Summary: what if the Dursley's hated Harry more than was told in the books?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Hp characters.

Meet Harry Potter AKA Shade


In a house, hidden for all but few, a woman was playing with her little boy. The woman had fiery red hair and expressive green eyes. A man entered the room and gave her a slight kiss. He had wild black hair and warm hazel eyes. The child wobbly stood up and ran as fast as possible for a two-year-old. He had the same unruly hair as his father James and the emerald eyes of his mother Lily.

"How's my little man?" James said to Harry. The man picked him up and twirled him trough the air. The childish laughter rang trough the house.

The portrait of a happy family…

was about to be marred

The boy's intelligent eyes looked at his hugging parents. Though he was only 2 years-old, his eyes glittered as if they knew something was about to happen. The laughter subsided as he stared at the front door. His parents dreaded what was about to happen. At random times the boy would stop with whatever he was doing to stare at one thing or another and usually something happened.

The eerily silence was suddenly broken as a loud crash resounded trough the house. James and Lily looked at each other; love, sadness and acceptance in their eyes. They knew that one, if not both, of them would not live to see another day.

"Lily, take Harry. I'll hold him up."

She gave him a last desperate kiss and ran with Harry upstairs. She could hear him fighting, standing up to Voldemort. She heard the Dark Lord's mocking laughter. She looked at her son through half-lidded eyes and unshed tears and sang a final song, her last hope for a better future for her little boy.

"I hear the wind trough the trees

I hear the wolf in the woods,

Howling to the moon

Shining trough darkness

I hear the rain on the lilies

Crying on the petals

In remembrance of our life

I hear the mothers

Singing to their children

Wiping their tears

Knowing I shall never to the same

And in the distance

I hear you cry

And hope that

Once again we'll live

Trough the night

And I shall see

The sun in your eyes once again"

She noticed the sudden silence and looked up. Voldemort stood in the doorway and smirked.

"Saying you last goodbye's? Don't worry, you shall see him soon enough. Your husband is already waiting on the other side. Or perhaps you shall join me, and I shall bring James back for you, if you please me. Your first assignment: hand over you son."

"You sick bastard, as if I shall ever join a monster like you." She stood up and gripped Harry tight.

"Very well, then you shall die and I shall send your precious spawn after you. Avada Kedavra!

Her scream died away and he pointed his wand at the innocent boy; sitting up straight, staring at him with understanding eyes.

"It was nice knowing you. However sacrifices need to be made for a revolution to be possible. Goodbye. Avada Kedavra!"

As the green light sped toward him, a shining silver shield erected around him and absorbed the spell for a millisecond, before sending it back toward the Dark Lord. His body exploded and the Dark Magic that had sustained him for so long, lashed out and created a lightning bolt scar above his brow.

From here on it goes as everyone remembered:

Hagrid went to pick Harry up from the rubles of the house and got the motorcycle from Sirius Black.

Hagrid brought him to Albus Dumbledore, who dropped him of at the Dursley's.

People all over Britain celebrated the fall of the Dark Lord and hailed to the boy-who-lived.

Petunia opened the door to get the milk and saw a baby with a letter lying on her doorstep.

She called her husband Vernon and read the letter.

Everything was as it supposed to be, right? Harry grew up ignored and bullied by his cousin Dudley, right? He never knew about the wizarding world until he was eleven and picked up by Hagrid, right? He made friend with a Ron Weasley and a Hermione Granger and had all those wonderful and dangerous life-scarring adventures, right?

Nope, wrong. For Albus Dumbledore thought that they would treat him right, maybe malnourish him. But there was where it would end, right?

Well no, for the hate in their hearts was worse than was known.