Six Months Later


"Dear Gods, I'm going to be late," said Laura while she scrambled to gather her papers off the table in Adama's quarters.

"Well at least this time you don't have the giggles," replied Bill. He stepped through a veritable minefield of torn up note cards and past a broken pencil or two on his way toward the door.

"Don't remind me." Before she forgot, Laura removed Bill's ring from her finger and slipped it into her pocket. Lords forbid I forget one day and the press notices.

He paused to straighten his uniform and before she could open the hatch Bill caught her with one arm around her waist and kissed her.

"Madam President," he said when he released her.

"Admiral," she replied with her best business-like tone, despite the gleam of mischief in her eyes.

He offered her his arm and she took it.

Once they exited his quarters Roslin handed off her papers to Tory and they made their way down the corridors of Galactica to the wardroom where the press waited. She let go of Bill's arm, paused a moment outside the doorway and made her entrance. Zarek was already waiting at the second podium at the far end of the room. She stopped behind the first podium and took a moment to politely shake hands with Tom. The Admiral stood off to side in the corner of the room and did his best to appear as stoic as ever. That he found political debates to be insufferably boring helped.

It was the second round of debates between Roslin and Zarek. The race was on again for the office of the Presidency now that Roslin had finished out Baltar's term and Tom had been the only man brave enough to run against her. It suited them all just fine. Adama had overcome his doubts about Zarek's character and if Roslin lost, which was unlikely at best, she could look forward to having a bit more free time Bill. Not to mention that, as Zarek's Vice President, a position she had been promised if she lost, there would be less pressure to keep up appearances. Then she and Bill wouldn't have to worry so much about getting caught by the press holding hands or, gods forbid, kissing.

The debate went by in a rush and the two candidates were fielding general questions from the press when one of the reporters asked the inevitable.

"There have been rumors from various sources, Madam President, that you're involved in a romantic relationship with the Admiral of the Fleet. Can you elaborate on this, and whether this conflict of interest makes you unqualified to govern the Fleet?" Roslin smiled and very calmly turned to look at Zarek.

"Now, Tom, you wouldn't be one of the 'sources' for this unfounded rumor would you?" she said with careful good humor. Tory was going to have a fit after this was over.

"Don't look at me, Madam President." He flashed his characteristically disarming grin and waited for her response.

She covertly slipped her hand into her pocket and ran her thumb over the warm metal of Bill's ring. Then Roslin turned back to address the reporter.

"The rumors that the Admiral and I are anything more than professionals and friends are completely without merit," replied the President. "There is no conflict of interest and I think the fact that this Fleet survives, is proof enough that I am qualified to continue as President. Thank you. Next question."

Tory and Bill, are probably both going to have a fit after this is over. But Laura couldn't help, but be amused. Dinner was going to be interesting tonight and she looked forward to it. Until then everyone had business to take care of to ensure that the careful balance they had established was maintained.

Roslin and Adama would get through this election. They would continue to lead the Fleet to Earth. They would support each other through whatever tragedies might befall them on the way and they would enjoy the time they spent reading books and talking about their hypothetical cabin in the woods. They would continue this journey together because it was too late for them to stop loving each other.

It was simply destiny.

Author's Note: *cue Roslin and Adama theme song* Good things come to those who wait. It's been fun, the reviews have been great. Hope you enjoyed the story. -SVR