Xander in Trouble (working title)

Hello all, so that is my first try on my own fanfic and English isn't really my native language so don't hang me quite yet. Also I probably won't follow canon just because it's a long time that I saw Buffy or Angel and I just read to many fanfics ;)

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Timeline: After Buffy S7

Summary: Xander will meet a British Demon-Hunter and we will see were we will go from there.


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(JS is a weekly German Novel starring John Sinclair and his friends fighting all what will bump in the night. I know it is/was published in the States and in England too so I don't know if u are familiar with it)

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My thanks to Tenhawk for pointing a few things out to me

Chapter 1:

After a long and fruitless trip through the African wilderness, Xander returned to the small village in which he lived most of the time he wasn't away looking for new slayers. Dead tired he stepped into his small hut and before he dropped on his bed he saw a small letter on his pillow. On it he saw it was addressed to him "Mr. Alexander Lavelle Harris" Carefully he picked it up and after mumbling a small phrase in Latin he opened it and started reading.

Dear Mr. Harris,

We hope this letter will get to you in fine health. We have the (not so sad) duty to inform you that your great-uncle Thomas Riddle has finally passed away in Azkaban after he was defeated by Mr. Potter. As the last living member of the Riddle clan you are the sole heir to all the Riddle property. Please visit us as soon as possible to receive the key to the Riddle vault.


Bill Weasley
Muggel Affairs
Gringotts, London

With a mild shock he sat down. "Riddle? Never heard of any Riddles in our family, but with my family? No wonder. But it looks like I have to go back to civilisation then again".

Slowly he got up, grabbed the few things he had in his hut and also dragged a small box from under his bed. After he opened it, he took a scroll out of it and then he read the contents aloud (without noticing a small gap at the near end of the scroll, and we all know what can happen using an incomplete spell.) and after he said "Watchers Council, London" a small portal opened and with a deep breath he stepped through it. And that was the point where it started to go wrong.

A while later in London, Scotland Yard Building, the Office of Inspector John Sinclair.

After a long day of fighting with mountains of paperwork John Sinclair was sitting at his desk and enjoyed a cup of coffee, which he had just gotten from his beautiful secretary. "Glenda your coffee is awesome as ever and I really love it." Throwing a glance at the clock on the wall and with a small smirk he asked her. "Is there anything that will save me from this unbeatable foe?"

With a small evil grin Glenda answered "Of course John. If you would have gone to lunch with me, as I asked you several hours ago you wouldn't have to worry about all the paperwork here, at least for now. But lucky as you always are you can skip it for now."

"Really?" John asked astonished. "Why?"

"Because, you can image how I look in my swimsuit that I'll be wearing in 15 minutes on my towel at my swimming pool."

"Why just imaging? I could join you and look for myself" he answered smiling.

"Yes, you could John" came the answer in a purring voice. "But you won't".

"I won't? Why not? You know I could call it a day and join you."

"Actually no, you can't John. While I'll be enjoying the cool water, you have a meeting with Sir Paul in ten minutes"

Groaning he answered "Dam ...I knew something would blew my weekend again. But that's nothing new is it? Ok Glenda you go and enjoy your weekend, while I will go and look what has happened now."

Ten minutes later: Office of Superintendent Sir James Paul.

Hearing a short knock on his door Sir Paul looked up and said "Come in John".

John entered the Office and after a short but respectful "Sir James" he took the seat in front of Sir James desk.

"So Sir James what is ruining my weekend this time?" he said with a small smirk.

"Nothing to tragic I hope John. I think you heard in the news about the plane crash near Fort Williams?"

"No, sir. Sorry I was drowning in paperwork the whole day. Since when is a plane crash my problem?"

"Usually I would say it isn't. But maybe you'll be interested in the sole survivor of the crash?"

"Why sir?"

"Because of the armament he was carrying? Our colleagues found on him several interesting things and because of these, I got a call half an hour ago from the station at Fort Williams. He was carrying several wooden knives, a few stakes and crosses, a strange Katana and two Magnums."

"Uhh Sir...How did he get on a plane with all this?"

"Quite easy as it seems. The katana was labelled as an antique for an auction in Glasgow and the guns weren't detected because it seems they are out of an, to us unknown, alloy."

"So I suppose I have to drive to Fort Williams to check this man out, Sir?"

"Yes indeed John. Currently he is at the Belford Hospital and still unconscious.

"Ok Sir. I'll go then right away. By the way do we have a name?"

"Yes, the name on his ID said Alexander Lavelle Harris, but that is all we could find out. Our contacts at the FBI told us that there is no American Citizen by that name alive anymore. The only known citizen by that name died in Cleveland stabbed to dead by his ex-wife two years ago."

With a loud "Ouch". Xander opened his eye and looked around. Seeing a young nurse attending to a few things he called her. "Uhh Miss? Where am I and how did I get here?"

Surprised she jumped around. "Mr. Harris you are awake."

Smiling he answered: "Yes, I suppose so, but where am I?"

"Sorry, Mr. Harris you are at the Belford hospital after your plane crash and we aren't allowed to speak to you. An inspector from Scotland Yard will be here shortly." With that she hurry's out of the room.

"Scotland Yard? So I am in the Kingdom but what did I do now?" Xander wondered aloud and a plane crash?? What plane? So ill have to stick to that story and see what I can find out"

A couple of hours later John finally reached Fort Williams, after a short nap in a rented hotel room and a quick breakfast he walked the 10 minutes to the hospital.

At the reception. "Good morning Miss. My name is John Sinclair and I am from Scotland Yard. I am here to talk to a Mr. Harris. Could you tell me where I can find him?"

After looking at the ID card, the young nurse smiled at the Inspector and nodded. "Yes, I can. Mr. Harris is on the 2nd floor in Room 42. Just use the elevator over there".

"Thank you Miss Frasier." John smiled at the young nurse and took the elevator to the 2nd floor. On the floor he looked which direction he had to take and after he saw to his right tow men in uniform standing at a door he knew where he would find Mr. Harris. He walked to the two uniformed Men.

One of the two, who were both carefully watching the approaching John, asked him "Can we help you, Sir?"

Showing the two his ID "Indeed you can, I am Inspector Sinclair here to speak with Mr. Harris. Is he awake yet?"

"Yes, Sir. He woke up a while ago and asked a lot of questions."

"Questions?" John asked.

"Yes, he wanted to know where he was, why we are wearing such strange uniforms and why all where talking like bloody brits. We told him that we all talk like ┬┤bloddy brits because we are in Scotland and all other questions will be answered as soon as you arrive."

"Ok thank you gentlemen I'll go in and talk to him"

After a short knock he entered. "Good morning Mr. Harris. I am Inspector Sinclair from Scotland Yard. And we have a lot of questions regarding you."

"Fine by me, Inspector. I have a few questions of my own. Starting with where the hell am I and how did I get here? The last thing I remember was boarding a plane from Kairo to London (tstst lying to an inspector). And now there are two guys dressed like Bobbies in front of my door. So how did I end up in a hospital bed in Scotland instead of landing in London?"

"Actually the plane you were on crashed in the Highlands and you were the sole survivor. And the strange thing about your plane, the flight and plane number isn't registered anywhere."

With a confused look Xander answers "Huhh?" and thought "dam what the hell got wrong? I never was on a dam plane. I hate magic."

"And now I would like to ask you a few things. Your name is Alexander Lavelle Harris born and raised in Sunnydale California and a few years after your graduation you moved to Cleveland?"

"Yes, that is correct Inspector. Why?"

"Because I want to know, how a man who was killed two years ago can be in this hospital bed and is answering my questions?"

A moment of shocked silences later Xander gulps and asks "Killed? Two years ago?"

"Yes, that is what the file we got from the FBI told us about you."

A few moments of more silence later Xander asked again "FBI? And how was I supposed to be killed?"

"You were stabbed to death by your ex-wife"

With a loud screech Xander jumped out of his bed in a fluid motion: "EX-WIFE????? What ex-wife???"

With a small confused smile John says: "Yes, the report here, says you were stabbed in your house two years ago by your ex-wife Elizabeth Ann Summers-Harris.

With a moan on his lips "Buffy will kill me" Xander fainted.