Weeks after the incident, Draco was fine. Well. Except the numerous scars he had, that would fade within a few years. Harry looked down to the form of Draco Malfoy, who was currently sat in his lap. Hermione, Ron and Pansy were there, too, all sat together. Draco reading a romance book in Harry's lap, Hermione reading '1001 Ways To Ace Your NEWTs' against a tree and Ron and Pansy were playing chess not too far away, next to the lake.

Draco put down his book. "Gee. These books always end the same way...they need some originality...its always the same goddamn beginning, middle and ending. All what they do is change the names." He looked up to the aged building of Hogwarts. "So, what are you doing when you're older? Gonna write an autobiography? I bet you'd make some cash with that, not that you need it." He smiled up at Harry. "Or maybe you'll become a warrior...who knows?"

Harry looked down at Draco. Draco with his perfect, soft blonde hair. Draco with his smile that drove Harry wild when he saw it. Draco who was so not Harry's. He sighed. "Dunno. Always wanted to be an Auror, myself. How about you? Staying here, and taking over Snape with greasy hair?"

"Uh, god no. Imagine me with greasy hair? It would be a waste." Harry couldn't help but agree mentally. "No, actually, I don't want to be a Potions Master anymore." This caught the attention of Pansy, who was currently losing in the game of chess she and Ron were having.

"Draco...did I hear you right? You don't want to be a Potions Master anymore?" He nodded. "Are you feeling alright? That's what you've wanted to be since...well, forever."

"Well, everything's changed. And so has my career options. I want to be an Auror, too."

Pansy looked at Draco's serious face and the water she'd just been drinking came out of her nose, while Hermione looked on distastefully. "Draco, are you being serious? An...well...An Auror?" she finished, surprised. "Well...Er...I'll just get back to my game, shall I?" She said, with a meaningful look that meant they would discuss this later on. Which Harry also didn't miss.

"So why don't you want to be a Potions Master anymore? Why an Auror? I mean...It's a big change from what you wanted to do...I mean - not that I'm complaining," he added from the meaningful look Draco gave him. "I'd love for you to work with me and what not. IT's just that...An Auror? Pansy's right."

"Thank you, Harry. It seems I'm not the only one here who sees what this means, and I'm not just going mad."

Harry looked towards Pansy. Over the months, he had grown to accept Pansy like he accepted Hermione; as a sister. She had proved to be funny, charming, witty, cunning, friendly, kind and protective of her friends. Yet another bonus of being Draco's friend.

He was pretty certain that Draco knew he was gay, but also pretty certain that he didn't know how Harry felt. It was weird. Draco was his best friend, but yet so much more than that. At least that was what Harry wanted. Here, in his lap, was everything he could ever want. He knew that, with time this person could be the one above everyone else. His whole life. And that scared him. A lot. He craved a person that would look behind the scar, the name, the fame. A person who loved him for being well...him. A person who loved the fact that he folded his clothes before he went to bed. Loved how he tried to make his hair go flat. Loved his smile. Loved his laugh. Loved him.

And he truly thought that Draco could give all of that to him. If only Draco liked him as much as he did.

But, he wouldn't. And that was end of. So instead, he dated.

Terry Boot made his way up to the group by the lake. "Hey guys! Harry, fancy like coming to Hogsmeade? I'm going now," he said with an award-winning smile that Harry only ever saw flashed at him. And that little fact broke his heart.

"Sure," he replied, grinning up at Terry. He looked down at Draco, who was giving him an unreadable look. Almost emotionless, but something he could quite describe. "Hey, you fat lump! Get up, I need some chocolate." Draco shifted, then looked at his shoes as if they were aliens. Harry had long since questioned Draco; sometimes he was just plain confusing. He then got up and brushed his robes. He then stood on his tip toes, wrapped his arms around Terry's torso and kissed him on the lips. "Mmm," Harry said. "You taste like strawberries."

"Maybe that's 'cause I've just had some strawberries...you always taste nice whatever you've had anyway, so no complaints there," he teased.

"Mhm..." When he turned around, ready to say goodbye, Draco was yet again wearing a different unreadable expression on his face. He would have to ask about that when he came back. Even more confusing, Pansy too, was giving him an odd look while looking between Terry, Draco and him. Ron, Hermione and Terry were all oblivious. Harry linking hands with Terry then waved with the other. "Later."

Hermione looked up and smiled at him, Ron just waved, determined not to lose his game, Pansy gave him an odd look, and Draco muttered, "bye," as if confused.

Huh. So much for showing enthusiasm. Harry just walked in the opposite direction, smiling at Terry, oblivious to Draco's eyes on his back the whole way, until they entered the town of Hogsmeade.


Harry looked to his watch. Nearly one in the morning. He still hadn't quite finished this paperwork, and boy was he getting tired.

Draco was right, they should advertise this side of being an Auror more. It was ridiculous. Why did they need all of this goddamn paperwork anyway? It wasn't like they were going to forget what they saw anytime soon, anyway. In fact, why don't they just get everyone to copy their memory and store it that way instead? It would be much easier and faster than all of this paperwork.

It was just gone half past before he'd finished everything, and apparently not a moment too soon as he received an unexpected visitor.

Draco stumbled through his fireplace, stumbling over the cushions that lay around it. He was obviously pissed off his head.

"Harry...What...a pleasant...sur-sipruse? Seprise? Sir - prize...What are you doing here?"

"Ah...that would be because it's my home, Draco," he said patiently, leading his friend over to the sofa and taking off his coat, which incidentally smelt like firewhiskey.

"So it is!" he laughed a little longer than he normally would have. "And what a wond...wanderful home you have."

"Yes, it is wonderful," he said distractedly. "I think it's time we got you some coffee."

"Nooo! No...stay...have something to tell you, Harry!"

Harry looked at him. "I'm sure it can wait, Draco."

Draco grabbed the sleeve of his jumper. "No! No...can't wait..."

Harry sighed and sat down next to what he considered to be his best friend. "You're a wreck, Draco. Are you sure you're not going to end up telling me something you'll regret?" He made himself comfy as Draco shook his head 'no'. "So come on then, out with it."

Draco grabbed his hands a little too tightly and bent down. "Will you marry me?"

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Draco, you're pissed. I'll go get you that coffee, and I think I'll get a sobering and hangover potion."

Draco grabbed his hands even harder and tugged. "No! No! Don't go...believe me...I love you..."

Harry looked down in shock as something seemed to get stuck in his throat. "Uh...I think I'll go get the potions...I think you need them..." But against his words, he seemed to be stuck. He couldn't move from his position.

"I love you...I love you..." Draco sat back on the sofa and stroked Harry's cheek. "Lovely soft cheeks...as I imagined..." He then leaned in, and kissed Harry hungrily.

For a moment, Harry's world stopped. This is what he'd dreamed since he'd first liked Draco...but it seemed so wrong...he was drunk...Harry was taking advantage of his in this state. And with all of the effort he knew, he drew back. "I, uh...I'll go get those drinks...I need one, too."

This time, Draco did nothing to stop him from leaving, but just looked at him with eyes filled with so much lust it broke Harry's heart. It took him an age to remember why he'd actually got up.

He turned the kettle on and leaned on the side for support. Never, in a million years he thought that would ever happen. And all of a sudden, all of the buried dreams and feeling came back to him like a bullet through the heart. Draco was drunk, that's all. It's not like he really loved him...was it?

Of course not. He made the coffee, then as he'd done so many times for himself, poured a sobering and hangover potion in, too. As soon as Draco would be sober again, he'd probably regret the whole thing. Regret that he'd kissed someone he didn't love. And once again all of Harry's fantasies would turn to dust once again.

But this time, he wasn't so sure he could handle it all again.


Draco felt like an ass while he finished the rest of his coffee. What made it worse was that he could remember every little detail of what happened. After he'd finished his paperwork, he got drunk while thinking about what he'd never have with Harry, floo'd to Harry's flat at nearly quarter to two in the morning, proposed to him, said he loved him and then kissed him.

In fact, words probably couldn't even describe what he was feeling right now. He felt embarrassed, ashamed and even worse, gutted.

He'd just basically been turned down by Harry Potter. The guy he loved. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

Harry looked at him closely, his emotions unreadable. "It's fine," he said without emotion.

"I've upset you, haven't I?" Harry remained silent. "Goddammit, Harry, talk to me!"

Harry slammed his fist on the table. "You've come into my home, completely pissed of your head, propose to me, then confuse me by kissing me? Sometimes I don't know where I am with you, Draco Malfoy. You never tell me anything, anymore. I'm wondering whether you want to actually be friends with me or not! You know, it feels like you'd rather talk to Ron or Hermione or Pansy rather than me sometimes. And it's so frustrating! What happened to the times we used to talk about anything and everything? Huh? What happened? Because somewhere across this line, I know I'm missing out on something. You're not telling me something you should be telling me." He put his face into his hands. "We're supposed to be best friends, Draco. Why don't you treat me like one anymore?"

Because I love you. "Because...I think we should spend more time together."

"We work together...what more do you want?"

Your love. "Well, I suppose I feel a little left out with you mentioning Tom all of the time...it's like the time we have together, all you think about is Tom."

"Well, he is my boyfriend, Draco. And besides, Tom and me have been together for a few months...I think we're going to make it serious."

Draco's face said it all. "W-what?"

"I think we're going to tie the knot and settle down...maybe even have a few kids, but we haven't looked that far yet...and if we are, I want you to be best man and Godfather. You mean a lot to me, Draco."

All what Draco wanted to do at that moment in time was bang his hang against a wall, scream his protests, tell Harry that he loved him, and that he couldn't possibly go through with this. But he didn't. "Ok." he paused, thinking of what to say. "Ok. I need to go and get - collect - I...uh...need some sleep. I'll...uh...bye."

He was finding it hard to digest. Him and Tom...married? Children? He felt faint. He needed to go home. Now.

He couldn't have floo'd faster if he tried. He needed to get away...away from here...at least for a while...he could send in a note to Waterman...have a break for a week or so...block his fireplace...yeah. That seemed like a good idea. He blocked his fireplace and warded his doors. He needed some time alone to think. He got a few bottles of whiskey from his cupboard and took them up to his room. Who needed Harry anyway?

He certainty didn't.