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Chapter 1

A Dream and a New Life

He had covered himself with his bed sheets, desperately trying to muffle the sound from outside. Both his hands covered his ears while tears poured endlessly down his small cheeks. His brother had told him to stay in his room no matter what he heard, saw, or didn't hear. Since then, all he heard were screams, loud-shrinking screams. All were coming from outside his bedroom and outside his home. He was scared and confused because most of those screams sounded familiar and it puzzled him, why were they screaming? It scared him because he didn't know why. There were sounds of things being sliced and things being torn into tiny pieces and the more he tried not hearing them, the more he realized that those things were people. They were the one's making those sounds and it made his skin crawl.

"Aniki," eight year old Sasuke whispered from under his sheets.

Night fell; he sensed it and he still hadn't moved from under the sheets. It was quiet, too quiet, but every now and then he would hear a muffled cry from outside and he would try to cover his ears harder. He didn't want to hear another sound that would indicate the worst. That maybe…

There were footsteps coming up the stairs. Sasuke cringed and covered his ears again just in case. His door slide opened and the footsteps got closer. His own body shook as he could almost feel the presence above him. Then he heard a voice.

"Sasuke." It was his brother, Itachi. Unknowingly to Sasuke, Itachi eyes glowed red in the dark.

Jumping from under his covers, Sasuke ran straight to his brother and gave him the most endearing hug his small body could muster. He felt tears form in the back of his eye lids and could feel his heart race as he hugged his brother. He was happy to finally see his brother and have someone near him, but something felt different. He lifted his head from off his brother's chest and searched for answers.

"Aniki, what happened? Why was there so much screaming? Why…" a lump in his throat stopped him from speaking any further. He buried his head into his brother's chest and cried.

Itachi felt as though it was time to end this and show his brother the real reason for why he kept him for last. He reached and grabbed his brother by his upper arms and pulled him away. He then turned to leave out the room, but not before he turned his head a little, to the side, and told his brother to follow him. Sasuke was more than happy to follow his brother anywhere.

They reached their parent's room and Itachi slide open the door and what Sasuke saw took his breathe away. Both his parents were in the middle of their room on their knees, tied by the wrists and ankles behind their backs, and gagged with a cloth. Sasuke found himself frozen, unable to move, just from the sight of it. Itachi, on the other hand, just stepped into the room and walked around his parents, like they were nothing. He stopped behind them and then looked up to his little brother.

His mother was crying, her soft face was red and puffy from it, but his father had a stern face, a face of confidence and of deep strength. Sasuke stared at him the most. It was the only thing keeping him from looking at his mother's weeping face. He couldn't handle to see her face right now, not like that.

He didn't notice that Itachi had move to pull out a katana. Its sharp edge flickered from the moon and showed off the blood that dripped from it. With one swing, he cut off his mother's head. Her body went limped and slowly fell in front of her husband. His father didn't flinch; he just kept his eyes on Sasuke, his face still stern.

Itachi moved behind his father and knelt. He brought the sword in front of his father's neck and a small smile appeared on Itachi's face. His eyes watching Sasuke, making sure he was seeing everything. Then with quick work of the sword, he slit his father's throat, and watched as he slowly died, falling forward until his life dissipated.

Sasuke watched as his father slumped on top of his mother's body; both lied motionless in a pool of blood.

Nothing was making sense. Why did his brother just kill their parents? What made him do it? Why wasn't he moving? This couldn't be his brother, not the brother he knows…knew. He couldn't be the one who loved his family and the one who taught him how to use kunai knives and shurikens. No, it couldn't be possible, it couldn't….

He felt someone slap him across the face, snapping him out of his stupor. Falling on his back, he saw his brother standing over him. Then everything snapped: the screaming, the slicing noises, and his parent's death. It all hit him at once and he started to crawl away from his brother on his hands and knees into the dark hallway, but he didn't get far as he felt his shirt from behind being grabbed and pulling him onto his feet. Then he felt a sharp, excruciating pain being punched into his abdomen by a large fist. He went limped from both pain and over-exposure to the unreasonable. Itachi carried him back into their parent's room and dropped him on the floor next to his parent's bodies without a care in the world.

Sasuke felt like he wasn't there. Something inside of him felt broken, taken away, but he couldn't figure out what. This wasn't what he was supposed to see, not by his brother's hands and certainly not at his young age. He knew that, because it was tearing him apart on the inside, it was killing him slowly. How could this have happened?

Itachi picked up his sword he had dropped earlier to apprehend his brother. This was easier than what he had thought it would be. He'd at least thought his otouto would put up a fight, but he took him down with just the smallest of effort and now he would finish him.

Itachi stopped suddenly to watch his little brother. Sasuke just laid there, eyes turned inward, focused on his parent's corpses. Pathetic, to be so weak at such an age was hopeless, Itachi thought; he couldn't believe they came from the same family. How could he call him self an Uchiha?

Straddling his little brother's legs, Itachi placed the sword above his brother's small neck. Watching as Sasuke turned his small head towards him, eyes filled with hurt, Perfect. He readied himself, turning the tomoe of his Sharingan, to remember every detail, he's already pressing the sword on to the small neck under him, but something stopped him.

It was a small voice, "Aniki…Why," tears fell from the younger Uchiha's eyes. Then those eyes realized the sword and his brother's position. "Please, don't. I don't what to die." Sasuke reached for his brother's vest and balled his small fingers around it. "Please don't kill me. I want to live….I…want to…live."

In an instant, Itachi was off of him.

"Pathetic, worthless, little brother," Itachi said in a simple voice. "You beg for life and you want to become a shinobi. A shinobi doesn't fear death, they face it…embrace it. I should kill you now and save the academy from an embarrassment like you."

Those words broke something else inside of Sasuke, coming from him. They never did coming from the other Uchihas who spoke of similar words, even when his father spoke those words. He looked up into his older brother's eyes and saw hatred.

Too much, too much in one day, and one night, it was suffocating. Sasuke had to leave, to get away from the smell, the sight, from him. He had to and he did. In one quick motion, Sasuke was out of the room, into the hallway, down the stairs, into the kitchen, and out the back door.

Bodies were everywhere, but he didn't stop to look at them. He wanted out and he could only do that by leaving out the compound and as far away from him as humanly possible.

He could see the gate, just a few more steps and he was out, but as his small hands reached out to open the gates, his brother appeared in front of him. The sudden appearance had Sasuke falling backward and onto the ground. His brother held up the sword above his head, eyes showing nothing. In quick skillful work, Itachi brought the sword down and….

A boy with black hair and the same color of eyes sat up in bed. Sweat dripped down his young teenage body and his heart was racing. His mouth was open in a scream that never came; it was left in the back of his throat. He clenched his bed sheets with a death grip that turned his knuckles white.

Suddenly his bedroom door opened and a woman of around late thirties rushed into the room and hurriedly cuddled the young boy in her arms.

"Breathe, you're safe now. No one will hurt you. Come on breathe." The boy in her arms started to calm down. "That's it, breathe. It's alright; I'm here now, mommy's here."

A man appeared by the door, also in his late thirties, watched the scene under tired eyes.

"The same dream, son," the man asked. The boy just stared off into nothing, still shaken up by his nightmare.

"Why don't you lie back down, while your father and I go get you some water, okay," the woman asked as she helped the boy to lie back down. She placed a kiss upon his pale forehead before she and her husband left the room. They went into the kitchen where the woman grabbed a cup and ran some cold water into it from the sink. Her husband leaned on the counter and crossed his arm.

"Ayame, his dreams are coming back… and after four years."

"I know Kiyoshi, but they left him then and they will leave him now. It just takes time."

"Yeah, but four nights in a week, I can't keep losing sleep like I use to. I have a job to get to early in the morning. I can't lose this one like I did the last one."

"I know, but Shin needs us. He can't do this alone. We're his only support he's got." She started to cry. She was tired too, but the boy needed her more and she wasn't about to give up on him. It's just that she didn't know how to fix it, when the boy himself doesn't know what's wrong with him, his self. Her husband sighed and embraced her in his arms. She cried on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Ayame. It's just that we need the money and I need to support this family." He paused, a smile formed on his face. "You know, I love you, both of you and there is nothing in this world that will change that."

"I know and I'm sorry too." She lifted her head and chastely kissed her husband on the lips. "Come on, lets go give Shin his water. He should have calmed down by now." She took her husband's hand and they walked back to their son's room. Upon entering, they noticed that he was fast asleep; the covers halfway off the bed and half covering his legs.

Ayame put the cup of water on his night stand and picked up the covers half on the floor. She brought it up to his neck and tucked it under him.

She brushed his black bangs away from his face and kissed his pale forehead.

"Goodnight, Shin. Sweet dreams."

They stayed by the door for a few moments, just watching their blessed son sound asleep. They were glad to have him, no matter what his past was like. They knew he was safe with them now and no one will take him away.

Closing his door they left to go to their room to go back to sleep, or at least get some rest until the next set of nightmares woke their son.

After his bedroom door was closed, the young boy opened his eyes from his pretend sleep. He didn't know where or why those dreams keep coming. They seem so real and the reality of it all was terrifying. He even felt as though he was this "Sasuke" person and that he once had a life with a powerful clan, but it all seemed too unreal. There was no way he was an Uchiha. He has a mother and a father, they're not dead and he has no brother. His dreams couldn't be real, no, they just weren't.

For some reason he keeps telling himself that and finding it harder to believe.

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