Note: A big thank you to Inachis for looking over this chapter.

Chapter 10

The man on Myxin's side, who could have been a carbon copy of Legolas out of the movies except for his long black hair where Legolas had long blond hair, glared first at Xander and then at Myxin. "Couldn't you have warned me that you would drag me to a reality where that movie has come out?" he asked Myxin in a tone full of frost.

Myxin smiled and replied, "It hasn't come out here, but on the other hand, Xander here isn't from around here anymore that you are."

Faith smirked and said, "Sorry Myx, but it looks like you are bit out of date. Those movies are out here as well."

"My name is Myxin," the small, gnome like, man said with a growl.

"Whatever you say pops," Faith said with a smile and then continued looking at the newcomer. "So you really are an elf?"

Before the elf could reply Myxin said in a grumbling tone, "Yes he is and if I may introduce him, this Kay Sunders. He is a Master Ki-Adept out of London in his reality."

"Ki-Adept?" John asked, curious, and then added, "By the way, I'm John Sinclair. So what is a Ki-Adept?"

After they all had introduced themselves and Myxin and Kay had sat down at the table Kay said, "In 2011 my world changed from one day to the other. For millennia Magic was dormant on my world, but then one faithful day in that year it woke up again. The Great Awaking changed all. Elves, dragons, orks and a lot more you might know out of a Fantasy novel or movie returned to the world. If you want I can tell you more about it later on, but for now this should be enough. One of the aspects of the Magic that returned to our world is the Ki-Adepts. Instead of using spells and such things, our magic enhances our bodies. It makes us a lot stronger, faster and tougher than a mundane."

Faith grinned and said, "Sounds nearly like a Slayer to me."

"Slayer?" the elf asked and then Faith quickly explained what she knew about slayers.

"Yes, that really sounds similar and we can test this out later if you want. I always like a good challenge," Kay said. "But first we have to determine how to fully awaken Xander's skills." Looking at Xander he continued, "So far you have only used those skills when under extreme stress and danger, correct?"

Xander just nodded in reply. "Good, so we have two things to do. First you will have to learn to meditate and second we will put you under extreme stress to pull you magic out more often. If you then have a feeling for the magic, meditating should help you to fully access to it, so that you can pull it up when you wish to."

Xander nodded and said, "That sounds like a lot of work, but I really need this if I'm even to think about going against my other self."

"Good, we will start with meditating today and the physical stuff tomorrow," Kay said.

"That all sounds like it will take quite a while and even if I would like to, I can't stay. I have to return to London, give a report to Sir James and then see what trouble came around while I helped out here. There is no rest for the wicked, you know," John said and then added, "If you need me before you finish your training, Myxin and Kara both know how to reach me."

"I will stay here for a while. Johnny is at school and Sheila is still in Rome with Jane. So I have some time and I'm curious about this Adept thing. I can help a bit with the training to get Xander's magic out," Bill said.

"Don't remind me Bill, we still have to talk about that magic thing later on," John said, growling a bit.

They quickly said their goodbyes and using the Flaming Stones Myxin send John back to his flat in London while Kay, Xander, Bill, Faith and Kara went on to the first lesson on meditating.


(London, Apartment of John Sinclair)

Some flames suddenly flared up unseen by anyone in the middle of the living room and John came tumbling out of them. Before he could crash to the floor he caught himself and cursed, "Damn, I hate magical transportation." He quickly hung his Jacket onto his coat rack in the corridor leading to his front door, but due to some hard learned lessons that even with his white magical protections his home wasn't always safe, he kept his holster with his Beretta on.

He quickly checked all rooms and then a huge steel cabinet, which was blended so that it looked like it was made out of ebony, which stood in a corner of his living room. There he kept all the stuff he had gathered over his years of demon hunting and found them all undisturbed. Finally he signed in relief, went back to his kitchen and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. Sitting down on his couch back in the living room, he sipped from the bottle and closed his eyes to relax for a moment. After a few minutes of thinking about what had happened in the last couple of days, he opened his eyes again and grabbed his cordless phone from the table.

He quickly pressed quick dial 1 and waited until the other side picked up. After a few 'rings' he heard a voice say, "Suko." He took a deep breath and replied, "Hi Suko, it's me, John. We have a small change of plans." There was silence on the other side for a moment and then the voice of his friend and long time colleague said, "John, it's good to hear your voice. What change of plans?" John smiled a bit and then replied, "Come over and I'll tell you. I'll have to give Sir James a quick report as well."

After Suko said that he would be over right away he hung up and started to prepare a tea for him and his friend who should be here any moment. His place wasn't too far, since he had the apartment right beside John's, and so only a few moments later he heard Suko open his door and yell, "John?"

"In the kitchen," he yelled back and soon was joined by his Chinese friend in the Spartan kitchen that looked like one typical for a single male who is seldom at home. Luckily there were no dirty dishes and other things you might expect, which was to be credited to the maid who cleaned John's apartment once a week.

They gave each other a quick friendly hug and then taking the tea with them sat down in John's living room. "I think it would be best if I call Sir James, so I only need to tell this once. Ok?" Suko just nodded and sipped at his tea and so John quickly dialed the number of their boss and put the phone on speaker. A few moments later they heard the sleepy and grumpy voice of their boss. "Paul here."

"Sir James, it's John, and Suko is with me. I just wanted to call back and give a quick report."

"Ok, wait a second and let me get a coffee first," Sir James Paul replied and a few minutes later they heard him say, "Ok John, now report."

So John quickly told Suko and Sir James what had happened since he went to the hospital in Scotland. The only thing he left out was of Bill being a wizard, because that was his tale to tell or not.

"Ok John, I will beginto make inquiries about this Council in the morning and see where this will lead us. Until then or until one of the group contacts you, Suko and you can look into a new case that was given to us. I will give you the details in the morning. Just pack your things because you will have to go to Nottingham for this one."

"Ok Sir, we'll see you in the office then," John said and then hung up again.

"Interesting tale," Suko, who sat on John's comfortable couch, said and after a small pause he continued. "I would really like to meet this Ki-Adept and spar with him."

"I think that can be arranged," John said with a smile.


(Flaming Stones, two months and a grueling training later)

Xander smiled and let out a deep sigh. It was a long and hard training Kay had sent him trough, but it was worth every moment of it. It had taken him nearly a week of mediating, pain and dangerous situations until he could finally access his powers at will and that was the easy part of the training. What came after that was pure hell, but he survived it.

He sighed again and looked around the beautiful garden around the house. Kara had a lot of plants and flowers here which were blossoming even if he guessed they wouldn't do that normally at this time of the year. He smiled again because he couldn't name one of them except for the fruit trees, which had the best tasting apples, cherries and other fruits he had ever tasted.

After he could hold out and also win in sparring sessions against Faith and Kay last week Kay announced that he had taught him all that he could and now he had to stay in practice and define his own ways. Watching Faith and Kay sparring a bit just now he had to enjoy the beauty of her graceful moves and the beauty of her body. He really enjoyed getting to know this Faith in the last two months and he promised himself that when or if he returned to his own world, he would make the effort to find the other Faith there and try to reconnect with her. But that was far in the future because first he had to survive the next encounter with the Xander of this world.

Luckily the last week he had spent with Bill helped him learn how to fight against a wizard. Even now that he could use the healing of a Ki-Adept he could remember all the bruises he had gotten at the beginning until he learned how to go against a wizard. Those lessons were painful and even now his chances against a wizard weren't too good, but at least they were far better than before he started.

He grinned grimly and remembered what Kay had said about fighting a wizard. "Don't and if you have to, do it quick and dirty. Shoot him or stab him from behind and try to avoid a direct confrontation, because if he has a chance to use his spells, your chances of survival drop." Thinking about what Kay had taught him made him smile even more and he hoped that would come as a nasty surprise for the other Xander.

He took a deep breath of the clean air here and then stood up. It was time to contact John and see if they could find his other self. He quickly went back to the house to look for Kara or Myxin. As he passed Faith and Kay he sent a smile at Faith, which distracted her for just a moment. That was more than enough for Kay to finish the sparring session with a painful "Ouch" from Faith.

'Oh-oh, I will pay for that," Xander thought with a smile and quickly entered the door. "Kara? Myxin?" he called out and only a moment later he heard the voice from Kara out of the kitchen. "Yes, Xander?" Xander quickly hurried over to the kitchen, where he saw the beautiful raven haired woman from Atlantis preparing a small meal. He drank in the view for a second and then said, "I think it's time we contact John."