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I was back. I almost couldn't believe it. I was actually back.

I shivered as I flew low over the foggy sea. Somehow, I remembered the Caribbean being a lot warmer, but then I also remembered that the weather here could change very quickly. That didn't matter at the moment; I could feel that my old assignment was close by. A series of coffins floated in the water below me, and I knew that Captain Jack Sparrow was hiding in one of those very coffins. I just had to find him.

The reason why Captain Jack was hiding in a coffin was because he was escaping from the Turkish Prison on the coast nearby. The reason why he was in the Turkish Prison in the first place was explained by the fact that he was looking for a certain special something. Now that he had found it, the next chapter of his story could begin.

I decided to stop and give Jack a warning that I was back. I hovered in midair, and closed my eyes. I reached out my senses and found Jack's mind. Truthfully, it was hard to miss. I couldn't help but grin when I contacted him again, and used my powers to put him into a quick, yet deep sleep so I could enter his dreams.

Suddenly, I felt myself step through onto a solid floor. Everything was painted black, but there was plenty of light. Jack was on the other side of the room, looking around in a confused manner. He had his back to me and hadn't seen me yet.

"What happened? Where am I?" he wondered aloud. I smiled at him, even though he couldn't see me at the moment.

"Hi Jack," I said cheerily.

The pirate whipped around at the sound of my voice. He peered at me for a few seconds before a metaphorical light bulb went off above his head, and he grinned. "Calypso? Is that you?"

My smile became wider. "Yes, it is. I'm back to help you again, Captain Jack Sparrow." I stepped closer to him.

Jack grinned, showing off a number of gold teeth. "That's great, because you know we made such a good team last time."

"We did indeed. We got the Pearl back."

Jack nodded, and then frowned thoughtfully, looking me up and down. "Something seems different about you," he concluded.

I sighed slightly. "Well, I've had more assignments since I saw you last. Not all of them were very fun. You remember when I got impaled to the door of the smithy in Port Royal? When you were fighting Will Turner?"

Jack nodded slowly, the memory bubbling to the surface of his mind. "Yes."

"Well, it seems that ever since then, I've been getting hurt more and more." I gave a little chuckle and showed Jack the burn scar on my right palm. He winced. "I was also shot in my shoulder," I put my left hand over my right shoulder, "and hit by a…uh..." my mind scrambled for a moment to think of the piratical equivalent of a car so that Jack could understand. Nothing came easily to mind. "Well, a carriage, let's say. A very fast moving, very hard carriage from the future that was made out of metal. It wasn't fun. It hurt a lot." I rubbed my left elbow, which I all but broke when I was sideswiped by the car.

"Uh huh," Jack muttered. Apparently he wasn't very concerned about this. "So…care to explain where we are?" He glanced around our surroundings once again.

"We're in a dream," I explained. "I wanted to meet you again here so I could give us a chance to talk before things got too crazy."

"So why didn't you see me before I went into the prison, jail, torture place?" Jack asked, gesturing behind him vaguely.

I shrugged. "I couldn't, for some reason. So far as my Masters are concerned, your new story is only just starting now. Nothing I could do about that, and so long as you're okay now, it's nothing to worry about."

"Ah." Jack placed a finger to his mouth, contemplating. "And may I ask what brings you back to my little corner of the world?"

I smiled a little. "Well, as you're probably already aware, you're going to go on an another adventure, Jack, and…" I sighed, thinking of the events of the future. "It's probably going to be your most difficult one yet. Your goal this time will be something much bigger than just getting back a ship." I paused and looked down for a moment. When I looked up, it was almost in a glare. My blue eyes met dark brown ones and held them there.

"What do you know of Davy Jones?" I asked in a low voice.

Jack didn't even blink, but something almost dark passed over his eyes. I'd seen variations of it before with some of my other assignments. In this case, it was the realisation of why I had returned.

"Ah. So that's why you're here," he muttered.

I nodded once, slow and serious. "Yes, Jack. That's why I'm here." I took a breath. It was horrible thinking of what was going to happen to Jack and the fact that I couldn't do anything to stop it…

Jack seemed to notice my slight discomfort and took a step closer. "So it'll be the same deal as before, then? I tell not a soul about you and put my absolute faith and trust in you, etcetera and so fourth," his arms gave a random wave that was so characteristic of him that it made me smile, "and in return, you assist me in whatever big thing is going to happen to me?"

I nodded again. "Yes."

Jack smiled, his dark eyes shining with that old magic of his I dubbed the 'Sparrow Spark'. "Then shall we get started?" he asked.

I smiled back. Damn, it was good to see him again! "We shall."

He held out his hand and I shook it firmly, just as we had the first time we met. Our hands still clasped, I closed my eyes, and concentrated.

When I opened them again, I was hovering above the cold sea once more. A crow swooped next to me and landed on one of the coffins. It began to peck at it, when suddenly it was shot at from inside the coffin. The obviously still alive man in the coffin pointed his pistol around, as if looking for more victims. I smiled and called out to him.

"Captain Sparrow!"

Jack messily broke through the wood, and sat up, looking slightly bemused but overall sure of himself. The foreshadowing of this man rising from the grave was not lost on me, but I hid it from him. He didn't need to know about that.

"Hello again," I said, waving.

"Hello," Jack called up to me.

I shivered once again. "Let's get out of here," I suggested. "The Pearl's this way." I turned and began to drift backwards towards Jack's ship, which was only just visible, waiting for us in the fog.

Jack put his pistol back into his belt and found his old tri-cornered hat. He gave it a punch to get it back into the right shape again and put it on this head before he reached down inside the coffin and felt around for something. Wincing on behalf of the dead, Jack snapped a leg from the knee down off of the skeleton he was sharing his coffin with.

"Sorry, mate," he said to the skeleton. He stuck the leg into the water foot first and began to use it as a paddle. It was as if he was in a gristly canoe. I wrinkled my nose in disgust. "Mind if we take a little side trip?" Jack asked his coffin-mate. There was no reply. "I didn't think so," Jack muttered.

As he paddled through the dark water, Jack struck up another conversation with me. "So, ye know all about Davy Jones, eh?"

"Well, some things about him." I sighed. "There are still some great mysteries about him that I don't know, so I'm afraid I won't be much help to you there."

Jack grunted in reply.

Suddenly, I felt the need to laugh a little. "I have to confess, Jack, I didn't even know you were involved with Davy Jones during our last adventure. I knew nothing about your past with him until only very recently, to tell you the truth."

Jack gave me a look. "You didn't? But I thought you knew all about my dark and sordid past."

I smirked. "Jack, no one knows all about your dark and sordid past except for you and my Masters. My Masters are certainly not going to tell me until I need to know, and I know you're not going to tell me because I'll have no way of knowing what is the truth and what you made up to make the truth sound better."

My gaze drifted to the large, dark mass in the fog I knew to be Captain Sparrow's ship. "When I helped you get the Black Pearl back, all I knew about your past was that you had heard of the Aztec treasure and were going to go after it, but you were mutinied against. I didn't know then how you came to be a pirate and the captain of the Black Pearl in the first place. I think I know now, but…" I sighed and looked back at him. "Look, let's not worry about that right now, okay? Let's just focus on the task at hand. You're going to be thinking about that a lot in the next few days and weeks, trust me."

"Yes, yes, fine," Jack said.

By now, we were right up against the Pearl's hull. I knew that the splashes from Jack's makeshift paddle were going to alert Gibbs, who was waiting on the deck above us. Jack still needed help getting out of the coffin though. I grabbed his arms and helped him up as he climbed up the side of his ship.

"Ah, home sweet home, eh?" I said.

Jack smiled tightly and nodded at me as he kicked the rest of the coffin free from his legs.

Yep, it was good to be back.