Tantomile's tale.

Tantomile stretched and looked around, the weak winter sun was shining through the leaves of the tree she was lying under with her brother. It was late afternoon and getting dark in the junkyard. Tantomile was bored, all Coricopat had done that day was sleep and right now was no exception. It was times like these that she wished she was less shy, but she had always stuck with her twin brother and paid little attention to the rest of the tribe. She shouldn't have, it was boring.

Demeter and Bombalurina were sat nearby engrossed in conversation. Tantomile yawned and sat up; a tom called Tumblebrutus was practicing acrobatics off the large tyre. She wondered whether it was to impress Demeter or Bombalurina or both. It never would have crossed her mind that he was trying to impress her, because she was Tantomile and no toms tried to impress her.

Tumblebrutus finished his back flip and landed securely on his paws. He looked up to see whether she had noticed and felt his stomach copy the back flip, she was looking straight at him! He looked quickly down at the ground, then slowly back up but she had turned away. Tumble gave up and walked off.

He saw his friend Pouncival chatting to Etcertra and waved. Pouncival called him over and was shot a disgusted look by his companion. Tumble smiled as she marched past him, "You've just blown your chances with her." He said jumping onto an old chair.

Pouncival shrugged,

"She'll be back, as soon as Tugger's flirting with Bomb."

"Isn't that an everyday occurrence?"

"Every hour more like. Anyway how's life?"

Tumble smiled, Pouncival always had a way of making him feel relaxed, which was strange because he was quite hyper really. "Boring, nothing ever happens round here."

Pouncival nodded in agreement, "What you need is a queen."

Tumble snorted.

"How would you know?"

The younger tom shrugged, caught out.

"What about Electra? She's alright and she's got her eye on you."

Tumble pulled a face, "She's too young for me."

"Only by a year!"

Tumble started to get bored of this conversation. Yeah Electra was okay she had a great personality and was good looking but there wasn't anything there. Tantomile was different she had an air of mystery about her which he found intriguing. He'd never spoken to her really but he knew he wanted to it was just a question of when and how and probably where as well.

"Fine, tell me all the queens your age then." Pouncival stirred him from his thoughts. Tumble considered it; it was one of those situations that you had to play it cool and not make it too obvious who you've got in mind.

"Erm... Well there's Demeter."

"If you want to fight Munk for her that's fine, but I'd advise you to make your will first."


"Would you do that to your friend?" Pouncival's eyes widened.

"Fine, Rumpleteazer."

"Yeah that's a good choice because Mungojerrie recently vanished into thin air."

Tumble rolled his eyes and pretended to think hard.

"Tantomile." He said in a small voice. Pouncival looked up surprised,

"You've got to be kidding?"

"No. What's wrong with her?" Tumble started to feel slightly angry and Pouncival noticed it.

"Nothing... unusual choice that's all."

Tumble jumped off the chair and strolled away, that's why he liked her, because she was unusual.

A.n: This is my first chaptered story and I wasn't too sure about it. Don't ask why I'm going to put Tantomile with Tumble 'cos i don't know myself... But they're the two t's so it sounds cute i guess and i like Tumble's random brown eye-patch thingy.

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