Note: I thought of the first line and decided to write from there, and this fic-start spawned. So I have very little planning, blah blah blah, things may be a bit jumbled until I get a clear idea of what's going to happen. But with any luck, no one will notice! This may or may not end up as an AU, depending on if I combine it with another fic idea I had. Title may change too, if I think of something better.

Also, feel free to point out any mistakes or other such; I wrote this late and haven't dared try my finicky spell checker on it for fear of freezing the compy again. Hope you enjoy the first chapter!

Not Happy
Chapter 1
By: Amrita Glittersong

Anakin Skywalker was not a happy Jedi.

Of course, this wasn't a surprise. Anakin was only really happy hen he was fixing something, eating, sparring, or causing trouble, and at the moment he was doing none of those things.

In fact, he was doing something terrible. Something so terrible, in fact, so dreaded and so horrifying that initiates tormented each other with the very thought of it.

Anakin Skywalker was meditating.

Or appearing to, at least. While most erant teenagers all over the galaxy were sent to their rooms to think about what they'd done upon doing something they shouldn't, Jedi-in-training were sent to meditate. Just like their non-force-sensitive counterparts, however, they never actually thought about what they'd done. Instead, they sulked, made fun of the masters behind their backs, or congratulated themselves on whatever michief they'd caused.

Anakin fell into that last group. He was actually quite amused at that particular moment, and rather proud of himself. He always liked tormenting the council whenever he and Obi-Wan were called to a meeting, either by being generally annoying or purposefully pushing their buttons. This time, he'd managed to annoy Mace Windu to the point that the Korun Masterhad actually lost his temper and shouted a few choice words Anakin had never expected to hear from any Jedi other than himself.

This was immediately followed by shock from most of the council and giggles from the more daring members, and subsequently followed by Mace throwing Anakin and Obi-Wan out of the council chambers with the promise of talking about Anakin's behavoir at a later time.

Anakin found this all quite funny, really, and certainly the highlight of the past few days. Every other meeting he and his master were called to were about his 'behavior', so he wasn't really fazed. He'd gotten used to said meetings, and was wondering when the council would just give up on them. They always came to the same conclusion, after all; that Anakin needed to work on his respect for authority. As though this was news to anyone.

Obi-Wan did not find this nearly so amusing or casual as his padawan. Anakin could sense Obi-Wan stalking around the kitchen even from his place in his room, the Knight's usually calm aura stormy and dark. Well, more like drizzly and sort of grey, actually; Anakin wasn't sure Obi-Wan was capable of stormy and dark. At any rate, he was unhappy, and that was the only thing Anakin felt even vaguely guilty about. The council, after all, could stand to lighten up; if they did, they wouldn't get so offended all the time. The same could be said of Obi-Wan, but then again Obi-Wan had to deal with him most of the hours of every day, so Anakin was willing to recognize he might deserve a bit more slack than the council.

Deciding he wasn't getting anywhere on his meditation, never mind the fact that he'd never really tried in the first place, Anakin stood from his place ont he floor and left his room to find Obi-Wan sulking at the table with a cup of tea in his hands. Anakin sat down across from him.

Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow at the appearence of his apprentice. "I don't remember telling you that you were done with your meditation."

"That's because you're going senile in your old age, master." Anakin told him promptly, grabbing a muja fruit from the table and smirking a bit.

Obi-Wan just sighed. "Anakin, disrespect is what got you into trouble in the first place."

"True." Anakin admitted with a nod as he considered the fruit. "But you have to admit, master, that Master Windu's reaction was pretty funny. He didn't learn that language from me."

"Because your language is always so refined?" Obi-Wan asked dryly, a hint of humor creeping into his voice.

"Exactly." Anakin said, deciding he didn't want the muja fruit after all. "I'm the epitomy of well spoken."

"When you wish to be, which is unfortunatly not often." Obi-Wan commented, sighing again. He looked across the table at his padawan. "Anakin, I am serious. You can't continue to bait the council this way, especially Master WIndu. You have already had more thsn your share of allowances for your behavior. Eventually, they will cease to put up with it."

Anakin snorted, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms. "What are they going to do? They've already made it clear that now that I'm here, they have no intention of getting rid of their precious 'chosen one', so I heave to worries about being expelled over something as minor as this." His voice was bitter, as it often was when he spoke of the prophecy he was believed to be a part of. But it was true; the council had given him far more leeway than any other padawans, especially the other senior padawans, and Anakin could see no reason for it besides the prophecy.

"Anakin-" Obi-Wan began, frowning slightly, before he was cut off by the sound of his comlink beeping. "Kenobi." He said, answering.

"Obi-Wan, you and Anakin are to report to the council immediately." Mace Windu's voice was clear to both people in the room, and it seemed the Jedi Master had calmed down and was back to beusiness.

"We will be there shortly." Obi-Wan told him as they ended the communication. He stood up, putting on his robe. "You heard, Anakin. Try not to get us thrown out this time."

Anakin almost laughed at the tone of long-suffering, but managed to refrain. He stood as well, gathering his cloak, and followed his master out the door.

A few minutes later, they were once again in the council chamber. Mace Windu looked serious, staring intently at them and obviously the one leading this particular meeting. As Anakin looked around, he noticed the other members of the council seemed almost... Apprehensive? And Yoda, if Anakin was not mistaken, was looking at them with something akin to sympathy. That didn't bode well.

Obviously, Obi-Wan had noticed as well, and Anakin could feel the anxiety clearly through their bond. Anakin frowned; there should be nothing worth concern in this meeting, from Obi-Wan or the other council members. After all, Anakin already knew how it was going to go. He was going to get a long and terribly boring lecture, then would be given some menial task to complete and be told to never smart off to Master Windu again. Same as always. Nothing to be concerned about.

He was feeling a little less sure as Mace began to speak. "Anakin Skywalker, your disrespect and utter disregard for authority has gotten out of hand. This behavior has been going on for some time now, more or less all of your time with the Jedi, and obviously the lessons have not been sinking in. Now Anakin was beginning to get slightly concerned. Thr words were similar to the usual, but he couldn't help feeling that would change. Mace was seriously annoyed this time.

"It has become apparent that something more needs to be done. Your insolence may be mostly harmless here at the Temple, but in any other situation it could have serious consequences. Anakin, you have proven time and again that you have no regard for orders, no matter the situation or who they come from. Apparently, your master is failing in teaching this lesson."

Obi-Wan seemed momentarily shocked at the sudden change in attention towards him, and anger flared up in Anakin at the same time. It took everything he had to keep it mostly off his face, though more than a little edged into his voice. "Hey, it's not-"

"Enough, Anakin." Obi-Wan said, sounding as calm as ever even though Anakin could easily feel his unease. The padawan was about to continue his protest, but decided to heed the order, as this was exactly what had gotten him, and Obi-Wan, into what was apparently more serious trouble this time.

Obi-Wan turned his attention back to the council, Mace in specific, and his tone was slightly strained as he addressed him. "Master Windu, if you have an issue with my training of Anakin that you wish to discuss-"

"I don't. A decision has already been reached." Mace interrupted. He sighed, steepling his fingers and looking as though what he was going to say pained him a bit. He leaned forward to continue only a moment later, though. "As this is an ongoing problem, which seems to be incapable of being solved in the current state, we have no choice but to change it. Anakin Skywalker, you are being reassigned and will be my padawan until this issue can be resolved."

Obi-Wan made a choking noise, and Anakin just stared at Mace like he'd grown an extra head. Oh yes, Anakin was NOT a happy Jedi.