African Skies and Canadian Whiskey – by Darlin

Chapter Ten – Pep Squad to the Rescue

A/N – This is a transition chapter, a necessary chapter to get the players where they need to be. Also, it's hasn't been betaed because I wanted to get this out over the weekend and didn't have a lot of time and couldn't expect my beta to drop everything to read this so I could post it right away so please forgive any mistakes.

This is a transition chapter, a necessary chapter to get the players where they need to be. Also, it's hasn't been betaed because I wanted to get this out over the weekend and didn't have a lot of time and couldn't expect my beta to drop everything to read this so I could post it right away so please forgive any mistakes.


Like a vision Ororo's body rose into the air on the winds she called to her. There was no one to see her bask in her first time in years she soared like a hawk gliding on a breeze. And as she sailed along she brought rain down to replenish the earth that was cracked and broken for as far as the eye could see. And with the rain came thunder and lightning and her laughter.

After a long while she touched down and raised her head to the sky letting the shower pour over her saturating her clothes and hair. And then she peeled the soaked clothes from her body. Her chest rose rapidly as she breathed in satisfaction and exhilaration. And then just as quickly as it began the rain ceased and the sun shone once more, bright, demanding and overpowering.

Winds began to blow strong and hot and soon the air was void of any trace of humidity and the earth as dry as she. Pleased with her work she settled onto the ground resting after her exertion, arms flung back and palms flat against the damp earth, legs outstretched and toes wiggling in the gusts. She lifted her face to the blazing sun basking in its presence. Home. She was home and all her aches and past mistakes felt eased. Here she would find herself again.


It was Friday, nearly a week after Ororo had disappeared and an in service day which meant no classes for the students. The teachers were supposed to be playing catch up but the feeling of unrest that had settled over the school since Ororo had left still lingered. Jean was barely able to get through her classes she was so upset. Scott was even considering asking Hank to fill in for her but he was hoping the three day weekend would give her some time to rest and regroup. In the meantime he hoped to get to know Callisto a little better. Since she'd been there she'd evaded him leaving him wary and uncomfortable. Something wasn't right about that woman. But his priority for the extended weekend would have to be Jean first and then Ororo.


"She has more power than most mutants from what you've told me about Storm so I don't think she's going to be in much danger, Logan," Callisto said as she preened in the mirror above his bathroom sink.

"You know better than anyone how hard it is out there for a mutant all by herself," Logan said.

He was standing in the doorway of the small bathroom watching her. He still hadn't gotten used to her new look. Back when he'd known her she'd had scars courtesy of some humans that had discovered she was a mutant. She'd worn an eye patch to cover the scars and all black leather to match the tough look including short spiky hair. And she'd been a thin gangly woman full of anger. Now she was beautiful but the anger was still under the surface.

"Why don't you just come out and admit you're in love with her?"

Logan balked then glared at his friend.

"Wasn't she going to marry you before I came?"

"It was a business agreement nothing more," Logan said.

"You two looked real cozy when I met her."

"We're just friends."

"You're determined to deny it, huh?"

"I'm not in love with Ororo," he said despite the tumbling sensation that went through his stomach.

"She's in love with you. It's why she left. You should've told me what was going on and I wouldn't have come and then you two could have lived happily ever after."

"I told you everything you needed to know, Cal – the truth."

"What truth? That she beat you in paintball and laughed at your ass? That she was a bitch if she didn't get her chocolate? Those are funky half truths just as bad as lies. You made her out to sound like she was PMSing big time and you needed help from a real woman. So here I am."

"I didn't say all that," he said. He ran his hands through his hair aggravated then leaned against the wall. He didn't want to have this conversation but he knew Callisto and she wasn't the type to let something go so easily.

"You didn't tell me the half of it," Callisto said, proving he knew her only too well. "If I'd known you and her were getting serious I never would have come. I don't go around taking other women's men unless they get in my face with some drama. Storm seemed nice enough – meek and mild if you like that type and since you never took me up on my offer for a romp in the sack I'm guessing weak girls turn you on nowadays."

"Ororo isn't weak, Cal you don't know her at all."

"She ran. Weak people run. If she was strong she'd be here fighting for her man."

"I'm not her man," he said, swallowing uncomfortably.

"You got that right. So, we getting married or what?"

He sighed. He'd kept putting her off. The professor had asked him to wait true, he'd said it would look suspicious if he dropped Ororo as soon as he'd found out she was an illegal alien and then took up with another woman who plainly wasn't. Logan had agreed but partly because he didn't want to marry Cal and partly because he was worried about Ororo. He wanted to go after her. He didn't want to bring her back necessarily, he just wanted to make sure she was okay, had a place to stay and things like that. He'd feel better if he could see she was okay. Maybe if he could see her one last time he could let all the thoughts and visions of what they'd had and what they could have had go.

"You didn't used to be so dimwitted, Logan. You need to open your eyes and make a decision."

"I don't need you telling me what to do, Cal."

"You need someone to."

"Don't try to push my buttons. Things aren't as clear cut as you think . . ."

"You're mooning over the woman and she's gone, what's not clear cut about that?"

Logan didn't bother to respond. Instead he pushed off the wall and walked over to a dresser where he picked up a pile of folders, charts on the student's physical progress, then strode to the door, yanked it open and headed towards his office without bothering to close the door behind him. He didn't need Cal telling him how he felt. If she knew him at all she'd know he was infuriate with Ororo and wanted to wring her neck. His paced slowed a little as he realized that wasn't true. If she really knew him she'd know he needed to see if Ororo was all right and then he'd be able to make a decision. That's all he wanted.


If there was one thing Scott didn't like it was the way Logan acted. He didn't like the man's reckless, independent nature and he most definitely didn't care for the way Logan leered at Jean and flirted with her. But that had stopped. He'd noticed some time ago. The man had changed and it had happened right about the time Logan had told them he was going to marry Ororo. Jean hadn't believed it for a moment but Scott had. He'd believed it because he'd wanted Logan out of their hair. And so he was. Even if he wasn't going to marry Ororo he was eventually going to marry Callisto.

The second option wasn't much to his liking though. With Ororo it hadn't been a union based on love but there was friendship there or at least they were team mates. He'd supposed Ororo was just helping Logan out because she was a team player. He had a feeling Jean wasn't telling him everything about that but then it didn't really matter now. Except that niggling little voice in his head told him otherwise.

"You busy?" Scott asked as he stepped into Logan's small office.

"Do I look busy?" Logan snarled with no real reason except he'd been in a bad mood ever since he'd confronted Forge.

It was all Scott could do to maintain his calm demeanor. The last thing he wanted to deal with was a surly Logan. If it weren't for Ororo he wouldn't be any where near Logan.

"What do you think about Forge?" he asked a surprised Logan.

"Forge?" Logan looked up at Scott. His feet had been propped up on his desk and his hands resting on either side of the chair he was leaning back in but now he sat upright and the rear chair legs crashed noisily to the floor.

"I don't completely trust the man, thought you might have some insights what with your enhanced senses," Scott added.

"I don't need them to tell you you're right not to trust him."

"So what do you think is going on?"

Logan stood up and leaned over his desk, his hands splayed against the wooden surface and thought about it.

"You're worried about Ororo," he said finally, his eyes meeting Scott's shaded gaze.

"I am."

"I think he's behind Ororo's problem."

Now that surprised Scott. He'd known something was going on but he'd never suspected Forge was behind it. It made sense though. Forge had deep ties with the government. And how else would they have known about Logan and Ororo getting married? And now Ororo being declared an illegal alien – yes, it made sense. Forge was the spy in their midst. That was disappointing. But if Forge was behind all this then what could be gained with Ororo out of the country? Maybe he wasn't the spy.

"I'm not sure about that. Forge has nothing to gain by Ororo being declared an illegal alien when she's not even in America anymore," Scott said. "That doesn't make any sense when you think about it."

Oh, but Logan had been thinking about it. He'd thought about little else all week.

"Forge wants to marry Ororo," he growled. "If he marries her he can bring her back to the country plain and simple."

Scott cursed quietly. Of course! Ororo would be forced to marry Forge if she wanted to come back. It was a pretty good plan for the most part only Scott doubted Ororo would give in as easily as Forge expected. Still, a man that would go to these lengths to get a woman was either one of two things – deeply in love and would do anything to be with the woman he wanted or either he was a snake.

"You know love's a mysterious thing," Scott said.

Without replying Logan walked to the window in his office and looked out over the grounds.

"I've known Forge for a long time, he's been in love with Ororo since the day he started working for us."

Logan turned around. "Why're you telling me this?"

"She didn't notice him at first and it took him months before he worked up the nerve to ask her out. I think it took him a full year. Anyway, after that they were pretty inseparable and then he started working for the government, did a lot of traveling and things started going down hill for them."

"Why are you telling me this, Summers?"

"Love makes you do funny things, like Forge – you want to believe the woman you love isn't attracted to someone else, you want to believe after being together for so many years it's going to work, maybe you don't see it wasn't really love or the love's gone or that it can't work because you've changed or she's changed."

Logan's fingers dug into the wood of the windowsill as he listened to Scott. He couldn't tell if Scott was talking about his own personal experience with Jean or if it was Forge and Ororo he meant. Well, if Ororo wasn't still stuck on Forge good for her but at least she could've had the decency to tell him she was leaving. She hadn't even bothered to say goodbye, just left when she'd found out she had the same status as him – illegal alien about to be deported.

"It's snowing," Scott commented idly. Snow always reminded him of Ororo. He thought of how Jean had become a softer woman with Ororo around. Before it had been all guys and just Jean. Now the two women were closer than sisters. If he could find Ororo he knew Jean would be relieved. Ororo meant a lot to all of them and he was guessing she meant a whole lot more to Logan.

As Logan watched the sparse snowflakes blow gently over the lawn he remembered how happy Ororo had looked when she'd confessed she made snow every Valentine's Day. A silly thing to remember really but he could see her face as if she was standing right there in front of him. He remembered when he'd come to Xavier's. They'd found him, Ororo and Scott. When he thought about it now he saw he owed them. Who knew what might have happened to Marie if they hadn't come to their rescue?

"I think we need to find her," Scott said.


Scott refrained from giving a sarcastic reply.

"Make sure she's okay," he said instead.

"So where do you think she is?" Logan asked, turning around and facing Scott.

"The professor says she didn't want anyone to know but I've a feeling your little Pep Squad can find out."

Pep Squad? Logan started to say something but caught himself. Scott was trying to help because he cared about Ororo and though he didn't like it he cared too. But involving the kids, he wasn't so sure about that.

"Something to think about," Scott said before he sauntered out.

If anyone knew Logan's so called Pep Squad they could be pretty sure the three girls were thinking the exact same thing Scott was.

"Okay, this is the plan," Jubilee said, her voice barley above a whisper as she, Marie, Kitty, John, Peter and Bobby sat in the room she shared with Kitty. "We've got to find Storm and bring her back where she belongs or make Logan go after her."

"That's an idea not a plan, how're you going to do all that?" John said.

"I think you should leave the man alone," Bobby said.

"Did we ask you?" Jubilee retorted.

"You don't understand, Bobby," Marie said. "Logan misses Ms. Munroe. He might not act like it but he does. I think he really loves her."

"How do you know that?"

"He sleeps in her room even though she's gone. I thought he was going to be with Callisto but he hasn't said anything about it. They're hardly ever together; in fact she's been spending all her time in the lab with Forge. It's obvious she doesn't love Logan and it's just as obvious he's stuck on Ms. Munroe," Marie said.

"What is it with all these mutants that they don't have last names?" John asked.

"Huh?" several of them said.

"Callisto, Forge, Logan, I mean haven't you ever wondered what they're last names are or if they don't have one why they don't? Like, isn't that just weird or am I the only one who thinks that?"

The others looked at him.

"What do last names have to do with anything?" Bobby demanded.

"I'm just saying is all."

"Getting back on track, you know, even if we want Miss. Munroe to come back she can't, you heard what the professor said, she's as bad off as Logan, neither of them can stay in the country," Bobby said.

"Well, you don't have to be so negative," Jubilee said.

"Bobby's right," Kitty said. "Unless we can find a way for both of them to become American citizen's it's probably pointless to keep plotting like this."

"Forge said he'd marry Storm," Marie said.

"Eww, don't remind me," Jubilee said, wincing at the memory. "So even if that happened what – you want Logan to marry that woman?"

"She isn't really as bad as I thought she was," Marie said.

"You're sleeping with the enemy so your opinion's worth nada, chica – nada. Anyone else got anything ideas?" Jubilee said, throwing her hand, palm up, straight into Marie's face.

"What're you mean?" Bobby asked.

"You haven't seen her chasing after Forge like they're best pals?"

Bobby stared with his mouth open.

"That's just stupid, Jubes. He's a teacher now so I talk to him about school things and stuff. He's not evil, he's not the devil and he's not the one we should be mad at," Rogue said.

"You don't think so? Well, Kitty tell her what you found out. She found out Forge and Valerie Cooper are old friends and once Forge saved Valerie from being fired and ever since then they've been real tight. In fact, they're so tight he's been calling her from here. Kitty found the records. What do you think they've been talking about, huh?"

"How would I know?"

"Storm! Forge doesn't want her to marry Logan don't you see that?"

"I think we made a big mistake," Marie said. "We should've left Storm out of all this."

"But Ms. Grey has Mr. Summers," Peter said.

"Well, maybe we didn't know Strom was seeing Forge, I mean really seeing him, but that's because he was always gone so it wasn't like he was committed to her or anything," Jubilee said.

"We're just trying to justify our mistake," Kitty said. "That doesn't cut it. We goofed up so we need to fix it and then we need to leave them alone and stop interfering in their lives."

"If we left them alone they'd never figure anything out for themselves! How long have Mr. Summers and Ms. Grey been going out? Like, forever and he still hasn't asked her to marry him yet," Jubilee said.

"She has a point," John said.

"Well, Mr. Summer's could use a clue I admit that," Kitty muttered in sullen agreement.

"So Marie since you're best pals with Forge go feel him out and I'll feel Logan out, Kitty you see if you can trace where Storm went to on the Internet and you boys go talk to that Cal person, see what you can find out about her, what she's up to okay?" Jubilee instructed.

The boys threw salutes at her, clicked their heels did an about face, which Scott had taught them by the way, then went off to do her bidding while Kitty grumbled under her breath and followed them.

"Forge really is nice," Marie said, hesitating a moment.

"And I'm sure you know where you can stuff that garbage. This is about helping Logan, remember him? And Ms. Munroe so can you, like just do what I asked?"

"Oh, all right."

Jubilee followed Marie out. She was sure she'd have to keep an eye on her but she had a more important job to do just then. Fortunately it wasn't hard to find her target. Logan was still starring out the window of his office. She sat down in the chair behind his desk and propped her legs up just as he had earlier.

"So, Storm's been gone a long time hasn't she?" she asked.

"I guess," he muttered.

"I miss her."


Jubilee perked up. "Was that yeah in like I do too or yeah as in a noncommittal grunt?"

"So where do you think she went?" Logan said, turning to look at her.

"Don't know but, hey maybe we should go find her and, like bring her back, huh?"

Turning back to the window Logan squinted out at the snow, flurries now, and he couldn't help grinning. It looked as if his Pep Squad was already on it. He should have known.

"Don't you think?" Jubilee insisted.

"Think what?"

"We should go get her."

"Don't know how you plan on doing that since she's as illegal as I'm gonna be in a few months."

"We should be able to do something."

"Looks like Forge is going to. Maybe you should talk to him." He stood up and looked at her hard then added, "Storm's a big girl, she'll be fine."

"I know that but she's our teacher just like you are, more or less . . ."

"Hey, I teach physical education and defensive combat."

"Right. So, we can't just leave her out there wherever she is. This is where she belongs."

"Maybe." He wasn't so sure. He'd been thinking about bringing her back after his talk with Scott but how?

"Don't you miss her even a little?"

Logan glared at her. He liked Jubilee, he even admired her spunk but he didn't like how she and the others kept their noses deep in his business all the time. The truth was he missed Ororo a lot more than he'd admitted even to himself. He missed seeing her, teasing her and hearing her quiet laughter. He didn't like the idea of her wandering around out there with her recent surgery. As often as he'd laid awake at night wondering about her he didn't think she was spending sleepless nights wondering about him. She'd tolerated him. She'd never wanted to marry him. Maybe she liked to flirt, he didn't know but it explained why she was always all over him. In the end what she did wasn't any of his business. It was too late for them. And yet he needed to know that she was okay. Where was she? He wanted to know that if nothing else and just maybe Jubilee could find out for him.

"You think you can find her?" he asked her.

"I thought you might have some ideas."

"Nope. Dead ends," he admitted. "Charlie won't talk." He didn't mention that he'd called the airlines but no one had a record of an Ororo Munroe or at least they weren't admitting it to him.

"Kitty can find out," Jubilee said though she refrained from telling him she'd already given Kitty that assignment.

"Well, have her look into it."

Jubilee gave a little excited squeal and hurried to see what Kitty might have found out. Logan still cared even though he was trying to act like he didn't. She was sure he was just trying to play big bad heartless Wolverine but she knew better.


While Jubilee went to find Kitty everyone else was searching for their targets. The boys, curious about the beauty that had come into their midst, already knew where they were most likely to find Callisto. She would either be in Logan's room or in Forge's lab or either walking over the grounds. They doubted it was the latter because Scott had curtailed her roaming around without an escort.

"There she is," Peter said pointing down the hall but Bobby quickly knocked Peter's arm aside.

"We don't want to look so obvious," he said.

"She's hot," John said. "Like on fire hot."

"I bet she's ice cold," Bobby threw in his two cents.

"Hello, Ms. Callisto," Peter hollered and waved.

Callisto was sitting in a chair outside the lab. She wore a short black dress and sheer black fish net hose that showed off her legs to their best advantage. Now she looked up and appraised the boys as they came up to her. Horny school boys she guessed, nothing she hadn't experienced before. She still hated it though. Perfect cute human looking mutant boys wanting her because she looked perfect and human just made her sick to he stomach and left her very unimpressed with the great Charles Xavier's school.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"So how long are you staying?" Bobby replied just as bluntly.

"Oh, I don't know, as long as I feel like it," Cal said feeling a little admiration for his ballsy spirit.

"So, how long have you known Logan?" John asked when he saw Cal give Bobby an interested look.

"Oh, I don't know, a long time. And, um, which one are you?"

"John. We met before."

"Fire boy."

"Pyro. It's Pyro."

"Fire Boy, Ice Boy and the Tin Man."

"I'm Ice Man."

"You're a boy therefore Ice Boy."

"And I'm not called Tin Man I'm Colossus."

"Oh, and that you are, aren't you, honey?"

"So, you and him are like – together?" John asked, not liking the turn the conversation had taken.

Callisto laughed at the pink flush that covered Peter's face.

"Why are you asking me all these questions? You aren't spies for that stick in the mud that wears those funny red sunglasses are you?"

"No!" The boys exclaimed.

"We just want to know if you're single," John threw in. "Are you?"

"That depends."

"So you would go out with someone if they asked?"

"That depends as well."

"How about going out with Petey here?" John said, jerking a thumb at Peter who turned even redder when Callisto looked him up and down nodding appreciatively.

"How old are you, Colossus?"

"I am – it doesn't matter how old I am," Peter said firmly.

"He's kind of seeing someone," Bobby said.

"Too bad."

"I – we're not seeing each other."

"He'd like to," John added. "How about you and me going out sometime?"

"You barely look sixteen."

"I'm older than that."

"He's sixteen and a half," Bobby laughed.

"What is it that you kids want?"

"We just want to know if you're going to help Logan."

"You know, kiddies only Logan can tell you that."


"Maybe you should talk to him if you want to know what his plans are."

"So then you're leaving?" John asked.

"One day."


"Possibly. Possibly not. Now go away little boys before I get nasty – you too, Colossus."

The boys shared a glance mixed with curiosity and indignation. Callisto turned her attention to her nails and after a few seconds of standing around looking at her studying her long red nails they left to find the girls. And as soon as they were out of sight Callisto got up and started pacing the hall. There were so many questions she had for Forge. It seemed as if every day over the past week she found more things she wanted to know. Luckily for her it wasn't long before Marie and Forge came down the corridor. She could hear Marie, another weak little mutant girl passing for human, talking, as if she were trying to convince Forge of something.

"He really is a sweetheart. He took care of me and he always comes back to see how I am."

"That's great," Forge muttered.

"But he's a loner you know? He doesn't take to people easily."

"Is that right?"

"He's hard to get to know but when you do he's your friend for life."

"Somehow I doubt Wolverine and I are going to be best friends, Marie."

"But he didn't mean to beat you up."

"He didn't beat me up."

They stopped in front of the lab, Forge looking angry and Marie flustered momentarily.

"That's what I heard," Callisto said.

Forge noticed her for the first time.

"Your boyfriend appears to be a liar."

"One thing Logan doesn't do is lie. He's can be an ass, a fool, and sometimes crazy but he's never been a liar."

"You would defend him."

"Logan's not crazy," Marie snapped. "I mean he's got a temper and he can't always control it but you don't know the things he went through."

"And how would you?" Callisto asked.

"I got his memories. They're old and faded now but I'll never forget the pain. He was trapped like an animal and they were experimenting on him. He doesn't talk about it. I don't' even think he remembers."

"Did you tell him what you saw?" Forge asked.

She looked down at her shoes and frowned. "I didn't think he'd want to talk about it. It's like stealing his memories. They don't know how much I take when I touch them. They think I act like the person I steal from but that's all they really know. I guess I was embarrassed to tell him everything."

Forge looked from Marie to Callisto who was starring at the girl with an odd look on her face. But Callisto wasn't his concern. Marie was revealing more about herself than he'd suspected and he could take advantage of that. At first he'd thought she was just a whiny spoiled brat he could use to get back at Logan but then his better sense kicked in and he figured he'd use her in a different way but now he wasn't so sure. She didn't have any self esteem at all therefore she would be easy to manipulate. Taking her powers away wasn't going to help her in that department. She'd feel even less special than she seemed to feel now. And she was sneaky too he saw. What if she had mentioned what he was attempting to do?


Charles never ceased to wonder how the children in his school could act the way they did when they all knew he could read minds. He didn't like to pry and seldom did but along with reading minds he had learned to read body signals, even the slightest. When Jubilee fidgeted and Marie kept looking downwards not meeting anyone's eyes they didn't realize they were telling him they were up to something. Having observed these signs most of the day he decided to find out for himself.

Sometimes he wished he had Kitty's powers or Sue Storm for the Fantastic Four's powers of invisibility or even that invisibility cloak the boy sorcerer had in that juvenile book the all kids were so crazy about. But instead he had his hover chair which whished through the air for anyone who was listening for it to hear. Today he was fortunate in that when he arrived at Kitty's room Logan, Scott and Jubilee were standing behind Kitty watching her fingers flying over her laptop. She switched from screen to screen so fast they couldn't keep track. Several Airline sites were pulled up as well as hotels and unbeknownst to Scott, Kitty had broken into a number of sites in her attempt to find her teacher.

"There's no record of an Ororo Munroe on any flight," she finally said.

"She drove then?" Logan asked, puzzled.

"All of the car's are still in the garage," Scott said.

"I've check all rental agencies. That leaves cabs and boats and buses and trains," Kitty said then she looked up and gave them an apologetic look. "It's gonna take me a while for that though."

"That's fine, take as much time as you need," Scott said.

"Appreciate it, kid," Logan said as he laid a hand on her shoulder and squeezed.

"When Ororo wants to get in touch with us I'm sure she will," Charles said.

The girls jumped a little startled by the professor's deep voice. Logan barely glanced at the man.

"What if she can't?" Scott asked.

"I don't see how she couldn't, Scott," Charles retorted and then in a softer tone – "She'll be fine, I have every faith in that. She needs time to sort out everything that's all. Give her that time."

"Professor, with all due respect sir I think there's more to this than meets the eye. I think we should go after her."

"Even if she requested no one should know where she is? Is that how you'd prove your friendship to her, Scott – Logan?"

"Scott's right," Logan said. "Something's fishy. We just want to know if she's all right."

"You haven't heard from her have you?" Scott asked, suddenly sure his mentor hadn't.

"She said she'd call when she's ready to come home."

"Except she can't come home," Jubilee said.

"This doesn't concern you child. This is between Ororo and me only. And I do have my own contacts in the government. I have someone working on this problem – both problems. If you would only trust me I believe everything will work out satisfactorily."

"It isn't a matter of trust, sir," Scott said.

"It's a matter of getting Ororo back," Logan said.

"I know!" Jubilee shrieked suddenly. "Check for the name N'Dare. That's her mother's name," she added when they all looked at her curiously.

"N'Dare," Logan repeated under his breath. There was so much he didn't know about her.

"Her mother was an African princess," Jubilee explained further. "Ororo's like, from a long line of royalty. I bet if she doesn't want to be found she used her mother's name."

"It's worth trying," Scott said.

It was only a few more minutes before Kitty looked up.

"No, no that didn't work. I'm sorry," she said with tears in her eyes.

"It's for the best," Charles said.

"For who?" Logan asked before he walked out.

"I'm sorry guys," Kitty said again before she got up.

"You tried," Jubilee said giving Kitty a funny look. She'd never seen Kitty almost ready to cry.

"Jubilee's right," Scott said before he went after Logan.

"I believe you girls are acting for the good of the school and for Ororo but I won't tolerate your disobedience again, is that understood?" Charles asked.

Both girls nodded. He could tell they were both repentant and satisfied with that he turned his chair around and sailed out of the room.

"She's in Kenya," Scott whispered as he and Logan walked down the hall.

"What? How . . . ?"

"Kitty just sent me a text message. Apparently she's really adapt at lying, something to consider in the future although I suppose this was for the greater good. You always learn something new here, take cell phones for instance. I guess allowing cell phones in the school isn't as bad an idea as I thought it was," he replied with a hint of a smile.

"She says Jubilee was right; Ororo used her mother's name." He looked at his phone reading another message. "Kitty found the hotel she's staying in. Oh. She wants to know are you going to bring her back?"

Logan nodded immediately. Maybe he hadn't been sure before but he was now. He was going to bring Ororo back where she belonged.

"Well, we have the weekend free. I'll see if Hank can come up and help Forge out. We'll tell them we're going camping or something."


"You know; male bonding experience kind of thing."

"They'll never believe that."

Scott actually chuckled. "No, I guess they won't. That means we'll have to come up with something feasible because you haven't learned how to fly a jet yet."