Ok, I've been on hiatus for a bit, but Kaarlo has inspired me so merci mon ami. Being a goody two shoes, I've favored LS stories, but the DS ending he showed me was heavy, so I thought I'd try and honor it with a story. Sorry I haven't been reading much, but I do have a stack of printouts of all of your stuff. Again, Kaarlo is awesome! So, without further ado...the unedited DS ending.

Above the Rakatan Planet as the Republic Fleet approaches the Star Forge

The shuttle broke the last layer of atmosphere above the Rakatan planet, leaving wispy trails of ozone behind it. It streaked away from death and betrayal toward a destiny that none could have foreseen. The last gossamer strands of stratosphere dissipated behind the ion exhaust, letting darkness embrace the craft.

At the pilot's seat, Carth Onasi sat, hunched…broken…betrayed. He choked up bile and let the warm, putrid fluid spill from his mouth onto the cockpit floor. He wiped his cracked lips with the back of his sleeve, baring his teeth, tasting the vile acid that was his last meal. His last meal with her.

His bloodshot eyes scanned the instruments, looking for the massive Star Forge. He saw the Republic fleet deploying in battle formations, ready to engage the Sith forces of Malak that stood in readiness around their master. Carth choked again, but no more tears would come. The time for tears was over.

"No…." he said, over and over again as if it would drive his demons away and wake him from this dark dream. He closed his eyes momentarily and saw the great Wookiee, Zaalbar tear a young Twi'lek girl limb from limb. Carth could still hear the screaming in his head. "Mission…no…. I'm I'm so sorry."

Now, it was his own screaming that he heard – a long rending, soulless scream. He beat his fists on the instrument panel, shattering one of the gauges. "How could you do that, Revan? How could you force Zaalbar to kill his best friend?"

Carth's head was filled with the last gurgling of the Wookiee's labored breaths after Zaalbar had sliced his own throat open at Revan's command. He saw in his mind, his lover's pale skin, marbled with blue veins along with her fiery eyes, filled with hateful glee. In Revan's place stood a demon. The pilot bit deep into the back of his own hand, tasting his own blood, holding back the oblivion that was his destiny with the pain. The shame that he felt in fleeing that carnage on the beach was bottomless and he knew that he too, could never be redeemed now. His face burned red with anger and remorse.

The Republic fleet engaged the Sith and, in the fray, Carth saw an opening and dashed his shuttle into the command bay of the mighty Star Forge. He slammed the craft onto the deck, throwing sparks across the empty bay. His bleary eyes scanned the deck, seeing no opposition and he jammed the lever for the hatch.

"I must find her. I must find her," he whispered robotically. Like a damaged automaton, the soldier walked stiffly to the open portal. The muscles of his face twitched violently, twisting his handsome features into a scowl tinged with madness. "I let it happen all over again. I was so blind."

He reached the blast doors to the bay and knew that she lay beyond, most likely fighting for her life against Malak. Maybe it was better if she died here? Maybe Malak should win? Either way, the Republic would lose.

He turned back to look out of the open bay past the force field and saw the violence that had erupted around the station – burning ships and flitting starfighters. Beyond that, lay the stars, cold and unmoving and he thought that they looked like the eyes of the gods, staring down at him…judging him…finding him wanting.

"There is no turning back."