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Why, oh why, he asked himself, had he fallen asleep on the Astronomy Tower? He supposed the lack of sleep last few weeks had finally caught up to him and he had just, for lack of a better description, crashed. The nightmares were steadily getting worse and the pain in his scar had been burning for weeks. The cool night air seemed to help him relax enough to sleep, hence the situation he was in.

He was jarred from his restless slumber when he found himself lying on the floor staring up at the star filled night sky. Rolling off the edge of a parapet where you had previously been asleep was enough to waken anyone. HA!, Lucky for him that he had fallen into the Tower and not out of it, he laughed at himself mockingly. What's a few more bruises? Just add them in with the rest.

Groaning and stretching, he picked up his cloak and left to make his way back to the Gryffindor common room. He was not sure he could answer any questions this late at night, hopefully, his friends were already in bed. Besides, he didn't want to worry them, and answers were few and far between right now. He could really do without all the nagging as well.

Before leaving the Tower, he stopped to listen carefully for any indication that Filch and his tattle-tale feline, Mrs. Norris, were out for a late night prowl, eager to hand out detentions. Kwikspell not withstanding, you'd think the barmy git would have a hobby, or something to pass his time, other than slinking around the halls in the dead of night in search of stray students.

Not hearing a sound, he put on the invisibility cloak and stepped into the dungeon corridor. He had been walking for only a few minutes when he heard voices coming from an empty classroom. Drawing his invisibility cloak tighter around himself, he crept closer to listen. The voices were coming out of the Potions classroom, and that meant one of those voices belonged to none other than the most hated professor here at Hogwarts...Professor Snape.

Cursing the fate that had placed him here at this particular moment in time, he was about to walk on when he heard the name 'Voldemort'. Although he knew that Snape was a double agent working against Voldemort, he did not know that there was any one else at the school doing the same. He didn't recognize the other voice, but he could tell from the tone that the person speaking held no love for the creature Tom Riddle had become.

Bloody hell, I'm tired, he thought, but his feet would not move on until he found out who the other speaker was.

Trying to make no sound, he squeezed through the opening left by the partially closed door and into the classroom. He was shocked by what he saw.

It was Malfoy! A bruised and bloody Malfoy at that. What in bloody hell was going on here? Why was the greasy git just standing there? Why didn't he help him? He went to throw off his cloak and reveal himself when Malfoy starting speaking.

Harry gasped when he heard what Malfoy was saying. A gasp that was thankfully covered up by the sound of his hated enemy's grief.


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