Tamaki and Haruhi decided that they couldn't last another day without each other's presence, so Haruhi applied for a job at the restaurant as well.

Nah, just kidding, but Haruhi did apply for a job at the restaurant, just not for the same reason. (Haruhi just wants to add some work experience to her resumé and to earn some extra cash.)

Since Haruhi plans to work in the restaurant, it's only logical that Tamaki will keep the job to protect her from flirtatious customers—and the boss's wife.

Well, eventually Haruhi lands a job at the cash register, since the boss's wife will give birth soon.

Ever since Tamaki and Haruhi got together, the two have kept it extremely discreet—to the point that they still haven't informed the rest of the Host Club. Tamaki, being the lord and everything, feels just a tinge bit of guilt wallowing in his stomach. They should know. They've been with him through the empty days of insecurity, even though they did minimum comfort, but they were there! It's the thought that counts (if they even thought more than just to watch their lord endure the harshness of a commoner-job). No, they aren't like that…except the twins.

Speak of the devil…here they come—along with the rest of the Host Club plus Aya.

"Tama-chan, Haru-chan!" greeted the awfully cheery Honey-sempai.

30 seconds later…

"Haruhi, why'd you choose him," whined Hikaru nudging Haruhi's shoulder with his head.

"Haruhi, why'd you have to give in to him," Kaoru mirrored Hikaru in the same matter.

Haruhi just stood in the midst of it, neither answering nor caring. Tamaki jumps in and separates them before the twins decide to make Haruhi their Siamese triplet. Everyone sat around a big table, as the boss's wife decided to give Tamaki and Haruhi a break. Kyouya was still asleep, bent over on his chair, with his head rested on the table, arms hung loosely by the side. Everyone knew better than to wake up a low-pressure demon, so they had Mori-sempai carry him here.

"Tama-chan, do you have cake here?" Honey-sempai suddenly asks. (Although we have already probably anticipated, that Honey would ask that.)

"Honey-sempai," Tamaki hesitates, as if he is about to tell a child that Santa Clause does not exist. "We're in a Chinese restaurant. We don't serve cake."

These words, can they really combine like that in a sentence!?

"Huh?" such words were foreign to Honey-sempai. "Takashiiiiiii!"

"Hai," Mori-sempai addresses as if answering to a military command. He kneels down on one knee and presents something on his hands to Honey-sempai. He looked like a warrior, presenting a sword to his master. That something was…candy.

He could've just handed it to him without all the extra steps. I mean come on, now…we're way past the feudal ages.

Everyone else sweat drops at Mori-sempai's 'samurai-like-tendencies', and Honey-sempai's never ending sugar tooth.

Aya stood up abruptly.

"Tamaki-sempai and Haruhi-chan are together now!" she exclaimed, in an accomplished tone.

"No shit, Sherlock," Hikaru said matter-of-factly.

"I thought we established that, a minute ago," Kaoru dully adds.

"Eh, really?" Honey-sempai looked over at Mori-sempai. Mori shrugs. Apparently, Honey-sempai and Mori-sempai didn't realize until now.

--The triple slow: Honey, Mori, and Aya.--

Suddenly they feel a violent shake on the table.

They've awaken the demon

"I didn't get any sleep until 4 in the morning…" Kyouya mouths out every syllable slowly, in the scariest way possible. One could feel the killer intent radiating from his body.

No one dares to move. Their faces distort with panic. No one knows what this quiet four-eyed man is capable of doing when he's lethargic. No one wants to know.

Unexpectedly, a wet towel flies across the restaurant…and lands on Kyouya's face.

"Jin! How many times do I have to tell you not to throw towels across the room?" The pregnant woman lectures.

"Hai, I'll get that," Jin then peels off the towel from Kyouya's face. Unfortunately, Jin does not know Kyouya very well.

Luckily, the wet towel has awaken Kyouya, thus, self-control is back.

"What am I doing here…?" Kyouya looks around dazedly.

"Geez, really, what's with these commoners," Hikaru looks around.

"Is this where they eat all the time?" Kaoru looks at the food on the customer's plates.

"…and they could pee whenever and wherever?" Honey adds ingenuously.

"What?" Everyone looks over at Honey quizzically. Honey points over to the boss's wife, and their eyes follow.

"That's not pee…" Aya clarified. "She's ready to give birth!"

The restaurant went into a state of frenzy. People ran aimlessly around the restaurant. Everyone repeatedly asked to no one in particular, "what do we do?" It looked like the stock market.

"STOP!" Aya attempts to take charge. "Someone call an ambulance!"

"I'll call!" Tamaki runs to phone, but before he can reach it, the pregnant woman grabs hold of his arm, squeezes it tightly, to vent out her pain to him. The woman was screeching in pain. "Someone else call!" Tamaki yelps, trying out twist out of her grip, but to no avail.

Haruhi calls an ambulance. "They said they'll be here in 15 minutes," she informed.

"I have to give birth, NOW!" the pregnant woman declared through heavy breathing.

"But none of us know—" Tamaki tried to explain, but he only earned himself a harder squeeze. Her nails dug into his skin. The area of his arm that she was squeezing ever so tightly was inflamed with a stinging burn.

"I—don't CARE!" she was on the edge of hysteria. She was hyperventilating and sweating madly.

"Kyouya-sempai! Your family owns hospitals; you should know what to do!" Aya pushes Kyouya over to the woman.

"What?! I wouldn't know," even the usually calm, Kyouya was in a state of panic. He really doesn't know how to aid in giving birth…

"JUST DO IT!" the woman screamed.

"Breathe in deeply," Hikaru inhaled deeply.

"Breathe out, deeply," Kaoru exhaled, in attempt to calm the woman down. The woman followed suit, and seemd to calm down a little.

"Uh, boil some water!" Kyouya ordered one of the waiters. "and uh, get me a blanket or a jacket or something!" Kyouya followed the breathing exercises, to try and calm himself down. Maybe if he does this right, his father wouldn't look down on him…Yes that's right, calm down…

"HURRY UP!" the woman's cool died down—and so has Kyouya's. Kyouya bent her knees, and placed a towel over it.

"Doesn't the doctor have to cut…I CAN'T DO THIS!" Kyouya thought. At least he tried to be rational.

"Push!" The twins directed, and the woman pushed.

Kyouya raises the towel a little to assist if the baby is coming out. One look and he feels the sudden urge to throw-up.

Mori covers Honey's eyes, as Aya covers his.

"PUSH!" the twins continue to direct.

A few minutes later…

"I see the head!" Aya announces. Kyouya reluctantly receives the baby.

Sounds of crying reveal the coming out of the baby.

"It's a boy!" Aya exposed.

The crowd cheers and claps. The sirens of the ambulance sound closer and closer.

The paramedics came and took the woman away on a stretcher. They took over as soon as they came in, relieving Kyouya of his stress.

The paramedic patted Kyouya on the back.

"You did a good job, kid," and went back into the ambulance. They apparently do not know that this kid was the son of their main boss.

Another successful tale of the Host Club…

The moral is, even Kyouya loses his cool.

A few weeks later…

Tamaki and Haruhi were working busily at their jobs.

Suddenly, the door opens and three figures dances into the restaurant.



"Lobeliaaaaa!" they three figures sang a pitch higher each time.

It was the Zuka club…of all the horrors.

The door opened again, and the figure stepped in front of the Zuka club.

"Chimp!" it was Old Man Arnold!

"Arnold!" Tamaki ran dramatically towards the old man.

"Chimp, I would like ya ta meet Chippers," Arnold tugged on a leash, and a monkey stepped in front.

Tamaki just stares…and stares.

"Uh, Arnold, are you sure you can domesticate a monkey?" Tamaki asks uneasily.

"Heh? Ya can't?" Arnold looks down at the monkey. "Well, uh, chimp, actually, I found Chippers…"

"Where?" Tamaki asked.


"Oh my GOD! You snuck him out of the zoo, didn't you? That's illegal, you'll get arrested—"

"No ya darn Chimp! Yer overreactin'!"

"Then, where, Arnold? Where did you get this monkey?"

"It happ'ned two hours ago…"


So I was walking down the street n' I saw this like…street fair thinga-ma-jig, so I went in ta like look—

"Wait, wait, wait! When did you come back from Florida?" Tamaki interrupted.

"Uh, Last night. Anyways, back to da story…"

As I was sayin', I was at dis street-fair thinga-ma-jig…but it turned out ta be the circus! The circus was in town. So I played a couple-o-games, like that game where you throw a ball at a target and if you get the center, the person sittin' on the chair inside would fall inta da water…

"Oooh, that's fun!" Shin commented.

"Stop interrupting!" Tamaki exclaimed.

So yea, I continued to walk and won some stuff…like this stuffed monkey with long arms and legs that you can wrap around your neck—

"I'm sorry, Arnold, can you talk about the monkey?" Tamaki requests.

The monkey was very colorful and furry. When you pressed his belly, he screams—

"I mean the real monkey," Tamaki clarifies.

"Oh, of course," Arnold had a sudden realization.

So I was walking near this canvas thingy where the circus freaks—performers, rest and stuff, until suddenly I see Chippers sneaking out! I figured, they must have been treatin' Chippers real badly—

"…and do ya know what they called him, before I renamed him?"


"FiFi! They called Chippers, FiFi, of all the god-damn names, they choose FiFi!"

Anyways…I decided to save Chippers from the circus life, so I took him out and brought him 'ere.

"Arnold, you can't just sneak him out like this," Tamaki lectures. "It's the same as stealing!"

Arnold peels open a banana and gives it to Chippers.

"You want one, Chimp?" Arnold offers him a banana.

"It's okay."

Suddenly, outside they here a male voice crying, "FiFi, where are you?" Then the male walked into the restaurant. He wore a big red puff on his nose, and had on a ton of face paint. He wore a big red afro-wig, a clown suit, and big yellow shoes. "FiFi, it's really you!" He went over to pick up the monkey, but Arnold picked up the monkey before he could reach it, and ran…around Tamaki. The clown chased after him.

Tamaki stood in the middle, with an old man and a clown running in circles around him.

Oh, it's just another ordinary day…


This story is now officially finished! I felt that this epilogue was kind of random…in all of its events (especially the sudden appearance of the Lobelia girls). I really hope this chapter is well received, because I'm not even sure if some of the stuff made sense.

I would like to take this opportunity of thank my readers and reviewers. Thank you, so much for staying with me through this! I really appreciate this.

I will be thinking up a new story soon…hope to see you then!