Warning: Language and mild slash.

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Note: I got the idea of Draco with curly hair from a story by Jitterbug called Obscene Obsession. It's really well written and I didn't steal anything except the hair idea, which isn't really that essential to the story. In this story however: It's everything. I really recommend reading Jitterbug's story because it's not written like any fic I've ever read before. It's NC-17 however so I'm not putting up a link because I don't want to get in trouble!

Note 2: I wrote this very quickly and it isn't betaed. So sorry for all the mistakes. This takes place in their sixth year I think. So forget HBP for a moment.


"You know what, Malfoy? I think your mouth needs a good cleaning!" Harry Potter stood out on the grounds with a slightly scared looking Draco Malfoy at his feet. The Slytherin had been hit by a Jelly-Legs jinx and had stumbled to the ground. He still had his wand in his hand, but he knew he wouldn't be able to raise it before he was hit by something even more horrid. Crabbe and Goyle, who had been told to stay out of it, stood surveying the scene with confusion. Ron and Hermione stood smirking rather Slytherin-like. The mouth reference Harry had made was because the whole duel had started when Draco had called Hermione a mudblood, apparently it was one time too many.

"Scourgify!" Harry yelled with a grin and the spell hit Malfoy right in the face, or actually closer to his forehead. Before anyone had time to guess what would happen Malfoy had dropped his wand and was trying to cover his head with his hands, something that proved to be quite impossible. Instead of the slicked-back platinum blond hair Malfoy usually kept in perfect condition, there was a head of very curly golden tresses. Malfoy looked about him in shock and horror, his head movements making several of the corkscrews fall into his eyes. Harry gaped at his rival, who now looked closer to a fallen angle on his knees. Ron, after the initial shock was over, burst into howling laughter, causing students nearby to come over and see what was happening.

"Bloody hell! He looks like… a girl!" Ron howled. Malfoy didn't seem to notice. He started crawling desperately towards his robe, which lay discarded in between Harry and himself.

"Accio robe," Harry said just before Draco's outstretched hand reached it, causing Ron to clutch his stomach as he laughed even louder. Draco looked up, wide eyes and almost pleading. Harry had never seen Draco like this. He couldn't keep his eyes off the blond who suddenly looked so innocent, and so perfectly kissable too with his loose tie and rumpled shirt. The sun was hitting the hair and for some reasons the curls reflected the light even more than the flat styled hair did before. Harry was sure he would go blind if he continued staring, but right then he didn't care.

"For fuck's sake, Potter! Give me my robe!"

"Don't do it, Harry! It's too damn funny!" Ron bellowed, though Harry didn't spare a glance at his friend. Hermione was looking back and forth between the two rivals. She hadn't laughed yet.

"Oh… please for the love of Merlin!" Draco pleaded, actually pleaded and Harry's eyes went even wider if that were possible. The Slytherin looked around and saw Zabini approaching. He turned around and crawled back to his wand, not trusting his legs yet.

"Accio gel!" He cried, trying to concentrate as much as possible on the magic hair gel in his room. He then slumped his shoulders and looked at the ground in a resigned manner. Harry thought he had never seen anything like it. He felt totally mesmerized by the sight of Draco Malfoy looking defeated and adorable at the same time, two words he would never have used to describe the blond just a moment ago.

"Draco? You have curls?" It was Crabbe that spoke, as if he had only now realized what he was looking at. Malfoy didn't move or say anything.

"Draco?!" Zabini came up from behind, not quite believing it was actually the Slytherin Prefect sitting on the grass in front of him. Draco lifted his head and looked at Zabini as the Slytherin came around to stand in front of him. "Since when do you have curls? Was it some kind of hex from Potter?"

"Ha! He wishes!" Ron was now in complete hysterics and was having trouble breathing. Draco, who would usually have hexed the boy a hundred times by now, didn't even seem to notice. He stood up, feeling his legs still at last.

"Leave me alone, Blaise," he said wearily, looking up at the castle longingly and hoping his spell had worked.

"Fuck, Draco? What do you do? Sleep with gel under your pillow so none of us will see you?" Blaise stared at his classmate in disbelief. The comment only served to make Ron laugh even harder, and it also managed to produce a few chuckles from Crabbe and Goyle of all people.

"Shut the fuck up!" Draco snapped, finally starting to look like a Malfoy again. "I will wear my hair however the fuck I want!" He glared at the now giggling Slytherins; even Blaise couldn't keep from smiling. He held out his hand suddenly, hearing a whooshing noise, and two seconds later a tube of magic gel was in his hand. He quickly squeezed some into his palm, pocketed the tube along with his wand, and spread the gel evenly over both his hands before running them once through his thick curls. As the gel was magic his hair was slicked back instantly. He then walked past Zabini and stood in front of Harry.

"Can I have my robe back now?" He said calmly. Harry didn't say anything, but handed it over while nodding mutely. Draco didn't wait a second longer and walked briskly towards the castle and his dorm. Everyone stood silently staring after him, Ron having finally stopped laughing.

"Merlin! I always wondered why he always puts gel in his hair," the redhead mused, a few last chuckles escaping. "That was brilliant Harry! Who would have known you could silence Draco Malfoy with a simple cleaning spell!?"

"Harry?" The boy in question turned and saw Hermione looking at him with a quizzical gaze. He shook himself out of his reverie.


"Nothing… Come let's go." The students parted without another word. Even the Slytherins seemed to be too shocked to say anything else. By the end of the day everyone had heard about Draco Malfoy's curly hair and the fact that he looked utterly girly, all mostly thanks to Ron. Harry didn't say much the rest of the day and during the night he dreamed of new ways to make Draco's hair curl.


When Draco came up from the dungeons and into the Entrance Hall everybody present turned to look. Many were disappointed to see that his hair was just like it had always been every day since the day he arrived at Hogwarts. Others snickered and some even laughed out loud and pointed. Draco tried to ignore them and held his head high as he walked into the crowd to get to the Great Hall.

"Draco!" The Slytherin stopped and visibly cringed as he heard Pansy's voice calling him. He turned as a man accepting his terrible fate to see the girl running towards him. "There you are! Have you been avoiding me?" Several students nearby snickered and waited to go to breakfast so they could watch how the scene played out. Had even the blond's girlfriend been kept in the dark about his hair? Pansy walked closer and gave Draco a hug, which was not returned and then stepped back to look at him. "Why didn't you tell me? I think you should wear it natural." She reached out and was about to touch Draco's hair, but the Slytherin jerked away.

"Don't touch me!"

"Oh, this will be good." Draco glanced over and saw that Ron was watching him with an amused grin. Harry and Hermione stood on either side of him, both wearing pensive looks. Draco felt anger bubbling inside him.

"Come on, honey. Just let me see what it looks like. Please?" Pansy wined.

"I'm not your honey! For Merlin's sake woman! We've been broken up for two months now and you have yet to tell anyone! I think I've been ever so fucking patient with you and let you have all the time you needed! I've had enough! This is crazy! Who cares about my bloody hair!" He stopped screaming and breathed heavily. Pansy looked like Draco had just turned into the Dark Lord and was putting the moves on her. She suddenly burst into tears and ran down the stairs to the dungeons. Draco sighed and closed his eyes. He knew everybody was staring because of the deadly silence around him. He wondered if they had all lost the power of speech. A battle was going on inside him. Slowly the students started making noises again. Some laughed, some started talking heatedly with each other and some just shrugged and entered the Great Hall. Draco opened his eyes and saw that the trio was still there, still staring. Even Ron had lost the ability to laugh. He sighed again.

"Oh, fuck it all," he said loud enough so they heard him and ran towards the dungeons after Pansy. The moment he was gone Ron stirred.

"Well, that was… entertaining," he said, still a bit shocked at the Slytherin's departure. He started making his way to the Great Hall, Hermione following without comment. Harry glanced over at the stairs leading to the dungeons.

"Listen… I just remembered I forgot my Transfiguration book. I'll go get it now so I don't have to do it after breakfast." He said hurriedly and left. Ron just shrugged, while Hermione wondered when Harry's schedule had changed to include Transfiguration on a Monday. Harry bounded up the stairs and into the first empty classroom. He took out his invisibility cloak, which he kept with him at all times because he never knew when he would need it, and spelled it big again. He slipped out of the classroom, invisible now, and made his way as quickly as possible to the dungeons.


Draco stood in the middle of the corridor, looking at Pansy a few feet away, sitting with her arms around her knees against the cold stonewall. Her sobs echoed off the walls, sending pangs of guilt through Draco. He took a few steps towards the girl and then stopped again, looking around as if trying to pull words of comfort out of thin air. He took a deep breath and walked over to Pansy, kneeling down in front of her.

"Pans… I'm sorry. I shouldn't have exploded on you like that. I was just so embarrassed over yesterday and…" At the end of the corridor the invisible Harry Potter came round the corner and started inching his way forward, trying desperately to keep as quiet as possible. "I'm really sorry that I told everyone we broke up." Draco continued, oblivious of the fact that they were no longer alone. "I understand if you want to hex me. In fact I'll allow it." He stood up and held his hands off to the side in defeat. "Go ahead. Any hex you want." Harry's eyes widened in surprise. He had never seen this side of Malfoy before. It was strange and exhilarating at the same time.

"I don't want to hex you, Draco," Pansy said in a small voice after her sobs died down. "I just… want you to like me." Draco sighed and kneeled down again, putting his hands on her knees.

"Oh, Pans, I do like you, but as a friend… Look. You know I'm not good at this stuff, but I really need you to forgive me and be my friend. You're the only one I've got."

"What about Crabbe and Goyle?" Pansy sniffed, not meeting Draco's eyes.

"Them? Ha. They don't have the brains of half a friend even if you put them together." This made Pansy chuckle a bit, encouraging Draco. "I'm sorry, again. Pans. You can tell everybody you broke up with me if you like?" Pansy finally looked up at her former boyfriend, eyes wide.

"You would let me do that?"

"Sure," Draco shrugged. "My reputation isn't exactly in the best shape as it is." Suddenly Pansy's look of hope deflated and she bowed her head again.

"They'd never believe me… why don't you like me Draco. In a romantic way I mean." Draco remained silent for a long moment, causing Pansy to look up at him. "Is it me?" She asked, sobs threatening to come again.

"No, God, no… I guess you deserve to know… The truth is I'm gay. I only went out with you to see if I could at least marry a girl eventually and produce an heir like it's expected of me, but unfortunately I'm really gay. I can't help it. I'm a poof, shirt-lifter, happy bottom-boy and all that." Pansy chuckled again, a bit louder.

"You're not just saying that to make me feel better?"

"Yeah. I'm telling you a secret that could literally get me killed if my father ever found out. Not to mention cement the image of me as a closet girl with curls and everything."

"He's not going to find out. I'm not going to tell anyone. I swear." Pansy's eyes were full of sincerity. Draco smiled at her.

"Thanks… come on." He stood up and helped her up after. They stood in a slightly awkward silence for a few moments. "Forgive me?" Draco said, trying to look innocently at her. Suddenly a very Slytherin-like grin spread across her face, causing Draco's insides to squirm a little.

"I'll forgive you if… you let me see your curls."

"How did I know you were going to say that?"

"Pleeeease, Draco? It's just me. You best friend," Pansy wined again. Draco sighed, and looked up and down the corridor just to be safe.

"I'm way too nice sometimes," he said. Pansy squealed and jumped up and down, clapping her hands.

"Oh, I bet you look so cute!"

"Yeah, yeah. Keep your voice down will you? I can't believe I'm doing this," Draco mumbled while taking out his wand. Pansy stood with rapt attention as he pointed his wand to his head and muttered the spell. Instantly his curls fell about his face, making him look just as angelic as the first time.

"Wow," Pansy said almost reverently as she reached out and touched the silky tresses. When Draco gave no sigh of protest she moved closer and placed both her hands in his hair. "It's so soft," she whispered. Draco snorted.

"This is all Potter's fault."

"Everything is always Potter's fault," Pansy said as she walked around Draco to look at him from every angle, her hands never leaving his hair.

"Yeah, but this time it really is his fault. I mean who in the world throws a cleaning spell in the middle of a duel?" Draco let his eyes fall shut as he started to enjoy the feel of someone playing with his hair, something no one had ever done before.

"Potter this, Potter that. Potter, Potter, Potter. I swear you hardly talk of anything else. Even when we were together you-" Pansy suddenly stopped moving and Draco's eyes snapped open. He tensed as she removed her hands slowly from his hair. She walked around him equally slowly and stood before him. Draco's breathing was becoming increasingly erratic. The moment their eyes met Pansy gave another loud squeal.

"I knew it!" she cried. "That is so-"

"Terrible! Now please be quiet!" Draco took hold of her shoulders to keep her from jumping up and down. He checked to see if they were still alone and then looked her in the eyes, a very serious expression on his face. "Listen, Pansy. You can't let that information slip or I'm a dead man. If my father found out that I'm not only gay, and therefore unwilling to carry on the family name, but in love with his most hated enemy? Someone I'm supposed to look at as my enemy too? I'm supposed to join the Death Eaters soon, Pansy. I can't get out of it. I have to do what my father wants."

"If the Dark Lord told you to commit suicide for no reason would you do it?" Draco frowned in confusion.


"Draco, I'm not one to deny that I dislike muggle-borns, but I'm not ready to become something that horrible. Some things you just don't do, no matter who tells you to do it! You don't have to do anything. The problem with You-Know-Who is that it's all or nothing. Either you do everything he wants or nothing at all. And since he's clearly off his rocker I for one am not signing up."

"Pansy… are you serious?"

"Yes. Potter may not be a favourite of mine, but I'm a hopeless romantic. I think you should tell him. If you love him then that's all that matters."

"It's not that simple Pans."

"Yes, it is Dray." Draco let his hands fall from Pansy's shoulders. He looked at the ground and spoke in a small voice.

"He hates me."

"Well, you can't exactly blame him can you?" Draco didn't say anything to this and Pansy took pity on him. She sighed and placed her hands on his shoulders. "You boys. Always treating the one's you like badly. He'll forgive you. Hell, I forgive you and I'm in love with you even if you do always treat me like crap." Draco's eyes shot up to meet hers. Pansy was quite shocked to see them starting to fill with tears, and along with the curls Draco looked like a completely different person. Her breath hitched when she beheld the sight before her.

"God, Pans, I'm so sorry."

"Not you fault, Dray. I'll get over it. I'm your friend and you need help so I'm going to help. One thing I have to ask because I can't help you get into Potter's pants if you don't answer me truthfully… are you going to become a Death Eater?" Draco looked down the corridor to his left, looking almost directly at Harry even though he didn't know it.

"I… I'm scared."

"I know. We all are."

"I can't disobey my father." Pansy sighed and removed her hands. For a long while they just stood there, close but not touching. "But I want to." Pansy looked searchingly into Draco's eyes. She opened her mouth to speak, but someone else took the words right out of her mouth.

"Then do it. We'll help you." Both Slytherins turned to see Harry Potter standing in front of them with a determined look on his face. "I'll protect you." He said as if it was the most natural thing in the world to say to your rival. He stepped forward, breathing heavily and absolutely sure his heart beat could be heard in the Great Hall, and ran his fingers tentatively through the beautiful head of curls. Draco's eyes fluttered closed when he felt the touch. He leaned into it and Harry stepped forward again to get a better reach.

"Harry…" Draco whispered, causing the other boy's skin to shiver at the sound of his name.

"You're so beautiful," Harry said before he could stop himself. He couldn't have removed his hand from those curls for anything. He didn't even notice Pansy's silent retreat down the corridor, standing at the end and watching, just to make sure everything worked out of course. "How come you never wore your hair like this before?"

"I… I thought you'd laugh at me. Blond isn't exactly a colour that screams evil, powerful Malfoy. My father for some reason can make the look scary even with long hair, but curls… not even the Dark Lord himself could make this kind of hair look scary." Harry chuckled softly, moving even closer until their chests were almost touching. Draco opened his eyes and almost melted when he saw those wide green eyes looking at him with something akin to aw.

"I never thought you looked scary, and I never wanted you to. And… I didn't laugh. Because you're perfect like this. You should always look like this… at least when we're… alone." Draco was sure he had stopped breathing. Harry smiled at the shocked look on the boy's face and leaned in, never taking his hand out of the blond curls. Their lips met so softly it was barely a kiss. Harry waited for Draco to press his lips more firmly against his before he placed his other arm around the slightly smaller boy's waist. They melted against one another, both delirious because of all the explosive feelings inside them. Down at the end of the corridor a Slytherin smiled triumphantly, but the kissing couple didn't notice.

"Good luck, Harry. You're going to need it. Draco is very high-maintenance. I speak from experience," she whispered before disappearing around the corner, leaving the still kissing couple to themselves.


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