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"The world is small, nasty, and complicated. Then you die."- Sam Fisher, the original Splinter Cell.

26 June 2012, 0700hrs

Fort Meade, Maryland USA

NSA Headquarters

Kim and Ron were currently sitting at a conference table. It sat in the middle of a large room, with monitors lining the walls. Today, several of the monitors displayed various news reports of the "murder" of Dr. Dementor. At the head of the table sat an aging black man, hair balding and turning grey. This was Colonel Irving Lambert, Director of Operations for Third Echelon, and Kim and Ron's superior.

Lambert spoke to the two operatives, to begin his debriefing. "Lieutenants Possible and Stoppable, first off I would like to tell you good job. You retrieved the nuke successfully, though it is a shame that you couldn't get Dementor to talk. But we have some good news. It appears that the bomb is of Russian design, so that narrows down the number of possible suppliers. To that end, I'm sending you on another mission in one week.

"At that time, Jack Hench of HenchCo Industries is scheduled to do an inspection of his Upperton branch. I realize that you have a high school reunion at that time, which will be a perfect cover story for your presence in the Tri-City area. We have intel that suggests that Mr. Hench has been making arrangements with Russian black market nuclear arms dealers, probably the same ones that Dementor dealt with.

"Your mission is to infiltrate HenchCo's Upperton branch during Mr. Hench's inspection, then detain and interrogate him. Also try to get as much intel from his computers as you can. We need to find the source of these nukes as soon as possible. We can't afford to wait, American security is at stake. Your flight leaves for Middleton tomorrow at 1000hrs. That's all I have for now, the rest of the day is yours."

"Yes sir!" Kim and Ron replied. They made their way out of the building, looking forward to a day off. They took in the warm summer morning, the sun basking them in its golden glow. "So, KP, what do you wanna do?" asked Ron. "How about we go to that new café down the street? I heard their English muffins were pretty good."

"Alright KP, sounds like a plan." Kim and Ron then walked down the street hand in hand, towards the new café. Kim absentmindedly fingered the silver band on Ron's left ring finger, the symbol of her and Ron's eternal love for each other. Too bad that it was unofficial. Ron noticed what Kim was doing, and looked down at her with sympathetic eyes.

"I know it hurts Kim, it hurts me too. But until we are no longer operatives, we can't be officially married. You and I both agreed that if any of our enemies caught wind of this, that we would lose our advantage. Kim, I love you with all my heart and nothing will ever change that." Kim looked up at Ron, gratitude in her eyes. "I love you too Ron. But it still frustrates me that we can't be officially married. We can't get a marriage without paperwork, and that paperwork could point out our major weakness to our enemies. I understand it perfectly, but that still doesn't mean I have to like it."

"I know KP, I know." Ron couldn't help but chuckle at his "wife" and her usual temper. But he felt the same way. If they weren't operatives they could be happily married. There was no other option though; the United States and the world at large needed protection. No more was said as they made their way to the café.


Quantico, Virginia USA

Global Justice Headquarters

Dr. Betty Director, Director of Operations for GJ, sat in her office viewing after-action reports from Third Echelon. GJ had been working closely with Third Echelon since the world's villains began stepping up there game. Death rays, gravity beams, shrink rays, and mind-control chips gave way to suitcase bombs, nerve gas, ballistic missiles, and assault rifles.

The latest report detailed the circumstances regarding Dr. Dementor's death. It also explained the type of weapon that was recovered. Betty's analysis was then interrupted by the entrance of Will Du. "Agent Du, I don't remember ordering you to report to my office. Is this important?"

Will Du aimed a silenced pistol at her, a smug grin on his face. "It is important Dr. Director. You see, I have some friends who wish to remain anonymous. And they feel threatened by your assistance you've given Third Echelon. They can't afford to be linked to the suckers you sniff out for the NSA. As such, I have no choice but to kill you."

"What are you doin…." Betty Director never got to finish her question as the bullet went through her skull. Will Du reholstered his sidearm, noting the look of shock frozen on his victim's features. He exited her office, then made his way to the parking garage. Jumping into his car and starting it, he made his way to his safe house. He would have to lay low after this, especially with such a high-profile assassination. Then he would leave the country, with his blood money in tow.