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Pairing: Harry/Draco so this is SLASH.

Summary: Harry Potter- novelist, historian…..hit wizard?



Potter, Harry Potter

Indiana Jones. You may have heard of him? If not he's the Muggle, excuse me-must be politically correct here- non-Magical, version of me. Where they got the idea from I haven't yet figured out but the coincidences are just too many to believe that someone didn't have prior knowledge. When I find out--well let's just say that I am not a hit wizard for nothing.

But this story doesn't have anything to do with being a best selling novelist, a revered historian, or even a hit wizard. This is about the most harrowing and life changing event that has ever happened to me. His name was Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. And he was a GOD.

Straight blonde hair that caught light even when there was none present. Piercing blue eyes so bright that the sky on a calm cloudless day was put to shame. Tall, but I am only 5' 11 so most people are taller than I am; he stood 6'2 at the very least. Long limbs that I wanted wrapped around me so tightly that I would be afraid of smothering. Oh, and straight. Very, very straight. He always seemed to have a different girl hovering over him each week.

In short, a blond haired, blue eyed GOD that would never look at mousy, messy haired, glasses wearing, me.

He's also my boss.

I know, it sucks to be me. I have managed, barely I think, to NOT let him know my true feelings. But now I have no choice. You see, he was kidnapped today. He and that latest simpering blond bimbo. So, now, I have to go save him…and my sanity. I think after this I may take a sabbatical or something. I deserve it, don't you think?


"For God's sake, Harry!" Ron Weasley, Auror and best friend to one freaking out Harry Potter, yelled. "Shut up!" Harry snapped his mouth closed. "Sit down!" Harry sat. "Now…start over again in a manner that I can understand."

Drawing a deep breath Harry started speaking again although this time less frantically and after he had stopped spinning from jumping out of the Floo Network before actually being able too. Hands flying in the air in his agitation, Harry babbled. "Draco's been kidnapped. Sylvia too, though I don't care about her. Note said I had to find the Founder's Key. Also, said that they knew! Knew what I can only guess too. I think it has to do with Draco. Oh, God! You don't think he knows, do you? I would be so mortified. I'd have to quit. Go into hiding or something-"

Laughter behind him made him stop speaking and slowly move his head around to see who was making such a disrupting noise. His other best friend, Hermione Granger, also an Auror, was standing at the door, arms crossed and laughing at him. He growled.

"Oh shush, Harry." She said as she walked the rest of the way into the room, her dark blue Auror's robes swishing behind her. "You sound like a frantic little old lady who can't find her cat."

Harry bristled. He did not! "Do not." He pouted.

Hermione shook her head at him. "Note?" Ron said to get them both back on track. They would both go off on a tangent if he didn't. He had sat in this office plenty of times listening to them to know when it was going to start.

Harry patted down his chest, pushing his plain black robe aside, to reach in and draw out a crumpled note. With a shaking hand he passed it over to Ron. Pulling his wand and furrowing his brow in concentration, the red-head cast spell after revelling spell on the small piece of paper. Hermione started writing as soon as he started speaking and Harry watched frantically as his two best friends worked seamlessly together. He pushed down his jealousy at their closeness and waited.

"Plain paper, nothing remarkable about it. Ink too, gel pen propably. Muggle? No, then why ask for the Founder's Key? There is no smell, oil, markings, or tears that would tell us who wrote this note. I think it was another Wizard."

"A Wizard? But I live and work in Muggle London. I haven't been back to the Wizard world, except to see you guys and odd jobs, since I graduated Hogwarts."

"Well, it seems to me that someone wants you back here Harry." Hermione said as she re-read her notes.

"Someone who knows your feelings for Draco and is going to use them to their own advantage."

"Who though? No one but the Headmaster would benefit from finding the Founder's Key."

"The descendents would benefit too, Harry."

"Descendants! Ah, shit!" Harry sighed.



"His own son?"

"Who he disowned."

"Point taken."

"I'll check the records at Azkaban. See who visited him last."

"I'll check Malfoy's apartment."

"I'll- well what do I do?"

"You need to go to work. See if you can find any evidence of foul play there. Come back here after that, okay Harry? Don't go running off by yourself this time."

"Hermione! I'm a hit wizard not a child."

"A hit wizard who is not thinking clearly is a child."



"Would you two stop it and get going!" Ron snapped.

Harry and Hermione grinned at each other as they stood to leave. Harry felt much better now that he knew that his friends were going to help him. He had been frantic and desperate and so very afraid and now he was calm and had fallen into the frame of mind that got him through some of the roughest times of his life. Of course, then, he hadn't been this afraid.


Here, is a new one. I do not have the first clue as to how long this is going to be or what is going to happen. I plan on winging it!!!