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Chapter 1 – A snack

Emmett's POV

Bella and Edward's relationship is unnatural. It just isn't right. It is even sick. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my brother, but Rosey's got a point. Gosh, my Rosey is beautiful.

Edward and Bella's relationship is just wrong. How can I explain this so you will understand me? What can I compare it too?

Okay, let me tell it to you like this. Let's say one day you are walking in the supermarket. And this supermarket is not just any supermarket, let us venture to say this is a gourmet supermarket, like a Wegman's or Zabar's.

You walk into this supermarket and as soon as the door closes behind you your nose is filled with the smell of wonderful things, beautiful and wonderful things. Now let's say you are the sort of human who has discriminating tastes. You don't just want any cookie, you want the best cookie at the store and you are willing to wait for it.

You find the cookie counter and everything looks yummy. You spend a good amount of time picking out the cookie you want. Your eyes move across the selection, chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, sugar, cinnamon, peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate chip. This whole time that you spend choosing the cookie you want, your mouth is watering. As you look at each cookie the smell fills your head and overloads your senses.

You want this cookie, you need this cookie.

Then you start picturing what each cookie will taste like. First you start with the chocolate chip cookie and you imagine your first bite into it, and you think will it have the right balance between cookie and chip. Next you think of the cinnamon cookie, do I want a cookie without any chocolate?

Finally you imagine the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie.

This is going to be good. The right balance between the peanut butter cookie taste and the pleasant teasing of the chocolate chips in my mouth. This is the cookie I want.

You tell the man behind the counter you would like one peanut butter chocolate chip cookie.

You pay for the cookie and walk outside the store. You are now alone with the cookie. You take it out of the bag and look it over. You are envisioning biting into this cookie. It smells delicious, it looks delicious and there is nothing in between you and your cookie.

This is the moment you have been waiting for, the moment you have been building up to. You take the cookie and put it close to your mouth . . . .

You can imagine how good this will taste.

And then,

at that exact moment,

when your teeth are close enough to take the first bite of the cookie

. . . . you change your mind.

Instead, you start kissing the cookie!!!!!!!!


Their relationship is sick and unnatural – wouldn't you agree?