So! What's my favourite 'guilty-pleasure-pairing-but-deep-down-you-know-it-has-a-zero-chance-of-happening' of Pirates of the Caribbean? Ragetti and Elizabeth! No plot, not even really a pairing, just some fluff. Please enjoy, and review!

DISCLAIMER: Pirates of the Caribbean and it's characters do NOT belong to me…

"Me eye!"

Elizabeth looked over the railing to the deck below as the familiar cry rose from below the ship. She heaved a heavy sigh and started down the steps. A storm had blown in a few days ago, and because the waves were rocking the ship more fiercely, Ragetti's wooden eyeball had been flying out of its socket more than usual. This usually involved Ragetti abandoning whatever he was doing and flinging himself on his hands and knees for fifteen minutes, searching for his missing eye.

Said pirate came scrambling up to the deck practically on all fours, whipping his head around frantically.

"Where is 'e?" he wailed miserably. "He's got m'eye!"

"Who are you talking about?" Elizabeth asked, trying to ignore the gaping eye socket on the right side of his face.

Ragetti blinked up at her. "Poppet!" he cried. "You gots to help me, he's got m'eye!"

"Who's he?" Elizabeth demanded again, but Ragetti was already scrambling to the other side of the ship, checking under cloth tarps and behind barrels.

He was causing such a scene that Elizabeth was about to go down and reprimand him, when something from above dropped into her hands. It was round, sticky, and riddled with the teeth marks of a very small primate.

Above her head, Jack the monkey screeched.

Elizabeth opened and closed her mouth several times, gaping at the wooden eyeball cupped in her palms. She was ready to scream when she heard Ragetti yelp, "Ye found it!"

The pirate bounded up the flight of stairs and grabbed his eyeball from her hands. She pointedly averted her eyes as he spit on it, rubbed the dirt off and shoved it back in its socket with a chilling 'pop'.

"Ta poppet!" he thanked her by pecking her on the cheek and for the life of her Elizabeth could never figure out if the saucy wink he gave her before returning to his chores was an attempt of securing his eyeball in his head or something else…