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Looking Through Deception: Part 2


Kakashi finally stopped, his back still facing the boy who, which even surprised him, was still following him and stuck his hand into his weapon holster, pulling out the last and only kunai knife he brought with him.

They had collected as many of the kunais they could carry when they left from their last attack and where Kiyoshi had got hurt, but it was just one kunai Kakashi needed with him for what he was about to do.

He found it strange that his hands were shaking, but he took it as adrenaline finally spreading throughout his body as he let his chakra channels flow a little faster through him.

Finding the perfect grip on the handle of the kunai, he closed his eyes and prepared himself.

He faintly heard the boy asking him why they stop, but he had chosen to ignore it and cleared his mind.

Sorry, Obito

And as Kakashi turned around, he threw the kunai; sending it directly to the boy and watching it hit its target and implanted itself into a tree…blood dripping off it's blade and fallen soundlessly on the ground.

Sticks were dropped and a young boy's body fell limply onto the ground, motionless and silent.

Shin watched the scene before him, watching as he gazed at his own body…a replica of himself…falling backward and lifeless onto the ground…dead.

He watched as the ninja, Kakashi, walked over his motionless body and yanked the kunai out of the tree and wiped the weapon clean before placing it back into his holster.

Shin watched as the man turned around and faced him, actually looked at him…the real him…and smiled behind his mask because he knew what he had done, he had just killed him and he didn't care.

He wanted him dead, at least that what the voices were implying.

Shin heard them, voices of anger and regret…blame…and he just stood there and watched the scene play as he watched his own death by the ninja who was, supposedly, protecting him.

Those voices blamed him for everything and Shin couldn't stand listening to them.

And so, he wanted it to stop, so he shut his eyes, hoping that when he opened them, it would all go away.

But it didn't.

He opened his eyes, not a moment later, only to find the scene still before him and not just that, but the ninja was walking towards him, the evil smile still showing.

Shin backed away, backing up into a tree which stopped his backward movements completely.

The ninja was upon him in a matter of seconds…standing tall and intimidating over him…placing both arms on either side of Shin's shorter frame, blocking any attempt to escape.

The ninja leaned forwards, face disappearing from Shin's sight as the man leaned towards his ear and whispered…


Shin's body trembled and his heart pounded erratically in his chest.

By the time the ninja leaned back and in front of him, he was already someone else…someone much worst.

The man before him now was covered in shadow, only his red eyes appeared through the darkness, his voice rich and deep as he spoke.
Worthless, little brother

And Shin recognized that voice, so malicious and cold.

He can't get it out of his head.

So pathetic

"Don't kill me, please," Shin whispered, but his lips didn't move, at least he didn't feel them move.


Die…the voice repeated.


"NO," Shin yelled, startling the people around him as they sat by the camp fire.

Ayame was the first person to reach his side, watching as her son hunched over at the waist, his head almost touching the ground as he held his head in a panic manner.

And she kept watching as he rocked back and forth, mumbling what she could only hear as pleas.

"Please. GO AWAY."

"Shin, it me…your mother," Ayame tried soothing. "Look at me."

Shin paused his back and forth motions…he stayed still and silent…surprise to have heard his mother's voice.

He, slowly, removed his hands from his head, sitting upright and stared at the persons around him.

From what he could see, the young female ninja was healing his father, the two young males along with the older men were near the fire, while his mother was at his side running a hand over his back to calm him…they were all staring at him though, worried…confused.

"What happened sweetie," his mother's voice brought his attention to her and she looked concern. "Are you feeling alright?"

It was one of his daydreams, one that comes to him during waking hours for when he would miss one of his nightmares from sleepless nights. He recognized it because now, now that he thinks about it, it made him see things…sometimes horrible things, like this one.

But this one was different, completely different. Never in the four years since he had these hellish daydreams have they once showed him of a death such as this one. Mainly, he just heard voices and then maybe there might be an illusion to some blood dripping somewhere or sounds of people screaming, but never…never have they ever been complete visions of…of something like this, and of someone else's thoughts.

He glanced over at the silver-haired ninja and then quickly looked away.

Did the ninja really blame him, he wondered.

He quickly shook his head, denying anything and everything dealing with the daydream, but…

The voices he was use to, it was just the visions that did the most damage. They always frighten him and this one was no exception.

It left him feeling sick and paranoid. And usually he could just deny them, act like nothing had happened, but he couldn't with this one. He was left with physical reminders of the daydream…still see the scene of him being impaled by the kunai and feel its bloodcurdling blade drive its way through his chest and out his back…this…this was going to take some time to ignore, maybe all night.

"Shin, are you alright," his mother asked him, catching his attention once again.

He looked at her for a moment before answering, "Yeah," he paused, "Just…a little tired that's all."

Ayame was stunned for a moment; it made her pull away from him as she figured that her son was lying to her. Of course, he had lied to her in the past, but never from something that she have seen with her own eyes and then have him claim that it was just due to tiredness.

That wasn't just tiredness making him scream like that…it wasn't just tiredness that made him look so frighten like that, and it wasn't just something that a person do when they were tired…something was wrong.

She could feel it so deeply within her soul and it scared her, but she didn't question her son on it. She just nodded her head in false understanding, leaning his head onto her shoulder for a small embrace…letting him miss the expression that tormented her face constantly…


The ninjas must have seen the expression because they all took quick glances at each other, questioning what really happened and contemplated on how to solve it.


Itachi let the redness seep back within his eyes, letting his eyes fade back to black. He was satisfied with the genjutsu in which he just put upon the boy, it was meant to toy with the boy's already fragile mind, and one look at the sight before him told him that it did just that.

"So," a voice spoke behind him, "What did you make him see," Kisame asked.

Itachi didn't answer him right away. "The future," was the answer he gave him when he did finally speak.

Kisame chuckled, "And what that might be," he asked.

"His death," was the quick reply before Itachi leaped up into the trees and away into darkness. Kisame was not too far behind him laughing away at the cold straight-forward answer.


That night, Shin tossed and turned, not because of a nightmare but because he couldn't…didn't want to…go to sleep. Like every night, sleep was a futile effort, so with a final turn he laid on his side, opening his eyes and keeping them open for good.

His sights were set on nothing in particular…nothing but trees and darkness, anything to keep him occupied and awake, but it only bored him, making his eyelids heavy…making him tired. So he turned on his back and peered up at the stars instead.

He could always count on the stars to hold his interest. When he looks at them he noticed that neither one were alike, there was always something different about each one. Sure, they twinkled, sure they shined, but there were some whose lights were duller than the others, there were some who sparkled more than the others…some three times, some four, some even two times…interesting.

He finds it funny when he hear children his own age wish upon them…it was stupid and childish, but then again adults did it too and he would just laugh from the foolishness of it.

So it only seem even more ridiculous when he started wishing upon one…the one that was solitary, different among the rest…the red one.

Since he could remember…at least what he can remember…he was always favoring that one, giving it all of his attention and then some, never has he ever wished on it, but then he was always thinking with a mature mind, finding it absurd for him to do such a thing and at his age.

But when he did make a wish, he didn't say it out loud, that's what made most things seem…wrong about wishing. It was suppose to be silent, a secret, between you and the vast star up above. No one was suppose to hear it, so when it came true, you couldn't blame it on your parents who might have heard you one night when you made the wish…you can believe that it came true because of the confidence that the star granted it. It seem so real that way…not so… ridiculous.

Closing his eyes, squeezing them tight, he made his first wish and when that one was done he made another one because he believes that one could make more than one.

And when he opened his eyes, he saw it sparkle, not once but twice…taking both his wishes.

"Hey," a soft voice called out to him from beside him, making him jump up into a sitting position.

"What are you doing up?" It was the female ninja…Sakura, he thinks.

Sakura had second shift of night watch, before her it was Sai. Sai had told her, before they switch, that the boy had been restless all night, he guessed it was because of the stress with what's been going on around him.

Sakura agreed. She just wondered if it has anything to do with his nightmares as well.

Sakura got up from her perch on the ground and walked over to Shin and sat in front of him.

"You can't sleep," she asked once she got situated on the ground and smiled at him.

He didn't say anything; he just glanced at the ground, feeling kind of awkward.

"You want me to heal those," she asked as she noticed that he still had the cut on his hand and a forming bruise over the cut on the side of his forehead.

Shin flinched, he had forgotten about those and as he now noticed them, they began to throb.

"It won't hurt," she smiled, "I promise."

Shin hesitantly lifted his hand and looked down at it. He had wrapped it earlier, finding it difficult to look at. The cloth he used was already soaked with his blood and he winced at the sight of it.

Looking at Sakura, he noticed that she was looking at his hand as well.

"It looks bad," her attention went back to him, "You sure you don't want me to heal it. It will stop bleeding."

She held out her hand and waited for him to hand over his own.

He was again hesitant, but he finally gave her his hand.

Removing the rag, she inspected the wound.

"It's not that deep, but I think the beginnings of infection might have settled in it."

She covered the wound before she got up and went to fetch her bag.

Shin just watched her go, feeling almost relieved but almost anxious.

When she came back, she rubbed some salve on it, making sure that the medicine was fully rubbed in before she fully healed him with the glow of her hand. She smiled when she saw the astound look on the boy's face.

"I'm healing the wound with my chakra," she explained, "I did the same with your father. What I'm doing is closing the wound from the inside out, clearing any kind of foreign ailment that might have affected the wound."

Shin just nodded his head, the only acknowledgement that he was listening, most of his attention was focused on how his injured hand was healing.

When the wound was closed, Sakura reached out to heal the one on the side of his forehead. But she made the mistake of moving too quickly because Shin quickly backed away from the sudden movement.

"Sorry," Sakura stated, realizing her mistake. "I was reaching for your forehead." She went slow as she explained herself, slowly guiding her hand near his head to try and not startle the boy.

When her hand made contact, she paused a little, glancing at the boy…looking into his eyes.

She noticed that he was staring back, cautiously watching her every move, questioning her trustworthiness as she stared back.

"You know," she began, "You can trust us."

She watched as his eyes narrowed and he tried pulling away.

With her free hand, she grabbed at his once injured hand to keep him in place

"I'm just saying…" she paused, realizing that he was pulling more forcefully.

She poured chakra in her hand over his head injury to calm him, watching as he paused, and his body relaxed.

"I'm just saying…," she continued, "…that you don't have to think that everyone that comes around you is going to hurt you."

She started healing the wound on his head as he just stared at her once again, but this time, his eyes showed confusion and fear.

"There's actually good in the world…people who aren't mean or untrusting. Some are right in front of you but you shun away those people because you think their only reason on earth is to hurt you…or your family."

The wound was healed but she didn't remove her hand nor did he try to remove it.

"Shin, we're here to help you. We want to keep you safe; you don't have to push us away."

"You think it's that simple," he whispered, she barely heard him.

"I woke up one day and found out that I can't remember anything of my past. I tried everything to get those memories back but they just seem to don't want to come to me."

His eyes peered into hers full of intensity, such emptiness in them; yet, Sakura saw all the emotions fly across them.

"I was grateful…," he quickly glanced at the couple lying next to him, and just as quickly brought his attention back to Sakura as she followed his quick glances. "…I was grateful that they had found me and not some perverted old man who would have sold me to some jerk or someone even worst."

"You can't think that way…," Sakura began, but found that she couldn't finish when the boy began to yell.

"Yes I can. You don't know what it's like…"

"So tell me…make me understand," she found herself almost yelling, "Just trust me, Shin…all of us."

He slapped her hand away and backed away, leaning against a tree and crossing his arms.

Sakura just scooted closer; glancing behind her to make sure that their yelling hadn't woke anyone.

"I'm asking you to see me as a friend, not the enemy," Sakura continued.

Shin snapped his head to the side, showing his resistance and the invisible wall she knew he was trying to put up.

In an instant, she was jumping forward on her knees and reaching for him. Shin didn't see it coming because by the time he actually saw her, she had already had a tight grip on both his cheeks, forcing his attention back on her.

"Don't shun me away," she demanded with her voice but her eyes showed everything from concern to determination. "Make me understand," she ended, not releasing him.

Again, Shin stared intently into her eyes, trying everything in him to defy her plea, but…couldn't…tired of keeping it balled up inside. He needed someone to…

"It helps to talk to someone about your problems, even if you don't understand them yourself," Sakura acknowledged and she watched and felt him deflate.

He had his eyes shut and when he opened them, Sakura saw the beginning of unshed tears.

"Earlier, I said that I can't remember anything about my past," he paused, "But…but I think they're trying to come back to me. I don't understand them, but they come to me in horrible dreams over and over. Sometimes, when I'm awake, I see flashes of people who seem familiar to me, but I don't know who they are. Sometimes, I daydream and I see and hear things that aren't really there…and it's confusing at times."

"I've noticed that you don't sleep well since we met," she stated. "Is it because of the nightmares?"

She felt him nod his head, his eyes leaving hers to look towards his hands that he now had in his lap.

"Tell me about them," she asked.

His eyes were back at hers, searching.

"Trust me."

Silence, and then…

"There's this boy…" he began. "He's alone…scared…confused. He hears things and then there's people screaming…they're coming from everywhere, surrounding him," he paused again, shutting his eyes and taking deep breathes. "He's running…blood's everywhere, but all he can think about is getting away, but…"

"But what, Shin," Sakura asked him.

He shakes head, telling her that he don't want to say.

"Okay, you can skip that part if you want."

It took a full two minutes for him to start again, and within those minutes, Sakura could feel the boy trembling.

"There's this time, where he's in this house and it's empty, but he doesn't know that…so he goes in looking for someone whose not there…in the end, it's the same thing over and over again."

Before exhaustion hit him, he told her everything, but not everything. He didn't tell her about the couple in the house that were killed and he didn't tell her that the person who had killed them was somewhat apart of the boy…maybe related, he wasn't sure…and he didn't tell her any of the peoples' name. It wasn't that he didn't trust her with that information, it's just that he couldn't remember it all or when he got around to actually telling her, it got too difficult for him to talk about it, so he just left it alone…pushed it away.

On the other nightmares that he had, the one where he was always hearing voices, he left off what was said, and skipped out on the blood and gore that was always a constant in his nightmares. He also left out the part about the figure with red eyes, which, in itself, was way too scary for him to even describe.

By the time he was finished, he was tired, and he means actually ready-to-shut-his-eyes-and-go-to-sleep tired.

Sakura, seeing this, put a little chakra in her hands and help trigger the part in the brain to help put him to sleep.

He was out like a light, slumping in her hold and softly snoring.

She helped him lie down and covered him with a blanket.

Standing up, she stretched and signaled for her teammates to get up.

They all got up from their pretend sleep, except for the couple who, earlier that night, she put a sleeping jutsu on them to keep what was happening away from them.

Silence settled over them as they ran over the story, that the boy had just told, in their heads.

Sakura sat down next to her young comrades and softly gave each one a encouraging smile, because the both of them, well, more towards Naruto, it looked like the story had hit them hard.

"He wasn't telling the whole story," Sai finally filled the silence.

"Yeah, but you could fill-in the blanks," Kakashi stated, running a hand through his silvery hair.

"Does that mean he's the Uchiha, I mean the actual missing Uchiha," Taro sounded excited.

"Could be," Kakashi answered, "I mean, he did describe a lot of the scene that were discussed in the massacre profile. And he does fit two of our previous knowledge of what we were looking for. So yeah, I guess he is."

"It's so sad, though," Naruto had finally spoken. "And I kind of feel sorry for what we did. He thinks he just told you in secrecy," he looked towards Sakura.

"I know… I feel the same way."

Silence took over once again.

Kakashi sighed, feeling the burden of the situation.

"I know what we did was wrong and I won't ask you to do it again, but we had to confirm our suspicions. I, for once, is relieved that he is who we think he is…I'm not proud of how we did it, but I'm glad we can say for sure now that we found him and not someone else."

"Me too," Naruto agreed, cheering up with that notion.

"So am I," Sai stated ,flatly, afterwards.

"Yeah, me too," Sakura was next followed by Taro.

"So," Kakashi began, "Now that we know that he is the Uchiha, we definitely have to get him to Konoha, pronto."

"Right," they all said in unison.

For the rest of the night they planned on how they were getting to Konoha and not face any distraction along the way. And if that situation should occur, which it most likely probably will, they figured out a plan to try to avoid them the best way they could.

It would be a long night, but by the time they were sure that their plan was complete, it was already becoming morning and they needed a early start if they wanted their plan to work.


They were in the trees again and it appeared to be no signs of any Earth ninjas or steel-bodies anywhere. They assumed it was because they were up early this time and had the advantage of keeping an unsightly trail behind them…not that with the other two encounters they left a trail behind, but with this one, it was a quick get-a-way. It's been four hours and there has been no attack…yet.

It was only natural that they keep their guards up and it was only natural that they suspect foul play, because, really, this was becoming too good to be true.

"Everyone, keep your eyes open," Kakashi ordered. He didn't like this, but like with everything with this mission, he didn't like their situation.

"Got it," his team confirmed.

"You okay back there, Shin," Naruto asked the boy who was just waking up.

He felt the boy nod just before his grip around his neck tightened.

"Don't worry, I won't drop you."

Another nod was all he got, before he sped off to catch up with the rest of the group. He had slowed down just so Shin could get his bearings and know that he was on someone's back.

"How's the father doing," Sai asked Sakura over his shoulder as he carried the still unconscious man.

"He looks fine to me, but I guess his body's still recuperating."

Sakura looked back at Taro who carried the wife. She seems okay and it looked like they were having a nice conversation…Taro seeming to blush at one particular question the woman had asked him.

"No ma'am, I'm not married yet," she heard him saying.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind seem to pass among the group, making them unbalance as the suddenness of the wind seem to pick up.

They all landed on the ground, forming a circle around the family as they got there weapons ready.

"I knew it was too easy," Sai mumbled to himself.

The wind blew around them, circling them and pushed at their stationary bodies. It only picked up more powerful burst of wind when it didn't knock the ninjas over, trying with speed to knock the weapons from their hands.

It was moments later that the wind breezed away, effortlessly leaving behind a trail of leaves spiraling after it.

Kakashi and his team were left alarmed and waiting, but as it seem as though nothing would happen, Naruto was picked up by an invisible force and thrown into a nearby tree.

"Naruto," Sakura yelled, getting ready to run towards her fallen teammate, when Kakashi voice stopped her.

"No, Sakura, it could be a trap."

Sakura nodded at her sensei and peered over at the blonde ninja.

"I'm alright, Sakura," he told her, getting up and rolling his shoulders, inspecting his limbs for any damages. "Did you see what it was that attacked me?"

His teammates shook their heads, telling him that they had seen nothing.

Moments later, it was Sai who was picked up and thrown somewhere far from the circle as he too was picked up by an invisible force.

Later, it was Sakura then Taro until it was only Kakashi guarding the family.

"Can you get back over here," Kakashi questioned, gripping his weapon closer to his body as he prepared for another attack.

"We can't," he heard Naruto straining voice.

Kakashi quickly glanced at his team and he watched them torturously fight with their own bodies. Their hands that were gripping their weapons were slowly going towards their necks, holding themselves hostages.

"What's…going…on," Sakura grunted as she tried with all her might to stop her body from moving. "I don't…have…control."

Kakashi hurriedly lifted the cover over his left eye to reveal his Sharingan.

He gasped at what he saw…blue chakra figures were surrounding his team, webbing their way around and into his teams' bodies, taking control. It was with quick reflexes that he happened to look down at his own body and saw the beginning strands of blue chakra surrounding his right arm.

He was then lifted off the ground and thrown, spinning in the air as his body made contact with a tree.

Grunting, he felt his body struggle against the invisible hold on him. It made him stand on his feet and bring his kunai to his neck.

Using his Sharingan, he tried pinpointing where the figures were link to, but as he searched, there was no thread or some sort of link that connected the blue figures to a person.

It then hits him…the wind, he concluded.

The wind was the link to the figures. It must have been created with chakra, the owner somewhere in hiding controlling it while his targets got distracted by the wind. While his team and the family were too busy trying to shield themselves, the chakra that was embedded into the wind was slowly fusing onto their bodies. It was a perfect plan, one Kakashi didn't see coming.

Out of hiding two figures jumped from the trees, their backs to the hostage ninjas as they faced the family.

"Shin run," Naruto yelled, he was then silenced by his own lips shutting close.

"Not so quick are you, ninja," Heru voiced taunted as he turned to face Kakashi.

Being the only thing he could do, Kakashi glared at the man.

Heru scoffed and turned his back towards the white-haired ninja. He glanced at the family, seeing how they huddled around the unconscious man in the group.

His attention went off the man and to the boy as he moved towards him.

Ayame, seeing this, hurriedly embraced her son, shielding him with her body.

"Don't you come near him," she yelled, startling when she was suddenly grabbed by the arms and was lifted away from her son and husband as Tioshi pressed her body forcefully against his own.

"I like her spunk," he whispered into the struggling woman's ear, sniffing her hair as he did so. "And she smells good too."

Heru just smirked at his friend before he continued his path towards Shin.

Shin stood and started to back away.

"Run sweetie," Ayame yelled, still struggling under Tioshi's hold.

One quick glance towards his mother and Shin did exactly that.

He ran, he ran as fast as his shaking legs could take him. It was just that he wasn't expecting Taro to stand in his way when he started his getaway.

Shin slowed to a halt, seeming relieved that someone was there to…

A punch was delivered right to his left cheek, sending him falling backwards and onto the ground.

"God, that felt good…you don't know how long I wanted to do that since I met the crying bastard," Taro stated to both Heru and Tioshi as he shook his right hand free of the throbbing pain. He looked down at the fallen boy who was now cradling his left jaw and wiping the blood from his now busted bottom lip, an expression of hurt illustrated his face as he peered up at the ninja before him.

"What, did I hurt your feelings," Taro taunted as he picked the boy up off the ground roughly by the arms and wrapped his own arm around the boy's neck to keep him from escaping.

He walked over towards the two enemy ninjas who were grinning at him.

"I see Donsu got my message. And with great timing, they were almost reaching Konoha where Kakashi would have sent out a summoning to notify the Hokage of their arrival," he told them of the made plan that Team 7 and their sensei, along with him, derived of last night. His message to Donsu was of the same information as well.

"So it was you," Kakashi stated as he watch the scene before him, it was the only thing he could do. "I guess I will be assuming that you had something to do with the Earth ninjas' knowledge of our plan the last couple of times."

Taro push Shin into the arms of Heru as he walked over towards the immobile Leaf ninja.

"I'm surprise you're just figuring it out, but I guess all good ninjas have their faults."

As Taro was saying this he was slowly transforming into his real form, an Earth ninja form.

"You Leaf ninjas are so easy. Your last ninja, the real informant, he was sent to assassinate me. I followed him after he took a detour to follow the boy. It was afterwards that I tortured him for information and then killed him. I disguised myself as the informant to later go after the boy, but it was later that I find out that the Leaf ninja had already sent the message he had gathered to your Hokage. I quickly took up a plan of my own, informing my own Kage of the situation and that high-qualified Leaf ninjas would become a problem. So when you showed up, I played along like a good Leaf shinobi and gave you the information that I got from the informant. I followed you afterwards to where the Unomis invited you into their home and where later you sent out a message to your Hokage about the situation. I quickly destroyed that little problem though," he laughed as he continued.

"You see, your message never made it to Konoha, therefore, your Hokage doesn't know anything about your dilemma. I lied earlier about the whole thing with Konoha being under close guard because of fear that hidden enemy ninjas were planning to attack the village during their little Uchiha matter. Therefore, you've been screwed since you took this mission," Taro smirked.

"How'd you like that," he asked mockingly.

To say that Kakashi wasn't sizzling mad would have been an understatement; he was, no doubt, without a doubt blazing to a fury mad at how everything had turned out. He was never in control of the situation. The Earth ninjas had it all planned out from the beginning and they were just playing with them until they would crack or die trying to accomplish an already fruitless mission. He didn't see it coming so he blames his self for all that has happened.

Taro smirked as he watched the speechless ninja leader. He turned back to the two other ninjas helping him and frowned.

"By the way, you didn't have to throw me so hard against the tree," he reprimanded.

"We had to make it look believable," Tioshi answered, "Besides, it worked didn't it. They didn't suspect a thing, not until it hit them right in the face."

Taro nodded, "Yeah." He sighed and looked at the boy in Heru's arms. "I hope you know you're worth more than just the eyes. With the trouble you caused in the pass few days, I'm surprise I hadn't killed you yet."

"We should go, Donsu's waiting," Tioshi offered as he waved his hand in the air as a signal for the next step in their plan to begin.

Nothing happened at first but then there was a hollow whistle sound that took to the air and the next thing that Kakashi notice was that Naruto and Sakura were hitting the ground hard, released from their invisible hold but knocked unconscious by something else.

Another hollow whistle sound took the air and Sai and Ayame were taken out.

He saw Heru throw Shin on the ground where he crawled to his mother's side, and then seconds later he was knocked unconscious by whatever it was that was taking his team out.

Kakashi later figured it out once he felt a sharp prick in his neck. He felt his body being release and with the release he reached for the side of his neck to pull out…

It was a dart; a small dart with a needle at the end and a small sphere shape ball at the other end…it probably carried whatever is was that was knocking them out so quickly.

Kakashi could feel himself getting drained, tired. He let his body drop on his hands and knees and fought with his body and mind to stay alert. But as the content of the dart worked fast and heavily on him, he found himself fallen over, hitting the ground and seeing darkness.


"So what you are telling me is that he hasn't come into his full Uchiha powers yet," Donsu questioned Taro.

"Yes," Taro's shameful answered.

"Why didn't you mention this before?"

"With all do respect, sir, I thought that it wouldn't really matter. I figured that if the Fire Country was after him so badly than he must be valuable."

Donsu nodded his head, agreeing and accepting the explanation.

They were having their little meeting at an open field, not far from Earth ninjas' camp. When Taro and the other two participants arrived at the camp, there was already two made small barrack prepared to hold their prisoners in. They split the group the way they wanted and that's when Donsu ordered to speak with Taro alone. He had heard interesting things from his other guests…Rye and the two men from a hopeless village…he just wanted to verify with the one that was up close and personal with the actual situation and from someone who was one of his own to find out if the tales were true.

So here they were…talking.

"And you say that he caught a kunai knife with ease," he asked his fellow ninja.

"Yes, sir. I saw this with my own eyes," Taro answered. "But other than that, the boy hasn't shown any other events to prove if his eyes has awakened."

Donsu nodded, "Right, but you did say that the Fire ninjas had their own list of criteria to confirm their suspicion about the boy?"

"Yes," Taro answered.


"And they have all been met, so they are sure he is who they claim he is."

"Good," Donsu said with a satisfying amusement. "And we will go on those list of criteria as well."

Taro nodded his head, proud of himself and his accomplishment.

"You have done Earth country proud," Donsu stated, acknowledging the young ninja before him.

He then goes and ponders on something that has been on his mind for quite a while now. If anything, he wanted the constant wondering to end now and he thinks he has come up with something that would do just that.

He smiled wickedly as a thought formed in his head, "Now, to take care of our other problems."


When Shin woke, it was already dark, at least that's what he saw from the small window built in slightly at the top of the stone door.

It was then that he noticed his surroundings. Four stone walls of about seven to eight feet in height surrounded him, enclosing him in nothing but the size of an extremely small room, leaving him with enough room to walk about twelve steps from wall to wall and that's it.

But as he scanned his surroundings, it was then that he noticed that he wasn't the only one in the stone prison.

In one of the corners sat the silver-haired ninja. His wrists and ankles were in cuffs linked with a short chain that linked them together, leaving the ninja's legs bent and arms outstretched to accommodate the short length that the chain provided. Inscribed on the cuffs were some writings, and from what Shin could tell, they meant 'sealing.'

For a moment, Shin wondered why it was just him and the ninja alone in the room and not him and his parents. He thought it would have been the logical thing to do, separating the protectors from the protective.

And for a moment as he scanned over the cuffs and chain, he took one look up at the ninja and their eyes met.

Shin felt a sense of embarrassment build inside of him, causing him to quickly look away.

He was uncomfortable, not just from the hard floor he was sitting on, but from the mere thought that he was alone with a ninja, this ninja who has shown so much strength and wisdom throughout the entire time that they've met.

Never has he been with the ninja with just his self present, he always had his mother and father there with him, but now, he just felt intimidated. Even in a situation like this, he would rather be in a room of his own then in a room spent with the ninja across from him.

It would certainly make the uneasiness go away.

"Are you hurt," he heard the man ask him and it startled him into looking his way again rather than avoid him.

Apprehensively, he shook his head no and then he looked down at his knees, which were cradle up against his chest held together by his arms that embraced them. He doesn't remember positioning his body in such a manner, he must have done it unconsciously.

Moments later, he heard the man sigh heavily. It was there that he found himself looking at the man again as he was in the motion of leaning his head back into the corner.

It stayed silent after that and neither one made any means of starting a conversation nor making the situation bearable.

But all night, Shin never took his eyes off the ninja…and Kakashi, he was too busy trying to form a pliable plan in his head. But he did notice the boy's endless stares and he was okay with that.

He felt calmed by it.

Eventually, Shin fell asleep and Kakashi finally lift his head from off the corner and peered at the boy.

Before they were put into the prison building, the darts were removed and Kakashi woke instantly. Although he did find himself coming in and out of consciousness from time to time, he did remember hearing two Earth ninjas communicating. He remembered that his body still felt numb and heavy from whatever was in those darts so he couldn't move his body nor could he open his eyes. As they shackled him and dragged him in what he heard was the 'room built for their captives,' he caught on to some of their continued discussion and heard a clip of something about harming the boy. At the moment the words didn't make it all the way clear into his mind, but as the affects of the drug in the darts left him, he started remembering clear clips of words and phrases spoken during his hazy time.

During the night, before and after the boy had woken up and until the boy had fallen asleep afterwards, he's been thinking about what those ninjas meant by 'harming' the boy.

He wished that he could remember more, he wished that he could free himself of these shackles, and stop whatever was about to happen. But as he thought more and more on the matter, he became angrier by the mere thought that there was nothing he could do right now…not yet, at least, not until he figured out how to get out of this mess.

But he did know for sure that he would get free and get him, the boy, the couple, and his team safe and out of danger.

He knew this for sure because wherever there's a lock there's always a way to opening it, and he was sure to find it.

So with one more look at the boy and with new determination, he leaned his head back up against the corner, covertly pulling at the chain connecting his wrists and ankles together, slowly wearing down the stone's edges by slightly moving his legs and arms back and forth, alternatively.

He's been doing this all night, he thinks that in two days, he should be chain free.

It was just in that matter of time, would the boy be alright by then?

…he could only hope.

Looking Through Deception: Part 2


Shin found himself staring into the tip of a kunai knife pointing directly at his right eye.

He was being held by two men, which one, held his arms behind his back and the other, kept his head still long enough for the duration of the event.

Shin quickly shut his eyes out of fear, pulling against the men's clutches to free himself, but a firm order to stay still ceased all his powerless movements.

Another order came for him to open his eyes, he hesitated, but a repeated order and then a slap across the face had him obeying it immediately.

He watched as the knife was reared back, slowly as so he could watch the tip become clearer before both his eyes prior to it coming to a complete stop.

For seconds, maybe minutes, he guarded the knife with cautious eyes, waiting for it to move that one moment that cause his heart to hammer hysterically within his chest and for his breathing to shorten to the point of hyperventilating.

But they always had him wait for that moment, and it seems that the time got stretched out every minute.

The more he had to wait the more fearful he got that this time…this time, the knife would actually…

Suddenly, the kunai was moving with speed as it traveled towards him and aiming directly for the center of his targeted eye.

It didn't look to be slowing as it got closer, making his heart rate accelerate and causing his chest to rapidly rise and fall to the point that he couldn't take a single breath to fill his lungs.

But before the kunai could make contact it stopped, leaving only a tiny one-eighth of an inch between the tip and his right eye.

Soon, the kunai knife was removed from his vision altogether and a Earth ninja appeared within his eye level. The man examined both eyes thoroughly, looking for any changes, but was only left disappointed once again when there was no sign of coloring in Shin's eyes.

"Nothing," the Earth ninja stated, who Shin dubbed the 'eye doctor' as he was always the one looking at his eyes at the end of every experimental or terrifying event.

The Earth ninjas and others that surrounded them to watch the incident all groaned in disappointment.

Shin soon found himself being release as the two men, who held him immobile earlier, dropped him and walked away mad that the test didn't work.

At that point, Shin just laid on the ground from both exhaustion and relief.

All he could think about was that it could have been worst…which there has been some worst ones since the start of these so-called tests.

It's been two days…two days since he's been going through these tests that the ninjas been putting him through, but it was always this test that was done repeatedly.

"Take him back to his prison," the eye doctor ordered some bystanders.

Shin felt himself being lifted off the ground and dragged back to the prison he shared with the ninja, feeling pleased to actually wanting to go back to the uncomfortable imprisonment.

They pushed him inside the cold building, where Shin stumbled and fell to the ground and then the door was shut and locked behind him.

Slowly, he picked himself up and walked over towards the silver-haired shinobi and sat beside him.

Kakashi watched him the whole time until he felt the boy place his head on his shoulder and began to silently cry.

In the past two days the boy has come to trust Kakashi. This occurred only because he only had Kakashi to lean to. He didn't know where his parents were, he was being tormented to…what did they say earlier…to open his eyes, and after every attempt…with disappointing results…he was thrown back into his prison, left with the pain and emotional scars of each event.

At first, he just curled himself into a trembling ball in the corner and cried himself to sleep. It was after other, injurious, incidents that he'd come to realize that he wasn't alone in the room and that he really wanted someone to hold him during his moments of weakness, and it was the ninja who was the only person, at the moment, to provide him with that comfort.

Even though he was never held by the ninja…because of the ninja's situation…it was just the thought and the presence of being near someone other than his self that was satisfying enough. So he always found himself leaning his head on the man's shoulders, crying…not alone, but near someone he could trust through all of this.

He felt somewhat safe.

Kakashi provided no comforting words nor did he asked the boy what happened, he could tell by some of the boy's bruises as to what occurred but he knew by just being there by the boy's side was what all the boy needed.

But it still amazes him how quickly the boy attached himself to him, but knowing deep inside that it shouldn't because who else would the boy run to if he was not the one with him now. Whether it was him or some one else from his team, the boy would probably be in the same position…on their shoulders, crying…and trusting that person just the same…because that person was there.

So really, it shouldn't astound him like it was doing now.

But the fact of the matter was that it was astounding him and he liked it…cherished it.

The boy was trusting him.

As Shin continued to cry on his shoulder, Kakashi looked down at the chain, it was wearing down but not as quickly as he would like it to go. If anything, he still had about an hour and a half to really be free of the chain, and then what would be his next plan?

It was the cuffs that contained the sealing inscription and he couldn't get them off of him unless he had a key to unlock the cuffs, but that was only left in the hands of the night watcher that watched them outside their building at nights and then to another person who would watch over the building in the morning and afternoon. Never was the watcher the same person, always someone different and Kakashi should know since he was the one always in the building, he was never let out, so he passed the time with listening to conversation outside the walls and observing through what he could see outside the window.

He just needed to come up with something that could get him those keys and then he could…

Something popped into his head suddenly, and quickly he glanced down at the boy who had stop crying and was now wiping away the tears.

Looking away, Kakashi thought on the idea some more.

It could be risky, but it might just work, he thought to himself and then glanced back down at the, now, quiet boy.

"Shin," Kakashi called to the young male.

Shin peered up at the man next to him, wiping away the last of his tears and waited for the ninja to continue.

"I need you to do something," Kakashi stated, leaning over to whisper into the boy's ear as he told him of his newly, formed plan.


Donsu paced the ground by the fire as he listened to what all Rye, Heru, and Tioshi had to complain about.

"I don't think the boy is who we think he is," Rye argued. "I mean, how long have we tried your way," he questioned Donsu, taunting him in a subliminal way, but the Earth ninja leader heard it and stopped his pacing altogether.

"Two days," was his direct reply, but the straining tone in which he used to answer the man was not gone unnoticed.

"Right," Rye added, "And still the boy shows no sign of holding the Uchiha's powers."

"Your point," Donsu provoked.

"You don't know what you're doing," was the man's answer and one that got Donsu's nerves to set on edge.

"I agree with Rye," Tioshi implied. "Experimenting with the boy's eyes shouldn't be the only thing to awaken the Uchiha powers," he finished as Donsu glared his attention his way.

"And how do you suggest we get the powers to awaken," Donsu questioned as he sat down on a stone, throne-like chair built especially for him. He figured if he kept standing then he would eventually attack the three men before him insulting him right in front of his face, but he really wouldn't want it any other way.

"Well," Heru started as, he too, sat down, but on a log that laid near the fire in front of him. " I heard that the Sharingan works as a defense mechanism. It obvious that the boy should feel some kind of threat or provocation when wanting to awaken the eyes."
"And you think that replicating a kunai aiming to stab the boy's eyes or beating the boy isn't threatening or provoking enough?"

"Well, obviously the boy hadn't acquire the Sharingan so, yeah, I think it is not enough," Heru answered, crossing his arms over his chest and peering at Donsu directly in the eyes.

"So. What . Do. You. Suggest," Donsu could hear his voice strain once again as he listened to each and every one of their points, but it doesn't mean he would take their way of explaining it to him likely.

Silence settled over them as Heru thought, as Donsu waited, and as Tioshi stood between the two men looking between both of them for someone to break the soundlessness.

"I think he needs some kind of emotional persuasion," was Heru's answer.

Donsu just stared at him to continue.

"What my friend is trying to point out is that an emotional impact is in order," Tioshi explained. "The boy needs not a threat to his own life, but one that threaten the lives of others who have an emotional impact in his life, for example, the boy's family."

Donsu looked confused, "I don't get it…how is that not the same thing. The boy's life is precious to him, therefore a threat towards it, should have the same emotional influence as that of a threat to someone closest to him."

Tioshi smirked before replying, "We are all well-trained shinobis aren't we not, Donsu?"

"Yes," Donsu answered quickly, feeling like his self-importance was being questioned and insulted.

"Well I'm not," Rye stated, but he was ignored by both parties.

"And, well, we should all know how chakra works, am I right," Tioshi continued.

"What are you getting at," Donsu practically yelled.

"Chakra has to be built in order to do many jutsus and add stamina to every shinobis' ability, right?"

Donsu just groaned impatiently.

"The boy doesn't have an immense amount of chakra in him to get the eyes working, let alone to awaken them," Tioshi explained. "But we did hear through the rumor mill that the boy did catch a kunai knife in midair, at top speed, and while protecting his father, yes?"

Donsu flinched, he was hoping that, that little information wouldn't get out to their "guests'" ears…he would have to speak with Taro after this, punishment might have to be given…the idiot.

"Both of which was an emotional threat and a threat to someone dear to the boy, emphasizing our point that an emotional impact might be the better choice in awakening the Uchiha powers," Tioshi finished.

"I see," Donsu stated. He understood it now, although he didn't like it…it wasn't his plan…but he did grasp the concept. "Well," he began, "I guess we should try out that theory then."

Donsu then stood from his throne-like chair and headed in the direction of his trusted right-hand man's quarters to give him a stern talking to about keeping secrets within the premises of Earth ninjas' knowledge and not anywhere near enemy ears. Then, afterwards, that's when he would give orders to try out this new theory and then, maybe, his other plan would be taken into action.


Sakura, Naruto, and Sai were all pulling at their cuffs and chains wearing down the chain that connected their wrists and ankles.

From the looks of it, they would be free in about an hour or two, considering that they been working on this since they've been in this small building with the couple.

"Don't worry, Mr. and Mrs. Unomi," Naruto grunted as he continued to pull and rub the chain links together. "Soon we'll be free and we'll get out here."

Ayame watched the three young ninjas as her husband peered out the small window and looked out for incoming Earth ninjas.

All he could see were trees and some light up ahead, indicating that they were near the camp just some yards away from it. He wonders if that's where his son and other ninja was held, he just hoped that they were doing okay and were safe.

"Please hurry," Ayame pleaded.

"We are," Sakura answered. "Just give us a little more time."

Ayame nodded and then stood to stand behind her husband. From behind, she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him soulfully.

"I hope he's alright," she whispered to him.

Kiyoshi placed a hand over his wife's and brought one up towards his lips to kiss it tenderly.

"He is, Ayame," he assured her. "I know he is."


Shin sat before the white-haired ninja as he watch him struggle with breaking free of his restraints.

"Once I get these free then we will begin, okay," Kakashi instructed, talking about their plan.

Shin silently nodded his head in agreement, but felt terribly afraid in actually participating in a risky and dangerous plan.

At first, he didn't like it, seeing as how he would have to lure a Earth ninja into the building on his own…he still hadn't come up with an idea as to how he would persuade a ninja into the building, but Kakashi had told him all he would need was a small scream just to add attention to himself. After that, the ninja had told him that the rest would be up to him, end of story…end of plan.

But all the same, Shin was nervous and unsure of the certainty of the idea…if it would work or if Kakashi would ever get free from his chains to actually finish off the plan…he just hoped.

Wanting to occupy himself, Shin stood up and walked over towards the door and stepped on his tiptoes to look out the small window. From what he could see, it was dark out and many of the Earth ninjas and other dwellers were scattered about the open wooded area, surrounding the campfire as the night's chill settled in.

Looking over to the side of the building, Shin noticed a man standing watch.

He must be the guy I would have to lure into the building, Shin thought to himself as he backed away from the window to settle back in front of the white-haired shinobi.

He sighed as it looks as though the chain didn't wear down an inch since he last saw it.

Looking up at the ninja, he could see the built up of sweat forming above the man's brow and a well concentrated look adorned his features.

At least he's trying, Shin thought. And that little thought only had him feeling somewhat hopeful that this plan would work.

Suddenly, the door was harshly swung opened and two Earth ninjas rushed inside. The unexpectedness had Shin turning and backing away against the wall right next to Kakashi.

Kakashi was also startled by the door being opened and was literally caught off guard when a swarm of ninjas came into the room. The majority of them piled onto him while the rest, grabbed at the boy and carried him out of the building.

Kakashi could hear his cries all the way out the door and when they closed afterwards, it left him alone in the room and cursing.

"Damn," Kakashi blurted. "This is not good."

He quickly started back at his task of freeing himself, pulling at the chains extra hard and exerting extra friction to try and get the erosion to happen quicker.

"Damn," he said as he pulled harder, in a hurry. "DAMN."


Shin struggled against the men's holds on his arms and legs as they brought him to the center of a circle formed by men who surrounded the campfire. He was thrown in the middle, just inches from actually colliding with the fire itself, but he quickly rolled out of the way, avoiding it just in time before he got burned.

The men seem to be in an uproar, pushing against each other just so they could get a good look at the scene before them.

Shin just made sure he kept some distance between them and himself, not sure what was to happen at the moment.

Soon, there was a scream somewhere in the distance. It got louder and much clearer as it continued and then the men were parting ways, making a path for a struggling man and woman who were later thrown into the circle, right next to Shin and the fire.

Shin gasped as he saw that it was his parents. He ran to embrace them but a hand grabbed him from behind, holding him still as another pair did the same to his parents, separating them.

The uproar got louder as the persons in the center struggled against their captors. The man of the struggling three, Kiyoshi, cursed and actually fought against his own captor to get to his family.

But, suddenly the uproar soon ceased as a group from the right parted ways to let in their leader and his accomplices through.

Silence took over as Donsu and company looked upon the scene of the boy and his family.

Giving a quick nod, Donsu silently ordered for the boy to be release.

Shin was pushed to the ground, falling onto his hands and knees as his parents were done in the same manner, the only difference was that his parents were continuously being held, their arms painfully pinned behind their backs by their captors, bringing them upright onto their knees to face their son.

Donsu stood in between the family, separating any attempts for them to try and reach the other family member…in this case, keeping the boy from reaching his family.

In a rush, Donsu was over Shin, grabbing a hand full of his hair and lifting him up on his knees. He then leaned over so he could reach the boy's left ear, "I want you to watch this," he whispered. And then he backhanded Shin across his right cheek, sending the boy to the ground once again and whimpering in pain.

Kiyoshi struggled then, Ayame cried, tears rolling rivers down her soft face as they watch their son slowly trying to pick his self up, but only to be kicked back down and stayed there as his captor pinned him to the ground with a knee in the middle of his small back.

"Please," Ayame cried. "He's just a boy."

Some of the men surrounding the scene laughed as Donsu just ignored her and pulled out a kunai knife from his holster.

It then became silent again as the Earth ninja leader moved behind the couple, his men holding them down, releasing them but neither, man or woman, moved for fear that they would be stabbed instantly.

"Lift him," Donsu ordered.

Doing as he was told, the ninja lifted the boy off the ground and onto his knees, putting him in a chokehold to keep him still and watching.

Shin braced his hands around the man's arm so it wouldn't squeeze around his neck, but as he looked forwards he began to cry for fear that his parents were going to be killed right there before his very eyes.

Donsu placed the kunai in front of Ayame's neck, letting its blade touch her neck and nothing further.

"NOOOOO," Shin yelled, pulling at his captor's hold.

"Then show me the eyes and I won't have to kill her," Donsu yelled back, getting straight to the point.

Shin instantly stopped his struggling and stared wide eyes at the Earth ninja leader.

"W-What," he asked.

"Show. Me. The. Eyes. And she won't die," Donsu pulled at the back of Ayame's hair, exposing her neck more.

"I-I…" Shin fumbled for words.

"SHOW ME," Donsu demanded and just a small prick made itself upon Ayame's neck, a small cut that trickled a small drip of blood to roll down her neck.

"I CAN'T," Shin yelled back. "I can't…I don't have them…please."

"That's not what I want to hear," Donsu stated and veered the kunai around Ayame's neck, ready to slice it through and through.

"NOWAIT…Please," Shin cried. "I'll show you, just…please…don't kill her…please."

He didn't know what he was thinking, what was he doing? He didn't have the eyes they were talking about, but he didn't want his mother to be killed.

He was panicking and he just blurted out the first thing that popped into his head and out of his mouth, but it was a mistake and now he needed to think of something before they caught on to his bluff.

Acting quickly, he closed his eyes and pretended to be concentrating on something deep within himself.

After a while he thought his plan would work, at least, buy him some more time to think of something, but he guessed wrong when the Earth leader's patience worn thin.

Before Shin knew what was happening, he was slapped once again across the face and thrown to the ground. Shortly afterwards, he was picked up again by the hair and was face to face with Donsu and his raging eyes.

"I don't have time for your games, boy," he spat. "Either show me your eyes or they both die."

Shin looked towards his parents and shuddered. He couldn't think of anything…he couldn't save them.

Alone, he was helpless…complete and utterly helpless.

He drop his gaze from them and face the man before him, "I can't…I can't make them appear," he began to cry. "I don't have them, I'm not who you think I am."

Donsu leaned away from the boy, but still had a tight grip on Shin's hair.

"Well then," he sighed disapprovingly. "I guess that doesn't help your parents, does it?"

Lowing his head out of shame, Shin shook his head no and let the tears fall from his eyes.

"Then say your good-byes now, because it would be the last time you'll see them alive, boy," and with that said, Donsu lifted his kunai and send it sailing through the air.

Shin, tightly, shut his eyes, not wanting to see the fatal outcome of his failure at protecting his family.

But what he heard next, snapped his eyes open immediately. The people around him gasped and there was no sound of an agonizing scream of someone losing their lives.

Instead, there was only silence and a tension that developed quickly and steadily.

Tioshi had caught the knife before it came anywhere near his head, barely catching it on time that ended it with him catching the blade of the knife and leaving the pointy tip pricking his forehead.

Releasing it, he let it dropped to the ground and glared up at the thrower with deadly intentions. His partner, Heru, was right at his side, giving out the same glare at the perpetrator.

Donsu release his hold on the boy and pushed him back into the hold of one of his men who put Shin into a chokehold again.

"I hope your aiming was off, Donsu, because it looks to me that that kunai was deliberately aiming for my head," Tioshi questioned.

Donsu crossed his arms and smirked, "You know, Tioshi, I was meaning to tell you that the Earth country doesn't like to share. It's not part of our virtue."

"I see," Tioshi stated, his glare never leaving, but his stance became threatening. "And I guess you forgot to mention that Earth country is also a traitor…a backstabber."

"I didn't say we were perfect, but, I won't deny the accusations."

Donsu then turned to look at Rye who had his five men standing securely beside him, "That goes for you too, Rye," he inquired upon the man who frowned.

"So it's like that, I see," Rye replied. "I figured it would come to this, I just wished that it came to a more opportune time, like when I had the boy and on my way to big money, but I guess we were all selfish in that aspect."

"Something I finally agree on," Donsu teased and smirked. "But the truth was…I was just tired of looking at your sorry faces all day. It's time we end this little charade and end this now."

"Oh, let's, Donsu, let's," Tioshi agreed preparing for the right moment to charge, but it was Rye who made the first move.

He ordered one of his men to pound a giant hole into the ground which shook everyone off balance and covered their visions with a cloud of smoke.

The fight between the three parties took place afterwards, the Earth ninjas easily out numbering the others, but with the speed and tactical skills of both, Heru and Tioshi, they were completely untouchable. And for Rye and his men, nothing touched them because they were steel protected and with them came strength of a hundred men put together, so the Earth ninjas found that they had a tough battle ahead of them.

Seeing that the men were distracted and even the guy holding him seem to be in a trance at what was going on around him, Shin took the opportunity and bit into the man's arm, causing his release as the man pulled away.

Shin then push the guy into the midst of the battle that surrounded them and ran towards his mother and father who was struggling against their own captors' holds.

He watched as his father got to his feet and sucker punch one of the guys in the stomach and then gave a side punch into his jaw, sending the guy backwards and into the flaming fire next to him.

Kiyoshi then helped his wife with her captor by kicking the man in the groin area, immobilizing the man instantaneously.

Free, Ayame ran towards her son just as he was doing the same thing towards her. They stayed like that for only a second before Shin remember about Kakashi and pulled away.

"We have to go," he yelled at them over the battle noises that continued around them.

Grabbing a hold of his mother's hand, he guided them through the chaos towards the building that he was kept in for two days.

Shin and his family crammed pass combating bodies, some tried grabbing at them to stop them, but they were either pushed back into a fight or stopped by another enemy individual who tried the same thing but only had the same results happen to them.

Finally, Shin made it to the building he knew Kakashi would be stationed at, but there was no guard with a key to free him out of the building and chain.

He quickly turned around to look for the watcher, only to find him lying dead on the ground some yards away.

His parents were looking around the building for something to open the door with, but with one little "I'll be back," Shin ran off towards the prone body and kneeled beside it.

He was hesitant at first, he never touched a dead body before, but seeing as this was their only way of escaping, he reached with a shaky hand and searched the body for the keys. Finding them in the man's right back pocket, Shin grabbed them and ran quickly back towards the stone prison.

Unlocking the door, he ran inside to find Kakashi had already broke free from the chain linking his wrists and ankles and was just waiting patiently, but worriedly (Shin saw it in his expose eye) for the boy's safe return.

Shin unlocked the cuffs from both Kakashi's wrists and ankles and stood, waiting…waiting for the next step to unfold itself, because, really, after everything that has happened so far, Shin was about ready to pass out…not to mention he was scared, his heart pounded rapidly within his chest that it almost hurt. He doesn't want to do that again, whether willingly or not…it was just too much.

Kakashi rubbed at his sore wrists for awhile and looked at the boy and his family. He had heard everything that had went on outside, and he would secretly admit that he was worried for awhile, and once he heard the battle, he became even worrisome. It wasn't until he saw a tuff of black hair did he finally relaxed and breathed a little easier.

"You did good, Shin," Kakashi praised the boy, ruffling his hair and then turning serious right after.

"Now, we need to find the others and get out of here."

The family nodded in agreement.

"We can take you to them," Mr. Unomi stated as he was already making his way out the door, but before he could take one step outside, Kakashi had grabbed him by the left elbow, ceasing his movement.

"We need to be careful," Kakashi warned. "They may be distracted now, but that doesn't mean that they've forgotten about us. They're just busy at the moment and time."

Kiyoshi nodded his head and when Kakashi let him go, they followed quietly and discreetly behind him as he led the way to the other building that held the rest of their fellow companions.

Releasing the three, young ninjas of their cuffs, they quickly scurried up into the trees, not looking back as the battle that continued on behind them.


Daybreak and they were still leaping from trees.

They did not rest nor did they stop for water, they were making this escape count and nothing was going to stop them.

Shin was on Kakashi's back, while the two, young male ninjas carried the rest of the Unomis on theirs, Sakura brought up the rear, but concern crept its way on all their faces as they got closer to the border.

They could see it now.

It was true that they escape unnoticed by the Earth ninjas and the others, but it didn't mean that they weren't being followed by the group.

Yes, they were miles behind them, but as of past events has led them to believe, there were no easy way out and it could be a distraction to lead them on and to get their hopes up…so they pushed harder to go faster just in case there was an attack coming, at least they would be pass the border and on familiar territory.

Suddenly, Kakashi stopped moving, landing on a tree's branch and instructing his team to keep going.

They only had time to give their regards before they passed him and disappeared among the trees that surrounded them.

Kakashi watched them for awhile before he jumped and landed on the ground's floor, sliding Shin off his back and slicing his thumb. He did a few hand signs before he slammed his hand on the ground, summoning his prize possession of ninja dogs.

Shin watched in awe as the cloud of smoke disappeared, revealing eight dogs, all of which coming in different sizes and breed.

"Yo," a small pug spoke on top of the biggest dog out of the bunch, looking lazy and relaxed.

"If I had time to chit-chat Pakkun, I would, but at the moment I only have time for orders," Kakashi replied as he took something from his pocket and put it into Pakkun's mouth.

…a letter.

"Take this to the Hokage as fast as you can, everything that she needs to know is in it, also asked that she sends some help over at the West gate, we'll be having some unwanted guest soon."

Pakkun nodded his head, saying a muffled "roger" before flickering off to accomplish his task.

Kakashi bent down at the knee in front of the rest of his dogs, patting each one on the heads.
"Okay, boys…I need you guys to do a very important thing for me," he rubbed one on the head, it wore dark sunglasses. "You see that boy over there," Kakashi leaned his head towards Shin's way and the seven dogs barked to answer their master. "I'm going to need you guys to get him to Konoha as quickly and as safely as you can…protect him. Am I clear?"

The dogs bark loudly.

"Good." Kakashi turned towards Shin, stood up, and motioned for him to come near.

Shin did as he was instructed and stood by Kakashi's side.

"You're going to ride on his back," Kakashi pointed to the big, dark brown one in the back that look like a bull dog. The dog seem to understand completely what his master wanted him to do because he quickly laid down on the ground and waited for Shin to climb on.

"Here," Kakashi handed the boy a kunai knife. "Use it only when you have to, but you shouldn't worry, because they will protect you."

Shin looked over the other dogs, seeing as they stood ready and waiting.

"But what about you and the others," Shin asked moving towards the big dog, but not grabbing the knife. If he was going to be protected by the dogs then why should he take the knife? Plus, he was kind of scared of the thing, too many bad experience with the sharp tool for him to find any comfort with the weapon.

"Don't worry, I'm sure your family and the others has already reached Konoha and are at the gate as we speak, but my concern right now is making sure that you get to Konoha no matter what and out of harm's way," Kakashi answered, placing the kunai in the loop of Shin's pants and helping him climb onto the back of the dog instructed to carry him.

"Grab on to his collar and keep your legs tight around him," Kakashi commanded. "Don't worry you won't hurt him."

And before Shin could say anything else, the dog was off and running at top speed.

Kakashi watched them go, before he leaped back up into the trees and headed towards Konoha. His plan was to have a safe way for both his team, the couple, and boy to get to Konoha. If anything should happen, at least he would know that they were safe and that his mission was complete…he kept his promise.

Glancing behind him, he spotted the first Earth ninja leaping some yards behind him. Quickly turning around he eliminated him in an instant as he turned back in the direction of Fire Country.

Others are coming and fast, he thought to himself. He picked up speed, hoping to put more distance between himself and the incoming enemy ninjas, but it only encourage them to do the same thing and close in the gap between them.

Sighing, Kakashi turned around to fight them off, he just hope backup was on their way soon.


They had finally reached the border and were just yards away from reaching the West gate. Leaping faster, they hurried their steps to get there as soon as possible. They figured once they get the family safe, then they could go back and help their sensei.

As the large gate came into view, that's when they jumped from the trees and onto the ground, running the rest of the way by foot, but as they were just some feet away from the gate, that's when they were ambushed by hidden Earth ninjas. They bust from the ground and materialized from the rocks and trees that surround the west entrance, surrounding the three ninjas and the family, and blocking their way to the village.

Doing as every shinobi were required to do, Team 7 protected the innocence as they shielded them from the incoming attacks that were being given to them.

But as the attack got closer and was pushing the three ninjas into a tight squeeze, that's when they knew they had to separate or risk getting killed.

Sakura grabbed both, woman and man, and flipped them out of harm's way, her teammates doing the same, as she place the couple close to the path towards the entrance before running back towards her teammates to help out.

"Get to the gate," she yelled back at the couple before disappearing among the battle her partners were currently fighting in.

Ayame and Kiyoshi ran as fast as they could until they finally reached the gate. They knocked hard on the giant doors, pounding on it and kicking it with their feet.

"Open up," Kiyoshi yelled. "We need help."

Soon they heard latches being unlock and the door started to crack open.

For the moment, it was the most breathtaking moment in both Kiyoshi and Ayame's lives.

Help was on its way.


Shin held on tightly as he shield his face from the wind. Every now and again he would glance back to see if the ninja was behind him, but all he saw were trees and he was starting to worry…like always.

"Please be alright," he whispered to himself. "Please be alright."

Suddenly, the dog carrying him jerked to a stop. The sudden action had Shin flying off the dog's back and hitting the ground hard only to slide to a stop near a tree.

Shaking his head of the dizzy spell that came upon him, he looked up at the dog, finding that it was slowly being wrapped up in vines that were coming from the ground and twisting its way all over the poor dog…squeezing the life out of him.

It whined and it struggled against the unforgiving vines, until, finally, it exploded into smoke, disappearing and vanishing.

Shin climbed onto his feet, looking around his surroundings as he watched for something to happen.

The trees blew with the wind, swaying from side to side, but other than that, nothing or no one appeared.

Shin pulled out the kunai Kakashi had given him, shakily pointing it in every direction that he heard something move or cross his vision.

It wasn't until he looked somewhere to his right that he was attack from his left. The kunai was knocked from his hand and tumbled to the ground. He was then punched in the stomach and punched in the jaw, sending him falling backwards and onto his back.

The person who had attack then climbed over the boy's body, giving Shin a perfect view of his face and rage.

Donsu towered him, his face scarred with bruises and cuts from his recent battle back at camp. He lost a lot of men back there, and he blames no one but the boy.

Wrapping his hands around Shin's neck, he squeezed hard, laughing hysterically when the boy started struggling to break free.

"I wish Kakashi was here to see this," Donsu said, sound manic and crazy. "I wish I can see his face as I squeeze the last breath out of you."

Shin eyes widen as he pulled at the hands around his neck, he even started punching at the man's arms, hoping it would set him free, but the man only laughed in his face, squeezing even harder and ruthlessly.

As he felt his chest tighten and his body started requesting oxygen, Shin started reaching for anything he could use to get the man off of him. His hands reached for sticks, rocks, and leaves, all of which had no affect on the crazed man when Shin use them to clobber, stab, or throw into the man's eyes…they weren't good enough.

But suddenly, his hand finally reached for something hard and cool.

…the kunai.

Finding its handle, Shin brought it up and sliced the man across his forearm.

The man flinched but his grip didn't relinquish.

Shin tried again, but this time he let the knife dig deeper into the skin, hitting bone.

A strained groan and the man closed his eyes from the pain but his grip still did not give.

Shin could feel his life going, his body starving for that deprived oxygen that it desperately needed, only to be blocked by strong hands that would not give.

Having no other choice, Shin twist the knife around in his hand so it could be in a better fit for him to stab the guy above him. He brought his arm back and when he brought it back forwarded, he shut his eyes and stabbed at the first thing that his arm led him to.

In Donsu's left eye.

He was immediately release, Donsu stumbling off of him, standing, covering his hands over his injured eye as blood oozed out from between his fingers.

He yelled and screamed, cursing as he blindly fell to the ground, leaning into the dirt. With time, he forced his mind to tolerate the pain just for a second so he could kill the boy.

Shin was still on the ground filling his lungs with much needed air, he rolled onto his side trying to find the easiest way to get his lungs filled. He kept the kunai in his hand though, hearing as the Earth ninja leader had now become quiet near him.

Looking behind him, Shin saw the man standing, his left eye closed, but his good eye glared intensely at him with deadly promises.

Shin quickly got up then, still breathing heavily, and held the knife forward as he backed away.

"Stay away," he wheezed out, his hand holding onto the kunai knife shaking tremendously.

Donsu only continued to walk forward, paying no mind that the boy had a kunai in his hand, which already disabled him once. He continued to walk forward until he was just inches away from the tip of the kunai. He let it poke him in the chest, drawing blood to seep through his uniform shirt as he continued to advanced.

To say the least, Shin was shock, but he backed up anyway pressing the knife forward and two inch deeper into the man's chest.

He only made a mistake when he shut his eyes to keep from looking at he blood building on the man's shirt.

Donsu took the opportunity and grabbed the boy's wrists, twisting it at an angle that had Shin dropping the knife immediately.

Bending down to pick up the weapon, Donsu grabbed its handle and raised it above his head.

"Die you Uchiha," he yelled, but before he brought the kunai knife down and upon the boy, a white dog appeared out of nowhere and bit down the hand that gripped the knife. Soon afterwards, another dog appeared and bit at Donsu's other hand and then another came and grabbed at his ankle, another one doing the same. One more came up and grabbed at his shirt in the front, pulling on it and bringing Donsu down onto his knees. The ones at each limbs grinded their teeth into and through the man's skin, drawing blood and chewed flesh.

Soon after, chirping sound was heard in the distance and Donsu glanced over his shoulders and behind him. In the darkest part of the trees he could see a pale-bluish light nearing. The chirping sound got louder as the light became brighter and more pronounced, and with that light came Kakashi.

Kakashi ran forward, bracing his right arm as sparks and lightening pitter-patter around his hand.

As he got closer, he began to raise that arm, extending it out and in front of him, aimed ready for that fatal blow that would end Donsu's life.

"Shin, get out of the way," Kakashi yelled, thrusting his right arm back and bringing it back forward again to give the weapon a better push into the man's body.

Shin was running and out of the way by the time Kakashi hand met Donsu's back and pushed its way out of the front, blood and entrails splattering everywhere. The five ninja dogs disappeared so afterwards, leaving almost a eerie finish to the deadly blow.

By the time the lightening-blade had died out, Donsu was already dead.

Kakashi push him off his arm and let the body fall limply to the ground.

"Kakashi," Shin hesitated, after seeing Kakashi kill a guy so gruesomely, it was kind of hard for him to wrap his fragile mind off the scene and walk towards the tired ninja.

There was silence around them, both from shock and relief.

"Are you okay," Kakashi spoke without turning to face the boy. He didn't want him to see his bloodied arm, knowing from hearing the boy's shaky voice earlier that the boy was now looking at him in a new way…maybe a fearful one…Kakashi hoped not.

Risking a look, Kakashi chanced a glance at the boy and saw not fear nor disgust written on the boy's face, but relief and contentment. A sight that had Kakashi thinking that everything would be okay and sigh his own reprieve then.

"Come on, let's get you to that gate," Kakashi replied with a heavy sigh and revealed a small smile with his expose eye.

Shin nodded his head in agreement, hurriedly following beside the ninja as the last two dogs appeared behind them and then scurried off somewhere in the trees.


Sakura, Sai, and Naruto were holding up their own until helped arrived. Jonins and Chunins jumped from the opened gate leaping into the battle with no hesitation.

Now that there were equal numbers, the battle continued with both side showing no signs of surrendering, at least, that's what the scene Kakashi and Shin stumbled upon.

Ninjas were everywhere, leaping in the air, kunais colliding, leaving sparks to litter the smoky battlefield, but behind the midst of the commotion, Kakashi knew that the gate stood straight ahead, it was the matter of getting Shin there quickly and safely.

Picking up the boy and maneuvering him onto his back, Kakashi told him to "hold on" before he leaped forward.

Instantly, they were caught up in the big battle, dodging flying projectiles, moving out of the way of combating ninjas, making dust rise and fall everywhere around them. It was really hard for anyone to see, but Kakashi was determined. He pivoted out of every danger zone, forced his way through active jutsus and blocking every striking limbs that came his way. It was surprising that when they made it out of the hazardous part of the battle that neither one of them got hurt, not even Shin bared any cuts or bruises and he was left vulnerable on Kakashi's back throughout the whole ordeal.

When the gate was visible, Kakashi dropped Shin onto his feet and pushed him forward towards it.

"I'm sure you're family is waiting for you on the other side," Kakashi hurriedly stated.

Shin turned around to look at Kakashi and for the first time, he smiled at the man.

Kakashi smiled back before he instructed for Shin to hurry up and go on ahead.

Doing as he was told, Shin ran towards the open gate, but stopped just short of it to turn back around, seeing Kakashi still standing there watching him to make sure that he made it through.

Unbeknownst to the two, two Earth ninjas sat up in the trees, hidden from view as they waited for this moment. They had orders to make sure that the boy didn't make it anywhere near or inside the gates of Konoha and if he did, they were to eliminate him quickly. Their choice of weapon were four darts and a blow tube. In those darts were poison, conjured up to kill anyone on target, and right now, it was the boy's life that had his name written on all four darts.

The four darts were loaded and the ninja with the blow tube blew all weapons at the boy. They shot out of the tube fast and at the perfect angle to aim at the boy's neck and chest.

At first, Kakashi thought the boy would be safe, he was at the gate, the battle was behind him and everyone looked too occupied to even try to harm the boy…in others words he let his guard down, and it proved to be a big mistake on his part when he heard the whistling sound before seeing the small darts heading in the boy's general direction.

And Kakashi didn't even think as he ran forward, flickering in front of the boy and using his body as a human shield.

He felt each dart as they stabbed into his back, instantly releasing whatever content it had into his system.

Kakashi fell forwards bringing the boy down with him as they both hit the ground.

Kakashi kept himself up on his hands and knees and then peered over towards where the darts had appeared from. The two ninjas quickly flickered away, but the damage was already done and Kakashi couldn't move his body.

A burning sensation traveled from his back and throughout his body every time his heart pumped. It felt like tiny fire ants were crawling deep inside him and were eating at his chest, mostly his heart.

"Ahhhh," he screamed as a sharp excruciating pain stabbed at his chest and then into his lung, the poison working fast.

Shin didn't know what happened, one minute he was looking at the ninja, the next he was being pushed down by him. Now as he look up into the man's face, all he saw was pain…and that scream…Shin doesn't think he's every heard a scream worst than that.

"Kakashi," his voice whispered the man's name and trembled.

"Ahhhhhh," was his answer from the man and he started turning pale.

Shin watched the color drained from the man's face and sat up, he looked over the ninja's shoulders and saw four pointing sticks sticking out of his back…he protected me, Shin thought.

He quickly grabbed at the four darts and yanked them out of Kakashi's back, bringing his self back down to peer up at the man.

"Kakashi…Kakashi," Shin found his voice panicking as he grabbed at the man's shirt. "What's happening…are you okay."

The man above him groaned and fell onto his back, his body convulsing, jerking awfully off the ground and slamming back down again.

He doesn't seem to have heard him, because before then, he let out another heart wrenching scream, one that hurt Shin's ears.

"Is that the boy," Shin heard a voice behind him say, but he couldn't take his eyes off the Kakashi's painful expression and his screams, they got louder and more horrifying…he wanted them to stop…he wanted to do something.

Shin reached over and sprawled half of his body over Kakashi's body, trying to keep him from convulsing and jerking, but it seem his body wasn't heavy enough.

A pull was tugged at his arm but his just jerked away from the unknown grip and wrapped his arms tightly around Kakashi's body as though he was hugging the man.

"Get him out of here," another voice heard but ignored by Shin as he could hear Kakashi's heart beating a mile and minute, almost too fast that it sounded almost like one solitary beat.

"Kakashi," Shin cried.

And just as suddenly as the name left from between his lips, Kakashi's body did a final spasm before it ceased all movements. His heart did one final thump before it became silent by Shin's ears.

And before Shin could comprehend the final outcome of the situation, he was wrenched from above Kakashi's body and lifted off the ground.

"Hurry get him inside the gate, now," a voice finally registered through Shin's ears and the first thing Shin did was panic.

"No," he yelled, trying to fight off the person who held him and carried him through the gate. "Let me go."

He broke free of his possessor's hold and turned around to leave out the gate, but found that he was too far from the gate and it was now closing.

He ran…he ran so hard and so hastily that he swore that he was going to make it…be at Kakashi's side again…but he was knock to the ground, someone's arms were wrapped around his legs and he couldn't break free.

He watched as the gate's opening grew smaller and thinner and he was left with seeing only a small part of Kakashi's body, the battle that continued around the man's body was ignored by Shin…he only saw Kakashi.

And as the small sliver of the gate's doors finally sealed, Shin felt his heart pull and pained for not making it on time…Kakashi was dead and it was his fault.

"NOOOOO," he yelled, slamming his head onto the ground and cried dejectedly.

It was his fault…it was his entire fault that this had happened…how could he live with his self.

How, he questioned.


No answer came, only pain and regret.

…only pain and regret.

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