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Meet Harry Potter AKA Shade

Chapter 5

In an open space, deep in the forest, an array of animals gathered together. One or two representatives for each species spoke in turn. Besides the non-magical animals, such as the wolves, bears, eagles there were many magical animals like unicorns, thestrals, hippogriffs, various phoenixes (fire, ice, and lightning) and a large abundance of snakes. Both Dark as Light were represented.

This was the Chain, aptly named after the food chain. Animals after all, respect it. When one dies, another lives. That's the circle (but that's such a corny group name). Every specie accepted its role in life. The mouse would not try to overturn the owl.

When they came together, a truce was held, no hunting one another.

They met when they sensed something wrong in the forest. After all, nature is alive and the balance must be kept. They gathered less than you think, in the past 2 centuries they only came together thrice. Once because of the harsh winter, for the large pack of human hunters, and 20 years ago for the cutting and decrease of the forest by humans. Luckily some humans named after a certain green vegetable were able to stop it before real damage incurred.

Tonight they met once again, for the balance of both Nature and Magic was somehow disturbed.

"Why are we here?" Silvermane, leader of the unicorns asked in general.

"The sssmell of blood isss in the air" a poisonous black mamba hissed.

"Was one of the animals hurt?" Largepaw, an aging black-and-grey rabbit inquired.

Just then, Nightshade entered the clearing.

"It were humans."

Shouts of outrage were heard all over.

"What are humans doing here?"

"Are they planning to cut down the forest again?"

"What if they start hunting?"

"We have to put up guards right away!"

AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Nightshade howled.

Instant silence.

'"there were humans, but they left soon after"

"What? Why?"

"They only came to drop something of." He growled.

"What? Trash dumping?"

"This" a clear voice. All heads turned to the white wolf. Then their eyes went to the little heap of shivering clothes.

"Nightshade recounted what had happened "a man the size of killer whale beat and left him, presumably to die."

"You know those weird stick-wavers and the strong aura that surround them?" The King of Basilisks hissed.

"The young one also has one"

"Yes and it's a very powerful one" a young griffin said.

"And despite the obvious atrocious deeds done against him, he's still pure." A red phoenix chirped.

"He's destined for great things"

"It wouldn't be wise to let him die." a unicorn remarked

"But it's a human." Aracole, an acromantula blinked.

"We don't know how to raise a human child, so who would take him in?"

"I will" the white wolf said.

"I shall raise him as my cub and teach him our ways."

"Moonlily, he speaks the human tongue he shan't understand you." Lord Flame of the phoenixes trilled.

"We know you're barren and would love to have a pack. But would you really raise him as your own, knowing he shall never really understand your words of affection, knowing he'll never understand your love. Won't you feel more pain seeing him grow up and never hear him give his appreciation? And when he'll see other humans, what if they take him away? What if they'll teach him to hate you, because you're a savage and wild beast? He'll never know that you tried to save him; perhaps he'll even think you stole him from his rightful parents. Knowing this will you still want to raise him?

Moonlily looked longingly at the boy, struggling on the verge of death. Her mate was killed a few moons ago, and she would never be able to give birth to a cub of her own. To her this was like a chance given by Fate, a once in a lifetime opportunity and she would not let it go away. She gazed at lord Flame with eyes filled with determination "if I can see him grow up strong and perhaps even find a place in he forest, I shall care for him and raise him, even if I would never have a spoken conversation with him. There are other ways of showing one's love."

"Then you can take him in and raise him. However be warned, I foresee that he shan't stay with you forever. After you another will come and raise him in the human world. But perhaps with your guidance, our laws, the law of Nature won't be lost and balance will be regained once again."

Moonlily growled "I don't care. If that happens, if needed I will go with him. Stop tying to change my mind, I will have him as my cub."

"Euh guys, I don't want to interrupt your staring contest," a pink-and-purple-spotted puffskein said "but you might want to take a look at the kid or there won't be much spunk left of him in a little while."

"Very well, we shall heal him"

At this one of the red phoenixes fluttered to the boy and cried on its worst wounds.

There was a deep gash, mad with a pocket knife on his chest and it seemed that he was stabbed multiple times in his stomach. Older whip marks and lacerations covered his back and goosing pus was dripping slowly onto the ground.

"He still has many gashes and faint wounds spread over his body, but will suffice for now." The phoenix trilled.

After 10 minutes his breathing steadied and the phoenix flew back to his branch.

Moonlily was expecting him to be terrified and scared, surrounded by wild animals, several probably unfamiliar to him. However to her shock, he tentatively reached out his hand to her and stroked her fur.

She nuzzled his hand and sniffed his hair. She smiled at hearing his happy giggles and shot a smug look at lord Flame.

"very well, you have proven your point" he said sulkily to her." You may take him and raise him."

The boy peered at him and Moonlily with a curious and rather confused look.

"What does he mean?" he asked with a small voice.

The animals were shocked. The human child actually understood them.

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