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Make Out Party

Chapter 14: Annoying Attack

"About time, Sasuke-kun," Orochimaru hissed, his mouth curling into a vicious grin. "I'm glad to see you got the signal."

Sasuke stood on the path in front of him, still and confident. His unwavering, ebony eyes stared straight into the yellow, predator eyes of the snake. "Let's get this over with. I have my own revenge to focus on."

"Kabuto," Orochimaru acknowledged his henchman, never looking away from Sasuke's gaze.

Kabuto stepped forward and knelt down, unraveling a scroll on the ground before them. Orochimaru and Sasuke turned to face the scroll simultaneously.

"Our shinobi army has been divided into four groups. Each will invade the village from a different direction: North, South, East or West," Kabuto pointed out the active areas on the scroll as he explained. "Lord Orochimaru and I have already scouted ahead and taken care of all the Konoha ANBU posted as guards, so we can invade the village with ease."

Kabuto closed up the scroll and looked at Sasuke, "I'll be debriefing the army on all the information you've collected in Konoha these last four months."

"The three of us and your former Sound teammates will enter after the army," Orochimaru said. "I'll be taking care of the village Elders and my former Leaf teammates, Jiraiya and Tsunade. Kabuto will be dealing with anyone who is protecting them. Your job is to take out as many high-ranked ninja as you can and also lure the Kyuubi out of the village. Once he is away from anyone who can help, you'll simply capture him. And once you've done this, you'll take him to the Fire Country border and wait for me there. "

Just then, footsteps were heard approaching from behind them. The three turned to see Karin, Juugo, and Suigetsu coming towards them.

"Aa, good. You've returned," Orochimaru said. "How are things looking?"

"Great!" Suigetsu answered quickly, then turned to the Uchiha, "Hey, Sasuke! Long time, no see! What's up!?"

"Sasuke-kun!!!" Karin squealed. "I missed you so much!"

Juugo nodded, agreeing with Karin, "Yes, I as well."

Sasuke didn't acknowledge them for very long. He turned to Orochimaru who gave him a slight nod. Sasuke immediately started relaying all the information he gathered on Konoha in his time there. He purposely left out the events of the previous night and failed to mention he let the curse mark knock him out. He knew he would have had to explain everything to Sakura, if he did not let the mark take its toll on him. He did, however, mention the fact that his sudden disappearance might have the village on edge, which made Orochimaru smirk with amusement.

"Don't disappoint me," the snake said. Then he and Kabuto walked away. The remaining four watched till they were out of sight.

"Aren't you going to say anything to us?" Suigetsu asked.

"No," Sasuke said bluntly as he turned and stalked off in the direction Orochimaru and Kabuto went.

His Sound teammates were quick to follow, even despite their discontent with his response. It seemed as if Sasuke would never change.

"Tsunade-sama!"Shizune burst into the Hokage's office, Ino right behind her.

"Sasuke and Sakura are gone!" Ino yelled before Shizune could.

Tsunade looked at the two women, and blinked a few times.

A lone branch flew out of nowhere. Sakura ducked just in time, jumping to the next tree branch with only a slight stumble. Seconds later, she slipped as a branch beneath her snapped, causing her to fall. Although it caught her off guard, she managed to roll forward at the ground's impact and get back up onto her feet with ease. Instead of hopping through the trees, Sakura continued running down the path, going so fast that everything around her was a blur.

After finding Sasuke's house empty, she knew something was definitely up. She had to find Sasuke as quick as possible. He couldn't have gotten too far.

Sakura came to a halt after something in the trees along the path caught her eye. She squinted, hoping that what was out there would become clearer. But, it was too far away for her to tell, so she darted off towards it.

She was closing in on it. Right there it was. It was a... a man... a shinobi.

He saw her coming and started to run off. Sakura picked up speed in order to chase him. She swerved through the trees like an agile fox. It felt great. It felt powerful. And she was closing in on her prey. Myriad kunai flew passed her, but she hardly even noticed them. This man knew where Sasuke was. He had to know. And she believed it.

The man cut sharply around a tree. Sakura built up the momentum to pounce on the man. She turned around the tree and stumbled back at what she saw.

It looked like an army. So many men dressed in gray clad just like the man she was chasing. That said man was staggering to his feet and joining the group.

All of their attention was on Sakura, watching her, waiting for her to dare make a move. She was panting, eyes wide, darting from man to man.

Why was there an army in the middle of the forest? What were they doing here? They were all... Sound ninja! Their scrutinizing eyes made her nervous. She panicked and pulled a kunai out of her pouch. Many of them saw and did the same. Was she really going to fight? No, there were too many of them. She had to... to...

"Run! Run, Sakura! RUN AWAY!" her Inner screamed.

She dropped the kunai and ran. But, she turned so quickly she must not have realized a tree was right behind her. But, it wasn't a tree that she ran into.

Sakura gasped as she looked up into yellow eyes, her own growing wide with fear. She staggered back and screamed as loud as she could.

Sasuke froze.

He and his team were just approaching the sound army when the piercing scream echoed throughout the woods. They stood at the edge of an embankment that looked out over the army.

"What the hell?" he heard Suigetsu say from behind him.

Sasuke hopped down and ran through the middle of the army that seemed to part in two as the men moved out his way. He was through about one-third of the way when he saw Orochimaru and stopped. There in the snake's clutches was Sakura. She was pulling and struggling with the binds that tied her arms behind her back. Orochimaru was holding onto one of Sakura's arms to keep her from going anywhere.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura squealed when she noticed him. She shook off Orochimaru's hold and ran to the Uchiha.

Sasuke crossed his arms over his chest. "What is this?" he asked, ignoring her and turning to the snake.

"It seems to be a Konoha Spy," Orochimaru walked over and placed a pale hand on Sakura's head. "And a very annoying one, at that."

Sakura pulled away from his grasp and moved closer to Sasuke. She, of course, had it all figured by now. Sound was going to attack Konoha and Sasuke had been in on it the whole time. Orochimaru used Sasuke as a spy and now he was forcing Sasuke to help him destroy the village.

"You bastard!" she screamed at Orochimaru. "Why are you doing this!?"

Without warning, Orochimaru struck her across the face with enough force that she fell to the ground.

"I'll leave you to take care of her," he said to Sasuke, then stalked away.

"Let's move out!" Kabuto yelled, signaling for the army to follow.

Sasuke stood and watched the army, not sparing a glance at Sakura on the ground below him. Once the army was a good distance away, he looked down at her. With tears lining her cheeks, she bit her lip and looked back at him.

Sasuke heard footsteps approaching from behind him, but still held Sakura's gaze.

"Who's she?" Karin asked, disgustedly.

"Konoha spy," Sasuke said, kneeling down and helping Sakura into a sitting position.

Sakura felt him tugging at the ropes around her arms. They fell loose around her and Sasuke tossed them to the ground. She pulled her arms in front of her to see that the ropes had rubbed her wrists open, but only enough to make her skin burn.

"Why did you untie her? I thought she's the enemy!" Karin complained.

Sasuke grabbed Sakura around the waist and threw her over his shoulder.

"Sasuke, what are you doing!? Put me down!"

"Shut up. You're a hostage, you know."

"Hostage?!" Sakura screamed, completely confused.

Sasuke sighed and set her down on her feet. He looked really pissed, everyone noted.

"Look, you shouldn't have come running after me when I left the hospital. You ran right into the fucking Sound army! And now, Orochimaru is expecting me to take care of you... What a pain in the ass..." Sasuke rubbed his temples and gritted his teeth together, trying to figure out what he was going to do with her. "What the hell were you thinking, Sakura?"

"I wasn't going to let you go again..." She said quietly, looking down at her feet.

"Baka," he said. "Look where that got you!"

She looked up at him and opened her mouth to defend herself, but he turned away to acknowledge the other three.

"Put on your cloaks," Sasuke ordered them.

The three reached into their packs and pulled out black cloaks. Karin pulled out an extra one for Sasuke and bowed slightly as she handed to him. He turned to Sakura and tossed the cloak at her.

Their eyes met. "Put it on," he said.

The three behind him gasped.

"What?!" objected Karin. "Are you crazy?" Suigetsu yelled. "But, Sasuke-san!" Juugo tried to protest.

She looked down at the cloak. It was a simple black cloak with a hood on it. She did not understand why the three disapproved of her putting it on, even so, she found herself saying, "No..."

"Sakura," Sasuke said to gain her full attention, and when her eyes locked on his, he continued, "Put it on."

"But, Sasuke, this---"

"Don't make me say it again."

Sakura looked back down at the cloak. "No," she said, then looked up at Sasuke.

"What?" he growled.

"No!" she yelled this time.

Sasuke's jaw clenched and his eyes narrowed on hers.

She moved closer to him. "Not until you tell me," she grabbed onto his shirt, pulling them even closer together, and looked up into his eyes, "what is going on here."

The whole forest seemed to hold its breath, intently waiting for Sasuke's answer.

"Nothing, Sakura."

She felt the sudden urge to scream in his face. She yanked hard on his shirt, pulling his face no more than an inch away from hers.

"You're so stubborn!" Sakura screamed. "I know you're going to tell me because I'll make you if I have to!"

"And I'll make you put that cloak on if I have to!"

"What the hell does this cloak have to do with anything!?"

"You either put it on... or you die."

"What?" Sakura's eyebrow rose, not convinced that he was serious.

"You heard me," he whispered to her.

"What do you mean... I die?" she whispered the last part.

He grunted and snatched the cloak from her hand. She still held tightly onto his shirt with her other one. Sakura watched him throw the cloak over her shoulders and pull it around her neck.

"Hey!" Sakura grabbed his wrists in attempt to stop him.

Sasuke easily pulled his arms away and snatched one of her arms to stop her struggling. With his other arm, he reached around her head. In seeing this, Sakura froze, her eyes widening, afraid he was going to knock her out with a hit from behind.

Sasuke saw the change in her expression and smirked as he yanked the hood of the cloak up over her head.

"Like I said before, Sakura..." Sasuke began.

The pink-haired girl peeked out at Sasuke from under the cloak's hood.

"Orochimaru left me to take care of you... So, you can either join me or... I can kill you right here and now."

"You don't have the guts to do that!" Sakura spat, letting the hood fall back onto her shoulders.

Sasuke's nose flared, "Ha! You would be surprised..."

"Sasuke-kun!" Karin's voice interrupted them.

Sasuke gave her an annoyed look. She motioned upwards with her hand and eyes. Sasuke followed her gaze to see a raven gliding through an opening in the treetops.

"Time to go," the Uchiha announced.

He quickly swiped Sakura up in his arms, despite her protests, and took off through the trees. Suigetsu, Karin and Juugo hopped off after them.

"Those two argue like they're married..." Suigetsu muttered.

"Don't say that!" Karin berated.

"Why not? It's obvious they have the hots for---"

"No! Don't even encourage it! Sasuke's mine! That girl can take a hike."

"Ha! Sasuke'll never give you the time of day, Karin!"


"Well, duh! Look at that girl! She's way hotter than you!"

"Excuse me!?" Karin screamed, drawing back her hand in preparation for a nice fist-to-the-face, Suigetsu's face, to be specific.

"Hmm..." Juugo came from behind them, halting the two's actions, "You two also argue like you're married."


"Eh?!" The color left Karin's face.

"Didn't I give you enough time?" Orochimaru asked.

The snake and his henchman stood over the ledge of Hokage mountain, gazing out over Konoha. Orochimaru kept his back to Team Hawk as they approached, while Kabuto turned to watch them.

"Why haven't you killed her?" Kabuto questioned.

"What good is a hostage if you kill her off?" Sasuke remarked.

Orochimaru turned to face the Uchiha and his team. Sasuke took the time to gently set Sakura down next to him, relieved she was keeping quiet.

"Our plan doesn't call for a hostage," Kabuto assessed.

"True," Sasuke agreed. "She'll be a nice lure for the Kyuubi though."

Kabuto gave an expression that showed he finally understoood why Sasuke still had the girl.

"Very good thinking," Orochimaru praised him with a proud smirk. Then dismissing the matter completely, Orochimaru addressed his henchman, "Kabuto, let us begin."

Kabuto reached in his shuriken pouch and pulled out two shuriken with unfamiliar tags attached to them. He took a balanced stance on the rocky ledge, then hurled the weapons, one from each hand, and sent them flying out over Konoha. The shuriken whippped towards each other like a boomerang returning to its thrower. The metals clanged together when they met, erupting in an explosion that seemed to shake the land for miles.

Orochimaru and Kabuto waited only a few seconds for it to settle, then hopped off the mountain ledge, commencing Oto's attack on Konoha.

The remaining five stood there for a minute, watching the village break out in war.

"Okay," Sasuke broke the silence, "You three head out."

Knowing who they were, Juugo, Suigetsu and Karin walked to the mountain ledge.

"Remember: ambush only as many as you can handle at once. Let none be of witness and let no one escape," Sasuke told them.

They waited for him to nod, then leaped down over the rocks, leaving Sasuke and Sakura to themselves.

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