just laughed.
"Don't 'Usako' me you baka. Powers of Earth go to your new owner." Soon Mamoru glowed gold when he ws done glowing Wufei was glowing.
"Oh my goodness. You're... you're...." Usagi started.

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