This Life: My Family

Summary: 16 year old Haruno Sakura has just moved in with her foster family in the richest part of Konoha. Being rich, and being new, she has to go to a new school and start a fresh. SasXSak NarXHin InoXShika TenXNeji TemXShika SasXOc

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'inner thoughts'


"So, your Miss Haruno, correct?" asked a posh lady in a disgusting olive green suit. The pink hair teen heard her surname and spun around to face the caller.

"Hai, pleasure to meet you." Sakura bowed.

"Such a formal girl. I'm Nanase Hana, your foster mother. Well, let's not waist time, we have a tight schedule around here. My daughter will show your around." said Hana quickly.

Sakura nodded as Hana called her daughter downstairs. A girl with ginger coloured hair and piercing brown eyes bounced downstairs. Once her feet were firmly planted on the ground, she looked Sakura up and down and flicked her head up high.

"This is the girl that will be living with us oka-san?" the girl asked with disgust slightly detectable in her voice.

"Hai. Will you show Sakura-chan around please, Rini-chan?"

The ginger haired girl called Rini nodded slightly before walking down the hall. "Coming?" she asked, obviously bothered by the task.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Sakura nervously laughed before walking towards Rini.

"First, I'll take you to your room so you can put those things down." Rini snorted.

"Arigato." Sakura smiled, trying not to show her embarrassment. How dare she make a crack about her bags? She had no money! It was the best she could do.

Rini walked up a large spiraling staircase and kept checking that she didn't lose Sakura--although she wished she did.

"So umm, Rini-chan. How old are you?" Sakura asked nervously, trying to break the ice.

"16." The ginger haired girl stated bluntly before twisting the handle of a large white door.

"You'll be staying in this room. You have your own bathroom around the corner, laptop, bed, dresser and closet. Oka-san will give you money later to go shopping for some clothing, so that means you don't borrow mine. Got it?" Rini said harshly as the pink haired girl walked in and looked around.

"This place is huge!" Sakura exclaimed before setting her cases on her large king size bed that was white...infact the whole room was white. Oh, and gold.

"Hurry up, you can admire later." Rini said walking down the hallway, motioning Sakura to follow.

Sakura nodded.

"So Rini, are you the only child?" Sakura asked trying to catch up to the ginger haired girl.

"No, I have an older sister. She's 17, but she's most likely with her friends. You'll meet her at dinner."


Rini showed Sakura the whole house. It was huge! They had their very own gym, tennis court, swimming pool, library, theatre and heaps more. Each stop, Sakura could hardly contain her excitement.

Before, her parents were poor. They had to survive on Sakura's father's weekly pay check, which didn't leave them with much...and when Sakura's father fell ill and passed away, Sakura's mother had to go on a pension...sadly, Sakura's mother met the same fate as her father.


Rini retreated back to her room, which allowed Sakura to head back to her room and set up. She opened her green suitcase and pulled out all her belongings, which wasn't much. A few tops, pants, underwear and shoes. Also, a pink teddie bear that her father got her on his very last pay check.

Sakura smiled as she set her teddie at the top of her bed, squished between 6 plump pillows. Sakura giggled as she glanced at the barely visable teddie. She then picked up a couple of pairs of jeans, a few of her tops, a couple of summer dresses and her shoes and placed them inside a walk-in wardrobe.

One outfit was left out on her bed. "Since it's my best clothing, maybe I should wear it to dinner..." she thought to herself.

Once Sakura was done putting on her outfit, she looked at herself through a huge mirror infront of her bed on the wall. Her knee high socks were black and she gently patted out the creases of her white pleated skirt. She tugged at the bottom of her black t-shirt and stroked the arms of her white jacket to complete the outfit. Her rose pink locks were loosely tied up into a bun and covered by a hat (Sort of like the one Sakura out of Cardcaptors wears for her school uniform.)

"Sakura-chan! Dinner time!" Hana's voice boomed from the dining hall.



The dining room was also huge. A long glass table was set in the middle, underneath two large chandeliers. Candles were set along the table and the Nanase's were already seated. Sakura took a seat next to Rini.

Sakura glanced along the table and noticed only two familiar faces; Rini and Hana.

"So, this is Miss Haruno?" asked a middle aged man at the end of the table, dressed in a black business suit.

"Hai, pleasure to meet you, Sir." Sakura blushed.

"I'm Nanase Genji. Welcome to our home." he smiled, resting his hands on the arm chairs and crossing his leg over the other.

"Arigato, Nanase-san. I feel most welcome."

"I'm Rae, by the way."

Sakura diverted her attention to a girl who was seated across from Rini. She had dark red hair and the same eyes as Rini--brown and piercing.

"Pleasure to meet you Rae-chan." Sakura smiled pleasantly.

Rae smiled politely back.

'At least she's nicer than that other cow, Rini.'

'Oh, your back?'

'...I never left...'

'I figured.'

A lady in a maids outfit brought out a silver tray with all sorts of meals on top. A large dish of sushi, some other marine animals, stir frys, rice and many more.

Sakura had a trail of drool hanging from her mouth.

"Oh." Sakura said before standing up. "Would anyone like a drink?"

Everyone just turned to look at the pink haired teen with a confused look.

"Sakura-chan, dear. You need not get a drink. The servants will bring them too you." Genji said, chuckling lightly.

"Oh, I wouldn't want to bother them."

"Who cares? That's what we pay them for." Rini butted in.

Sakura sighed. "Okay...if you insist."


Sakura laid on her bed and stared at the ceiling. Never before had she felt so pampered, and she had to admit, it felt great. A light tap at the door broke Sakura from her thoughts as she sat up.

"Oka-san wanted me to bring you this." Rini said walking in, holding a red uniform. "It's for school tomorrow."

Sakura nodded as she recieved her uniform from Rini and laid it on her bed. "I can't wait for tomorrow."

Just as Rini walked to the door, she turned around with a threatening look in her eyes. "Oh, and stay away from my boyfriend...Uchiha Sasuke."


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